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  1. It does - it seems at least 2-3x quicker now…at QPR the other day I was quite taken aback how quickly it was being sung, and it’s not for the better.
  2. Looks like Roy has stepped down - I guess it made sense. Oddly, I found out via email from CPFC, I clearly need to update all the websites I’m linked to!!
  3. Beale is a strange one - seemed to be the next big thing at one point, but very mixed as the head guy.
  4. Good stuff - he clearly wasn’t quite ready when played in our first XI last season, the loan has obviously done a lot of good.
  5. Seems fair enough - even the Wagner haters might switch were he to take us up…however (un)likely
  6. I don’t think that’s necessarily the case, but it would entice sides to keep playing even when losing; perhaps just have one ‘bonus’ available each game (similar to rugby). It’d change the number of points available in a game, making end of season potentially more interesting.
  7. Which was kind-of my point, utterly missed by my new best friend.
  8. Wow, you really are a bit of a ****, aren’t you. It is absolutely about opinions, you are simply not correct IN MY OPINION. You’re entitled to yours, but it is wrong IN MY OPINION. The “similarities” aren’t fact: “getting in the wrong manager” is an opinion, as is “selling their best players”. And 8-0 at home is not the same as 7-0 away to the European champions…that’s a FACT, not even an opinion. As for why you bother: don’t, we’ll both be far happier.
  9. The only thing I’d change in terms of points would possibly be to give them for scoring goals - maybe a point for every two in a home game, one for one in an away game? The move to 3 for a win/1 for a draw has clearly been successful and doesn’t need a change in itself. The main thing would be to completely change the finances and overall structure somehow.
  10. Complete and utter crap. The minute I think we are like Sheff U is the minute I give up on the game. We are nothing alike - they are a thuggish side supported by thuggish Neanderthals. We are as unlike as you can get. That they have struggled this year has sod all to do with being like us, and far more to do with the ridiculous state of the game. And just how is an 8-0 loss at home to Newcastle the same as a 7-0 defeat at the European Champions?
  11. It’s not at all that similar to us - and I definitely don’t recall us losing 8-0 at home.
  12. Definitely - you can look at many incidents in isolation and think ‘wtf’, but he’s done pretty well up there. I don’t think he’s a stranger to getting cards, though.
  13. Does definitely look like Bashley was behind Sam when he played the ball…he’s a good yard over the line of the penalty area which is as good a straight line as you need!
  14. We definitely need to take some of our home form out on the road with us, that’s for sure.
  15. All makes you wonder how he’s had a very decent professional career and 30-odd international caps. He’s always been better than many realise, those who only see mistakes - that much is clear from all the managers who continually pick him.
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