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  1. Imagine being such a fckwit that you believe Cummings’ pathetic excuses. Watch the press conference. He struggled to convincingly answer any of the questions without looking completely making it up as he went along. Rabbit in the headlights.
  2. Has your life improved following Brexit? Please do tell us in which ways it has given you a happier and more fulfilled life.
  3. The fact that he offered not a hint of an apology has angered people because it looks arrogant.
  4. The facts are that he and his wife drove 30 minutes to a village on her birthday that was against the lockdown rules. It was unnecessary travel. The reasoning being he was checking his eyesight. Now, if you do believe this farcical explanation, then Cummings is a very odd person. It’s very weird to “test” your eyesight in this way, and if it had been off and there’d been an accident, this would have required medical care that was more urgently needed elsewhere.
  5. However much you defend him, Cummings isn’t going to shag you mate
  6. The majority of the country followed the lockdown rules, with many of us having vulnerable family members, struggling mental health and the feeling of being trapped. A senior member of the government arrogantly thought he could ignore the rules, and yet some are trying to defend it. Quite odd really.
  7. Are you going to offer an apology for the misinformation you posted up about the points system? Don’t you ever get fed up being wrong all the while?
  8. It’s ok, Todd has chipped in with the goals instead
  9. How would you know? I doubt you could read a lot of the big words in it.
  10. If there was a points system based on intelligence, you’d be deported immediately
  11. YOU ARE THE IDIOT. There is an existing points based system for non-EU migrants. It was phased in between 2008 and 2010. You owe A Load of Squit an apology. Please see the details below, and stop LYING. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Points-based_immigration_system_(United_Kingdom)
  12. If one sentence summed up LDC’s activity on this forum
  13. For someone always preaching positivity you sure are focusing on Toddwell’s negatives here. Maybe you should get behind our player
  14. That’s a nonsense statement - if a player has a good season, then it is still a good season regardless of any relegation. It’s like suggesting a player’s goals are pointless if a team loses. There’s no doubt scouts looking at Cantwell are noting he’s performed well and any potential relegation will be irrelevant. There are countless players that have been relegated whilst still performing well and been snapped up by top flight clubs and have had long careers in the Premier League. I’m finding your contrary and picky view of Todd quite odd - all the “facts” show he has without doubt been one of our best, and at times, most vital, players this year. He has 6 goals. A very impressive tally. Buendia has nil, plays in the same sort of position and is often lauded as one of the best attacking players in the bottom half of the Premier League. What‘s happened to your overly positive nature, when all you can do is gripe at Cantwell? PS, your 6 year grudge/infatuation with Snodgrass is pretty weird.
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