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  1. I remember hearing Shane Warne describing a dismissal of Ian Bell, years after the event Warnie said he gave the ball a bloody great rip, with the intention of getting some big turn. Bell saw this and anticipated it. The ball didn't turn a millimetre...
  2. If this takeover comes to pass, I don't pretend to know what the future holds for Ipswich But I would like to place on record my heartfelt thanks to Marcus Evans for the outstanding job he has done over the years
  3. I was looking forward to watching day 4 on Saturday at a reasonable hour It looks like the game won't even make day 3
  4. Indeed As a further comment, I believe the Icelanders celebrate their language due to its age and also the threat it is under from English Its possible for a native Icelandic speaker to comprehend the sagas of hundreds of years ago. English, meanwhile, has changed enormously. I guess (and it's a guess) that an Icelander might understand old English better than an British person Maybe there is a comparison between the value of the Icelandic language to an Icelander and the Royalty to the British? Both have been around for hundreds of years, and help to provide an identity for many of their respective citizens
  5. Its very sad for him Good to see Posh giving him an off pitch role
  6. Julie Burchill "the writing equivalent of screaming and throwing things" https://brightonsource.co.uk/features/best-books-by-brighton-authors/
  7. Good tactics from England Get The Indians in just as the lights take effect
  8. The UN celebrates the English language 23rd of April, believed to be the birthday and date of death of William Shakespeare. Quite appropriate
  9. You would need to establish if they were genuine citizens of Greater Norwich Can they pronounce "Garboldisham", "Happisburgh" or "Costessey" properly?
  10. What do you mean by "The US have also said FU to the working class"? The presidential election? In which case are you conceding Biden won....legitimately?
  11. I'm not convinced Who would be President and Prime Minister of this sovereign nation called Greater Norwich? Ricardo and Delia?
  12. I don't wish any ill upon them, but I have no time for them, generally. I think The Queen has performed her role well, though I prefer a more egalitarian society. We have a day in Iceland where the Icelandic language is celebrated. The year before last, there was a reception at a local hall with some bands playing. I went along, wandered in (no checks, no security) picked up a glass of wine (no questions asked, no charge) and went and stood at a table. I looked over to the table next to me, there was a group of people talking, including the President and Prime Minister This wouldn't happen in the UK. To be fair, it couldn't happen.
  13. I thought that was Aleksandr and Sergei
  14. Joe Corrigan, England Keeper I canĀ“t remember much about his spell with us, except conceding 2 late goals at Forest to lose 3-1
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