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  1. HertsCanary93

    NCFC to furlough staff

    What would be interesting... is the percentage each player would have to sacrifice to pay the non-playing salaries for six months. I.e - if each player sacrificed 5% of their salary, would that cover the rest of the non-playing staff. It could probably be calculated reasonably accurately/easily using the latest accounts. Something for me to do if I get furloughed. More out of interest than any strong opinions on whether players should or shouldn't take any action.
  2. HertsCanary93

    NCFC to furlough staff

    Seems to me that it is ultimately up to the players themselves and not the club to get players to sacrifice their wages.
  3. HertsCanary93

    Sutton's thoughts...

    I can't see the proposed Bundesliga approach being used. Promoting the top 2 teams in the championship (as it stands), is just as unfair as relegating the bottom 3 clubs in the league (as it stands). If I had to bet on it, the season will be completed later in the year. Next season will be delayed and all Cup competitions/play-offs sacrificed. It will be very, very interesting to see what that powers that be decide though.
  4. HertsCanary93

    Sutton's thoughts...

    There's no way this can be resolved with everyone happy, unless every fixture is completed. I just cannot see it happening, unless the rest of the season is played behind closed doors. Even then... Unlikely. It will be interesting to see how it is handled.
  5. HertsCanary93

    Drmic dilemma

    I'd be tempted to bring Drmic in for Duda and drop Pukki a little deeper.
  6. HertsCanary93

    Sheffield United

    I think they get a pretty hard time for not much of a reason to be honest. As many have already mentioned... probably their greatest contribution to their success is fantastic organisation and defensive work-rate. If you concede less than a goal a game - you have a great chance of a very successful season. However, while we often consider ourselves a very attack minded team (often to the disregard of our defensive woes) - it is quite easy to overlook the fact that they have scored more goals than us too. I have heard many friends and fellow supporters criticise their signing of McBurnie and Mousset for decent sums of money - but they have scored important goals between them and both offer very different options to Sharp. We dream of being able to bring a player like McBurnie off the bench, not because he is a brilliant footballer - but because he offers something different. Someone to battle for every ball, hold up play and be a threat in the air. It also helps to have a young 20+ goal a season striker if you're going back to the championship. If Pukki is not causing a threat in a game, then we are more often than not, doomed.
  7. HertsCanary93

    Warnock on his way to Portman Road

    Can they even afford to sack Lambert? He doesn't seem like the resigning type. If they did cough up the funds to sack him, that would be the end to their transfer kitty for their much needed summer overhaul.
  8. HertsCanary93

    Ralf Fahrmann to Brann

    I think our recruitment was woeful in the summer, but this one was not a terrible signing. Krul had a huge injury only 2 years ago and it was always a risk that he would suffer a reoccurrence of the same injury. It was vital we had someone who could be PL quality able to step in. As Krul is a great GK - a loan made the most sense. Thankfully (and unluckily for Fahrmann), Krul has gone from strength to strength since coming back from his injury. However, it was definitely prudent for the club to prepare for the worst.
  9. HertsCanary93

    Spurs Losing the Plot In Spectacular Style

    How pathetic do you have to be to abuse your own players, let alone one's younger brother. Dier isn't the greatest player, but he always works hard.
  10. HertsCanary93

    match thread

    A superb win and performance, I felt they left everything on the pitch. Set piece was disappointing to concede, but we really grew into the game and created a number of decent chances. I was really disappointed to have my experience of the game ruined by a 'fan' sat behind me who moaned the whole game, told kids to shut up for showing support, repeatedly shouted at how boring the game was and how we 'were so **** he didn't care if we won or lost' . To top it off, he said the first half was the worst he's ever seen us play. In the unlikely event he reads this, Row 24, seat 555 - never come to a Norwich game again.
  11. HertsCanary93

    Did you really expect us to do well

    I thought we would get between 35 to 45 points this season and be well in the fight until at least the last 2 or 3 games. To be on track for only 25 is very disappointing. We needed to carry the momentum from last season in the first half of the season (considering the poor reinforcement of the squad) . October, November and December were our key months after a tough batch of opening fixtures. In many games we played some really great stuff in that patch, but consistently bottled getting the points over the line. Going into January, it has always been a near impossible task. In particular, our record in '6 pointers' against the teams around us has been woeful. Gifting relegation rivals too many points. If we had managed to grind 2 or 3 of those defeats into draws/wins, we would be right in it. The 2 defeats to Villa are particularly sour.
  12. HertsCanary93

    All of our signings this season have been crap

    Our strategy under Webber has always been to buy lots for cheap and hope half step up. Even last season where our recruitment was universally lauded, we signed Marshall, Passlack and Heise. The season before was worse and had Franke, Srbeny, Raggett and Watkins. Unfortunately, this season our transfers have been universally diabolical and only one has stepped up to contribute to our season. To be honest, I am not entirely convinced our January business has been much better - I do not think Rupp or Duda are better than what we already have - but at least hope Rupp will settle and have a good part to play next season. The reliance on loans has been particularly disappointing to me personally. While on one hand they are less financially risky than transfer fees and long contracts, on the other they leave the club with nothing beyond the season you sign them for. When you finish bottom of the table, all we effectively have done is limit the development of a contracted player and spend a decent amount (Amadou, Duda and Fahrmann will have cost a decent chunk) on resources that have no resale or contribution to our rebuild next year. I was pleased to see Webber has held his hands up and admit we got it wrong in the summer. I think he need to really drill down into our scouting framework this summer, and review where it has gone wrong this year to ensure we don't get it wrong again. While our recruitment team did the business last season they have undoubtedly been found wanting this year and let both Farke and the existing squad down.
  13. HertsCanary93

    Duda v Rupp v Buendia

    Emi gets lambasted for his temperament, and honestly... sometimes they have a point. He was arguably the best player in the division last season, but it was plain to see that he could go to another level by becoming just that touch more professional. That said, he is a high flair player who is one of the only players at the club who can create a goal. He links well with Teemu, knows exactly what runs he will make - and ultimately gives him a few chances a game. Rupp and Duda do not have any form of partnership either with each other or Pukki at the moment. Not only have we not scored in ages, but we don't look like scoring. Rupp has his moments where he looks tidy, but looks completely out of his comfort zone when presented with the ball anywhere near the box. We could have played for 3 hours today and not scored. Long story short, if we want to score a few goals before we get relegated and try save the embarrassment of finishing with less than 30 points, we are going to have to play Emi.
  14. HertsCanary93

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Today has looked the first game the players themselves believed we are down. Phoned in performance from the loans and dropped heads nearly everywhere else.
  15. HertsCanary93

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Really not sold on either Rupp or Duda, but at least Rupp will be here next season. Absolutely zero linkup play with Pukki or any attempt to run in behind. Would take Emi and Onel over either.