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  1. We are seven points clear mate. DF has more knowledge in his little finger nail than you have in your brain.
  2. Spot on. It’s that simple. Excellent three points with everybody else in the top six losing today.
  3. Gah, Hourihane is becoming a massive pain in the ****.
  4. Same team for me unless somebody has a knock / fatigue.
  5. Don’t disagree with that, he’s not a PL player, but he is a very important part of our squad at this level and certainly a lot better than he was this season prior to his illness. One suspects Dowell was signed to nail down the number ten spot and then flourish into a PL player next season......hasn’t worked out that way yet due to his injury unfortunately.
  6. Do you not think his illness might have been why he was ineffective? I suspect he was suffering from it for some time before it was diagnosed.
  7. Watford concern me more than any other team chasing promotion.
  8. By definition for him to become a top, top player he will need to move to a top club.
  9. Safe but let’s hope they are solvent by the end of the season.
  10. We won’t lose all three of those players. Recruitment is key upon promotion, it wasn’t done well last time and lessons will surely have been learned.
  11. With the sub thing I think if we score a third then DF would more changes sooner, just feel 2-0 is a delicate score line (away from home especially) however well you are playing as it only takes a lucky goal and the game can change completely, hence you want your best players on for as long as possible until you are out of sight.
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