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  1. Pete Raven

    Duncan Forbes

    Duncan Forbes has sadly passed away, aged 78. https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/norwich-city-legend-duncan-forbes-has-died-1-6339543
  2. Five changes, two for TV https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/fixtures-and-results
  3. Pete Raven

    Sticker book!

    You did as that's my local shop. A maximum of six vouchers may be exchanged at any one time so not sure why they limited you to two.
  4. Pete Raven

    Sticker Album Error

    Ken Foggo/Graham Paddon sticker official statement Thank you for collecting the NCFC stickers and also for raising this matter with us. There are four ways in which we can help: 1. Local EDP Newsagent – if you are in the vicinity of a local EDP newsagent we can arrange for a correct sticker to be delivered there so that you can collect it. Just email shop@archant.co.uk with your name and newsagent, it’ll be there within two working days. 2. NCFC – you can collect the correct Ken Foggo sticker from the shop at Carrow Road or the NCFC Hub. 3. Archant Head Office – if you are in Norwich you can collect a correct sticker from the Archant offices on Rouen Road. 4. Postal – alternatively, if you are outside of Norfolk, Suffolk and Waveney email your details to shop@archant.co.uk and we will arrange for the correct sticker to be posted to you. Thank you once again for raising the matter. Happy collecting!
  5. Pete Raven


    Yep. Setback with his groin injury. Seeing a specialist.
  6. Pete Raven


    If he has the op shortly after the Villa game and goes well he'll back for Bournemouth. If not we'll have all four centre backs out injured....
  7. Pete Raven


    Hernia op over the international break.
  8. Pete Raven

    Cantwell injury

    Confirmed by Farke as a little doubtful for tomorrow (so he'll play then).
  9. Pete Raven

    Sticker Album Error

  10. Pete Raven

    Sticker Album Error

    Because that's where they print stickers John.
  11. Pete Raven

    £260 for 250 stickers!!

    Yes, it should say packs (and does on the link but not the page). Should be sorted shortly.
  12. Pete Raven

    Sticker Album Error

    Hi, it was noticed (correct image but cropped incorrectly - Ken is to the right of Graham). We're having 4,000 correct stickers shipped over from the printing factory in Italy.
  13. Pete Raven

    Sticker book!

    Official reply: To ensure the campaign is profitable we have only printed a set number of albums and sticker packs. These have been distributed to a set of retail outlets that give us an even spread across Norfolk, Waveney and beyond to ensure that fans can easily access the stock. We also have stock available on the Pink Un shop and at NCFC outlets to ensure we achieve our objective of availability. After that we can supply other outlets, they just need to request supply as they do any other publications from time to time, we don’t have is the stock to supply over 850 retailers who stock the EDP.
  14. Pete Raven

    Sticker book!

    Hi Kathy, that does seem odd as plenty of newsagents and post offices are stocking them. Let me see if I can find out more. Full list of stockists here: https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/stickers-map
  15. Pete Raven

    and there’s more ....... injuries

    "Doubtful" is usually manager speak for he'll play unless he falls down the stairs between now and the game.