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  1. I think you post the biggest load of $hite on here. If you’re not proclaiming that other teams are the best in the league rather than us you’re settling for a draw at home to a mid table team under some made up delusion that they are our bogey team! madness utter madness.
  2. The way the keep mentioning Canos as a former player you’d think a City hall of famer had just gone off!
  3. I don’t get this take a draw mentality. Is it the little old Norwich thing. We’re top we’ve won more games than any other team. We’ve won the last 5 on the spin. Why would we take a draw!
  4. Apart from a gifted free kick we’ve not created a single thing!
  5. F@#k me you’ll struggle on here with a reasoned argument when it comes to anything negative. But that string of doom and gloom BS is never going to be meet well from a newbie with little evidence shown that you know the players abilities at all. I’d try again buddy with something a bit more rounded.
  6. I personally have more problems when the flip floppers who can’t stick to anything or back up any argument. The one who are telling us that we’re doomed and Brentford won’t lose again all season are far more moronic and annoying than people who want a different approach for the long term but can clearly see we are an outstanding Championship club. Bandwagon jumpers offer nothing to a forum.
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