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  1. Pete Raven


    Liking the new matchday training top... https://twitter.com/davefreezer/status/1159431825510535168
  2. Pete Raven

    Michael Bailey

    Very much so.
  3. Pete Raven

    Michael Bailey

    Because Paddy is Group Football Editor.
  4. Pete Raven

    Non-Football threads

    Link to the non-forum page now at the top of the NCFC section.
  5. Pete Raven

    Non-Football threads

    We're working on it. This has already been explained here
  6. Pete Raven

    My Norwich City story

    Credit also to Tony Thrusell who put the videos together.
  7. Pete Raven


    Many thanks. All cleared.
  8. Pete Raven


    I wish. I need a new patio.
  9. Pete Raven


    No wrorries. Fortunately with this new board it only takes a few seconds to get rid of them all. Now working on making sure it doesn't happen again.
  10. Pete Raven

    Forum Feedback

    Either hit the grey MultiQuote plus sign next to Quote at the bottom of all relevant posts or hit the Quote link on all relevant posts.
  11. Pete Raven

    Forum Feedback

    I'm afraid not, but posts with very few replies will soon drop off. We deleted it and people complained. We moved it to non-football and people complained. It's almost as divisive an issue as Brexit itself. It helps keep the issue of Brexit off the Norwich City related threads.
  12. Pete Raven

    Pitch invasion Sat

    I wouldn't worry about any pitch invasion - we had to practically be invited onto the pitch at both Crewe and Portsmouth.
  13. Pete Raven

    Pitch invasion Sat

    And the follow up to that tweet... He was talking about support in general tomorrow. Club will be reiterating in the morning I understand any invasions = no lap of celebrations from coaching staff/players at the end #ncfc
  14. Pete Raven

    Longest winning streak

    Correct, with a 5-0 defeat away to Liverpool in the FA Cup in the middle.
  15. Fourth chart down... https://www.pinkun.com/stats