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  1. Firstly I didn’t use the word c*nt and secondly I was making a point with respect to being told I wouldn’t be able to make an articulate reply. I gave that person what he expected and what he felt he had the right to insist I would because he disagrees with my views. It highlights exactly what happens when the pro hierarchy/project believers are unhappy with anybody else raising their heads above the parapet.
  2. Bully. The guy asked a perfectly relevant question. Every time the establishment is questioned the establishment on here troll out a bully to try and know you back down. Pathetic
  3. I wholeheartedly agree. But I fear that we get to a point and wobble. Plus our tendency to not disclose what we receive which whilst is a tactic to stop others putting up the prices of our targets allows us to hide our wobbles I fear.
  4. Yet several articles have emerged today saying £20m is our asking price of Emi. I would rate him well above Lewis. The articles may be utter tosh or we will eventually take a lot less than many are expecting to get for our saleable assets!
  5. In which case the squad never continues to improve unless you’re guaranteed to find a Buendia or an Aarons every year. My fear is that level of luck or whatever we should call it will runs out. Not everyone we have signed has be a success and not every youngster who comes through becomes a Aarons. What if no one we sign at our low expenditure level this year is the real deal or none of the youngsters make the grade this time?
  6. Agreed. My question to all is what if we sell the lot: Lewis Godfrey Buendia Cantrell Pukki and Aarons. What then would be your expectations from the club. To continue to reinforce at the spending and reputation level they have so far since the season ended or serious up both? genuinely believe this could happen. Genuinely interested to hear what otherS would think.
  7. The very reason for my over the top post was to highlight and to play up to the insult levelled at me that I wouldn’t be able to rely with an articulate response from a condescending reply to my original post. It was of course fine for that person to reply to me with “for the record, not expecting an articulated reply to this.... reckon you couldn't evidence one.” because his opinions matter and mine don’t. So he can insult my intelligence and ability to articulate. His stance on the club gives him the right label anyone who differs in opinion to him as a person unable to converse intelligently. I was giving him what he wanted. There is a bulling element on this board lead by those who are opposed to change, discussion about change or anything that levels criticism at the management and/or the board. That bulling usually takes the form of questioning the intelligence of the posters who has dared to question the hierarchy of the club. well I’m sorry but I don’t play that way. I give and I take. But nobody has the right to belittle me or my intelligence through this forum without first having a rational discussion. most of these bullies have nothing better to do than spend all day every day on here either starting attentions seeking drivel or replying in a condescending manner to everyone they disagree with the intention of make us better people. This is only highlighted by the phenomenal post counts that many of these individuals have. The bully who expected nothing but an inarticulate reply got what he wanted. I won’t change my view for him or anybody. I won’t be told what to think or how to think and if you ask me its his inability to hold a reasonable argument without starting the personal insults that highlights what an sad self righteous person he and many other on here are.
  8. We have heard this before from the club. The problem is we always do. And I'm convinced we will, and we won't get anywhere near those figures. The "don't need to sell" trick is just that. Its a way of us trying to inflate teams offers. We're literally trying to say make us an offer we can refuse. Inevitably someone always does becaue when it comes to it we waver and cant resist. I believe every one on that list could go before the season kicks off and all will be gone by the close of the mid season transfer window. I'm sorry but I have no trust in the board. Misdrection, lies and spin. It's what we get. Like the plan / project. Its just mañana mañana. Always promising something that is just enough to keep the status quo. But alway in the far distant future which will be scrapped, changed and debunked when we change personal. Come a new director of sport and manger come another list of ecxuses and spin as to why the plan has changed and why we've ended up with what we have. Which is alway very little if no progression.
  9. Well Barca are different in respect that in Spain the TV more Isn’t a fair split. They get load more for being a big draw and negotiate their own deals. Or at least that’s how it used to be. Surely the fact that Man Utd stay in the premiership every season proves my point. They are as good as guaranteed to TV money every year. And they have owners with money which surely is my point. Whether any club is self sufficient or not doesn’t really matter to me. What matters is we can’t exist at any level without TV money from the premiership or parachute payments and the sale of assets would be the only way if they are not available.
  10. Well yes. If the rich owner of any club pulled the plug they would collapse. I don’t see your point!
  11. Pie in the sky Bojjocks There is no such thing as you described. We are not self sufficient. We only have money due to tv rights and players sales and without parachute payments and premiership money there is only player sales left. Pies and Burgers and season ticket money don’t even scrape the surface of self sufficiency. We fail to get promoted again within 3 season and we will be asset stripped beyond anything you’ve ever seen before. We are not self sufficient. It doesn’t exist.
  12. Rubbish. We’re only self sufficient whilst we have assets to sell. If in couple of season after selling this current crop we haven’t signed the right assets. i.e. to many Duda’s rather than Buendia’s and we’re back in the clarts.
  13. God your right. Why would I question the guy who played the most at CB in the worst defence we’ve ever had. But that’s because he didn’t have the right person next to him. So as long as he has a world class CB next to him he’ll be all right. nothing to do with that guy just bolstering the defence no it Godfrey. So he’s now 22 but as long as he has a great CB with him he’s your man. Right. **
  14. Well you have eyes in your head. You’ve seen his defending. Positioning ect. Just cos he’s can dribble a little is turning on some scouts but I like a good row z and let the talent pass the ball. Hey what do I know. I’d have replaced him at the start of this season. And look how well that’s turned out.
  15. Same quality of scout that recommend Duda, Amadou, Van wolfswinkle, and that’s just us. Or are you saying we’re the only club who’s scouts recommend duds in the whole world.
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