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  1. I actually think Godfrey has the most potential of all our young players, he has leadership, versatility, strength, pace, an eye for goal, everything. His rise has been rapid from League One to Premier League in three years and while he is still rough round the edges I think he would thrive at a bigger club with better coaching and teammates.
  2. Lots of people have seen fit to write him off after half a season despite falling in to the same trap during Farke’s first season and declaring Stiepermann, Zimmerman, Vrancic, Trybull, Hernandez etc not good enough for English football and look how that turned out. Far better to give players time to adapt to our game and country ie WAIT AND SEE.
  3. How refreshing to sign somebody and it not be talked about or rumoured for days and weeks beforehand. Not quite like hearing it on the wireless or reading it in the paper but I’ll take it.
  4. Wouldn’t be sorry to see him go but some of the criticism he’s received has been way over the top. He’s been no worse than Pukki or anyone else since the restart and has had to feed off scraps. I think he’d do a good job in the Champs but if he’s on the wages suggested on here then he has to go really as I don’t think he’d be prolific.
  5. An awful lot being read into a brief interview.
  6. I was going to compose a post on this thread but there is little point as you’ve covered everything I was going to say in yours
  7. I think all three of our strikers can score goals in the second tier with the right service. A new one would be nice but not essential IMO. Getting the five blokes behind whichever striker plays right is the key.
  8. I am pretty satisfied that we spent as much as we could in the summer on loan fees, wages, signing on fees and the transfer fee for Byram. The bottom line is that we are paupers compared to everyone else in the PL and several in the Championship and unfortunately only one of the signings was a success. Add that to the horrendous injury list and the lockdown break which killed what little momentum we had and having to play in empty stadia (yes I know it’s the same for all) and we were always likely to fail. All of the signings were punts due to having to shop from the loans and freebies shelves and unfortunately apart from Byram none of them improved our starting eleven which was a recipe for disaster.
  9. I can’t imagine he was that expensive.....a bit of a punt which didn’t come off. It happens.
  10. More sensationalised bullsiht from a talksh!te presenter trying desperately to get people to bite. Doesn’t take into account any mitigating factors even though some of what he says is true. Best ignored.
  11. Manager in ‘trying to raise everyone’s spirits ready for next season’ shock. Presumably people don’t need it spelling out what further damage could be done mentally if our players and staff keep getting hammered in the media. Same with him defending Rupp et al, why would he not? A lot of people in here could do themselves a favour and start looking forward to next season with a bit of optimism rather than criticism and negativity ad nauseum.
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