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  1. Making Plans

    I Was There.

    I was there too
  2. Making Plans

    Kyle Walker - Covidiot 2

    And Rooney too https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8190719/Wayne-Rooney-told-police-meeting-Kyle-Walker-coronavirus-lockdown.html
  3. Making Plans

    Coronavirus Joke Thread.

  4. Rooney - "if players come out and say they are not willing to cut by 30%, even if the real reasons are that it will financially ruin some, it will be presented as 'Rich Players Refuse Pay Cut'. "Financially ruin" ???????
  5. Making Plans

    Players - Take A Pay Cut

    Of course you could argue that players are non_essential staff at the moment as they're not actually doing anything Where/what is the current difference between a player and a cleaner?
  6. Making Plans

    Players - Take A Pay Cut

    Why not? Are they only going to take a pay cut when they're told they have to. Let's face it, as generous as the 70% pay cut in Spain is, it still means that a player on £100k a week is getting £30k a week.
  7. Making Plans

    National League null and void

    Not so at the moment Although they have announced Club Bruges as Champions according to the BBC a working group will decide the relegation and promotion issues on the 15th of April.
  8. Making Plans

    Derby in trouble

    Just ask Rooney to cough up
  9. Making Plans

    National League null and void

    They are not alone - Ascot, The Jockey Club, Epsom and The Grand National all have the same insurance cover
  10. Making Plans

    The current season

    It has finished
  11. Making Plans

    National League null and void

    Even if played behind closed doors what about the safety of players, the officials and the medical staff who have to come on to the pitch to attend to injuries. Be a strange game of footy if everyone has to keep 2m apart but even if they did then there'll still be players gobbing all over the pitch and dripping sweat for others to come into contact with the minute they "fall over". Look, get real. It will not be allowed to happen.
  12. Hard job to train at altitude in Norfolk though
  13. Making Plans

    Leeds away - 7pm - Youtube

    Somebody should inform WACCOE, they'd would just love to see it again
  14. Making Plans

    National League null and void

    Not if the Government prevents football from restarting before it's too late. If that happens then it's entirely out of the EPL's control and they won't have to pay anyone a penny
  15. Making Plans

    National League null and void

    From the BBC There is a growing understanding among Scottish football clubs that finishing the season is becoming increasingly unlikely due to the spread of Covid-19. Each SPFL side has at least eight games outstanding and the governing bodies are taking legal advice about the best way to conclude the current campaign. The English Premier League is reportedly exploring a televised, behind-closed-doors event this summer. However, that is considered fanciful by senior figures in Scotland.