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  1. Gordon Bennett

    Chris Hughton

    A limited manager rather than an abomination of one. Did a good job in his first season here and for the majority of his time at Brighton.
  2. Gordon Bennett

    TWTD of the day

    Plenty of fair minded comments on TWTD this evening to be honest.
  3. Gordon Bennett

    Pukki Party GIF

    Ian Crook?
  4. Gordon Bennett

    Grim Injury News

    How often is a fourth choice centre half needed but for cup games? The injuries sustained by Klose and Zimmermann in the last fortnight are just horrendous luck, simple as that. Unfortunately we don’t have the money to go signing top quality defenders, we just have to get on with it with what we have and be positive.
  5. Gordon Bennett

    I Told You So

  6. Gordon Bennett

    Summer signings

    This can happen in cup games when you throw eleven players together who haven’t played yet. That’s not an excuse but a reason, we see it every year in both cups. Of course you want to see players who should be knocking on the managers door perform better but you can’t judge them on ninety minutes.You could slot any of them in to the line up Saturday if required and you’d get a completely different performance I’m sure.
  7. Gordon Bennett

    I Told You So

    No idea why people can’t just ignore this fool.
  8. Gordon Bennett

    Team for Crawley

    Definitely the case in the Checkatrade Trophy.
  9. Gordon Bennett

    Team for Crawley

    Fahrmann Byram Klose Zimmermann Heise Vrancic Amadou Roberts Srbeny Buendia Idah Don’t think there will be so many changes but those ten need minutes on the pitch if fit and ready.
  10. Gordon Bennett


    I expect that’s just part of the equation. As I said it’s a long season, I’m sure he’ll play plenty of games.
  11. Gordon Bennett


    As others have said since Farke came in new signings have been introduced gradually once they have got to the required fitness levels and settled in to the squad, their surroundings and taken on board the tactical ideas and systems. May well have been on the bench had Tettey not been available but there is no rush IMO, it’s a long season.
  12. Gordon Bennett

    Who to trust- pundits or fans?

    I see the Pink Un main site is running a story on Michael Owen thinking we’ll entertain but struggle. Honestly, nobody cares.
  13. Gordon Bennett

    Talk crap at it again!!!

    To be fair they pointed out how many we conceded last year and that we hadn’t brought any new centre halves. However no recognition that Hanley is fourth choice or that we have a new CDM to come in. And saying that ‘our full backs deserve better’ is pretty poor. To listen to Durham and Gough you have to take it for what it is and not get wound up.
  14. Gordon Bennett

    Who to trust- pundits or fans?

    I’m not sure how either party can judge after a single game, particularly one away to the European champions. Of course there were positive and negative signs but until we’ve played 8-10 games I’m not sure how anyone can form a definitive opinion. It’s highly likely we will get better as we have young players who will learn on the job, and a manager who will learn things every time we play. But nobody has any idea really at this stage about how we’ll fair or how many teams will be worse than us, it’s impossible after one game. Unfortunately football today is 24/7 punditry and opinion, air time has to be filled with something. I heard Pochettino getting criticised yesterday after they won 3-1 and people questioning Lampard’s job, totally and utterly bonkers. But something we have to put up with unfortunately.
  15. Gordon Bennett

    Team for Newcastle (h)...

    Krul Aarons Godfrey Klose Lewis Amadou Leitner Buendia Stiepermann Cantwell Pukki