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  1. Branston Pickle

    New Kits - Why did you...?

    Just looked on the club website for something and noticed that our kit launch last season was 2nd July - perhaps we’ll be a bit earlier this year.
  2. Branston Pickle

    New Kits - Why did you...?

    ....do we know when ours will be unveiled?
  3. Branston Pickle

    Grant Hanley

    I’ve long thought that we might be in for another c/b so Hanley either going on loan or being sold would fit.
  4. Branston Pickle

    Cricket World Cup

    Yup - I reckon they should have had 12 teams (so two more via pre-qualification , likely 2 of Netherlands, Ireland or Scotland) split into two groups, followed by Quarter finals - a bit more compact as a tournament.
  5. Branston Pickle

    Cricket World Cup

    It hasn’t been the best W Cup so far, what with few close games and a week of ropey weather; hopefully it’ll pick up starting tomorrow...
  6. Are there really guidelines about not starting and finishing with away games? As to the rest, it’s all a bit ‘meh’. We all have to play everyone twice, you can’t really tell in advance when it would be a ‘good’ time. Perhaps Liverpool will be slow starters and have an eye on the Super Cup (though I doubt it)?!
  7. Branston Pickle

    Going Up - 2018/19 Promotion Season - Book

    Mine turned up this morning - I thought they had said they’d be posted on 10 June but it looked like they went on the 12th. Is pretty good, not sure it is worth the headline price of £15 but not bad at all for £10 + your name in print
  8. Branston Pickle

    Cricket World Cup

    As ever - Pakistan are the ultimate enigma, awful one day, world-beaters the next.
  9. Branston Pickle

    Cricket World Cup

    Oh dear, a tame cricket thread gets ‘turned’. Back to the matter in hand, good to see the ‘blip’ that was England’s second game put behind them, we stand in a pretty good position as no one was ever likely to win all the group games. Sunday's game (Ind v Pak) ought to be good, so long as the rain holds off....
  10. Branston Pickle

    8 March 1995

    Yes we can - roads can be redirected etc etc but in any case you are misunderstanding what I meant; can’t be bothered to go into it though so c’est la vie.
  11. Branston Pickle

    Anfield tickets

    The point is that clubs can charge whatever they like to their supporters, the price is only fixed for away fans at the £30, so it’s possible that away fans can potentially “save” £20 on what it might have been, so is where our away scheme might be considered not as “unfair” as some seem to be making out. The problem is, given the price is £30, you aren’t really ‘saving’ anything - you’re basically paying the £50 to get first dibs. Re: the home membership, I can’t see any reason for too many complaints - the prices for all are being kept lower than they were for most games last season. Ultimately, though, some do seem to just be using it to have a bash at the club, which is a bit sad.
  12. Branston Pickle


    We’re doing it the only way we can - we aren’t in a position to pee money away a la Fulham, nor would most supporters want us to - and IMO it’d be as likely to fail as to succeed. What others like Villa do doesn’t/shouldn’t really concern us, we’ll go about things in a relatively low-key/quiet way as per usual.
  13. Branston Pickle

    New membership scheme

    I do find it odd that NCFC (and as importantly, our supporters) seem to separate us out into being home and away fans…having to buy multiple memberships for what is effectively one thing is rather weird - but supporters going on about their ‘points’ shows precisely why the club thinks it is needed. I’m sure, being the club it is, they are looking at the comments made, but tbh there are always going to be winners and losers when things change. It is interesting, though - being Surrey-based I used to only really be able to go to away games and never ever had a problem getting a ticket to games all over the place until relatively recently. I now have a season ticket and travel up for home games and am largely resigned to not go to (nearby) away games, but consider it to be just one of those things. Ulitmately it doesn’t matter what other sides do regarding membership schemes - for instance, compared to the big guys, Saints, Watford and Burnley aren’t as well followed - particularly away - so there’s probably no need for any ‘scheme’, certainly for their away fans.
  14. Branston Pickle

    Two for Pukki

    The key question has to be - how many would Norwood have scored?
  15. Branston Pickle

    Two for Pukki

    2-0, not Pukki though