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  1. For someone who says in the same interview that actions speak louder than words, he really doesn't know when to shut up does he?
  2. One of our best players today and this season. Snowflake fans who give it the big one but can't take it back can go cry in the corner.
  3. Something tells me a manager who is 5th in the form table and has just broken into the play-offs going into the final 3rd of the season isn't a dead man walking.
  4. Embarrassing from a portion of the fans today. These days you'll hear the snake pit in only 3 situations. When they are booing their own team, when they are booing the drummer, and (only if we're lucky enough to be winning) maybe they will sing about the snake pit. Sad times from a portion of our fanbase that used to give the most vocal support.
  5. Connolly should probably look where he is going. There was only going to be one winner for that header.
  6. The atmosphere at the moment is as bad as I can ever remember it. Which was most underpinned by the loudest noise during the game coming from the snakepit singing the "How sh*t must you be... we're winning 1-0" song. There vibe was generally a bit more positive before the game, I think most people were ready to get behind the team - however the performance was a cure for insomnia. I hope the Ipswich game is a catalyst for all corners of the stadium to bring back some energy
  7. Should put a star on the shirt for beating Spain in a qualifier, can go next to the one for beating England 0-0 in a real tournament.
  8. Not sure I'm watching the same game as some (or maybe my standards a so low after the last year), but I think i's been an exciting performance so far. DW isn't going to cut out the stupid mistakes in game one, but the ball is already moving much quicker and we're committing more men forward on the attack.
  9. He played his best stuff before the coaching team could actually get their influence on him.
  10. Awful result. Awful match. Awful refereeing. This bad run was coming with all the luck we had to win the games before.
  11. Gunn Byram Gibson Hanley Aarons Gibbs McClean Nunez Cantwell Pukki Sargent The first 20mins against Preston was the best I've seen us play for a while. Keen to see the two up top given another chance. Aarons, Om, Ramsey and Krul all had nightmares. Aarons keeps his spot for me purely because we haven't got anyone else there at the moment. Keen to exercise some of our squad depth.
  12. The thing that triggered me the most about the ref was his watch gesture when WBA were time wasting... It might have had more of an impact if he'd added on more than 1 minute in the first half. I thought he was particularly dreadful - and that includes the (imo) stonewall WBA penalty and (less sure on this one) controversial Norwich goal. I think much of the booing was aimed at him, but there was certainly frustration with the performance as well.
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