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  1. Farke has credit in the bank. I think we all recognise that. I think that credit extends further with Delia and the gang that it will with the paying punter. Nobody wants to see a manager who has delivered a certain level of success sacked. However that level isn’t something that hasn’t been achieved by managers of NCFC before and will be again. What we haven’t seen is even a rough grip on the required level of performance at premiership level. If all of these new signing are the real deal and the ammunition required to make a reasonable fist of surviving then at some stage soon questions must be asked as to why they are not. For me I very much doubt that they are the required level but it’s the manager who uses what he has at his disposal. And Farke for me had used them poorly and lacks the ability to organise them to even looking like being good enough to beat even our closest matched rivals. I would say no more games is what should be allowed. Time for a change. But that won’t happen because of the credit with the board. What will sway it will be how much the decent from the fans on terraces increases as we continue to see no wins and no goals. Leeds game will be interesting.
  2. Maybe that show of dissatisfaction from the crowd woke them up and spurred them on to do better. Don’t get me wrong I’ve never booed in my life but I feel at times people have the right.
  3. Where do people see us picking up these points. Which games?
  4. Yes but we won’t because we don’t have it in us to do that. We will actually do much, much worse. And as for the Granddad reference I am a granddad but I’m only 49.
  5. But we've gone even more than that not scoring a goal. We score at a rate of 1 goal every 360mins or every 4 games stats cant be used only one way. That is Totally unacceptable! As for football not being entertainment that rubbish if it doesn't entertain people professional football doesn't exist. And your comment about results also is correct in the fact that it is entertaining when you are on the side of a positive result. We are not.
  6. Yes I think I am asking that because it feels like some fans are content with what is dished up and will accept anything. Supporting the club is important to all but let’s not forget this is a form of entertainment, and if something I come across rude and aggressive to other as I think I may have done on Saturday evening I apologise but I wasn’t entertained I didn’t see improvement I saw an adaption to prevent lose but with little or no chance of scoring let alone winning. 2 goals 1 from open play in 8 matches. That dire and not football as it should be. Its not acceptable and for me it’s very sad to see what we are prepared to accept as a club and a fan base.
  7. And if it was would you accept that as success? 32 goalless draws I mean!
  8. This is all very well, but the same poster will tell you that it’s a free hit and nothing else was expected if we get smashed 4-0. I can’t see us winning a single game this season. I genuinely fear that could happen. Yesterday was as pi$$ poor as ever. The 2 real chances gifted by massive mistakes from a team who clearly aren’t going to finish anywhere near where they are at present and we still looked clueless in front of goal. THE PLAYERS ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!
  9. So you want to win the game because you’re at home and desperate for the points. You take of a defensive minded player and bring on another defensive minded player who is absolutely out of his depth at this level. That’s not trying to win the game. Sometime you need to change your approach to change the out come!
  10. So what! We can make a more shots than Brighton dvd at the end of the season and sell that.
  11. So bring on a creative player and go for it. What use is that point. Every point only takes us further away from survival.
  12. Our football is not good enough for this league. We will go down rock bottom. And it’s boring and predictable to watch.
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