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  1. Gordon Bennett

    National League null and void

    I’m not sure broadcasters would want to kick up too much fuss and risk being frozen out in the future anyway.
  2. Gordon Bennett

    Is Alex Salmon a goner?

    Knocked off his perch.
  3. Gordon Bennett


    An honest 16, one or two tricky ones but that wasn't too hard to be honest. I reckon that makes me a nerd
  4. Gordon Bennett

    Farke out

    Well I had bread and pullit.
  5. Gordon Bennett

    Buendia Injury?

    Maybe he did it as a result of one of the many times he threw himself to the floor? Aarons ran and jumped around a lot during the celebrations which suggests to me that he is ok.
  6. Gordon Bennett

    3 in 6 for Srbeny

    I’d file that first season under ‘taking a few months to settle in’. As most of our Germans did.
  7. Gordon Bennett

    3 in 6 for Srbeny

    Decent player, like most players new to this country he took a few months to settle in and then found himself behind Pukki but far better than ‘not even Championship standard’ as some said. Sometimes things just don’t work out but glad he is doing well now back in Germany.
  8. Gordon Bennett

    Man City two season ban

    Inevitable this was going to happen eventually. Can’t have new money threatening the Barca/Real/Bayern/Juve cartel can we?
  9. Gordon Bennett

    Despite everything

    So far we haven’t been good enough collectively for whatever reason. But I believe the line between winning games and not is so fine in this league, the encouraging thing is that we have played pretty well in many games, makes me think that we are very close to things ‘clicking’ and winning some matches. The first thing is to get in touch with those above us and start putting pressure on them, build up a bit of momentum and get some belief breeding. Nobody will be surprised if we finish bottom but it’s possible that we could finish a few places higher. Still 39 points to be won.
  10. Gordon Bennett

    Despite everything

    Several times in recent history a team in a seemingly doomed position has gone on a very late run and stayed up against all the odds. It could happen.
  11. Gordon Bennett

    What constitutes a good breakfast

    Ready Brek this time of year. With a splodge of golden syrup.
  12. Gordon Bennett

    Stats man on Talksport

    Matt Scott? Has been talking about Emi for a few weeks, he’s the second highest chance creator behind De Bruyne apparently.
  13. Gordon Bennett

    Klopp understands modern football

    He picked a team which won the game and kept a clean sheet. And in front of a capacity crowd. Unfortunately the Premier League has pretty much destroyed the domestic cups up to the final stages, the rewards for league placing and Europe are so enormous that players will always be rested for early rounds, even Championship sides do it. The argument that ‘players shouldn’t get tired’ is a valid one but if you want them to be at their freshest and sharpest at the business end of the season they will need resting earlier in the season, especially immediately post Xmas period. I would agree that Klopp probably should have been at Anfield for the game but I have no problem with the team he picked.
  14. Gordon Bennett

    Klopp understands modern football

    Well I for one am glad they won, I don’t have an agenda against them anyway and think they and Klopp have taken a lot of unwarranted clog over the last week and a half.
  15. Gordon Bennett

    64% of Pinkun readers want Ryan Bennett back...

    Ah fair enough, I’ve got myself muddled somewhere along the line. In any event I can’t see it happening anyway.