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  1. Making Plans


    Strange timing?
  2. Making Plans


    Switching on the Xmas Lights. Let's hope he can light up his performances as well https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/politics/norwich-city-s-todd-cantwell-to-switch-on-christmas-lights-1-6369042 You'll probably need your gloves for that gig Todd
  3. Making Plans

    VAR Farce

    Swarbricks view on VAR so far. WTF has he been watching and what was he on while he was watching it. You couldn't make it up! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50380641
  4. Making Plans

    Sellable Assets

    We got £25m for Maddison who is English. Nobody in our squad gets anywhere near Maddision in terms of skill, ability and potential. We won't be getting anywhere near £15m or £10m for any of our players anytime soon
  5. Making Plans

    Sellable Assets

    I don't see a huge number of Clubs forming a queue who prepared to throw signiificant amounts money at any of our players. Any value they had last summer will have deminished considerably since the start of the season. Cleary we don't have another Maddison in the squad so I don't see anybody going for more than £10m, if that
  6. Making Plans

    Zimmermann Zimmermann Zimmermann

    No he hasn't but he's the best we've got. So are you suggesting that even if he is 100% fit that we shouldn't pick him?
  7. Making Plans

    Zimmermann Zimmermann Zimmermann

    Zimmerman is a leader and an inspiration to others and we have been sadly lacking leadership and inspiration on the pitch.
  8. Making Plans

    Some science for a Monday morning...

    Let's hope our players read it
  9. Making Plans

    Team for Everton

    Rather than who should be in the team, lets look at it from who shouldn't be in the team. For me, based on performances over the last 5 or 6 games you cannot possibly pick Cantwell, Buendia, McLean, Leitner, Drmic, or Srbeny who are either (a) desperately out of form/touch/confidence, (b) ineffective, (c) simply not good enough or in the case of Drmic & Srbeny (d) all 3. The case for Stiepermann is 50/50. He hasn't been great but he's not been anywhere near as bad as Cantwell, Buendia, McLean or Leitner and at least he's had a few shots at goal. Despite recent heroics, I think Tettey is not up to several games on the bounce. Hanley might be fit but I'm not sure that he is an improvement on what we've tried thus far. On the plus side, Byram has looked more than capable and Roberts is an unknown quantity so they must come into the reckoning. So that leaves us with, in no particular order, Krul, Aarons, Lewis, Byram, Zimmerman, Godfrey, Amadou, Trybull, Pukki, Hernandez, Stiepermann, Roberts, Vrancic. We have played 12 games, won 2 of them and every week we get worse. We have not scored a meaningful goal for 7 games on the trot. You cannot keep playing the same players week after week and accept the same result with no sign of improvement week after week, without being brave enough to take a gamble and try something different. If it doesn't work out and we lose then it's no different to what we have been doing anyway.
  10. Making Plans

    Team for Everton

    A slightly different view Krul Byram Godfrey Zimmermann Lewis Trybull Vrancic Aarons Stiepermann Hernandez Pukki
  11. Making Plans

    Paddy D and Daniel Farke

    Even if we go down, which seems more than likely, I think we should keep him. Very difficult to survive in this League with one hand tied behind your back. PS - it wasn't a mistake with Hughton.
  12. Making Plans

    Wtf is going on here?

    So last night, about 5 or maybe 10 minutes before the end, Watford get a free kick on the left 20 yards from our penalty box. Given they only had 10 men on the pitch they obviously weren't going to throw men forward. In fact they had just 3 players in the box. We, on the other hand, not grasping the situation and not using our brains, had 7 players + Krul in the box. Why? You would have thought that being 2-0 down with not much time left we could have sussed the situation and got more players into an attacking position rather than standing in our box marking nobody.
  13. Making Plans

    Dominated the game ?

    By saying that we dominated the game, what our players actually mean is that we had more possession, which we did. They seem to have been brainwashed into believing that possession is everything. It isn't. There is no point in dominating the possession if (a) you don't do anything with that possession (which we don't) or (b) eventually run into a dead end and gift possession, and easy chances, to the opposition (which we do) The whole squad is obsessed with possession so much so that they (particularly Aarons & Lewis) are quite happy to get as far as the opposing penalty area, turn round, go back and pass the ball all the way back into our half. It is happening far too often. Great for the possession stats but contributes absolutely nothing in creating goal scoring chances. We need to be more direct.
  14. Making Plans

    Match Night Thread -

    Despite there now being one whole League between us and the Scum, in the overall pecking order of positions there is only 2 positions difference between now and the end of last season.