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  1. None of the summer signings have shown so far that they are PL quality but the question I guess is whether that's their fault ir the managers, probably both; however I think it would be much fairer to judge them across 20+ games and ideally 38 as we haven't seen enough if them yet to decide beyond doubt. They should have had more of an impact by now though.
  2. So none of the players recruited for last season were decent? Or do you mean PL standard?
  3. I can't believe that a different manager couldn't get a decent midfield out of those we have here. Gilmour and Normann should be the linchpins of it whatever formation we play. The squad we have desperately needs an injection of belief and some better tactics and we can be competitive of that I have no doubt. Mr Webber should be the one taking the situation by the gonads and for all we know could well be doing that as we speak, I'd not be surprised to see/hear/read an announcement this week.
  4. That's the $64,000 question, I've always criticised folk who want the manager out but don't name a potential replacement but I also accept that somebody we haven't heard of could be unearthed an do the job well. Mark Robins is the best suggestion I've seen so far, I wouldn't want to go down the Bruce/Allardyce/Hodgson/Pulis/Warnock/Dinosaur route. Up until yesterday I've always thought he has earned the right to time to turn things round but we were so abject from the first minute yesterday after two decent results that I think his time is up unfortunately, which is a very sad thing so say and a great shame as he has done many good things here.
  5. I don't think the recruitment has been dreadful, but unfortunately the manager is unable to get those players working as a unit and has got himself and the team into a rut which we won't get out of under his leadership. Him leaving is now inevitable and I suspect this group of players will perform much differently under the right manager. Whether we can recruit him is another matter.
  6. I think its pretty simple, after a tough start where we let goals galore in we've found a more solid formation with five at the back and three in the middle, that doesn't leave room for many out and out attacking players and at the moment Pukki and Sargeant have the shirts. Rashica and Tzolis will play their part I'm sure, there are thirty odd games left.
  7. This is the main problem with our message board, people making stuff up, its like Chinese whispers, others will read it and go with it because it sounds good. The idea that he picks the team based on anything other than winning the game is ridiculous, we may not all agree with who he selects but its to give in his mind the best chance to get a result. Its very simple yet people seem to want to complicate things to make themselves feel better, very odd.
  8. Or perhaps everybody gives it more than seven games.
  9. He's said he doesn't have mental health issues, that doesn't mean his head is right to play for Norwich City, potentially very different things.
  10. Agree with this. What I don't agree with is people wanting him involved despite the fact he isn't in a physical or mental state to play Premier League football. DF has had the success here that he has through having high standards in training and demanding hard work and application from his players as well as a high level of fitness. Not sure how it's been badly managed either, if you're not in the right shape to play then you don't play, particularly if you've missed many training sessions. All pretty straightforward for me.
  11. It's about small steps, most of us expect to lose on Saturday but if we can regroup and get a win and a draw from the two games after that it's one defeat in five, a platform to build on. Its going to be a hard slog this year but 17th isn't beyond us IMO. Yes my glass is half full.
  12. What we are seeing right now is the classic case of a manager trying to find the right balance between defence and attack, we seem to have sorted things out at the back after a leaky start but DF now has to find goals from somewhere. The team he picked on Saturday should have won the game, no doubt about it, chances were missed that should have been taken. Expect the same line up this weekend but like most people I'd like to see a bit more adventure against Leeds and take the game to the opposition although if we we throw three or four of the attacking players mentioned into the side we will be far less solid. That first win will make everybody feel so much better and less whingey, it might even be Saturday.....
  13. The news about Dan and David Brooks the other day puts everything else that's discussed on here in perspective, best wishes to them both for full recoveries and continuing their careers ASAP.
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