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  1. Yes, this one was win/win only. Tbh it’s hard to see too many surprises, but who knows….
  2. Cool, will start predicting. The Sky Super 6 thing is up as well, it seems to be matches from Sunday, though I think that’s predictions for the score at 90 mins (if anyone knows better please shout as I’ve predicted a draw for Japan v Croatia!).
  3. Yes, there’s some karma there for Ghana - they may not have progressed but at least saw a measure of revenge.
  4. Will soon be time to do the first knock-out round. I didn’t read the point scoring system…me and Eddie have 10 out of the 16 predictions right but seem to still be trailing Aggy on 9 , I’m happy enough with that .
  5. I think this was always on the cards, I suppose they want to monetise what they can.
  6. Decent performance from England, but whatever way you look at it Wales have been pretty poor.
  7. That Is horribly harsh - you’re falling backwards, what are you supposed to do? I’m the same way that the Ghana goal stood earlier, that shouldn’t be a pen.
  8. Probably more boring for Blackburn - they have to travel all that way twice in a few weeks!
  9. That’s an odd reason to b/f the date. I’d have thought it’s more linked to the utter shambles that the Royal Mail is at the moment.
  10. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to look at a double header, as they did at Sunderland when we were there.
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