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  1. A silver lining to what is going to be a real tragedy? No way they can catch this up and start a news season now with the proper breaks etc. Best option would have to be to freeze the leagues and start fresh when they can with next season...
  2. Mind blowing that people moan about McLean. What game do you watch? Mobile, tackles, gets forward, shoots, bit of pace, versatile. Compare that to vrancic who has a wonderful pass on him... And that's it. He is not equipped for the Premier league physically. I trust Farke, and the fact he's playing mclean, and with the evidence of having eyes and a brain shows why mclean plays. Some people get little favourites or players they don't like, totally irrationally, like they haven't matured since they were 10.
  3. No its the government working on the advice of scientists. As they have in Italy and elsewhere. Idiot.
  4. Well done for completely missing his point. But you did it deliberately.
  5. You have to give them a chance, but this season has been criminal. Any half decent manager would have got some wins. Farke out.
  6. The one game we need to step up in, and change and we are three down and nowhere. Relegate us now. Sell the useless sods who had one good season, and start again.
  7. No. They are obviously, visibly, a better standard. Which is why we narrowly lost rather than getting tonked, and why buendia looked rubbish when he came on. What game do you people watch?
  8. You mean invest like villa did? Remind us how many points that 150 million had gained? Tool.
  9. One thing is clear. There are some absolute tools on this forum. The abuse they give the team and Farke is ridiculous. A sub would have changed that game? Get real you idiots. No losing, keep the shape, familiarity and tempo. Go behind, make changes. Farke did. You prats.
  10. McLean didn't contribute anything? Wtf is wrong with some of you, you have a vendetta against him. Watch the game back. Then come back and apologise. You ****ing ****.
  11. Wtf are you people looking at? It's almost certainly going to be called off!
  12. I suspect Pukki is elsewhere in his head. He knows the game is up, and he will be looking to the summer. The guy has one more move in him, and it could be a huge one. Perhaps he's got loyalty, ambition, nerves, pressure, and his future rattling around even on the pitch. I know I would.
  13. Pathetic and patronising now you've been called out on your nonsense.
  14. I couldn't give a monkeys if it's in two other threads. The fact people like you are peddling a total myth means it warrants calling you out.
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