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    Okay I'll try. I expect to see us playing either in The Championship or The Premier League (not League 1). I hope that we will become an established Premier League team (although I'm not quite sure what a realistic definition of 'established' is - 3 seasons? 5 seasons? forever? ) I expect to be entertained when I go and watch us play (that doesn't necessarily mean us winning the game). I expect the club to be open and honest with fans about what they are doing and what they are trying to achieve. I expect the club to be run in a way that doesn't endanger our future existence - e.g. by not spending recklessly in the pursuit of short term success. I expect the players on the pitch to show effort and commitment.
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    Maybe but personally I'd rather get relegated than sit through a whole Hughton season again.
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    I cannot think of a single area where the club is failing to provide me with the 'product' which I expect. Last season was fantastic. This season is disappointing. There is not a club in world that does not have disappointing seasons. Not one. The club has integrity, two-way respect, it provides a great environment for us all. It strives to succeed within its means. It is open and exceptionally approachable. It is always looking to improve.l I really don't ask for much more than this. Would I like Delia and Michael to be 500 times more wealthy? Possibly, but not if it spoiled the fantastic club we have.
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    TJ, many on this board forget that things are binary: you either do sign players in January or you don’t. If you’re struggling and you don’t you will be heavily criticised, if you do you have to take on huge liabilities (a £5m player is actually a £15m or £20m player: £5m + £50k p/w x 4 years + bonuses+clauses). The transfer fee - often the number reported or referred to - is often fairly irrelevant and easily payable in the Premier. It is the wage and package liabilities that are onerous and destructive in the Championship where a £5m-£10m loss per annum is ‘normal’ . Thus a quality player on loan with something to prove is an excellent piece of business. Farhmann and Amadou are logical versions of this model. Unlike many other clubs - with the ownership and operational model they have - Norwich must focus on keeping their ongoing monthly outgoings low. This poses a problem because actually - upon promotion - capex could easily be spent. It is the contingency of ‘what if’ and the subsequent post-Premier pcm outgoings obligation that is the handbrake. De-facto then we need to keep the money to pay the losses post-relegation. Asking whether one inherently causes the other is a reasonable question. In this context Duda is an excellent signing, in both a sporting and operational sense. Parma
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    This may be an odd thing to say, but I’m far more comfortable (and enjoying the way we play football) with getting relegated this season than playing boring Hootun football and staying up.
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    We're an attacking team that doesn't score enough goals. If the plan was to play a free flowing attacking game, where we sacrifice solidity at the back for attacking movement - you have to score more than 1 goal a game on average. Especially when you give a goal away from set-pieces every other game.
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    If we're talking likes then me & FTW apparently have a combined 1718 to your 702, despite only having about 700 more posts than you combined. Clearly we're the popular kids here.
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    So long as Leeds still are.
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    Norwich supporters aren't Stepford Wives and all have our opinions and there are probably two main areas of contention. Briefly, are we happy with what we are is one and the other is should we doing more? I am happy with what happens. We wear the Y&G. We have a decent style of football. We have some cracking, valuable players. We will not be doing the same as Bury. We will have another season next year, probably back in the Championship. And we will have great moments of excitement and other moments of despair. But we won't be Spurs or Arsenal supporters, who because of their demands for nothing but success, are savaging their club at the moment.
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    So, in summary then. We don't score enough goals and we let too many in
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    Why? This picture tells you all you need to know. 10 City players in our box versus 2 United players and yet Martial gets a free header. Zonal (un)marking, that has been our biggest problem
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    Apart from Chelsea & Wolves (when I was away), I've tried for and purchased a ticket for every home match this season. Went online at 9am this morning, joined a 20 minute queue, got on the ticket page at 9:22am, had plenty of choice of seats in several parts of the ground, and got my ticket for Liverpool. What I have found is even when a game is sold out, if you regularly check the online ticketing page, seats are always popping up throughout the week with buy backs being put on sale etc. It might be more difficult when one of the big boys come to Carrow Road, but I often randomly check in the lead up to games and have seen seats available for the majority of the fixtures after previously being 'sold out'.
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    It's a common human trait to try to drag others down to join you in your misery. Theres probably a clinical term for it but as I am only an amateur gynacologist,the name escapes me.
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    If we go down it will be for several reasons and not just one. Personally I find this daily blame game really boring, but there you are.
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    Spot on, Ron - post of the year so far
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    There is a half way house between Hughton and Farke that would keep us up and entertained!!!!
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    Right that’s it . I’m never posting again. See you all tomorrow.
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    How to say the same thing over and over again by LDC: thread 4,287
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    I have been conned by the club I have supported for over 40 years , I stupidly paid the £50 fee for home premiership member got a nice silk scarf but have tried almost every match this season to get a ticket for me and my son with no luck. Go on site just before nine wait until it opens then put in a queue for 45 mins get on site almost all sold find two seats near each other slightly apart put in basket click on basket redirected to main site and put in 20 min queue!!! Understand tickets not guaranteed but thought would stand a better chance . Can’t afford a season ticket . Most expensive scarf for £50 I have ever had . Anybody else find it easier if so how do you do it ?
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    Parma what you’ve said makes absolute sense, especially in the case of Duda and our current predicament. However surely taking into account our business as a whole this summer we could have afforded more long term liability? No one wanted another RVW or Naismith, but surely there is a middle ground between shelling out for 50K a week players for 4 years and loans? We brought in both Byram and Drmic for next to nothing so if the fee is largely irrelevant as you say, we weren’t averse to signing players? Having given new long contracts out to nearly the whole of our talent we certainly weren’t averse to accruing long term liability’s either. I think all you’ve done for me is highlight that the nature of our business this window is largely going to be driven by the failure of the last.
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    Comedy. Remember when Hootun played boring negative football? Yep, we stank the place out and went down.
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    It’s time to put your own BS detector to work RTB. In interviews today Esper was unable to identify ANY specific information about any imminent attacks. He just blabbed on about “belief”. Well I will consult my Pastor about belief, from my government I want truth and facts not made up war fantasies or his gut feelings, thank you.
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    Bad players can cost money too - see Joelinton/Ricky Van Wolfswinkel/Steven Naismith etc, etc, etc. Good players don't always cost money either (at least in transfer fees) - see Teemu Pukki or Emi Buendia picked up for a song. I bring up other clubs as context - Newcastle are operating in the same industry and same League as us. As I've said on another thread signing football players is an inexact science. The board, Stuart Webber, Daniel Farke were all very up front at the beginning of this season that we would be spending very little money this season by Premier League standards. They have also been absolutely crystal clear that they see their job at the club as a long term one. Given all this it just seems weird to me that people are now turning round and moaning that we haven't spent a lot of money this season.
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    Has approximately 1/20th of the personal wealth of the 19th richest owner in the Premier League, let's not kid ourselves that the self funding model some have swallowed as good for the club is in place for any other reason than as a mechanism for her to remain owner of the club. When this lack of investment causes relegation likely leading to 4 outstanding young players to be sold rather than become the future of the club, you cant claim any longer that it's in the best interests of the club for them to remain owners.