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  1. I too can see all that happening but not until 2021
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53599574
  3. Used to be a very good Fish & Chip shop just about where the arrow ends. Always went in there before the match.
  4. I was always told that as long as you do the absolute best you can then that's fine. So, did we do the absolute best we could have done. No we did not and by a country mile. There was never any intention of trying to be competitive this season because trying to be competitive might have cost us a few bob, and we can't have that, can we? Not sure why people, especially Smith and Jones, are always criticising the EPL because it's only about having money and then they get fully behind a Club that only ever had the intention of getting relegated and trousering the Parachute Payments. Just so we can have another go at winning the Championship and then doing exactly the same thing the season after.
  5. Biggest lesson? Just reflect on the words of Slaven Billic talking about what WBA need to do in the PL next season - "not like Norwich who haven’t even tried anything" That is all you need to learn but I doubt that Smith and Jones are listening.
  6. How does anybody know that Hawkeye gets it right 100% of the time in tennis? Everybody just accepts it's always right but how can anybody check that?
  7. 3 decisions that desroyed their confidence and had a massive impact on the final outcome of the season for the Club. 2013/2014 Ricky Van Wolfswinkle September 21st 2013 – City v Villa. City get a penalty after 5 minutes when the score is 0-0 and everyone is expecting the designated penalty taker Wolfswinkle, in only his 3rd game for the Club, to step up and take it. However, Snodgrass has other ideas as takes things into his own hands, takes the penalty and misses. Who knows what would have happened if Wolfswinkle had taken, and scored, that penalty. We lose the match 1-0. After that Ricky managed just 1 goal all season and never showed anything like his true capabilities and potential. 2015/2016 Cameron Jerome August 8th 2015 – City v Palace After going 2 goals down just after half time, City stage a fightback with a goal from Nathan Redmond after 69 minutes. Just 4 minutes later Cameron Jerome scores what looks like a perfectly good goal with a spectacular overhead kick. To everyone’s amazement the goal is disallowed by referee Simon Hooper. If that goal had been allowed we could have easily gone on the win the match. We eventually lose 3-1 as Palace scored an injury time third. After that Jerome managed just 3 goals all season. 2019/2020 Teemu Pukki December 28th 2019 – City v Spurs. City were leading 1-0 after 18 minutes with a goal by Vrancic. On 33 minutes, a great pass put Pukki in the clear and slotted home for what looked like a 2-0 lead. However, the new curse of football this season, VAR, ruled out the goal because a small part of Pukki was 2mm in front of the last defender. If that goal had stood we could have easily gone on to win that game. The game ended 2-2. After that Pukki only managed 1 more goal for the rest of the season.
  8. At the end of the day you can have all the technology in the World but the final decision will always be made by a human being. Therefore why have all these technological gadgets when the ref & 2 linesmen can do it just as well if not better. It's like all these gadgets you get in cars these days - it's just one more thing that you don't really need and you know that sooner or later it is going to go wrong. The EPL must have spent a fortune on all this kit plus the wages of the dummies who sit in a bunker and operate it.
  9. Truth is we didn't compete and we never intended to compete. It is a myth that we want to be a Club ranked 1 to 26 because our aim is to be a Club ranked 18 to 26, or lower
  10. so this is what we have become, a 5-0 thrashing described as "a good effort" and a whole host of feeble excuses. Surely nobody can be happy with that!
  11. We would have loved to finish 17th or 2 places above relegation
  12. How many of them are playing their last game for us 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5
  13. So what did it say before LDC deleted the content?
  14. I seem to recall that only a couple of weeks ago LDC you supported Farke's view on Drmic because one particular stat showed that he had covered the most ground. As usual you will go along with any old sh*te that Farke blurts out in defence of his tragic team selections. Actually I'm surprised that we haven't filled more places in that team but what it does show is that Drmic, with the lowest rating of the XI in that team, has been the worst player in the whole of the League. Of course, the more astute watchers among us already knew that but it is always rewarding when your opinions are backed up by facts.
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