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  1. Branston Pickle

    Chelsea - Top of the Terrace tickets

    I can imagine - not really something for ‘old fashioned’ fans, but each to their own!
  2. I can’t go tomorrow, but have been keeping an occasional eye out for return tickets for a friend and noticed several that have come available over the last few days for the Top of the Terrace....these are £75 (too much for him) and seem to have a dress code, but it did make me wonder just what you got for your money (there’s a couple on sale right now if anyone wants)?
  3. Branston Pickle

    Watching Saturdays game in Paris?

    Wow - that is one pretty good band to class as mates, seen them lots of times and easily one of the best live bands around. You should get Simon to swap his Reading flag for a Norwich one!
  4. Branston Pickle

    Summer sport 🏏

    Ended up ok - think we’d have settled for getting them out for 179 at the start of play, even if we got there in a roundabout way (didn’t look likely at 130-2!); hopefully the weather will be kind tomorrow and batting a bit easier.
  5. Branston Pickle

    Summer sport 🏏

    Forecast is rather decent other than this morning - should get an all-but full match in. Love the game as I do, (Test) Cricket is still sooo annoying - even with a 70 minute delay they are still going off for (full 40 minute) lunch break after an hour or so....and I’m pretty sure will only add 30 minutes to the end of the day to catch up. What’s more annoying is when players play proper footy on the outfield as part of their ‘warm-ups’, on a surface that is apparently not ‘fit for play’...have seen that often!
  6. Branston Pickle

    Summer sport 🏏

    Great toss to win in the conditions, making putting Aussie in the right thing to do - it’s annoying that it started to drizzle again; the problem is if it now clears up quicker than anticipated.
  7. Branston Pickle

    Summer sport 🏏

    By all accounts the Lord’s pitch was actually regarded as quite slow, Headingley is due to be a lot quicker - so if anything Archer ought to be more tricky. You tend to think it being a bit more seam-friendly for sure.
  8. Branston Pickle

    Summer sport 🏏

    .....so, who’s up for some more searing pace from young Mr Archer?!
  9. Branston Pickle

    Thick As Mince..........

    Incidentally, I remember Lineker scoring for spuds vs us when he ‘accidentally’ controlled it twice with his hands. It’s grated on me a bit for over 20 years!
  10. Branston Pickle

    Thick As Mince..........

    The odd thing is that everyone knows/knew the rule change - a handball, either deliberate or accidental, in the build up to a goal means it is disallowed. IMO it is actually rather sensible as you shouldn’t be able to ‘gain’ a goal from handball even if not deliberate. Simple. It’s only because it was Man City that it’s even an issue...which it isn’t and shouldn’t be. And nothing to do with the EU, that is just bizarre.
  11. Branston Pickle

    Looking Forwards to Chelsea.

    I’m sure we can win if things go right, but I do think some supporters are now almost ‘expecting’ us to win which is probably pushing it. Chelsea are still a top PL side and pushed Liverpool to the limit the other night - they might not currently be as good as they were/finding their feet a bit post-Hazard, but are still pretty good.
  12. Branston Pickle

    Manchester City Tickets

    Think it’s just going to be one of those things this year - I’ve got my own s/t but my 12 year-old has his membership so will go when possible. I was lucky and sailed through without even queuing last time but had to wait 35mins today, then there was v little left and whenever I clicked a block whatever had been there seemed to have gone....c’est la vie, I guess it’s keep an eye out for returns (Man C are unlikely to give any back, either).
  13. Branston Pickle

    Pukki's 1st goal

    Teemu is showing as not only a very decent striker but also his tracking-back for defensive duties can’t be overstated - shows the way for others to follow. I was saying before the game that we are certainly not an overly tall side up front (compared to many defences) so may have to rely more on passing through; that first goal was interesting as it was a really quick corner, but worked out better than most of our ‘planned’ ones.
  14. Branston Pickle

    Sheff U v Palace

    Sheff U are going to be hard to beat but are a pretty horrible side - over the top challenges all the time, not overly great to watch. I’d much prefer our ‘style’ over theirs but good luck to them I suppose!
  15. Branston Pickle


    He didn’t look £40m-worth of player today, that’s for sure....though the other guy Almiron wasn’t too much kop either