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  1. Im afraid you are forgetting the vast difference in the eastern and western life styles, styles of governance, reations of peoples and willingness to conform. What works there many not here. I would also always take with a pinch of salt anything that comes out of china as there reporting will alway be pro government.
  2. I agree wholeheartedly with that. We all have a responsibility to help those who will be worst hit by this. It is almost that Dunkirk spirt required again. However we have also got a responsibility to keep everything in proportion and realative. The death rate whilst worrying will be low and whether we like it or not selective in the main to the elderly and thoses with underlying health issues. What we cant do is just stop Everything without clear plans, objectives, recovery processes in place and most of all without knowing what the long term impact on the fabric of our society will be. If a full shut down works for say a month then fabulously but what if it doesn't. You simply cant just keep it going any longer without cripplingly the economy and posssibly you risk that any way. My guess is italy will be monitored very closely over the next 7 to 10 days. If the approach works well then we may well risk it and follow suit. If however results are not so good. We may just suck it up and see. i.e. let it run its course taking as much precaution as we can without major disruption. Collateral damages will then become something we just all have to accept
  3. Its not as black and white as you and the graphs make out. The Government have to make sure that if life is put on hold and all nonessential businesses are closed that we all have lives to go back to! They have to way up what could be described as the collateral damage (lose of life) with the financial impact which could have an even greater effect on life if handled badly. This is a war against an enemy you cant see and hard decisions will have to be made for the greater good and the long term future. Doubt many people will like that but heyho thats life.
  4. You could call that flippant I guess but not pious.
  5. Jesus f ukcing Christ this just sums up this message board and the pious tw@ts who alway want to accuse others of not being right. I never once said that they should stop treating people or that everyone over fifty should stop doing things. I mentioned not going to football games if you are older with underlying heath problems. I tell you what if youR over 50 under 50 or if your lungs are hanging out of your ar£ehole do what you want. I really don’t care. But I believe you cant do anything but look at a situation like this as black or white because it not about what you want or what might be its only about what will definitely be!!!
  6. It simple. The only people who are at risk are people over 50/60 with underlying health problem. So they’re the one who should not be going to the game, everyone else, needs to crack on. You can only do the whole shut down thing for 3 to 4 weeks max anyway before the whole fabric of society starts to break down. most of us will get it, most of us will be fine. Many will barely feel worse than a sniffle. You have to ride it out. Only way. Everything else is just a delay of the inevitable
  7. Hardhouse44

    match thread

    Struggling to cope with the fact they’re better than us.
  8. Hardhouse44

    match thread

    A golden chance!
  9. Hardhouse44

    6th Round Tickets.

    Does anybody know when they go on sale to season ticket holders?
  10. Hardhouse44

    match thread

    Nice one
  11. Hardhouse44

    match thread

    Running out of ideas
  12. Hardhouse44

    match thread

    We shouldn’t have him on the bench then. What we saving him for the league!
  13. Hardhouse44

    match thread

    But it hasn’t yielded a goal and time is running out. It time to make a couple of changes and give a different option
  14. Hardhouse44

    match thread

    Why so we can lose 1 nil!
  15. Hardhouse44

    match thread

    Vrancic needs to be replaced. He’s not match fit and his touch is shot to bits