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  1. ron obvious

    Press Conference

    There's this bloke at Wednesday...
  2. ron obvious

    Press Conference

    Who can say? (Taps nose...)
  3. ron obvious

    Press Conference

    Said he was available.
  4. ron obvious

    Press Conference

    Everyone fit, apart from Timm Sounds like no new CB or striker expected. Also likely Duda & Ruup will be involved. Sees them both as attacking players (but also mentioned Ruup as competition for Alex (?)) 'It'll take a miracle but we'll fight tooth & nail to survive'
  5. ron obvious

    ACN podcast

    Enjoying this. Much more lively, more fun than others I could mention ...
  6. ron obvious

    Jordan Rhodes

    It was the manner of his goals that impressed me most last season. Quality. And a brilliant attitude. If he's cheap enough, say 2-3 million all in, then he's got excellent bangs-per-buck. potential . There are obviously far better strikers out there, but a) they're going to cost a fortune & b) they won't want to come.
  7. ron obvious

    Jordan Rhodes

    I think he would. He wouldn't have scored many, maybe 3 or 4, but they could have been crucial. He'd have been a better, more effective option than Dennis (hallowed be his name). He's got the class & the guile to be effective in the EPL.
  8. ron obvious

    Jordan Rhodes

    Interesting snippet from a pinkun article: The Sheffield Star report on Thursday Wigan tabled a 'derisory loan fee and only offered to pay a small proportion of Rhodes' salary' which was rejected by the Yorkshire outfit. Rather like the lady's indignant refusal when propositioned for a pound, but who responds differently when a million pounds is mentioned, could it be a question of finding the right price?
  9. ron obvious

    Team for Bournemouth

    I'd be tempted to start with Rupp alongside Tettey & Duda replacing Kenny, assuming they're fit. There's no problem with creativity in the team, so I don't think sacrificing Vrancic is too much of a problem & there's much more to be gained with the extra strength in midfield which Rupp should hopefully bring. I'd start with Jamal over Sam; he's got more ability to run at defences, perhaps bring Sam on to shore things up later. Unless Ben is completely fit I wouldn't risk him yet. Really hoping Duda can add the goals we're missing. I'd start with Todd & bring Onel on halfway through 2nd half; don't know what's happened to Onel, he looked a beast when he first came back after injury but rapidly lost his effectiveness. Also bring Amadou to replace Rupp /Tettey (whoever looks most knackered).
  10. ron obvious

    Let's get Jarrod bowen

    Why would he come here?
  11. ron obvious

    President Trump

    I think the WMD allegation was to give invasion some sort of legal basis. Ironically slaughtering tour own people is adjudged to be an insufficient reason in international law. The way the USA abandoned the Iraqis to their fate after the war was disgusting. I couldn't believe it.
  12. ron obvious

    Max Aarons

    Not too sure about that. Huge difference between PL & Champs. I mean, would you prefer Idah over Pukki?
  13. ron obvious

    Max Aarons

    But if they offer something ridiculous? And how would Max feel? Every player has a price, for any team.
  14. ron obvious

    Max Aarons

    If (if) this has any substance I think it's going to be hard to hold onto Max ... https://www.footballinsider247.com/sources-tottenham-calling-every-day-as-bid-to-sign-speed-machine-intensifies/