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  1. I know several Brentford fans and they certainly aren’t confident of a win. I think both sides wouldn’t be too unhappy if it was a draw, but as things stand they need the win more than we do.
  2. Oh, ok - that’s the first time I‘ve seen Hanley blamed for the Brum goal, there were 3-4 errors in there. Of course he’s not perfect and does occasionally misread the flight/bounce (it was a criticism of him from Newcastle fans when we signed him), but he’s been pretty solid this season.
  3. The last 5 games have seen us win 15pts with three clean sheets and a combined tally of 12-2....I can’t for the life of me work out which of the 2 you’re blaming Hanley for but the stats aren’t at all bad.
  4. That’s not a very tall ‘front 4’, I think they are quite a physical side
  5. It is certainly true that the run without Krul - where to be fair we had most of a side out - we did seem to concede a fair few. I’m not necessarily putting the blame on McGovern but we let in 2 at Stoke (more Emi’s fault for being red carded) and 3 at Luton (few fit players!).
  6. It hasn’t been a good week or so for tv officials - some of the decisions in the cricket have been baffling, and that’s probably one of the easiest games to officiate (other than for catches and whether they’ve hit the ground)
  7. Is it me, or is it a rather ridiculous ‘sport’? I’ve watched it on and off all my life and some of the rules and decisions made by officials are truly baffling, as though they are making it up as they go along.
  8. ....I hope you mean doesn’t. Imo it shouldn’t, Todd’s missed several games this season.
  9. Happy enough with that - two of the closest three sides losing. I have said all along I’d prefer the Swans to falter out of them and the Bees, so I’m not complaining. We just need to do our job tomorrow...
  10. I didn’t think they’d decided on relegation yet - seems a bit pointless for most to continue as all it’s doing is losing revenue for sides?
  11. Bees did go behind v both Wycombe and at boro, winning by a large margin in the end but that was before their 3-game losing streak so who knows...
  12. After that big game and win midweek, they are playing another today in Weymouth who are just beneath them - win and they’re 5pts clear with games in hand.
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