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  1. Hardhouse44

    Godfrey as cdm

    Well at least he’d make less critical mistakes there!
  2. Hardhouse44

    Jordan Rhodes

    Let not get to carried away with the Idah game time thing. Yes he scored a hattrick against Preston reserves but he has mile to go before he’s a first team regular capable of leading the front line in a team pushing for promotion back to the premiership. This is a big part of our problem we put to much faith in people at this club too early and on very little evidence. We’re a professional “Top 26” team who will need a proven goal scorer at a level equal to that which we are in.
  3. Hardhouse44

    Farke getting off lightly

    I think this is a fairly spot on level of criticism or maybe critique. We have I think been out thought in several games lately at the half time stage. Managers have sussed us out made changes to their style of play and we've lost games we were in total control of in the first half. We then have failed to make changes in personnel ourselves quickly but in my view more importantly make changes to our play. We're predictable. Swap the wide men more, push Onel up front along side Teemu for10 mins, leave one up at corners once in a while. Give the opposition other problems, unplanned, unpredictable problems to deal with. Put doubts in their minds. We're very predictable and eventually teams get us under control.
  4. Hardhouse44

    Team for Bournemouth

    Why though? Is it fitness or are we getting thought tactically?
  5. Hardhouse44

    Team for Bournemouth

    I am a really big fan of Vrancic but whether through fitness or the opposition upping their game he has just gone missing in the second half of games. This is a big worry for many players of course as our second half performances of late have been dire. I also question the manager for these second half capitulations and our inability to adapt. Teams work us out managers give team talks on what they've seen and adapt their style. To nullify us and we are well and truly nulled!
  6. I certainly believe that those figures are pie in the sky. I don't see any club paying anywhere near that sort of money for any of the aforementioned players. We may get £20m for Buendia as his stats are good and Cantwell may attract similar although more like £12-15m imo. As for Godfrey Lewis and Aarrons just cant see teams shelling out big buck on defenders who cant defend. I think they'll wait and see what they have learned back in the championship first. After all if the 3 of them are worth £110m between them we should only let in about 2 goals all season next year in championship. Bet we don't. Bet we still leak like a sieve.
  7. Agreed. But surely good businesses also invests a decent percentage of that money in the future growth of the club. Not just sit on it or more worryingly use it to fund the day to day running without any guarantee that it will be able to get that money again. Surely we are only in the good financial position because of a promotion that the club seems not to have expected or planned for. If so we must assume that we are working not to a reasoned plan but to Lady Luck! If she runs out that financial position will quickly deteriorate and we will be back to square one. How many season of missing another promotion before it’s all gone. And I question the asset values that some on here and in the media seem to believe we have. Way over valued in my opinion and at present nobody has paid or offered anything like the money some think we will get!
  8. Hardhouse44

    The Great Escape mini-league

    No not at all I couldn’t give 2 shinny $hites what it costs you. What I do care about is people being allowed to disagree with the everything rosy in the garden and the get over it comments you seem to think are fair to make after people have spent money travelling to watch something that by our own managers admittance wasn’t up to standard.
  9. That’s and interesting reply and one I wholeheartedly respect. With that in mind and with not slight out slur intended regardless of your answer can I ask. Do you attend the games are you a season ticket holder for example. Im keen to get an idea as to what motivation you have for such an answer.
  10. Hardhouse44

    The Great Escape mini-league

    There you go see. You you you. what do you think every away game is for people who live near Norwich a short stroll after lunch.
  11. Hardhouse44

    The Great Escape mini-league

    To be honest I don’t have to much gripe with the over optimism although it can become a bit much. Its the condescending way that people are told to get a grip and that anything different from blind faith and optimism is being negative and damaging the club!!! It’s costs a lot of money to follow your team and go to every game. Some people need to remember that before the give their armchair view on everyone else’s opinions.
  12. An excellent reply. I think you are getting most of what you expect. But are you get the honesty really? For me it questionable. I question the whole sticking to plan/model and the overachieving/ success can to early in the plan bit. Adapt! that surely the key if success comes early grab it by the horns don’t let it bolt out of the paddock and run off.
  13. Which is why I put that in my wants not expects. I want an established premiership status and believe we could achieve that with our history our set up and our fan base. I didn’t say I expect it or demand it. However under a different regime who knows maybe we could achieve it and more. Yes the counter argument will always be maybe we won’t and better the devil you know. But we are after all a business and businesses progress and evolve and even take risks!
  14. Its interesting to see the diverse levels of expectation and willingness of acceptance that we have across the message board regarding our current plight and future. so without going on to much about the differences which have caused arguments aplenty recently what do you really want from the club what do you expect and what do you demand. For me it’s simple: I want us to be where I believe we belong as a established Premiership team. I expect competitiveness at which ever level we are at. For me we don’t have that at present. I demand that we make every effort to look for investment that will achieve parity with clubs I believe we should be in line with (Wolves, Sheff Utd, Brighton ect) and those efforts to do so should be clearly outlined and shown to the fans I genuinely would like others opinions. And everyone opinion from all sides of all fences without fear of provocation.
  15. Hardhouse44

    Duda signed

    The Camptown ladies sing this song.......