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  1. HertsCanary93

    Team for Everton

    Krul Byram Godfrey Amadou Lewis Tettey Vrancic Roberts Cantwell Hernandez Pukki We need to change the team, the current lineup is not scoring goals. Unfortunately there is not much we can do at the back due to injuries and poor depth. Buendia needs to be dropped and given the chance to show what he can do from the bench. I thought Roberts looked useful in pre season and should be given a chance to show what he can do. Onel aside, the players picked in front of him have shown nothing for seven games. Roberts deserves a shot.
  2. HertsCanary93

    Wtf is going on here?

    Unfortunately couldn't make the game yesterday, but the boos were definitely audible on the TV. I have publicly have strong reservations about how the club did in the summer, window but booing the players/manager is not on. They were brilliant for us last season and still are giving their all.
  3. HertsCanary93

    Pantwetting continues

    Better hope these "senior center backs" plan on chipping in with some goals.
  4. I can't fathom how the club have managed to convince the local media that the pitiful 750k investment in our squad is justifiable on a premier league income. Every time it is alluded to in interviews, there is some babble about "doing things the right way", "the model" and "silly money" - as if there is no middle ground between £750k and £100m. The media seem to eat it up. There are clubs in league 1 who have invested more than this in the playing staff. Webber loves to patronise fans and journalists alike with his "people don't realise that we are paid transfer fees and TV money over a period of time". Everyone knows this, but no one has the balls to remind him that we are paying for players over a period of time too. What we are left with is a young squad who have had any confidence absolutely lashed out of them. If we get relegated, the group will be demoralised and the best talent plucked off by ambitious prem teams. We will be further backwards than we were last year. It upsets me to see the young, great players from last season hung out to dry. It is not good for their development and it is not good for the club. The players have been let down by the club not giving them the support they need to compete.
  5. HertsCanary93

    Match Night Thread -

    This season is quickly becoming embarrassing. The young players are being hung out to dry. Getting thumped 2 or 3 nil every week is not helping their development. We should have signed the experience required to compete at this level. If we go down, we will end up with a worse squad than we had last year.
  6. HertsCanary93

    Match Night Thread -

    Well I can't imagine we will hear much about the finances from Webber, any time soon. He only ever emerges from the shadows when we win a game.
  7. HertsCanary93

    Match Night Thread -

    Absolutely pathetic start you have to say. All over the place.
  8. HertsCanary93

    What’s the problem?

    They invested significantly more money - and maybe that is the difference. I suspect there is more to it than that though. The core of that Sheff Utd squad is the same as the one we beat to the title last year.
  9. HertsCanary93

    So many misplaced passes

    The last goal we scored from passing the ball was six games ago. We are desperate to 'keep our identity', but I bet most neutrals couldn't tell you what our identity is at the moment. Passing the ball well is certainly not it.
  10. HertsCanary93

    Patrick Roberts

    Seems like a poor signing. Not apparently good enough to improve the first team, won't help us next year if we get relegated and taking up space in our tiny wage budget.
  11. HertsCanary93

    A bit of perspective

    Well put! I think the one point I dispute strongly is that we will tear up the championship if we got relegated. Momentum is huge and it will be a huge challenge to get back to being a winning team. Huddersfield and Cardiff were both disciplined with spending and have struggled to adapt back to the championship. We will also have to adapt to being be plucked clean of the youngsters, which is a depressing but realistic thought. I believe we can turn the corner, but we have to do it soon. We need to start getting more points on the road and getting our mojo back at home.
  12. HertsCanary93

    VAR - F*ck off

    It was farcical today - no doubt. Seems like it was terrible across the board in the other games as well. Ironically, the two penalties probably did us more good than Man Utd as it at least gave the crowd and players a boost for 5 mins or so.
  13. HertsCanary93

    People are going to criticise Cantwell

    Agreed that Emi had a poorer performance than Cantwell today. He seemed completely rattled and proceeded to play 60 minutes of the game in an unproductive sulk. Definitely not what you need when you are up against it. Would swap Emi for Onel next week. Emi will be desperate to make an impact from the bench and can hopefully get his mojo back asap.
  14. HertsCanary93


    He was definitely the bright spark from today. We've really missed his pace and directness.
  15. HertsCanary93

    Today's Match Thread

    Oh I fully agree. At the start of the season, most would say if we can improve at the back, we will likely score enough to stay up. Now I am not so sure - and that really worries me.