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  1. It's the broken mechanisms which the Government claim they "can't change, wont' change" that the Public should point their anger at. Not the Immigrants / Asylum Seekers / Economic Migrants themselves. Poor journalism from rags on both the left and the right like The Sun, The Daily Mail, and The Independent do not help this. They simply stir up anger and prejudice towards the wrong entity.
  2. How on earth did Japan lose to Costa Rica AND STILL win that group?
  3. Any system can be manipulated. the AV referendum has probably buried that system for good, annoyingly as a result the two main parties have and will continue to cling onto the FPTP system. The problem with the current FPTP system is that if you live in a certain part of the country, your vote effectively counts for nothing as Labour and Tories have their respective "safe seats". Whereas under, PR votes are better represented. This is why I think the idea of a Citizens Assembly would be a decent idea as the working class such as The Nurses, The Teachers, The White Van Men, The Factory Workers, The Uniformed Services etc. would be an extra layer of vetting for a different demographic of people to get their say, as MPs are not common working folk anymore, not even most Labour MPs... For example, look at the fresh attack on lower & middle class workers that Hunt's budget launched last week, especially the Public Sector PAYEs and the private sector Self-Employed. No one voted for that, not even Tory voters...
  4. unfortunately the numbers are fictitious, just like Qatar's record on Human Rights and Workers Rights.
  5. There's Norfolk'n chance that he'll be re-selected for the next GE by the sounds of it.
  6. The AV referendum was a distractive plot by the two main parties to hold onto First Past The Post for as long as possible. It's ironic that all fringe parties have been unanimous for decades that the UK Gerneal FPTP system is impregnable to new parties and is only there to protect Tories and Labour. FPTP used to work well in 3 candidates or less but now is arguably completely outdated. 2015 is a great example of this: UKIP - 3.8m votes, zero seats Lib Dem - 2.4m votes, only 8 seats Green - 1.1m votes, only 1 seat. SNP - 1.4m votes, FIFTY SIX seats (Tories 11m, Labour 9m). Under PR as a percentage of the vote, UKIP would have gotten 90 seats, Lib Dems would have gotten roughly 57 seats, Greens 25... It's clear why Tories and Labour don't want PR or any other kind of system: look at the landslides Farage won in 2014 and 2019 using PR. Personally I think under a PR General election, if a strong Nationalist candidate got on the ticket whether they are left or right (such as Jeremy Corbyn or Nigel Farage), they would siphon dozens if not hundreds of seats from the two main parties. Whereas under FPTP there is no such risk.
  7. There was talk from some of the fringe parties of Establishing a "Citizens Assembly". This would involve UK citizens on the Electoral Register getting "called up" for a fixed term of paid service (like Jury Duty) to for opinions and vetting of certain legistation and white papers. Its not a perfect solution but it would go some distance in actually restoring a bit of faith in politics by gauging the working class public opinion on large issues, such as HS2, Free School Meals and basic food prices in general, Net Zero and moderation of fuel prices, the NHS etc. At the moment we have a front bench making decisions of whom are all likely in the top 0.1% of wealth of this country, and are painfully out of touch with the working average Man/Woman.
  8. The article doesn't actually say what the betting offences are. If he simply had an online account and was betting small amounts on other football matches, the ban shouldn't be that lengthy. Lafferty, Chopra, Trippier are names that all come to mind for similar offences. However, if he was "spot-fixing" and it can be proven he was betting on himself / others for significant amounts of money, where he had knowledge of pre-anticipated scenarios (i.e. Yellow Cards, match fixing etc.), then yes, he will be exiled from football for a long time if the evidence is strong enough. The problem is if the Bookies offer those stupid markets, (such as the exact minute of when a throw in will be awarded, a specific player to get booked, specific player to make a certain amount of tackles) eventually third parties are going to try and start defrauding them, especially in the lower leagues... What about when Paddy Power offered that "Player to eat a pie on the sideline" market years ago, and the Sutton United goalie actually did it? The player was subsequently banned, and i'm pretty sure Paddy Power refused to pay out any of those bets as winners. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41181979
  9. I'm sure if Dean gets the Tic Tac, Webber would leave no stone unturned , or 90% of them at least...!
  10. Pretty much this. A zombie board who will do nothing until its too late, and will be happy with play-off / mid-table mediocrity. It's clear they live in an echo chamber now, given the recent tiit-for-tat with the Local Media.
  11. If (when) Dean Smith is sacked, i'm sure The Board will ensure that The Club "scour Europe" for a new manager.
  12. I expect Smith's tenure at NCFC will be comparible to a Dodo before the season expects.
  13. Agreed, the whole thing certainly felt rushed and wasn't given the proper alloted attention to detail like it has been in most recent years. It seems like many others came to that same consensus too, based on @TIL 1010's accounts of folk being unhappy with it.
  14. All business should always accept both methods for the benefit and equality of the customer. I do for mine. On a spreadsheet they might save a few grand a year in cash collections and collations, but they will never know the true amount of sales they have lost and will coninute to lose through naively snubbing cash transactions. ...Not to mention businesses lose circa 2% of every card transaction due to card transaction service fees.
  15. I haven't heard of any good reviews from the Fan Hub so far lol. There seemed to be alot of fobbing off, telling them to "telephone the ticket office as we can't do X from here".
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