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  1. Blank pages issue should be solved.
  2. This cropped up when new cookie permission software was added to our sites - the PinkUn forum didn't take it as well as our other sites. Clearing your history in Settngs - Safari will sort it.
  3. I've notified Service Desk regarding today's blank page issue.
  4. This sounds like game over to me. Q: Are the players letting you down then? “No, I just think it’s the whole thing. It’s the whole thing, the way everything is.”
  5. It's supposed to disappear once you click accept but is sticking around on mobile. The web dev team are looking into it.
  6. Table and accurate stats will return soon.
  7. Same here. Talk Talk and Virgin have replaced their hamsters.
  8. Ticket has been raised. Will keep you updated.
  9. Anyone else having issues? If so please let us know which broadband provider. Talk talk definitely having issues with the forum.
  10. https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/4203559/
  11. All Norfolk titles moving over to their shiny new sites today.
  12. Ryan Jarvis is my neighbour and tearing it up in the National League for Lynn.
  13. That usually happens after several incorrect attempts at entering your password. If that wasn't the case and it happens again please take a screengrab.
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