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  1. That is at least a testable statement. It's rubbish, but it can be proven to be so. If he keeps making such statements then there is a basis for rejecting him. Harris, from what I've seen of her, says nothing that can be tested. it is just meaningless, vacuous garbage. it may well work for her, because it means people can project whatever they want on to her utterances. it's the usual political technique, just extrapolated to its logical conclusion. But it's all pointless speculation. November is, politically speaking, an aeon away. Plenty of time for events, dear boy
  2. And most likely through lead poisoning ...
  3. I love nearly all their films, but I find A Serious Man the most intriguing When the truth is found to be liesAnd all the joy within you diesDon't you want somebody to loveDon't you need somebody to loveWouldn't you love somebody to loveYou better find somebody to love
  4. No new thing under the sun ... Ev'rywhere I hear the sound of marching charging feet, boy 'Cause summer's here and the time is right for fighting in the street, boy
  5. I remember him from when I was a kid - & he seemed old then! The Walter Raleigh sketch was very funny (all on the radio of course) & I know he did some other stuff that tickled me. He seemed like a nice guy, he certainly had a self-deprecating & understated style that appealed to me. R.I.P. Bob, A good innings & I suspect a good life.
  6. Perhaps a mass civil lawsuit by all those impacted would be the answer? Bankrupt them & it might change their outlook a bit, insofar as their actions would have meaningful consequences.
  7. And Labour has a completely free hand in running the country based on 20% of the electorate.
  8. Personally I think the Israelis are as guilty as every other nation on earth of expansionism. it's woven into history. It's such a fundamental drive I think we don't even realise it's there; you & your family come first, it cannot be any other way because you wouldn't be here otherwise. And as your family increases so does your need for fresh resources. Israel is an exceptional case, mainly due to the the intervention of third parties, specifically the UK with the Balfour Declaration. With the benefit of hindsight I'd say that trying to re-create a nation after 2 thousand years is asking for trouble, & we've got it in spades. I read a novel by Marina Lewycka ('We Are All Made Of Glue' I think) which tells of an absolutely brutal forced march inflicted on the Palestinians by the Israelis, the terrible irony of the situation being apparently completely lost on the aggressors. I cannot see the conflict being resolved without a monumental change of heart on both sides, although I have to say I can imagine the Israelis being the more willing to compromise. Palestine is in the thrall of a death cult.
  9. I don't think that applies to Hamas. In fact I'm sure it doesn't.
  10. The Left wants to do what is best for you. The Right want to do what's best for them. Unfortunately the end result is the same.
  11. I think it depends more on what Labour do next.
  12. Perhaps people are waiting to see how they perform, how it all pans out? Getting 4+ million votes after a few weeks in existence is no mean feat (though I realise UKIP, The Brexit Party etc. were forerunners). Voters are - rightly - sceptical - of new political parties. But that scepticism can be removed (or validated) by subsequent performance. Sound familiar? Once again, football is a metaphor for life ...😁
  13. You are one of the most prejudiced, one-eyed idiots I've ever come across, & there's a lot of competition, not least on this MB. I have no doubt that Yaxley-Lennon likes a fight. He seems to be highly emotional & prone to irrationality, & I'm pretty sure this will colour his narrative & as such his statements should be examined. He admits to having been a football hooligan. And he looks like a thug. But to condemn him & dismiss everything he says on those grounds & call him nothing but a liar is, to paraphrase the witch scene in MP's Holy Grail " cos he looks like one". If you have any evidence to refute what he was saying in that video then please enlighten me. If you want to persuade other people to your view then that is the only way to do so. No amount of sneering, name-calling or unfounded assertions (bullying, in other words) is going to work. But I suspect you're not concerned about that. We're all Deplorables as far as you & your ilk are concerned. And, if that's the case you can f**k right off & play with the traffic (See? Easy isn't it).
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