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  1. Nono

    Rupp and Duda

    No. They are obviously, visibly, a better standard. Which is why we narrowly lost rather than getting tonked, and why buendia looked rubbish when he came on. What game do you people watch?
  2. Nono

    Can you imagine

    You mean invest like villa did? Remind us how many points that 150 million had gained? Tool.
  3. Nono

    One team makes tactical subs

    One thing is clear. There are some absolute tools on this forum. The abuse they give the team and Farke is ridiculous. A sub would have changed that game? Get real you idiots. No losing, keep the shape, familiarity and tempo. Go behind, make changes. Farke did. You prats.
  4. Nono

    One team makes tactical subs

    McLean didn't contribute anything? Wtf is wrong with some of you, you have a vendetta against him. Watch the game back. Then come back and apologise. You ****ing ****.
  5. Nono

    Possible postponement

    Wtf are you people looking at? It's almost certainly going to be called off!
  6. Nono

    Disappointing pukki

    I suspect Pukki is elsewhere in his head. He knows the game is up, and he will be looking to the summer. The guy has one more move in him, and it could be a huge one. Perhaps he's got loyalty, ambition, nerves, pressure, and his future rattling around even on the pitch. I know I would.
  7. Nono

    Late sub's

    Pathetic and patronising now you've been called out on your nonsense.
  8. Nono

    Late sub's

    I couldn't give a monkeys if it's in two other threads. The fact people like you are peddling a total myth means it warrants calling you out.
  9. Nono

    Turning on Farke

    Absolutely demonstrably not true.
  10. Yes Farke can be late in his subs. But are we being blinded here? Are they late because he won't change, has a formula, or because he sees that late phase of the game differently? Think back. This season he has made 2 and 3 changes at once. He changed at half time. He has made subs in 60, and 70 minute phases. And last night he started two hardly bedded on players away at spurs. That was bold. To say he only makes late sub's is simply wrong. It's becoming a bulletin board myth. We perceive the lack of subs as a fault, he obviously sees it differently. I'd suggest he knows more than any of us and isn't blind or stupid Cut the guy some effing slack. We are all guilty here in desperation, or clutching at straws to find reasons. We are losing games because we don't have enough midfield quality, we have barely managed to field our strongest back line all season, pukki has gone cold, and the board criminally failed to back Farke. To attack Farke is simplistic nonsense.
  11. Nono

    Turning on Farke

    Its completely ridiculous to attack Farke. Yes he makes errors sometimes. But he's a good young manager who we are lucky to have. If Rupp and Duda had come in start of season, with no defensive injuries, then who know what might have been. To blame him or question him is moronic, he engineered the best season anyone has seen, and is still clinging on to staying up with criminal backing.
  12. Nono

    What makes Farke special then?

    The OP is just full of it I'm afraid. Can't even be bothered to point argue his idiotic claims. Just wants to bash possibly the best squad and manager as a group we have ever had. Absolute idiot.
  13. Nono

    We can still do this!

    The problem is that all a team has to do is press high and our midfield will make a mistake. Happens every single game. Hasn't been fixed and will cost us more points.
  14. We will make changes as well. Who cares about a couple of cup games.
  15. Not this twaddle again. Its becoming a pinkun forum myth. Godfrey, one of the best young centre backs we have had, and could go for 30 million. Ditto Aarons. Lewis a quality young left back. Bryam, a quality and versatile back up. Zimmerman, whose performance last year earned him the admiration of everyone. Yest somehow they are suddenly all weak and should have been upgraded. How? By who? For how much? It's piffle. The truth is we didn't upgrade our midfield. Tettey and an attacking midfielder in McLean shoehorned in vs spurs is ridiculous. Our attacking midfielders. Only buendia anywhere near the quality. Please drop this rubbish about upgrading the defence. This season, in every single effing game, we have list due to the midfield not holding the ball, losing possession, not tracking back, and not winning the midfield battle.