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  1. Having watched Mumba in the U23s game a few days ago I reckon he could well be our Max replacement. He stood out a country mile. In fact he reminded me of a U23 match I watched just before Max broke through; we had that French lad (sorry forgotten his name) & possibly Idah? Who were getting all the interest, but it was the right back who looked the business to me ....
  2. Why was their goal disallowed? Couldn't see anything on the replay.
  3. Marco improved a lot over his game time. Mumba our standout player by a country mile. Martin was good but decision making poor at times. Rest were a mixture of decent & one or two very pedestrian looking players. Bali the baller looked like a player who's been told he's due for a big step-up in his career
  4. Interview with scientist on government committee advising SAGE. Once again title is OTT
  5. It's a worry isn't it. Your title as king of the penises is not yet safe
  6. Wouldn't look out of place at Sadler's Wells. The Nijinsky of Norwich.
  7. 'Tis very heaven! Now please don't c0ck it up Barnsley. You little belters you.
  8. It's all about risk/reward & decision making (as usual). You MUST have row Z as an option - buy only in extremis.
  9. Personally I always use Sew, Grabbit & Runn
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