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  1. HertsCanary93

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Nelson has all the technical and physical qualities to be a premier league striker. He showed glimpses of what he can do when he first arrived here. He was even still getting occasional call ups to Portugal when he was with us, which shows how well regarded he is in the international set up. It isn't immediately obvious what is holding him back, but it seems to have followed him wherever he has been. At the stage in his career, it is unlikely he will ever fulfill his potential - which is a shame.
  2. HertsCanary93

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    I'm not sure how much weight an 'exclusive' from footballinsider247 has... But he is a player I could believe we are interested in. While I'm not sure we are desperate for another in that position - we were certainly after that lad from Hibbs before it fell through. So clearly we are looking to add someone there, if they are available.
  3. HertsCanary93


    Pretty much this. I have seen next to nothing to convince me he can be an effective premier league player - and in my opinion struggled to leave an impression in the championship . He will need a lot more than decent showing against a 4th tier side to convince Farke to give him any minutes in the PL.
  4. HertsCanary93

    Danny Mills

    Byram has really missed out on all of Leeds' success since leaving. Some career highlights he will be gutted at missing out on include: not being promoted in 16/17, not being promoted in 17/18 and let's not forget not being promoted in 18/19.
  5. HertsCanary93

    Sheffield United

    There is no rule though - if there was then staying up would be a breeze. Arguably the closest to the rule would be bringing in Big Sam/Pulis and punting it to a 6 ft 5 target man for 38 games. Each team seems to be doubling down on the strategies that got them promoted and it is hard to argue with that. Wilder has a strategy that has been effective and he wants to find players that compliment that strategy - exactly what Farke is doing. I don't think our strategy is exactly the rule to staying in the premier league either.
  6. HertsCanary93

    Huddersfield new kit

    “We’ve gone for a really modern twist on how we feature the famous Paddy Power logo" Has to be a wind up. Quite a good wind up though.
  7. HertsCanary93

    Sheffield United

    Sheffield Uniteds strategy worked very well for us under Lambert. Their approach is different to ours, but no less valid in my opinion.
  8. HertsCanary93

    New signing photo leaked

    I imagine he has taken a moderate pay cut to come here. He has signed a decent length deal which is a better investment for him than demanding a similar wage and ending up out of contract next year with an injury record. Good signing for all parties. For 750k in the premier league - you really can't go wrong. Especially when we also have Aarons in that position.
  9. HertsCanary93

    OT - Newcastle, Steve Bruce and everything in between

    With Rafa - I do wonder how much of it was the club's lack of ambition Vs Ashley not giving him a substantial pay rise. The fact he immediately went to the Chinese league suggests to me it was the latter, which is fair enough. We keep hearing about how Rafa wasn't backed by the owner - but on Transfermarkt it looks like they spent about 160m over the last 3 years. Still a decent amount considering they were in the championship for the first of those three. Additionally, the players they have sold in the premier league all seemed to be players not fancied by Rafa. How much backing Bruce will get?
  10. HertsCanary93

    Will Villa be the new Fulham?

    Time will tell how ours and Villas approach will be looked back on in the future. There is no recipe for survival. Spending over 100m does not instantly mean you are 'doing a Fulham' and will hence be relegated. Equally doubling down on the promoted players and spending little, is no guarantee of survival by any stretch. It will be interesting to compare us with villa next season as both teams are taking extremely opposite approaches at staying up. Regardless of approach - If either team finishes with less than 30 points they will be crucified by the media, pundits and fans alike. Just like Fulham have been. The next batch of promoted teams will then point to them as what to avoid and the cycle will continue.
  11. HertsCanary93

    Non-Football threads

    There's nothing wrong with non-football threads. I just wish they would go in the (aptly named) non-football section.
  12. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/07/09/norwich-agree-new-five-year-contract-highly-rated-defender-max/ Fantastic news if true!
  13. HertsCanary93

    New home kit...

    Sponsor logo definitely blends in a lot better than Aviva or Leovegas. If I was looking to buy one myself, I would not a huge fan of the blend. I noticed it was quite popular in the premier league last season, but found the shirts look odd when worn with jeans etc. Looks good on the players though, so I'm happy.
  14. HertsCanary93

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    While we should all trust the approach and players that worked so well last season, there is definitely a middle ground with this window. In my opinion, without more quality/depth (and I take my yellow glasses off) - we will likely be relegated. The premier league is absolutely brutal. We simply need to strengthen in a few positions and I am sure we are trying to do so. For example, we need a quality defensive midfielder to compete with Trybull and it will be very naive in my opinion to rely on Godfrey in that position. He has never (to my knowledge) played there above League 1 standard and to rely on him to compete there in the premier league is hopeful to say the least. I am a little worried we are missing out on some targets to (in my opinion) lesser teams, but I trust we have a solid pipeline of options to move on to. I am glad we are not giving targets false promises or over the top wages and I like all the players we have brought in so far. I hope to see at least another 2 permanent transfers on or above the level of Drmic.
  15. HertsCanary93

    Leo Vegas......now dafabet

    It's the adverts on TV that really get under my skin. They absolutely cram them in these days and relentlessly barrage you with new offers and all that in play boll*cos - any literally any moment they get the chance. Sky even have a special slot seconds before kickoff where they squeeze in yet another mind numbing shot of Ray Winston chatting rubbish about how much money you will win. I was delighted to read that Sky are doing away with them during matches next season.