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  1. ron obvious

    Corona Virus main thread

    Many thanks. I was a bit confused, did he mean with a pillow under your face? I don't understand why having it in front of you would do anything.
  2. ron obvious

    **** Galore gone

    Christ on a bike this automatic word censorship is beyond ludicrous! I wonder if I can say Lotta Vagina?
  3. ron obvious

    **** Galore gone

    A good age. She was gorgeous in her heyday - which was a long one. RIP Honor x
  4. ron obvious

    Coronavirus Joke Thread.

    Not exactly a joke, but bloody funny
  5. ron obvious

    Corona Virus main thread

    Thank you for your reasonable & well reasoned reply Badger. I think in reality we agree about economics. I just get fed up with some having too much belief in their favourite economic models. It's my usual gripe against certainty, against people asserting their opinions are actually cast iron facts. Grrr! In the absence of any properly scientifically based economics we have to do the best we can with what's available; most credible economists I've come across model several different possible scenarios & attach very large margins of error to all of them. It makes the determination of any course of action horrendously difficult; it becomes much more of an art than a science, & those best at it tend to have an instinctive 'feel' for human psychology, about how nation states are likely to behave in different circumstances. Contrary to the majority opinion on here, I suspect Mr. Johnson is rather good at that
  6. ron obvious

    Player valuations

    https://www.sportsmole.co.uk/football/norwich-city/feature/norwich-citys-most-valuable-players_395548.html I wonder how they arrive at them? I suppose I'm in broad agreement with them, But not sure I'd value Marco & above Christoph & Mario - are Mo & Lukas worth more than Mario? I think Onel's the one who could be worth a lot more, providing he gets over his injury. Josip has the potential to surprise us all as well.
  7. ron obvious

    Corona Virus main thread

    Got the name wrong. He's Julian Peto https://metro.co.uk/2020/04/06/uk-can-end-coronavirus-crisis-easily-immediately-new-plan-says-professor-12515294/
  8. ron obvious

    Corona Virus main thread

    Anybody see Prof. Julian Peter on Sky News about 11.20 am? He reckons we could fix the virus in a week or two. Talking about testing everyone once a week (for existing, not antigen test). 10 million tests a day. Says there's enough testing capability & people to operate the equipment (PCR machines) doesn't think the reagent is a problem. Sounds a logistical nightmare to me. But he seemed extremely confident. Let's hope someone's at least evaluating the possibility. Sharpish.
  9. ron obvious

    What y'all listening to?

    Yoyoka guaranteed to put a great big grin on my face every day
  10. Shag Myleene Klass. Well a man can dream.
  11. ron obvious

    Corona Virus main thread

    My 5g mast burning thread has disappeared as well. It's on the BBC website, so hardly a secret Mind you it engendered some pretty off the wall responses
  12. ron obvious

    Corona Virus main thread

    Economically I think we've gone through the Looking Glass, & probably did some time ago. Here's a preliminary ramble. Most western economies are running astronomical debt. What does this mean for the lenders? It means they're locked in to an endless spiral. If the debtor countries go bust, their source of income disappears. it's only when a country becomes a basket case that it's worth the lender cutting their losses & refusing any more credit (e.g.bond buying). The rate of interest a country pays on its debt reflects the lender's perceived risk. But how are they going to assess risk after the pandemic? How does it affect the financial risk involved with individual countries? It's not like war or depression or 'over exuberance' or anything we've experienced before in the modern interconnected world. What it's done is shown the complexity of modern life where great chains of interdependence can easily be broken. This affects all developed countries, but that is where most wealth is generated. If that gets broken permanently then the world order will change. Personally I don't think it will.
  13. ron obvious

    What y'all listening to?

    TBH I doubt you'll find much appeal in Alex Harvey. My fondness for SAHB is fuelled by the two mesmeric concerts I saw in the mid 1970s. As performances they are up there with Shostakovich 7 I saw at the Barbican, sat next to the snare drums. By any objective standards he had a terrible voice, but the power of personality & range of emotion he could express overcame his technical deficiencies. 'Anthem' is a wonderful example of this. And I love the way he deconstructed that macho piece of tripe that is Delilah.
  14. ron obvious

    What y'all listening to?

    Yes, I nearly always prefer originals but (to me) Harvey's roaring, weird, Glaswegian interpretation loads the song with the passion & anger that it deserves. It brings home the horror & humiliation, You go through it with him.