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  1. Why is he dressed like hes at a wedding in his everyday working life. More disconnection from the average fan in my view
  2. The problem is our midfield. We have no cohesion. Is Nunez worth his place? Not for me. Kenny just so average. Dowell the same. Sargent out of position! Gibbs the best but young and can’t do it all.
  3. I still say Krul is our best keeper. I still say Pukki is our best striker. If Teemu had put away the two glorious chances he had on Saturday we’re sitting here having won 4-3. But he didn’t. He made errors. It happens and it can happen for a number of games. Knee jerk reactions to players who have served the club outstandingly in the past and who will again are silly and disrespectful. We are still joint top of the league for Christ sake. And Tim’s been ever present. He hasn’t been letting in dozens of howlers all season has he!
  4. I think we need to see a lot more from Nunez before we start worrying about his long term future at Norwich. personally I thought he was close to if not our worst player against Reading. At times he’s totally unable to pass the ball 5 yards and find a man. Theres some good stuff in there but far, far to many mistakes.
  5. I don’t honestly think there is any shape. There’s no cohesion in our midfield. Players don’t look like they know whether they should go or stick when we’re on the ball and when we’re not we look to open. Dowell and Sinani are lower level Championships players not players who should be in the middle for a team expecting to challenge for the title. Sara doesn’t seem to have a clue where he is supposed to play! Having said all that there is very little quality in this league and we continue to grab results from individual sparks of good play and mistakes. I don’t think anyone would say we are playing well or are dominant in matches but we have enough to beat teams like Blackpool. I fear Reading will pose a much sterner test for our midfield and manager!
  6. I wouldn’t bother. Thought the Sandman started with real promise but just got worse and worse. And the last episode. Totally rubbish. Can’t even understand why they made it. Had no bearing on anything.
  7. Jesus H Çhrist on a bicycle. So Sargent scores 1 goal and now it’s, we play better without pukki. Unless you noticed Huddersfield were crap, and we still made such hard work of it in the second half against 10 men. Who’s to say pukki wouldn’t have got a hattrick! Something he’s very capable off. Unless you’re saying Pukki is washed up which is a very harsh call 4 games in to the season then he still the best striker we have. First name on the team sheet for me.
  8. There might be no need to panic. But! There is a need for some excitement, some passion, some pride. We pay top dollar in this league as season ticket holders to watch the rubbish this club has been dishing up week in week out for over a year now. Time for panic is long gone. Time to stop the rot is now!
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