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  1. Branston Pickle

    Genuine question

    It’s obviously a) but hopefully we’ll learn that there is a benefit to trying to get off to a quick start; if others can do it so can we. The first half was extremely ‘ordinary’ from us today.
  2. Branston Pickle

    Farke v Emi

    Can’t agree with most of that - he was off his game v Watford and there’s little to suggest he’d have scored (though of course we needed two anyway). He’s undoubtedly a good player but needs to realise what he’s up against in the PL and that they need to give their all if we are to stay up.
  3. Branston Pickle

    Farke v Emi

    EMI v himself, more like - the guy is a good player but needs to realise a match is 90 minutes long and the idea is to try for the whole time, not just when you feel like it. When that happens he’ll be a great player. IMO he deserved to be dropped, probably earlier than he was.
  4. Branston Pickle

    Tell me when the Norwich players arrive

    We appeared to arrive at about 8:30, sadly too late to get anything: we had more shots in the first 7 minutes of the second half (both in target) than we did in the entire first half (one off target). That’s against a side who had let in the most in the division. Not great tactics imo, we should have gone in on the front foot from the off.
  5. Branston Pickle

    *****Official match thread v Saints*****

    Why the hell did we wait to the second half to start playing? If we’d done that for the whole game there was only one winner...I really don’t get it - they were there to get at and we didn’t. IMO that’s poor from DF.
  6. Branston Pickle

    *****Official match thread v Saints*****

    Poor - we’re playing a very ordinary side who have let more goals in than us this season, but don’t seem at all interested in getting at them. Why?
  7. Branston Pickle

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    Hadn’t seen that - if true (and with no wiggle room) then hugely unlikely we’ll be selling anyone of note, unless for ridiculous money. Far more likely to happen in the summer.
  8. Branston Pickle

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    IMO the most likely deal, should there be one, would be a player (most likely Aarons or Godfrey) sold and loaned back until the end of the season. This isn’t actually too bad an option from our side.
  9. Branston Pickle


    Great to see him in his ‘proper’ role, getting the defence back sorted with Zimm back and him playing cdm could be a key to our season. He looked the part and made some good tackles and blocks, that one back-pass apart I can’t think of much he did wrong.
  10. Branston Pickle

    Complete Bulls***

    The whole penalty incident is actually down to the ref and his giving them a f/k for our player winning the ball. DF after the game said he’s seen again and it was no foul, he sounded really disappointed with the reffing...it did seem rather a lot of marginal decisions went their way. The whole thing is annoying, but nothing we say is going to change anything. We move on to the next game, and maybe we’ll actually get a var decision go our way for once....
  11. Branston Pickle

    Team for Arsenal?

    I have to say that looking around the net, an astonishing number of people are either not going with Amadou, the obvious choice to replace Tettey in the role he was brought here for, or seemingly being desperate to bring Emi back and drop McLean back to cdm. I can’t see why we’d change what worked against Everton - the OP line-up has to be as near as dammit, possibly with Lewis for Sam, and accounting for any unknown injuries (it may be Todd isn’t 100% and if he isn’t I’d rest him what with 6-7 games coming in a month). If it takes a while for Emi to get back in the side then so be it.
  12. Branston Pickle

    FARKE !

    We should be flattered by this link; they are certainly underperforming at the moment.
  13. Branston Pickle

    Emery sacked

    Don’t see a problem with this thread as it answers the question in another - though I see the forum police thinks otherwise. The writing was in the wall for a while, hopefully there’s no ‘bounce’ from him having gone. It doesn’t suddenly reduce their injuries but might allow them to play with more freedom.
  14. Branston Pickle

    Will Emery last for Sunday?

    They just seem to have lost something, too many players have gone and not been replaced sufficiently - used to be so great to watch but have gradually become much more ‘average’ while Spuds have now replaced them as the top side in London. They’ll still be bloody hard for us to beat, though.
  15. They aren’t top, though - Wycombe were and still are - and long may it continue!