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  1. That's still updated too. A few pages got lost when we updated the sites earlier this year. I'll get them put back on.
  2. https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/4045161/ https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/4044787/
  3. There will be no COVID-19 checks in place on entry to Carrow Road for the Leicester fixture, however supporters are asked to continue following the ongoing government guidance. There will be volunteers present asking select fans to complete surveys outside the stadium regarding COVID-19 passports. This survey will take no longer than two minutes per supporter and fans are requested to participate fully, as all data obtained is extremely important for both the club and Premier League to understand the possible impact to supporters if a COVID-19 passport to attend a large scale event becomes mandatory. https://www.canaries.co.uk/News/2021/august/important-fan-information-norwich-city-v-leicester-city/
  4. * Data is compiled from sales figures across 1,000 online retailers with LovetheSales.com saying they are restricted from publishing the numbers behind their tables. Seems legit...
  5. Best to email me if (when) it happens again then I'll contact IT. Not sure they would appreciate me handing out their out-of-hours number to the public although desperate measures... I am still harrassing them to sort a permanent fix.
  6. Looks like the club have listened... Season ticket holders now have until midnight on Thursday, August 19 to reserve and purchase their season ticket seat for this fixture. Season ticket holders should be aware that this deadline has been brought forward following the previously communicated deadline of 9am on Monday, August 23.
  7. You could nip over to the coast to look at the latest Banksy street artworks... https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/banksy-confirms-graffiti-norfolk-suffolk-8236594
  8. Always the weekend. My ticket is still being processed apparently. I'll chase it up.
  9. You're an existing season ticket holder, they are new season ticket holders.
  10. Two days before the start of the season and some of those ST holders sat near the dugout have been told they need to move as the Premier League has told the club they need to create a buffer zone.
  11. Could you not swap Tzolis for Giannoulis for the second line?
  12. Unfortunately only I can add to a locked thread but we can have a pinned post which sits at the top of the forum as long as is necessary.
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