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  1. I am a fan of loans, just because we’ve not used them well at times doesn’t make them ‘bad’. As Bethnal says, look at Amadou - we saved a tonne of cash loaning rather than buying him. They allow you to get a better player than you can afford now and might be in a position to buy later; yes, they may be used as a stepping stone by the player but on the player’s side there’s little point in not trying if you want to impress your parent club/think you might want to move on.
  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Byram was one of the high earners as he came in effectively as an established PL player (if one who was semi-permanently injured), and cost a lot less than he’d have otherwise been. Part of this lower Up-front price may well have been taking on his higher wages.
  3. It depends how it’s done - it is certainly hard not to be critical of our summer transfer activity and our set pieces (for and against) have been bog-average for a while.
  4. There’s plenty of ‘supporters’ on here who don’t show a great deal support for the team/club, behaving worse than spoilt children when things don’t go their way.
  5. Crikey, some people do have a lot of time on their hands - I find it odd/sad when our fans do it, so I’m happy to call this guy out as a c0ck as well. Sheff U have done well, fair’s fair. Second season will be interesting. I’d still much prefer to go and watch a proper club in Wednesday over them any day of the week and in any division if I lived up that way. And have done.
  6. Actually, some of us saw the potential for what happened last season lot earlier - sometimes performances don’t get the results they deserve (eg WBA (h), Sheff U (a)), you need to see beyond the score line. This season, though, has been pretty pants, particularly since the restart; vs better PL sides who have worked out our clear weaknesses.
  7. Obviously not! But sadly this criticism/comment can be also be levelled in reverse at those at NCFC who attempted to get by without any player investment on promotion.
  8. I can’t comment on how he said it, only on how it’s been reported, ie as a ‘fact’, rather than ‘it looks like...’
  9. I don’t see how any pundit can say that unless they have good close connections in the club - not something I’m particularly aware of with Robbie Earle. Sounds nothing more than a sound byte to me but clearly manna from heaven for those that want to believe it.
  10. All the players have proven themselves capable in the Champs, so each one could be kept, but you’d have to expect a couple of leavers and a degree of an overhaul. It is odd how three of our apparently most valuable players are defenders, in a side that has huge problems defending. It’s an area which needs a fair bit of looking at throughout the side.
  11. There’s a huge difference in quality of attacks in the PL - we kept faith, almost to a man, with the side that let in 58 goals whilst getting promoted: that we have conceded more this season can’t be a surprise, it certainly isn’t to me.
  12. We are poor at taking set pieces and poor at defending them - at least we are consistent!
  13. Awful at defending set pieces, awful at taking them. Those things will find you out in the PL
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