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  1. So that’s the bottom three done and dusted.....many reckon Liverpool have the title won and that the top four won’t change so nothing else to decide. Leeds won the Championship a few weeks ago so I think we should declare the top two divisions now to save everybody the time and expense of going to games or watching on telly. They should carry on with League One though so we can enjoy Ipswich imploding at some point.
  2. Gordon Bennett

    What on earth has happened to Stoke?

    My guess would be too many players on big money who don’t have the necessary hunger, a couple of disastrous managerial appointments and for this season the absence of Shawcross as their leader and defensive lynchpin. Just goes to show if a club gets in a rut and can’t find the right manager to get them out of it then it can result in absolute free fall however good the squad might look on paper.
  3. Gordon Bennett

    Interesting stat on Bournemouth..

    This smacks of people being unable/unwilling to let the season pan out and being hellbent on writing everybody off far too early just like Farke early last season. Lots of people have us relegated already FFS. More bravery, guts and patience needed.
  4. Gordon Bennett

    In terms of quality

    I’d prefer to judge our quality and everything else in May when the season has finished rather than eleven games in.
  5. Gordon Bennett

    Famewo new contract

    Not at all, but people want to sling him in without any idea about him at all as a player. Whereas Farke will probably know everything there is to know about him.
  6. Gordon Bennett

    Famewo new contract

    Farke knows more than everyone on this forum combined about managing a football club and that includes the right time to introduce young players. Think it’s best we leave it to him.
  7. Gordon Bennett

    What’s the problem?

    Players have found it difficult to adapt to the demands of Premier League football unfortunately, we are a fairly young and inexperienced team anyway let alone at this level. Tettey, Krul and Klose are the main three with PL experience and they have missed a lot of games already. We are missing our natural leader in Zimmerman. Our best DCM has played all of his football at centre half so far. And we have a coach who is inexperienced in English football. I don’t buy the idea that out players aren’t good enough per se, they just aren’t at the moment. I have a genuine belief they will prove good enough by May. You don’t waltz the Championship one minute and then be of insufficient quality for the PL the next.
  8. Gordon Bennett

    As i've said for the last 20 years

    As has been said before, supporters are going to need intestinal fortitude this season as we are going to find it tough going. Suggesting we are down in October is not showing that fortitude. We all know there is stuff to work on but you can only trust the management and players to get better and those who are injured to make a difference when they return.
  9. Gordon Bennett


    Yet if they win their game in hand they’ll go top again. Obviously reactions to defeats are the same on all message boards and forums.
  10. Gordon Bennett

    Playing against the team you support

    Indeed, perhaps the attraction is to play competitively in front of a full house at the ground where you grew up watching from the terraces?
  11. Gordon Bennett

    Belated thoughts from yesterdays game...

    Can’t see Onel being match fit enough to start on Sunday after so many weeks out. Think he’ll be on the bench again but he’ll come on for longer.
  12. Gordon Bennett

    Toddy in training

    Great to see Vrancic training again, we have missed him enormously.
  13. Gordon Bennett

    Webbers Interview

    Or can’t be bothered to read properly.
  14. Gordon Bennett

    football quiz - grounds

    18, struggled with guesses on two of the ancient ones
  15. Spot on. Intestinal fortitude required, not getting carried away by good wins or bad defeats. If we had lost 1-5 to City and won 3-2 on Saturday the atmosphere would be completely different. I accept Saturdays performance was poor but let’s not forget how good we have been over the last twelve months including two home games this season. Methods and personnel aren’t all of a sudden completely wrong because we’ve suffered a hiding. Yes the away form needs sorting but we will bounce back. Getting a few injured players back will help enormously.