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  1. I'm not sure where my nearest railway station is Thurso? Bergen?
  2. Public transport in Luxembourg is free (at the point of use) An interesting concept, though I think it would be difficult to make work in the UK
  3. Lovely to see the Japan fans help to clear up after the game Perhaps they could arrange a friendly with 1p5wich, down at the portaloo. They could help with the weeds growing in the stands
  4. It's a shame it didn't come off I think we could have elevated his career, and that he would have brought a big lift to the squad
  5. I dedicate this one to our Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Cun- er, Hunt
  6. Quite possibly Though if he couldn't even get that on target, xg should be 0.00
  7. I don't know if I watching the same feed as everyone else as I'm watching Icelandic tv, but I guess the pictures are the same worldwide That offside graphic looked like some extras from Kraftwerk
  8. As Haaland isn't involved in the world cup, he's not got much to do for a few weeks Maybe city would be interested in a Loan Deal to help him keep his eye in
  9. A deal just for the sake of doing a deal Another Liz Truss screw up
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