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  1. I agree but farke doesnt seem to change his mind about people much. Comments on Norwich fan accounts on instagram and things like that suggest that amadou and tettey can't play with each other, not sure why but they could possibly not like each other
  2. To be honest Farke barely ever switches up the team except for Spurs, so I'm expecting probably one change, maybe Vrancic out, and he almost definitely won't switch keepers.
  3. I don’t really know who this is, obviously another german probably highly rated, does anyone know anything about him?
  4. There is a under 23 player showing up in all the Norwich training pictures called Josh Martin so he could be on the bench tomorrow, probably not but would be good back up for idah
  5. There’s no conspiracy, just a mistake from the official
  6. Yes, but they paused at the WRONG frame, zaha hadnt kicked the ball yet
  7. No, they stopped the video before Zaha kicked the ball. VAR made a clear mistake and dropped us points again
  8. Trybull’s not been too great recently, so maybe Amadou to replace him, or possibly a 4-1-4-1 type formation that Farke has already done this season with Cantwell on the left, McLean and Vrancic in the middle and Buendia on the right. In defence i assume it will be the same as last week, but maybe Byram and Lewis or Aarons and Lewis.
  9. Possibly try 2 up front in Pukki and Srbeny/Idah in case Pukki isn’t playing up to his usual standard.
  10. Krul Aarons Byram Godfrey Lewis Amadou Tettey/Trybull Buendia Drmic/Leitner Cantwell Pukki
  11. I remember when Norwich drew 2-2 with Birmingham on day 1 of last season and people were saying ‘paper over the cracks, we’ll be in league one next season’ wonder where they went
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