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  1. AlexB

    Team for Bournmouth

    Krul Aarons Byram Godfrey Lewis Amadou Tettey/Trybull Buendia Drmic/Leitner Cantwell Pukki
  2. He will apparently be back for bournemouth
  3. I remember when Norwich drew 2-2 with Birmingham on day 1 of last season and people were saying ‘paper over the cracks, we’ll be in league one next season’ wonder where they went
  4. AlexB

    West Ham predictions

    Hope not..
  5. If zimmermann plays well he’s probably secured his spot in the team for the rest of the season (if he doesnt get injured again)
  6. He should win, hes had the best month out of all the nominees
  7. You were saying we should be getting a cb in all transfer window
  8. I think that might work if it needs to
  9. The challenge didnt look too bad tho, the player slipped and crashed into klose. Hopefully zimmermann is back to play on saturday tho
  10. AlexB

    Summer signings

    Amadou had a good game, fährmann too but no one else really showed anything
  11. AlexB


    The fact that the referee even gave the 4th goal shows how bad he was tho
  12. AlexB

    Playing offside

    To be honest after i rewatched the match on youtube and slowed it down, Abraham looked offside for their third goal. If var can disallow sterling for having the tiniest bit of shoulder offside then why did they barely look at abraham?
  13. AlexB

    Team for Crawley

    I think that is spot on, amadou and fährmann should get a start to show what they can do