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  1. No problem, we should still be able to beat a team that are 44 points below us
  2. I never did rate Neil Diamond I hate that song.
  3. Looks plenty good enough for a win to me Sooner or later we're gonna hammer someone and it could be tonight
  4. That may be so, but we've had plenty of seasons where we didn't enjoy the struggle in the Championship. Everyone, including me, thinks it's great when we are flying high & pushing for promotion from the Championship but history tells me that that won't last forever. Likewise we may not enjoy losing every week in the EPL and we may get relegated again but for me that is not a reason for not wanting to get promoted. I suppose in your ideal world we would lose in the play offs or finish 7th or 8th in the Championship every year but unfortunately sport, and particularly football, doesn't work like that. I'm certainly glad that we have had several promotions to the PL because without them our Club would not have come so close to winning it in 1993 and we would not have played in Europe or beaten Bayern Munich. That might not happen again but we didn't think it would happen then. Do you really want a Club that is a permanent fixture in the Champioship. What if we were a bang average mid table team for 5 or 6 years, What if we got relegated from it - it has happened before. It is very easy, given our record over the last 10 years, to believe that we will always be competitive & safe in the Championship. However, that is no more certain than getting relegated from the EPL. Enjoy the rest of the season, celebrate promotion if it happens and if it does, embrace our position as one of the 20 Clubs in the best league in the World. There are probably 71 other Clubs whose supporters continually wonder "why can't we be Norwich"
  5. Surely the dumbest question ever posted on here. In every sport, every club or team, every owner, every manager and every player strives to be competing at the highest level possible. If they don't then what is the point? It's easy to say that the Champs is more exciting when you are competitive but have 2 or 3 years of not being competitive and the Champs then becomes like the EPL. So what happens then - does League One suddenly become attractive as we stand more chance of being competitive in that division? And how many, good players, managers, coaches, and promising academy prospects, do you think a Club would attract once it's known that that Club has no ambition and are happy to just keep going along at the level they are already at? Don't know the answers to these questions? Well have a look at TWTD and be grateful of what we do and how we do it.
  6. Are the wings coming off Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  7. It is indeed Laurie Sheffield. The picture is not from that game however. As for the kit, where is the green?
  8. I was there, great day. Guy who stood next to me at CR always called Bolland "spindles" You can read all about that match here - https://www.thegiantkillers.co.uk/1967norwichcity.htm So below we have Bryceland (left) and Bolland (right) but who is the player in the middle. No prizes though
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