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  1. If you have a thing called Google then you can usually find a live video for virtually every top grade football match (or any other sport) on the planet.
  2. They are only bloody football matches which in the overall scheme of things this week are really not that important.
  3. Need a reason, here you go - Prince William has been President of the Football Association (FA) for the past 15 years. The Royal took over the role in May 2006. And it's something he takes seriously, being a regular at the FA Cup final, where he hands the cup to the winning team.
  4. Correction There is no horse racing until Sunday and even then the meeting at Musselburgh has been called off because of the Queen's body lying in rest in Edinburgh. Furthermore, not all businesses are open. All Bookmakers shops have been closed today and probably will be tomorrow. It was always going to be the case that this is what would happen so I really don't see why people seem so surprised and are whinging about it. It's not like the postponed football matches won't ever be played. It is what it is. Stop nitpicking and get over it.
  5. Tried to save the trees Bought a plastic bag The bottom fell out It was a piece of crap Saw it on the tube Bought it on the phone Now you're home alone It's a piece of crap I tried to plug in it I tried to turn it on When I got it home It was a piece of crap Got it from a friend On him you can depend I found out in the end It was a piece of crap I'm trying to save the trees I saw it on TV They cut the forest down To build a piece of crap I went back to the store They gave me four more The guy told me at the door It's a piece of crap
  6. All the members of the Betting & Gaming Council, including Ladbrokes, Coral, Betfred, William Hill and Paddy Power, will be closing their shops on Friday following the Queen's death. The BHA will confirm plans for Saturday's fixtures and beyond in due course. When King George VI died in 1952, all racing in Britain was cancelled until after his funeral nine days later. But it was February, with no Flat racing and only a few unimportant jumps meetings. The same had happened after the deaths of King George V in January 1936, King Edward VII in May 1910 (when Flat as well as jumps meetings had to be cancelled) and Queen Victoria in January 1901. In all four cases there was no racing in Britain between the monarch's death and the state funeral.
  7. Just came on as a sub in stopage time for Dinamo Zagreb who have beaten Chelsea 1-0 in the CL. Magic. They need to get Gilmour back
  8. And now Hawk Eye has failed https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/62794705
  9. A professional tennis player who can't serve aces won't be winning very often. A professional golfer who can't sink birdie putts won't be winning very often. A team of Professional footballers who can only score two goals from 23 attempts on target over 3 games won't be winning very often. As they say in golf, there are no pictures on a scorecard, it's only the score that counts.
  10. It's all part of the Master Plan to retain Championship Football. We cleary don't want to get promoted back to that nasty, currupt, money ridden PL. Likewise we don't want to drop into League One, although at the moment that looks the more likely possibility. Have to say though, the way we are playing there's only an outside chance that we would be competitive in that.,
  11. I would have thought that there far more important issues to occupy the tiny minds of those who are supposed to be running this Club. Think they need to spend their time on getting the Club, the Finances, the Manager, the Players, the Performances and the Results sorted out before drawing up a draconian list of rules and penalties, most of which are probably unenforceable anyway.
  12. We never hit the ground running. As usual there are far too many unresolved issues regarding players in or out, team selection, formation, tactics etc etc. Other Clubs are much more savvy in this department and they know the date that the season starts so they're ready for it. My guess is that we won't be ready for our new season to start until the end of August. Meanwhile, other Clubs will be sailing off to the top of the table and we'll be playing catch up.
  13. The BBC are only interested in telling us how hot it is, and in all honesty, it isn't really that hot
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