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  1. Strange that Tuchel played Lukaku tonight, given his comments about him having been overworked etc etc, as they were always going to beat Malmö. I’d not be worried for them if he is out, I’m sure they have plenty in reserve to bother us!
  2. I think some people are still of the opinion he’s out of contract next summer. That can be the only logic to this story (that tbh I can’t be bothered to read)
  3. Well, given that you only ever appear to whinge and criticise, you seem to have already decided. But it’s probably for that very reason people don’t take you very seriously. It is fair to ask questions and have inquests, but only once we know the outcome. No one expected anything from the first 4 games of the season and since then you’d have to be blind not to see some progress; but for some 50:50 var calls we may have managed more points (Arsenal, Leicester, Watford, Everton), but the season is 38 games long, not 8 (or fewer) as you appear to believe.
  4. It’s a pretty ridiculous argument - we were never looking for a first choice striker last season, nor did we have the money, so he wouldn’t have come; ie he wasn’t an option. The argument is also a slightly weird one as we did also win the championship almost at a canter.
  5. Maybe, but Lamptey was pretty crap when he came on (perhaps rusty from his time out) - the main thing he did was commit fouls.
  6. It’s surely a complete no brainier that if he isn’t playing for us he’ll go back to Chelsea - it’ll suit him, his club and us, so it doesn’t even need a story. But I also think he’ll be playing regularly for us by then so it probably won’t happen.
  7. I think we are getting there - it’s important at this level to have a decent base and when we were playing 4-3-3 that certainly wasn’t present. For me, we generally looked the more likely to score and losing would have been a bigger kick in the balls than any of the other games this season.
  8. Shame our crossing is so abysmal and/or that there’s no one to get on the end of it anyway. That kind of game does seem to be Chelsea’s way under Tuchel, though - fast free flowing and attacking don’t always seem to be their ‘thing’, but they win a lot.
  9. I’ve not seen one match report saying it was a pen, so I’ll take those + the referee’s opinions, over a senile old **** on Sky any day of the week.
  10. Watched some of that - Leicester v Chelsea, the latter in a very Norwich-looking away kit. The annoying thing is it’s the London version of ‘Match of the Week’ that we used to get, so our highlights are often pretty brief.
  11. Kingstonian and/or Corinthian Casuals for me…think I’d help find a home for the former, for starters.
  12. Couldn’t care less who officiates, so long as they are up to it. Not at all sure about this ref so far - Andorra getting away with a lot, yet we have more bookings for next to nothing - but that’s often the case, male or female.
  13. I’ve absolutely nothing against Burnley - some of our best friends are s-t holders, I’ve been a number of times, and we’ve had many weeks away in the gorgeous countryside around Hebden Bridge/Tod. But this is just utter rubbish: that you’ve not had players sent off merely shows just what’s wrong with the game - staying ‘just’ (barely) within the rules; Tarkowski should have been booked within about 10 seconds of kick-off on Saturday, and other sides (*obviously not Liverpool*) would have expected to see a player sent off for some of the challenges made at the weekend.
  14. I imagine we’d take as large an allocation as offered for a London game, pretty easy to get to and plenty of supporters already living in the area.
  15. It’s odd - why do we rile some of them so? I don’t see why they care…I wonder if they said the same about West Brom/Fulham last season, but don’t actually care.
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