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  1. You want them bigger than Sargent, Kabak & Normann? Normann's the smallest, & he looks bigger & stronger than Skipp to me - though whether that makes him better we've yet to discover. Raschica's got legs like tree trunks & Tzolis doesn't look tiny either. And none looked slow. The problem yesterday was lack of match fitness, & the only way to get that is to play matches. Farke's mistake was not pulling them earlier.
  2. Absolutely ricardo. Though one of the main criticisms of Rupp on here is an alleged lack of physicality; reading some of them you'd get the impression he was some sort of midget (with Todd's physique to boot). It's not something I've ever noticed. Personally I wouldn't have started with Todd over Gilmour. Undoubtedly a classy player, but no more creative than Todd & doesn't seem prepared to chase the opposition down in the way Todd does.
  3. Second half we looked knackered & gave them far, far too much space. Kenny & Gilmour hardly seemed to do anything today. Gilmour looks even more lightweight than Cantwell to me; he looks ineffectual, a passenger most of the time. Even Rupp would be a better option I think. Early days. Hope I'm not still saying that come Christmas ...
  4. “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” - Benjamin Disraeli
  5. He's slow but skilful & makes the ball stick. Not my favourite type of player but he's done very well. And he is capable of the odd cracking goal.
  6. https://redit1.soccerstreams.net/event/arsenal-norwich-city-live-stream/689582
  7. I liked (referring to Arteta's comment): "I don’t take it as saying we are easy to beat. It's more like a true opinion. But in football it is about the result and being effective. "If it was about being a joy to watch we might as well do synchronised swimming. We want to be effective and bring points to the table, and we can improve. Incidentally, CP are totally dominating Spurs at the moment. Not looking like relegation fodder at all unfortunately
  8. Interesting comment from Paddy: "That is why a defensively minded central midfield signing to fill the large-shaped Olly Skipp hole has assumed ever growing importance. Expect that particular facet of City’s transfer strategy to be successfully concluded in the next few days."
  9. Biggest cause for optimism is that we improved throughout the game. Difficult not to mind, Hanley being pressed into giving away a corner,& the build up to the goal being particularly abject examples of our sluggish opening. But if we can achieve the levels we did in the 2nd half (& particularly after their goal) we'll be at least competitive. Long, long ways to go yet.
  10. Glacially s-l-o-o-w for the goal & not tight enough on their players. But we're improving & Leicester are no Liverpool or ManC. If we can get something out of this then we're approaching the level needed for survival.
  11. Sorry, honestly nothing personal it was just the timing of the comment!
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