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  1. Hernandez has looked lively since coming on. Has pressed very well.
  2. This is painful to watch. No ideas in the final third - knock it side to side until we give it away. Should be 3-0, that looked like a penalty to me.
  3. I was getting a little fed up with the accusations of play acting from the commentators while Cardiff continually chopped down our players. Other than that, superb result. Hugill was understandably a little rusty with his touch and finishing, but worked really hard and was a superb outlet to relieve pressure. Cantwell motm. Otbc.
  4. From what I've seen - he would effectively be a second Vrancic. While I rate Vrancic highly, he struggles to get in the team and hence it doesn't really make sense to sign another equivalent midfielder who isn't much/any better.
  5. Horror challenge from Dasilva. I guess he'll be out for the next three games? Good news for us.
  6. I simply can't see Webber accepting any cash + player deal. I assume he already has targets in mind for replacing Emi and I very much doubt that Willock is one of them.
  7. Absolutely superb win. Not our best performance by any means, but on another day we probably would have won that by two or three. Always good to go into a break with a win!
  8. He really was excellent tonight. Once he has had a couple more games to sharpen up, he could score a decent number this season.
  9. Poor man management. Leitner was one of our best players for large stretches of our promotion season and has been completely frozen out. We're effectively pouring his wages down the drain.
  10. 3 central defenders, 2 of which have had recent injury problems is not good enough in my opinion. A classic case of Norwich taking one step forward by signing Gibson, before promptly taking two steps back with the sale of Godfrey and Klose.
  11. Villa have strengthened brilliantly this summer and Liverpool woefully underestimated them. Suicidal football for 90 mins. Luiz, McGinn and Barkley are a fantastic Premier League midfield. Watkins looks very dangerous too. Have to admit I'm pretty jealous.
  12. Currently we have only sold one player. All the talk of the other players so far has just been rumours. I am almost certain that the club will receive bids for each of Godfrey, Aarons, Buendia and Cantwell before the window is done. The club talked a big game around how strong our negotiation position is - and hence I think the fans are justified in watching what will happen with scrutiny. If we end up with a weaker squad than we had last time in the championship, I for one will be pretty peeved. However, this is very much a worse case scenario - the window has gone very well for us so far and I hope it continues that way.
  13. Take Emi and Cantwell out the team and replace them with McClean and Rupp and it is no surprise that we don't look like scoring. Skipp played well imo, and offers more from deep than Tettey/Trybull.
  14. If true, I think 15m is very disappointing. We've given Newcastle and Leeds very good value on Lewis and Cantwell. Two very promising young players who are years away from their peak. I thought the 'perk' of our embarrassing investment last season was that we would be able to retain our best players, or at least take premier league clubs to the bank. 15m is not big money in today's game. Christ, Aston Villa spent 30m on Watkins.
  15. I watched it expecting something a bit more interesting than the normal pushing/shoving... Shock/horror, footballers rolling around in agony after barely being touched. Pathetic. Not that the referee was wrong to send the players off. Gonzalez is alleged to have racially abused Neymar by calling him a monkey. If proven, he should carry the longest suspension of all the players involved.
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