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  1. Should be doing better? So much for 30+ years old players bought in the summer bringing in experience, partiularly when most of them have only ever experienced failure. Look at Leicester the other night - outplayed us in every department with youth, speed, strength, skill and fitness and presumably Plymouth were the same. Meanwhile, with only a couple of exceptions, are ageing squad looked knackered. Two games a week in the Championship is simply too much for a lot of them. The flow of good academy players has all but dried up and anyone who was any good has been sold off at a knock down price. We are where we are for a reason.
  2. When Wagner took over last season we went on a good run for the first 5 or 6 games scoring lots of goals in the process until it all went t*ts up. Same thing happening again now. A good start followed by 3 defeats out of 4. Worrying trend.
  3. Football fans are like gamblers, they're really only happy when they lose
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/66421314
  5. Cantwell replaced Dowell after 62 minutes
  6. He fits in perfectly with our current aquisition criteria. Old, cheap and past it. He must be on our short list
  7. Exactly what was amazing about it?
  8. 10 games in and it wouldn't be a surprise if we were a struggling mid table team. Wagner doesn't look the kind of manager who will turn this club around in a season, unless Delia finds £30m down the back of her sofa. The remains of last years squad are unlikely to set the World on fire and the new signings are hardly inspiring. My guess is that it will be a season of consolidation with the main aim of trying to ensure Championship survival. Anyone expecting a promotion ot play-off position is living in dreamland. We neither have the resources, the finance, the management nor the youth to produce anything other than dull and boring football. We won't sack Wagner because we can't afford the luxury of ditching 3 managers in as many seasons.
  9. It is no use having a "model" unless you've got sufficient funds to make it work and under the current owners we a well off the pace in the finance department. Football has changed, there are those with money and there those who have none
  10. I was in Lille 3 weeks ago at the Stade Pierre Mauroy Stadium (aka Decathlon Arena) for a concert. Built in 2012, it is the home of Lille OSC and what a magificent set up it is. 50,000 spectators, closing roof, all parking underground, shops, 6 hotels, 30+ resturants and great transport links.
  11. But they are having fun, if you can remember what that is
  12. Just catching up after being away from this circus for a few weeks, not that I'm that bothered anymore. My my, what a joke of a Club we have become. Masters of our own downfall. Somebody needs to get a grip and quick. However, I doubt the clowns running the Club are up to it.
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