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  1. Pete Raven

    Longest winning streak

    Correct, with a 5-0 defeat away to Liverpool in the FA Cup in the middle.
  2. Fourth chart down... https://www.pinkun.com/stats
  3. Pete Raven

    What Else Do You Fondly Remember..?

    "Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeets, hot drinks, cold drinks"
  4. Pete Raven

    Accessing this Forum via the Pink Un Page

    We had server issues on Monday between 4pm to 6pm which resulted in those nginx messages - it's not a Trojan. All has been resolved.
  5. Pete Raven

    An exciting start to the day

    Hi FF, If you hover over the user's avatar this screen pops up - then just hit Ignore User (circled in red) and it will take you to your Ignored Users list with that user auto-filled. Then just hit Update preferences:
  6. Buendia out for three to four weeks (ankle ligaments). No surgery required. Lewis to miss the next three games (hamstring). Zimmermann touch and go. Also waiting on Klose who Farke only wanted to play for 25 mins tops on Boxing Day.
  7. Pete Raven

    Error code EX1064

    It's with Service Desk and mine appears to be fixed now.
  8. Pete Raven

    Scarf day again

    Bolton: Forest:
  9. Pete Raven

    Who turned the switch off?

    Not our fault. Answers will be sought from the software providers on Monday to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
  10. Pete Raven

    Missing Posters On This New Forum.

    Those that received a ban needed no encouragement from anyone else. May I suggest the Ignore button.
  11. Pete Raven

    FAO Pete

    Hover over the avatar and an option pops up.
  12. A little something we've been working on... Everything you need to know about the new Pink Un app You can download it from the App Store or Google Play
  13. Pete Raven

    Forum Feedback

    How's that PurpleCanary?
  14. Pete Raven

    Drive-In City

    Link here
  15. Pete Raven

    Forum Feedback

    Try the little grey box bottom-left of your Avatar in the Profile section