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  1. ....to be fair to Gove, it seems like he wasn't interested Its the fundraising lackeys in the background pushing this shít
  2. Michael Gove dinner for £4000 It's very tempting, to be honest But I'd want to marinate him for 48 hours first.
  3. Gene Simmons complains about maskless mob Simmons? Meh I want to know how Slipknot feel.....
  4. It was a tweet So it looks like he will be correct in the near future, but not quite yet How has Brexit caused this? Shouldn't we have taken back control of our borders?
  5. Umm, 19593 is less than 20000 I'm not sure where Nige made that prediction, or what point you are trying to make with it. Or, since we have left the EU, what it has to do with brexit
  6. Frustrating when he won't stick to the vote leave narrative Or the NI protocol narrative
  7. Johnson will go eventually. They all do. Here are the options as I see them 1 - Resign of his own free will 2 - Forced to resign by his party 3 - Beaten in an internal leadership contest 4 - Beaten at the ballot box 5 - Die in office (no, I don't wish for this) 6 - Vote of no confidence (kind of links to the first 3 options) 7 - Military coup If I have missed something, let me know I'm thinking 2 and 3 are the favourites. I don't see the Tories losing any time soon or Johnson jacking in of his own free will.
  8. I started gambling on football in the mid 80's, whilst underage. Just 50p or a quid on an accumulator. I don't think single bets were allowed back then Late 80's I can remember placing £100 on a treble, which came in , but after that gambling became an occasional thing An ex girlfriend and I opened up an internet account in the late 2000's and we would bet tenners for a bit of fun After we split, I started gambling quite big for a couple of years. £20's and £50's most weeks with a more than occasional big bet. The largest bets I made were £500, placed in notes. This was the first time I felt a real rush. Walking in the bookies with a big pile of notes and walking up to the counter. Smiling at the assistant as I put the betting slip on the counter. Looking in their eyes when they saw the amount I wanted to bet. "I just need to make a call to see if we can accept this" Sometimes they refused. That gave me a high too. I wanted a £500 bet on Man U to beat Norwich when Giggs was in charge for the first time turned down. I was always backing against Norwich by this time as I felt it would jinx them if I put money on them to win. Totally irrational. As it turned out, they would only accept £90, so I walked out. Placing bets that size was exciting. All the other punters sensed something was going on. I'm sure many bets bigger than mine get placed, but at the time I felt like I was the king of the punters. I had £500 on Fulham to beat Norwich before we broke our bad run against them. An intended jinx bet, but it ended up with me being paid out over a grand. Funny, but collecting the money wasn't as much fun as placing the bet I still used to use the old internet account that I had with the ex for a while. When I moved to Iceland I found out that I needed a VPN to access it as it seems many forms of gambling are illegal here All the bets I ever made was with money that I could afford to lose, even if it hurt a bit. I think I ended up £300 or so down when I was betting a lot of money I haven't gambled for the 2 years since the internet account went to zero. I don't miss it and it isn't something I think I will return to...and if I do, it will only be money that I can afford to lose Gambling is just the same as something like drugs, in my mind. And it cripples people that can't afford to lose money, but chase their losses Such a high, though.....
  9. I haven't read everything in the thread, so I have maybe missed something, but I think population density is not a huge factor, depending on how you perceive it For example, USA - very low population density - very high covid rates - many big cities but lots of empty country Even in Iceland covid numbers have been quite high for a couple of months now, but two thirds of the population live in one, well spread out, conurbation It's the social mixing that spreads a virus. And people nearly everywhere like to mix
  10. Stephen in more shít Stalking
  11. Warning May contain contents made by nuts
  12. Yes, I realised it was a serious question My point was that emergency legislation can take a long time to be reversed, though @Aggy has cast doubts on the accuracy of my recollection of the example I gave To be honest, I'm not sure what legislation you are referring to, as I haven't paid close enough attention to covid in the UK
  13. I'd like to see the UK build a new European institutional architecture, that enables all countries, whether in or out of the EU or Euro, to trade freely and cooperate in a friendly way
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