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  1. Branston Pickle

    The final humiliation.

    I suppose it is just being pragmatic, but has to be said it is also a bit sad.
  2. Branston Pickle

    Your Easter score predictions...

    I work with a Stokie, he reckons a lot of the players aren’t interested and are just waiting for the summer clearout. They don’t seem to score or concede a lot, which might suit - 0-0 could well be enough!
  3. Branston Pickle

    Your Easter score predictions...

    All we need is to match (or better) Sheff U over the next two games: 7pts difference after the Stoke game = promotion 100% confirmed. Talk of the title can wait, promotion is the main thing. I do rather fancy Hull against the Blades - Yorkshire derby and all that - whether or not they are still in the play-off hunt. Brentford v Leeds and Leeds v Villa are extremely tricky, too (I’m due to be at the former as can’t get up for Stoke - hopefully celebrating a Bees win!)
  4. Branston Pickle

    Stoke on Monday

    ....though I dare say there would be ‘streams’ available.
  5. Branston Pickle

    Stoke on Monday

    No - the only way to watch is to be there or go to FCR for the beamback.
  6. Branston Pickle

    Ipswich first to L2?

    Aren’t Leeds self-styled “Champions of Europe” too?!
  7. Branston Pickle

    Chris Hughton

    Eek for Brighton, 0-2 now...
  8. Branston Pickle

    Referee for Sheffield Wednesday

    Not that bothered by who the ref is, tbh it’s totally up to us..,IMO the main thing is to start quickly as we often don’t - get the early goal and it will lift any apprehension in the crowd/that might get to the players.
  9. I (and I think others) was only talking about the supporter standpoint, not the team/players - we should fully expect that they will be up for it.
  10. Think their main chance went when they lost to Villa at home - I imagine their supporters think they are relying on far too many things falling their way to make it now (tho it’s not impossible).
  11. Branston Pickle

    Can't sleep, Can we throw it all away!!!!!!?

    That form table does show how well Hull are going at the mo, and they host SU on Monday.
  12. Branston Pickle

    You won’t get a ticket says Paul

    I’m sure they’ll get reasonably decent crowds if they start to do well....it’s that ‘if’ that’s the issue. The big difference in us in L1 and them in L1 is, as PL said himself in the run up to the derby, we had a squad of Championship players. They don’t.
  13. Branston Pickle

    Team Vs Wednesday

    I’d bring Mo in for Todd and move Kenny into a more attacking role - as I would have done all along. DF did say he wanted to go with the minimum of positional change, which is fine and totally understandable, but it simply hasn’t quite worked out as we’d have wanted (not that 2 draws is so bad).
  14. Branston Pickle

    Last 4 games predictions

    All fixtures are potentially tricky and we do all have a mixture of sides to play - though none against each other. The fact that we’ve got that cushion has to count for something, it’s difficult to see both SU and Leeds overtake us....but until we get the points on the board we’ll not be counting any chickens
  15. Branston Pickle

    An arm away from losing

    It is interesting that I’ve not seen any reports today that haven’t said it was a “controversial” or “very harsh” decision, but westcoast seems to think it wasn’t....oh well. Perhaps Daly needs to revise his thing to: Norwich fan - not a penalty, unless you are westcoast (just because) or yellowfever (because they ‘were ahead’) As they say in cricket: look in the scorebook - ie the decision’s been made, you’re not going to change it. But nor does it mean it won’t or shouldn’t grate.