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  1. HertsCanary93

    Farke getting off lightly

    I think the only criticism I can level at Farke is his game management. We often leave it far too late to make the changes required to either chase or hold a game. Amadou seems like a very useful holding player to either compliment or replace a (understandably) leggy Tettey when we are holding onto games, but rarely features from the bench. However when chasing games, sometimes you have to look at the bench and wonder who on earth he brings on... It is not Farke's fault that the options on the bench are lacking.
  2. HertsCanary93

    Team for Bournemouth

    Kenny has had some good games for us this season. I thought he was absolutely superb against Arsenal (despite his missed chance) and has looked far more effective than Steipermann in my opinion. He has essentially picked himself due to a lack of competition from Steipermann. However, I suspect that with Duda coming in - both McLean and Steipermann will find their game time reduced in the coming months. Leitner vs Vrancic was a tough one last season - but Leitner had such a poor run of games for us this season before he was dropped, I would still definitely be inclined to go for Vrancic.
  3. HertsCanary93

    Team for Bournemouth

    In my opinion, Tettey has been superb in that holding role recently (although I can't talk about how he did against Manchester United, as I didn't see the full game). Where I would love to see more of Amadou, is coming off the bench to help us see out games.I think we could have won plenty more points in December if he had come on to help protect the back line.
  4. HertsCanary93

    Team for Bournemouth

    Is Godfrey meant to be back? I was under the impression he was ruled out until Feb? Great news if he is back! Krul Aarons, Godfrey, Zimmermann, Lewis Tettey, Vrancic Cantwell, Duda, Buendia Pukki If Duda is only here for six months, we might as well throw him in as soon as possible!
  5. HertsCanary93

    Max Aarons

    He's got 4 years on his contract, we're in the premier league and in a January transfer window. Spurs are unlikely to spend 30m+ on a player when they probably back themselves to sign him for ~20m in the summer. This is the same club that failed to sign Jack Grealish 2 summers ago for a 15m asking price as they refused to go higher than 12m. I will be incredibly surprised if anyone important leaves this window.
  6. HertsCanary93

    Lukas Rupp

    German clubs have always had good banter
  7. HertsCanary93

    Lukas Rupp

    Bit of a bizarre signing in my opinion. Wikipedia says he is an attacking midfielder, probably our best position in regards to depth.
  8. HertsCanary93

    Duda signed

    Realistically, we would all rather sign a player on loan than no one at all. It will be interesting to see who loses their place to Duda the most over the course of the season. I imagine neither Webber or Farke would be overly keen on sacrificing the development of our own players for the development of Duda (unless they feel there is a realistic chance of a permanent - unlikely imo). This is the primary cause of my distaste for the loan market, when used without options to buy; Best case scenario - the player is brilliant and helps achieve your short term goals - but then too expensive to purchase and help the club longer term. Most likely case - they are around the same level as your own players, leading to a reluctance to play them over contracted players who are in it for the long term. Worst case scenario, they are ****e and suck money out of the club. I personally struggle to see the benefit to the club long term from this signing. Unless of course he keeps us up. Perhaps if this deal was done in the summer it would have been more likely, but now I am a bit less convinced. Fingers crossed he is the second coming of Messi and fires us to safety!
  9. HertsCanary93

    A dearth of strikers

    You can be one of the best players at a club and still get savaged by fans on a message board. Just look at Todd Cantwell. The only point I am trying to make, is that Rival clubs have made as many prudent signings this summer as others have bad signings. For every Joelinton there is a McBurnie, Mousset, Maupay or yes, even Adams. We would take any of the latter four on our bench in a heartbeart, we would also be happy for any of them to lead our line next season or at least make their money back. Our striking options outside Pukki have been essentially non-existent.
  10. HertsCanary93

    A dearth of strikers

    He was one of the best strikers to visit Carrow Road last season, scored 22 goals and he is 23 years old. Being reduced to cameos by the most in form premier league striker does not instantly make you a waste of money, a terrible player or even a bad signing. Would I rather have him coming off the bench instead of Dennis Srbeny? Yes. Would I rather he started over Idah against Man Utd? Also yes. Would I like him to compete with Pukki in the championship next season? Also yes. He's not Steven Naismith where he is over the hill and looking for his last pay check. He was one of the best young players in the championship and still has a lot to prove. Unlike Dennis Srbeny, you don't see Southampton trying to flog him mid-season - they want to keep him as they know he can offer them something. If he does get sold - they will likely get a loan fee and then make their money back on the permanent - because young English talent doesn't lose it's value in 22 games.
  11. HertsCanary93

    Why we will be relegated

    Not a good combo
  12. HertsCanary93

    Why we will be relegated

    December was a really painful month. Arguably the best football I have ever seen us play in the premier league (I'm a young-un) - but really poor results due to our inability to convert chances and have games out of sight. Pukki has been superb this season, but has been poor since the Leicester game (probably due to carrying an injury). This is where the huge frustration from our lack of depth comes from. I will cheer any player wearing Norwich colours, but I knew deep down that Dennis Srbeny was not going to come on and score the chances Pukki was missing.
  13. HertsCanary93

    Why we will be relegated

    We're an attacking team that doesn't score enough goals. If the plan was to play a free flowing attacking game, where we sacrifice solidity at the back for attacking movement - you have to score more than 1 goal a game on average. Especially when you give a goal away from set-pieces every other game.
  14. HertsCanary93

    A dearth of strikers

    Yeah, I did write that. If Norwich were 12th placed, and Teemu was keeping him out the team with 14 goals in 22 games - I think every Norwich fan in their right mind would be still be happy.
  15. HertsCanary93

    Been conned

    The home and away membership schemes have put a real sour note on what should be an enjoyable premier league season (regardless of results)