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  1. I'm sure it would be big money. This particular story though feels like a lazy, 2+2 effort.
  2. I suggest you listen to the latest Pink Un podcast, there are plenty of potential answers to your question on there.
  3. I'm pretty sure Ben Knapper will have all his ducks in a row, he's had six months to do that and he'll know exactly who he wants at the helm and which players they want to retain/bring in and which youth players are ready to be part of the set up. If the plan is going to work then I'm pretty sure we all need to be patient, the amount of change is going to be huge so it's going to take 2-3 seasons and those transfer windows for the project to bear fruit. Folk need to resist the urge to come on here creating if it's a slow start.
  4. It's a reflection of what's at stake and how recent the teams are to go behind. And I guess that all four sides are hardly in scintillating form.
  5. Ultimately today has to be judged after Thursday but we really could have done with a lead. Whatever happens over the next couple if weeks I think we will see a more forward thinking manager/coach IN charge next season.
  6. I really dont see Duffy playing on Sunday for a variety of reasons.
  7. Think this would represent a decent, solid signing. Nothing more, nothing less.
  8. I think Wagner is gone unless he win at Wembley, and even then he may not keep the job if somebody better is lined up. I don't think he's been half as bad as some folk on here make out but at the same time he is limited and I don't see progression in the future with him in charge.
  9. Plus you'd imagine plenty of the squad and quite possibly the coaching staff won't be here after promotion anyway. As for today, everyone seems uninjured and we finished in the top six so job done, not really much else to say.
  10. I doubt it's that black and white, it could be that Barnes was deemed fine to play 20-30 mins if necessary, big difference between that and starting ie playing 60-90 mins. I expect he is desperate to play every minute of every game but at the same time he is an experienced professional who knows his body, if he wasn't fit to he on the bench he wouldn't have been.
  11. Nothing to do with fortune, you end up in the table where you deserve to be.
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