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  1. I don't think that's fair You, and many others of us on this forum, have rightly criticised past policies and decisions that were taken years/decades ago, as we all see fit. Brexit is no different, especially as it is still playing out
  2. Esther McVey “I think everybody who voted for lockdown aided what we’re going through now. I absolutely do.” So the recession was aided by those who voted for lockdown? That´s a bit of a delayed effect!
  3. Comment on BBC hys Comment posted by daddycool, today at 17:57daddycool 17:57 If running down the middle of the pitch deserves a 5-run penalty, then using sandpaper on the ball deserves the captain being shot by firing squad live on TV during the next drinks break.
  4. Ashwin out of the test Family emergency
  5. How many do you want to hold on isolated islands? 75000 asylum seekers applied year ending September 2023 If only half of them, that's 4 facilities of nearly 10000. That's a decades long project, but the UK ideally needs to sort this out in a few years. I don't see it working
  6. My main objection to using a UK island, or somewhere like Ascension island is that I can't see how it will be effective There's tens of thousands waiting to be processed No way we can build and staff a facility to house them all, so it is unlikely to be a deterrent and it will still cost millions to house the rest in hotels, b&b etc
  7. Er, I guess you should've read the article you posted! Herman is correct. Paperwork needed now, checks later. I think there is a 3rd phase even later Personally, I don't think that there will be long delays. If queues build up, they'll probably ignore the checks and let everything through!
  8. I don't think that the border checks actually start until 30th April?
  9. I didn't realise Barry John had passed away Only days after JPR, too
  10. According to a report in 2008, the old farm derby ranked 2nd in England Link to pdf of report available on wikipedia These kind of things depend on the criteria used, I guess
  11. Silver medal for England in the handball prediction league I couldn't watch a whole game, but the last 5 minutes of close games were worth a look. France beat Denmark in the final in overtime. If they had won in normal time, I'd have been top..
  12. How many here had Luton Town membership cards back in the 1980's I went to a football program shop in Bungay and bought a load of LTFC programs from the season before that had the vouchers in
  13. other than the ones mentioned up to the early 90´s, I´ll go for Orient in 78
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