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  1. No pace, urgency, desire, nada, nothing. Rien. Zilch. It's the old story of thinking we're better than we are. If you don't fight, don't put the effort in, you're toast.
  2. I think I've located the source of my confusion. There seem to be 2 contradictory statements about being offside. From wiki: "It is a common misconception that the ball must be played forward for an offside offence to be committed. This is incorrect however, as an offside offence is related to the position of the player in relation to the last two opponents, the ball and the opponent's goal line rather than the direction the ball is played. If the player is closer to the opponent's goal line than both the ball and the second-last opponent when it is played by a team mate, she or he is in an offside position." However "If the player is behind the ball when it is played, he or she cannot be offside." So I suppose that is the reason for the decision. Just seems very odd - I think it's just a very rare situation.
  3. i still don't understand. He's miles offside at every moment from 1.40 onwards
  4. Having seen the Sky highlights I obviously don't understand the offside rule. The goal scorer was several feet in front of our 2 central players when the pass was made in front of them. I couldn't see any other Norwich players between the goal scorer & the goal. Can someone please explain why that is not a blatant offside?
  5. It'll be interesting to see the highlights. My first reaction was astonishment - he looked absolutely miles offside to me.
  6. Just watched the Soton v. Foxes highlights; appalling defending - from both sides. I would hope we're a bit more organised than those two, but it's obviously going to be difficult to stop the array of attacking talent from Leicester. Tactics & organisation will determine if we get anything out of the game, but if we get it right & get a result it'll be a huge confidence boost.
  7. Official Norwich version found a bit more ...
  8. They're not questions they're statements of your opinions.
  9. The OP doesn't even know the name of our manager. Very odd. Yet he comes on & mouths off about one of our very inexperienced players. if I were the suspicious type ...
  10. Well I've just watched the highlights of the England vs. Australia match, on the grounds that it's come on in 'leaps & bounds' It was slightly improved over what I've seen before; I suppose they might give a team of 15 year old boys a bit of a game. I'd still back any half decent boys team though. Since the gap between 15 year old boys football & NCFC's level contains a myriad of better leagues then I can't see why I'd want to watch the lowest level. It just doesn't make any sense to me. All the things that make football exciting are missing. Women just aren't very good at football on any comparative level of speed, strength or skill when under pressure. To assert otherwise flies in the face of observation. But that seems to be the way the world is at the moment.
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