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  1. He played his best stuff before the coaching team could actually get their influence on him.
  2. Awful result. Awful match. Awful refereeing. This bad run was coming with all the luck we had to win the games before.
  3. Gunn Byram Gibson Hanley Aarons Gibbs McClean Nunez Cantwell Pukki Sargent The first 20mins against Preston was the best I've seen us play for a while. Keen to see the two up top given another chance. Aarons, Om, Ramsey and Krul all had nightmares. Aarons keeps his spot for me purely because we haven't got anyone else there at the moment. Keen to exercise some of our squad depth.
  4. The thing that triggered me the most about the ref was his watch gesture when WBA were time wasting... It might have had more of an impact if he'd added on more than 1 minute in the first half. I thought he was particularly dreadful - and that includes the (imo) stonewall WBA penalty and (less sure on this one) controversial Norwich goal. I think much of the booing was aimed at him, but there was certainly frustration with the performance as well.
  5. Definitely seems to struggle with the pace of the game over here - which was the main concern raised by those that watched him in Brazil. Far too early to write him off, but I think today was a glimpse of why Deano has had him on the bench recently.
  6. Thought Ramsey was better than Sara, Nunez and McClean today. Although that isn't saying much as the midfield was totally AWOL.
  7. I do feel for him. He's proven he is good enough for the PL and he's at an age where he probably thought a move would be his last chance at another season in a top division first xi. Really glad he has stayed professional and not tried to force a move through.
  8. I'm in the Naismith camp. Rashica I feel we could move on fairly easy if we need/want to. Even if we take a bit of a loss.
  9. Not our finest performance by any stretch... But a great 3 points. Tough place to go, and Sunderland look like they'll be up there and thereabouts come the end of the season.
  10. We don't need or want to sell. It would need to be silly money, enough for us to sign two or three quality improvements to the rest of the squad. Including a replacement striker. Simply can't see it happening.
  11. Like the team selection, Onel looked v lively in his cameo midweek. Some really strong options on the bench if we need to mix it up.
  12. Absolutely dreadful. Can't defend, can't create chances and can't finish the chances we do create. Unless something changes our best chance of winning games will be to fall over and hope Nunez can smack one in from 30 yards.
  13. What is our game plan here? The gap between the defense and the midfield is bloody huge, no options to pass short to and we've ended up just lumping it long.
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