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  1. I know this is miles off subject, but cut me a little slack as I find it surreal. It may tickle those of a certain vintage and a Top of the Pops inclination. Until recently my neice's Headmaster in Reigate was Mr Fenton, a serious and highly qualified teacher. Mr Fenton is the son of Alvin Stardust. Priceless!
  2. I thought you were suggesting that Farke's ego couldn't take Tzolis having a good game at Arsenal. That's how it read. What Farke's ego couldn't take was a player (any player) going against his instructions. A better manager would deal with the situation in such a way that the player would never dare to disobey him again, but he would not do it to the detriment of the team. We have seen similar situations with other players and (as you may know) Farke plays mind games by not even discussing the issue with the player. He's gone now, replaced by a manager who is happy to explain to players why they are being left out.
  3. This is why we just about shaded the game. We had Kenny and Brandon Williams risking life and limb throwing themselves into challenges (in the air and on the deck). Wolves had no one who quite showed that level of committment or bravery. It bodes really well, and if we maintain it we will get over the line against quite a few sides. It sets a benchmark to everyone in the side. Show this type of determination, get the technical, tactical and psychological things right, and the points will continue to accrue. Newcastle are ideal opponents for a side in this mood as they have a sophisticated manager and sophisticated players who might not fancy it.
  4. It's the genius of simplicity. That's what I picked up from the game yesterday. Basically, when out of possession, if the ball is on the other side of the pitch the wide attacking players can remain in reasonable attacking positions PROVIDED THAT THEY ARE STILL BEHIND THE BALL; So simple; so effective. If we regain possession we are in a great position to counter attack. It didn't work in the first half vs Southampton because Rashica didn't know when to get back. They worked on it and it worked yesterday against a side with the maximum possible width. Genius. Another thing. Gibson has always infuriated me with his willingness to pass back to the keeper. He has clearly been told to be braver and to stop doing it. I counted him doing it just once yesterday. I really look forward to Omabamidele getting a run but that's another story.
  5. Thanks for sharing this. It is actually a good account of how the next few weeks will shape up. It doesn't cover all areas of the pitch - the writer doesn't explain how he thinks Dean will expect his full backs to operate, and it doesn't mention distribution when the keeper has the ball in his hands, a really problem with Daniel's management. But it does hint that he will have to address the weakness with the two current central defenders, hinting the Omabamidele will soon have a shirt. Well worth listening to.
  6. Well, you're an interesting character and I won't be the only one looking back through your previous 7 posts to see what you are all about. Tzolis didn't have a bad game at Arsenal, but your comment that 'Farke's ego couldn't take it' is just crazy. So calm down, your buddy will get chances to impress and if he does well enough Dean Smith will give him more and more minutes. PS I agreed with your other comments about Farke in that his ego and arrogance were his downfall. His treatment of players who stood up to him was appalling, far more than is in the public domain and people or press realise. Sending players to Siberia is basically bullying in the workplace. Farke had to go. But on the other hand if 19 year old disobeys team instructions (the penalty) then there will be consequences.
  7. Dirk Kuyt was a rapier. Josh Sargent is a broadsword.
  8. After that game I am obsoletely positive that the new manager will not be expecting Pukki to run his legs off across the width of the pitch, all the time. As for 'the press', it's all about timing, co-ordination and intelligence. Equally, when they look at the stats today, the wide players will have covered less kilometres, but been more effective. We have a good manager. What a pity Daniel didn't evolve and improve. I suspect his ego got in the way, and he's now history.
  9. No matter how much dirty money the Russians, Saudis, Americans, or Chinese pump into the game there is still one rule that gives us a chance: even if you have 20 billionaires on the books, you can only field 11 players. If our 11 are fully organised and fully committed, we will always have a chance
  10. Come on, give the guys the credit they deserve for today's win. Dean was clever in not changing the defence and his reward was that Hanley and Gibson played as if their lives depended on it, as he hoped they would. They couldn't have been braver or more committed. Omabamidele will be in before long because he is too good to leave on the sidelines. Not sure about Kabak. But today was about trying to build the offensive side on an experienced defensive foundation. One step at a time.
  11. Exactly. Full week of training and he will getting towards fitness after 10 weeks away from first team training.
  12. The biggest change will be that Cantwell and Gilmour both start. I would put money on it. Let Southampton worry. This manager knows what he is doing. Also, effectiveness will be more important than kilometres and shape will be better. Pukki will benefit more than most. Same defence as vs Brentford, I guess, on reflection. Can't be too gung-ho.
  13. Totally and absolutely. I think we have been lucky to acquire a manager who in the years ahead will establish himself as a much-loved club legend. I am convinced there will be immediate signs today that better times lie ahead. I believe that the players individually and collectively will play with a new belief and expression today. It will take a few games to settle into our best eleven, but the rest of the season is going to be epic.
  14. Dean Smith will probably never have a tougher team to pick. Everyone will be desperate to be in the 11 that walk down that tunnel into the daylight. A bright new world opens up tomorrow.
  15. It's pleasant and dead easy for a manager to select players - it's delivering the news that they are left out which is hard. I have guessed a half decent team for tomorrow, set up on a 4-4-1-1 defensive base, and I find that leaves 11 players on the sidelines. Not starting the game would be (in no order) Dowell, Idah, Gibson, Kabak, Plachete, Kenny, Rupp, Lees-Melou, Williams, Sargent and Gunn. I would expect Todd and one other to be pencilled in for a 30/35 minute run out as consolation. But it still leaves two players not even on the bench. My team: Krul; Max, Omabamidele, Hanley and Giannoulis. Tzolis, Gilmour, Normann and Rashica. Cantwell. Pukki.
  16. He was given his 'fresh start' and welcomed back into the first team group at the team meeting ay 10pm at Colney on the night of the Brentford win.
  17. I am not sure if we should compare how Farke handled other players (Leitner, Drmic etc) with how he has treated Billy Gilmour and Todd Cantwell. Billy is a proven talent and Todd is a player who (I think I am right in saying) has been statistically the hardest working player in every single game he has played, minute for minute. Let's move on from the Cult of Farke. It had its day, and it ended with him seemingly obsessed with his own infallibility, at the expense of the club. Saturday will see a great performance from the lads, I am absolutely sure of it. The weight will have been lifted and self-expression will be back. Elsewhere on another post, a couple of people said we need to drop Teemu deeper, at the age of 31. The solution on Saturday will be far simpler. We will play him within the areas where he is exceptional, not chasing lost causes across the width of the pitch because our shape is poor. I just cannot wait for Saturday.
  18. ...(any player, or combination of two players, who) ...questions him or believes that maybe players have something to contribute to the conversation. All in the hope of winning some games. Send to Siberia.
  19. I have only just read some of this. The whole thread has been the most depressing thing I have ever read on here, or am ever likely to read. Attempted cyber-bullying, invention dressed-up as fact, the whole myth that you cannot train and post on social media (!!!), insincerity, total ignorance of the facts, pretence that Todd hasn't behaved well or trained well, an unnatural attraction to whatever he does, and a failure to grasp the situation. Above all else, the suggestion that a young footballer should be hounded off social media because he posted a picture off him playing with his dog, with a fairly opaque message attached. Shame, shame, shame. What a sad reflection on some of our contributors.
  20. Emi will never be an outstanding Premier League player. His style of play, his box of tricks, his mentality, the area of the field in which he can operate, none of it will work in the Prem. One of Webber's strokes of genius was to get over 30m for him. Mark my words. He is now involved in his second season struggling to make a mark at the top level. He might hold down his place under Steve Gerrard, but I think he is on borrowed time. I know people will disagree, but wait and see.
  21. Cantwell hasn't been offered a new contract, you jerk. The reason for this? Because Webber knows that if he is being frozen out by Farke, of course he won't sign up again. It's not hard to work out, is it?
  22. Since the moment the season started it's been breasts-up, or dead in the water, or on the rocks, or up the creek without a paddle etc etc. Without even trying I can't think of half a dozen improvements we will see: Omabamidele will be the first defensive name on the teamsheet. It's overdue. Dean will be amazed by how good he is. We'll get distribution from the goalkeeper flowing far more fluidly. He will find a way of getting a good contribution from Billy Gilmour, making us less predictable. Workrate will no longer be valued over effectiveness. Pukki and Sargent in particular will benefit. Players will be allowed to express themselves better. Self-expression and and inventiveness will not be a frowned upon. No one will be unfairly frozen out in the way Todd and Gilmour have been. There, I told you I am an optimist!
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