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  1. Making Plans

    Duda signed

    Will we be singing The Camptown Races
  2. Making Plans

    Why we will be relegated

    So, in summary then. We don't score enough goals and we let too many in
  3. Making Plans

    Why we will be relegated

    Why? This picture tells you all you need to know. 10 City players in our box versus 2 United players and yet Martial gets a free header. Zonal (un)marking, that has been our biggest problem
  4. Making Plans

    Why we will be relegated

    From Friday's presser - " Ben Godfrey (knee) and Timm Klose (knee) remain longer term injury absentees" No he doesn't need upgrading but we need to get someone to replace him
  5. HC In case you had forgotten we lost 4-0 yesterday. (i.e, our GD is now 4 goals worse than it was before) Villa lost 6-1 so their GD is 5 goals worse than it was before. In other words we have only gained 1 goal on them. However, Villa are only one team out of the 6 (other than us) that can realistically be classed as being a relegation candidate. So what of the other 5. Well, over the course of this weekend we have lost 1 goal on Bournemouth, 7 goals on Watford, 3 goals on West Ham, 3 goals on Brighton and 1 goal on Burnley. Please explain how you see this as being good news?
  6. Making Plans

    The Great Escape mini-league

    Are we going to sign Steve McQueen?
  7. It would be better if we could win a game every now and again
  8. Despite Bournemouth & Villa getting trounced we are still 1 point worse off with 4th from bottom than we were yesterday morning. We have to start winning for these results to have any significance.
  9. Indeed they have as have the commentators & pundits on the streams. Trouble is, in this game you don't get points for artistic impression
  10. On the subject of TV discussions it was interesting watching MOTD this morning. After our game they never mentioned us at all. Nothing, not even a word about how bad we were.
  11. Not long ago their goal difference was worse than ours but now we are -6 behind them
  12. Nobody knows but most people have a pretty good idea
  13. Nothing to do with sacking the Manager then. Same at Everton and West Ham, albeit to a lesser extent with the latter
  14. True but.....................................................WE ARE NOT WINNING GAMES