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  1. There are many countries with a lower CFR and deaths per 100k population than the USA https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/mortality But I suspect you know this, and are just posting up shít because you can't accept people whose ideology you empathize with have fúcked up "It'll go away" - but it didn't, and people have died
  2. I´d like to hear what @Jools has to say about that thread
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/aug/04/neil-young-sues-donald-trump-campaign-rockin-free-world
  4. A Kent Access Permit! wow, if this comes to pass, I´m looking forward to people trying to pass this one off as "what we voted for" Border in Kent will create more red tape for hauliers
  5. This was an interesting thread Particularly the OP And I thought Jools was Shyster, but here they appear to be different accounts?
  6. I´m betting the loser of this bet won´t accept defeat..... A brave call from Swindon Canary to suggest the UK will have better figures than Lithuania
  7. There are tourists here now, can you reschedule? Failing that, Iceland will still be here next year
  8. About a week ago, I gave up my usual evening/night time routine of Pub, Dinner, Bed to go driving. I left Reykjavík about 9.15pm and got back at 4.30am Sun on the way down over the mountains west of þingvallavatn, just gone 10pm þingvallavatn from the east, around 10.45pm next two are Gullfoss at midnight about 10 miles north of Gullfoss, just gone 12.30am looking to the east, over the town of Hveragerði, from Hellisheiði, about 03.30am just before sunrise about 15 miles east of Reykjavík, 03.50am
  9. it´s a sobering thought to think that your vote counted the same as everyone elses
  10. Is that the same Esther McVey that thought the UK had to adopt the Euro if it remained a member after 2020?
  11. Parties don't keep their manifesto promises under FPTP either. The conservatives still haven't achieved the reduced immigration figures they promised
  12. This is in one of my locals, Gaukurinn, where I'm having a pint right now
  13. https://mobile.twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1288818160389558273 There's a surprise Looks like it isn't going to go away, then
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