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  1. Jobsworth Canary

    Kyle Lafferty

    Had better
  2. Jobsworth Canary

    Membership Scheme Revamped

    Lovely to see that loyalty continues to be rewarded
  3. Jobsworth Canary

    Luke Woolfenden

  4. Jobsworth Canary

    Burnley away tickets

    I wouldn’t worry you will be just about the only one there
  5. Jobsworth Canary

    Why we will be relegated

    I honestly haven’t a clue what they do in training all week but it clearly isn’t happening
  6. Jobsworth Canary

    Lukas Rupp

    Hits the Delia test, cheap and not what we need You really couldn’t make this stuff uo
  7. Jobsworth Canary


    A new chef at the Gunn club?
  8. I want everyone fans included giving their maximum for the success of the club in and off the pitch we are far away from that this season i also want 10 pieces of scampi in a portion it’s not much to ask really, is it!
  9. Jobsworth Canary

    Why we will be relegated

    The whole zonal marking thing has been a disaster at least if you choose that method of defending at least practice it during training
  10. Jobsworth Canary

    Why we will be relegated

    He does he hasn’t been fit for most of the season at that age where he will get more and more injuries
  11. Jobsworth Canary

    Been conned

    I would get a season ticket best way of seeing the games and a lot less stressful
  12. Jobsworth Canary

    Why we will be relegated

    There is a half way house between Hughton and Farke that would keep us up and entertained!!!!
  13. Jobsworth Canary

    Why we will be relegated

    The wisdom that Norwich tried to go against was that you build the team around a solid and experienced defence and use young players further up the pitch. as usual the stowmarket duo got it badly wrong and we are paying the price you really couldn’t make this level of incompetence up
  14. Jobsworth Canary

    Are you ready !

    Nothing will beat Arabella chi I am afraid
  15. 90 percent not so may be a spare ticket going!