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  1. Hoola Han Solo

    The Brexit Thread

    How come you don’t like Corbyn but will be voting for an openly homophobic and racist Boris Johnson?
  2. Hoola Han Solo

    *****Official match thread v Saints*****

    We’re 2-0 down
  3. Hoola Han Solo

    The Brexit Thread

    Good point - Dock the Boat is happy to get behind openly homophobic and racist morons like Johnson and his boy Farage. Probably because they remind him of himself.
  4. Hoola Han Solo

    The Brexit Thread

    Hate filled right wingers scared about anything or anybody different to them. You’re a part of the problem. A sad and out of touch little man. Our country is a melting pot of different nationalities and creed going back millennia. There are probably very few people that are truly ‘British’ by your skewed reasoning. I have an Irish surname, so I’ve just books a one way trip to the Emerald Isle, best to get out of the way of loons like you.
  5. Hoola Han Solo

    The Brexit Thread

    Have you ever researched your family history? Hopefully you’re not properly british and by your criteria we can deport you. You’re doing a spectacular job of displaying your racism and bigotry
  6. Hoola Han Solo

    The Brexit Thread

  7. Hoola Han Solo

    The Brexit Thread

    You don’t seem to like women much.
  8. Hoola Han Solo

    The Brexit Thread

    One of his tricks he tried with me was making fun of my anxiety that I once shared on here. Fortunately, dealing with insecure and sad little losers like Dock the Boat is exceedingly easy compared to that
  9. Hoola Han Solo

    President Trump

    Mate, just find a picture of Trump on Google and have a w ank. You need to get him out of your system.
  10. Hoola Han Solo

    The Brexit Thread

  11. Hoola Han Solo

    The Brexit Thread

    Did Labour write their lies on the side of a bus? J ls
  12. Hoola Han Solo

    The Brexit Thread

    Interesting that you choose to ignore Johnson’s openly racist and homophobic views. Says a lot about you, Swindo.
  13. Hoola Han Solo

    The Brexit Thread

    Please do hold your breath. For as long as you can.
  14. Hoola Han Solo

    Moritz Leitner

    We won the Championship last season without him in the team for the majority of the second half of the season. He’s been pretty poor when I’ve seen him this year. He’s a very good passer, but lacks Vrancic’s range. He doesn’t fit into our system unless we have the majority of the ball, and that won’t be a lot this season. If he gets moved on I don’t think it’ll impact us in the slightest.
  15. Hoola Han Solo

    The Brexit Thread

    That is a LIE. The article doesn’t reference any policeman in trouble - it was the policeman doing the arresting