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  1. Branston Pickle


    Not so sure it was doing it’s job if you look at West Ham v Everton and a backward headbutt. The defender made the most of it but that has to be a red all day long.
  2. Branston Pickle

    Too much loyalty, too much hype?

    No. It’s both (hence my annoyance at Amadou not even getting the vaguest if run-outs at cdm). Look at goals conceded, too many from bog standard crosses for starters.
  3. Branston Pickle

    Too much loyalty, too much hype?

    We needed a cb before the season started and didn’t get one so I suppose we’ll not get one now that we are nearly at full strength again. Amadou wasn’t (or shouldn’t have been) bought as a cb and must be pulling his hair out at not getting a start as cdm in a side leaking goals.
  4. Branston Pickle

    Season Ticket Online Renewal

    I did my son’s membership without any problem, thought I might as well do it early. My s/t is also on direct debit so will auto renew...no idea how you do it otherwise!
  5. Branston Pickle

    Press Conference

    Does that mean Godfrey is ready to return? Might create a few selection issues, which is no bad thing.
  6. Branston Pickle

    Your predictions - City v AFCB

    We surely have to keep a clean sheet at home sometime this season; hopefully the first will be tomorrow and build our confidence for the remainder of the season. The remaining fixtures certainly include a number of home games we ought to be capable of winning if we are to survive (perhaps Liverpool and Leicester apart, it’s a shame they are next and one after another). A win tomorrow would give a huge boost.
  7. Branston Pickle

    Derby in the doo doo.

    I don’t disagree that fines/points deductions and the like can feel harsh on supporters, but the flip side is that they have been benefiting from their club living beyond its means by having players it can’t afford whilst others are abiding by the rules. Derby almost got promoted last season, maybe they shouldn’t have even made the play-offs?
  8. Branston Pickle


    Gray wouldn’t be a bad shout, but I doubt Watford would be too keen letting him go to a side they’re potentially in direct competition with. I see Villa are close to signing another £10m striker, with Wesley out for the season.
  9. Branston Pickle

    Membership Scheme Revamped

    Seems ok for my son - assuming the home membership is similar to away he has 16 games from 18/19; we’ll pop along to away games when we can.
  10. Branston Pickle

    Membership Scheme Revamped

    People will complain at whatever system is in place. Brentford would be a new ground for all, I don’t suppose it will have a huge away allocation though as think it’s only 17k or so overall (after they initially planned for 22k); I guess we could yet be playing them in either division or not at all (particularly if they pass us dropping down!).
  11. Branston Pickle

    Team for Bournemouth

    I still don’t quite understand why Amadou isn’t picked by many, the guy had barely been given a chance but seems to have largely been written off. If we are to survive he could easily have a role to play - and not just by warming the bench.
  12. Branston Pickle


    Bloody hope not, unless we have another keeper coming in. It probably wouldn’t be the biggest surprise though (and free up another o/s spot)
  13. Branston Pickle


    We do have two PL loan spots available so may decide it’s a route to take; I’d rather like a cb if it’s all the same.
  14. Branston Pickle


    That had occurred to me, Indy. I find extraordinary that we (apparently) have a £9m player who can’t get a start.
  15. Branston Pickle

    Lukas Rupp

    There’s plenty of options in terms of getting “homegrown” players in + we also have 2 PL loan slots available. The odd thing is that despite these things you may well be right!