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  1. Does the manager honestly think that if he doesn’t change anything we’ll hang on for a point. No Chance.
  2. Sainz had cost us this match. Get rid of players who can’t control themselves. Really has let the club down.
  3. Wagners job is to make sure nobody enjoys playing Norwich City. Well he’s already managed to make sure nobody enjoys watching Norwich City so why not give that a go now!
  4. No what we lacked especially in the second half was any clue what to do with the ball when we had it. No guile, no creativity, no spark. And nothing at all on the bench to bring on and add that spark. That’s what we lacked and always will under this management with this set of players against good sides.
  5. Sarge has gone from being a player I thought was a waste of money (when in the Prem) To my favourite player by far. His work rate is exceptional, he is an intelligent player (the complete opposite to Idah who I always think is one step behind) and he scores goals. Good goals. He’s the real deal at this level. well done Sarge. Top man.
  6. They haven’t scored an away goal in four games. That’s fairly toothless
  7. Yeah same ones who have failed to score at all in there last now 4 away league games.
  8. Great win. But IMV WBA totally toothless. Their strikers were as bad as we’ve seen this season. Was it a really enjoyable match. No, too much possession for the opposition. Too tentative at time with the press and still wide open through the midfield. (Solvable by dropping the totally anonymous Barnes and playing 5 in midfield.) If that’s an away performance then you can say great win great performance but at home we play like the away side. Playing on the counter will only take you so far at home. we must start to control home games if we are to turn a corner.
  9. With 30 mins plus to go we’ve totally abandoned attacking football and gone 5 at the back! We will get what we deserve
  10. We will now get deeper and deeper and eventually succumb. It’s another piece of paper covering another massive crack!
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