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  1. Apart from Chelsea & Wolves (when I was away), I've tried for and purchased a ticket for every home match this season. Went online at 9am this morning, joined a 20 minute queue, got on the ticket page at 9:22am, had plenty of choice of seats in several parts of the ground, and got my ticket for Liverpool. What I have found is even when a game is sold out, if you regularly check the online ticketing page, seats are always popping up throughout the week with buy backs being put on sale etc. It might be more difficult when one of the big boys come to Carrow Road, but I often randomly check in the lead up to games and have seen seats available for the majority of the fixtures after previously being 'sold out'.
  2. I had a look online at the ticket page at 10:05am this morning and there were still a handful of seats in the South Stand available and also in the Wensum Corner. Possibly seats people had put in their basket but subsequently cancelled resulting in them becoming available again? I suppose the lesson is even though it might say 'Sold Out', just keep your eye on it for a bit longer as a couple more could pop up!
  3. The moment in the first half when he did so well to battle his way past the Fulham defender and drive forward into a promising position with the ball, only to completely miss an unmarked Maddison screaming for it over to his right and instead waste it, summed up Murphy perfectly in the space of five seconds. There''s talent in there but it''s so frustrating to watch when that sort of thing happens. Maddison more or less would have had a free shot on goal from the edge of box (or just inside), and was such a good opportunity to grab the goal and the lead.
  4. Delia will be out there with her boots on before Edwards is judged to be ready for an appearance.
  5. Sounded from the report that Tettey would also be sitting this one out due to his knees. God knows who will play in there with Vrancic tomorrow. Maybe they''ll risk Reed if his illness isn''t too bad by tomorrow evening.
  6. If you don''t mind a 10-15 minute walk there are a couple of good ones on Magdalen Street. Ali Tandoori and Nazma.
  7. [quote user="BroadstairsR"]Did anybody notice the gate against Burton? UNDER 14, 000. The debts pile up ... extinction is coming. They could win for once and I continue to consider that they have a better strike force so anything could happen as DF doesn''t do goals anymore.[/quote] To be fair, I think if any team had spent about a million years stuck in mid-table of the same division, the attendance would drop drastically!
  8. [quote user="Legend Iwan"]And my main worrying for next season is us finding a suitable replacement for Gunn, who has been sensational.[/quote] Obviously I hope Gunn stays because he''s amazing and is one of the best English keepers about already, but if we are unable to keep him I genuinely believe Remi Matthews is good enough to be our regular keeper. From what I''ve seen of him in Plymouth highlights he''s been sensational.
  9. No idea why Maddison isn''t taking our pens. Best striker of a football in our side.
  10. [quote user="SwindonCanary"]Maddison is also up for goal of the month http://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/teams/norwich-city/11241200/championship-gotm-january[/quote] Get voting on that, everyone! Maddision currently only 1% ahead of the Ipswich goal!
  11. [quote user="Clint"]The biggest issue here is that Watkins is getting on the bench ahead of an allegedly fully fit Wes?[/quote] That could be something to do with making sure we have our quota of ''homegrown'' players in the matchday squad, which Wes doesn''t count towards. I think we were bang on the minimum number for the Boro game.
  12. I''d stick with Josh for Villa. He hasn''t been anywhere near his best recently, and I think he normally looks most impressive when coming off the bench, but away from home when we might be able to hurt Villa on the break, Josh can be a real threat in that sort of situation.
  13. Delighted about that. I had wondered whether Forbes had just lost his list of all the new stand names, but it seems it is now a thing of the past. I''d also hoped the goal music had gone as well when we scored our consolation against Sunderland, as nothing was played at that point (although how tin-pot would that have been, blasting out music after we make it 1-3 with 10 minutes to go), but it returned last night. Ah well, we can''t have everything I guess! And I know some people enjoy it.
  14. Once we click into gear this season we''ll be handing out a few more of those 4 or 5 goal drubbings, I''m confident of that.
  15. He definitely looks better defensively than going forward. I can''t imagine he''ll be bombing past the opposition right back too often and swinging in crosses. Fine in a back 4. Probably not going to suit a wing back role. I''m looking forward to Jamal and Toffolo getting fit again and adding some competition.
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