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  1. Hardhouse44

    Zimmermann Zimmermann Zimmermann

    Thats it then we’re saved.
  2. Hardhouse44

    Sellable Assets

    I don’t see it. Why would anybody spend big bucks on Godfrey and Aaron’s. They form 50% of what looks like it might be the worst back 4 in premiership history. they are young you say they will get better. Maybe. But you won’t get mega buck until that’s proven. Don’t forget the leaked goals in the championship too. this isn’t a Maddison situation where he excelled despite everything. These 2 can’t defend well enough at either level. I don’t see it. Yes someone might take a punt but not for mega bucks because there is no proof you’ll get a return.
  3. Hardhouse44

    Zimmermann Zimmermann Zimmermann

    Where was Wenger quoted as saying that?
  4. Oh that alright then Well I’m glad we’re bottom of the league now. Great stuff!!!!
  5. Hardhouse44

    A club without ambition

    But that’s the point isn’t it. The latest financial statement doesn’t include the £100m for this season or the parachute payments. It shows really the cost of reaching the promised land which then gives us those riches. Just think what a bit of “considered” ambition could do.
  6. Nearly every thread on here has someone championing the return of Zimmermann. I think it just shows the delusion that many of our fans are under. This is a guy who has never played at this level before and was major part of the leakiest championship title winning team ever. please! what makes anyone think that his return will have any great impact on our performances. Agreed he is a proper defender and I’m sure that will help but I see nothing to get excited about. It is our strength and ability to affect the game that is missing. We’ve been found out. Get in our faces close us down and we are nullified. Our passing game becomes rushed and frantic. Just like Friday night. Never under control never with poise, never with end product!
  7. So we hear a lot and talk a lot about the “model” but the model we are following only works if nothing else around you changes. But that’s not what’s happening. Now even in the Championship teams are spending bigger and bigger, clubs at champion level are actively seeking and inviting big foreign investment and this will only become more common. Then we have the teams who go up, take the ones who went up with us. They have spent in an attempt to maintain their premiership status, which they very well may do. This will result in clubs who have been longer term premiership teams going down in to the championship and competing hard to get back to the promised land. Football is a business and businesses must evolve or get left behind. Good businesses invest what the have or seek investment from others to move themselves forward. In doing neither you will eventually pay the price. We’re are village grocery store surrounded by big chain supermarkets and there are more going up every year. Now you might like that village store feel but eventually they won’t have something you want. Then what, just make do? Accept you can’t have it. Where does that stop. This time you can’t have the premiership how long before you can’t have the championship!!!
  8. Hardhouse44


    [quote user="hogesar"]Bless, scampered back in the end :)

    Should have waited to see if we lost to Reading, could have got some extra lines in.[/quote]

    That the best you got. You posted 10k times on here! How many game home and away you been to. Let me guess you don’t get to as many as you’d like but...

    Your opinion of me is irrelevant. I doubt you’d take such a tone face to face but that’s the thing with keyboard warriors Always happy to judge others on their own low standards.

    I’m not looking for row pal I’m just having my 2 penneth worth. You don’t like it fair enough.
  9. Hardhouse44


    Had a little think about things before posting.

    Was I wrong. Yes. We played ok Saturday I actually even enjoyed the game which hasn’t happen for a while.

    Has anything changed though. No. We played ok Boro came out second half like lambs. Offered nothing and were very poor. And we won at home. But if I’m honest I don’t think one toe poked defection makes a summer (for the sake of that quote please see toe poked deflections a swallows as one and the same)

    I still believe we are woeful at the back and lightweight in midfield. I still think that our manager is clueless and I still think we will flirt closer to relegation than promotion.

    If you get a hard on pointing out that I said when we lose and we didn’t. Good for you I could give a flying f*#£.

    I only want good football on a regular basis and a chance to compete at the level a club of our size and stature should. That means. Delia out new owner foreign probably in and Farke as far away from the place a is geographically possible.

    I’m not going to live forever I want my cake and eat it I want my fun now while I’m young enough to enjoy it. Why shouldn’t I this is entertainment not work. I pay to watch this so I will always want the best I can get.

    Someone said on here that their is more to football than money. What era are you stuck in buddy. Football is money. Premiership, championship, any division. Money talks. It’s is all relative and there is always degrees. We’re never going to get the backing that Man City have but why should we not have what other clubs of our status and size have.

    We are being left behind. I can’t accept that and am proud to say as in all aspects of life I never will.

  10. Hardhouse44

    Score V Boro and Att .

    Is this guy Lake District Canary for real.

    He’s living in a fairytale land where we’re going to beat Boro 4-2 and it’s glory hunters and fair weather fans to blame for a drop in crowds.

    What’s your season ticket number pal? We’re one of the most expensive teams to support in the country let alone this league. People want to be entertained. We play the most boring football I have ever seen in MY 30+ years of being a season ticket holder. Where do you get of judging people who might can consider that this $hite we are dishing up is not worth their time or money.

    You talk utter rosecoloured glasses boll cks mate. Fans like you are just as big a problem as the manager and board. Holding us back! Happy clapping morons.
  11. Hardhouse44


    You’re dam right I’d want us to lose IF it meant a regime change. IF it meant we got rid of this clueless tosser we have managing our club.

    IF it meant that fans would put pressure on Delia to sell the club.

    You have to remove the cancer before you can begin the recovery process.

    You happy watching clubs with less stature than us passing us by good for you. For me life is about more than existing. It’s about progress, developing, not taking the cheap option, not always playing it safe. As a club we are becoming so Dull, Boring and Predictable it truly hurts

    Take a risk. Insist on better. Accepting less that what I can be is not part of my way of life. If it’s part of yours crack on but don’t judge me for my views when what you’re prepared the accept is so mediocre!
  12. Hardhouse44


    Surely the the crowd will finally turn on the board and manager when we are comfortably beaten on Saturday
  13. I honestly feel that the board will have to make a statement on their intent regarding the future, their intentions and their desire to see us succeed regardless of who holds the reins.

    Why because Farke has just never worked. It’s been a season plus disaster. The football has be dire. The results have been awful. The return from him as far as scorelines, goals scored, clean sheets kept has been as bad if not worse than any modern day manager who has been give such time.

    If they don’t give us some statement, how can they be trusted to appoint another manager. We must demand change at the highest level or I believe watch as these fools allow our club and status dwindle away to nothing.

    The board has one hell of a problem on their hands. Farke has to go for the very sake of football but in removing him are they staring the process of removing themselves.

  14. Hardhouse44

    Are Leeds that much better than us?


    They are better organised, they play with a better tempo, they pass quicker and sharper. They are more direct and the players believe in the style of football and buy in to it.

    There is NO place for Farkes style of football in the English Championship. He is the problem end of. Our players as I thinks someone else has mentioned are better than Farke is making them.

    He will never obtain success with his abilities and ideas.

    He is destroying us from within.

  15. Hardhouse44

    A long road ahead.

    What a pile of cr@ p.