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  1. Did you fall into a thesaurus and a book of poetry when writing this? What a load of pretentious tripe.
  2. Being bought by the Saudis or any CCP backed businessperson would certainly make me consider my support for the club. I will always be a Norwich fan, but I personally would not be buying any merch/tickets if we were bankrolled to the big-time by human rights abusers.
  3. I'm sure villa fans would happily spend the 144m again to 'scrape 17th' . What a bizarre argument. In the end they have achieved their goals this season. After the break, while we folded from game one and gave away goals for fun - they tightened up their defense and targeted goals from set pieces. It's paid off for them. Let's not all act high and mighty about only finishing 17th. Both our promotion rivals number one target would have been Premier League survival - they both achieved it and we finished bottom on 21 points with a GD of -49.
  4. Hard to begrudge Villa, they've ground out results since the restart. Its almost like that's what you need to do to survive. They've sorted out their issues at the back and have managed to bundle some in off set pieces. With the sale of Grealish and another year of prem money - the 144m investment is going to turn a very tidy profit.
  5. They'll be moving onto their 5th manager of the season... If I can add up... It normally works out for them. Their entire club seems to be built around the new manager bounce. Although who do you even bring in at this point?
  6. Drmic and Buendia both finish the season with as many red cards as goals... "Season has been a success"
  7. That was definitely a red. You can't elbow someone in the back of the head... Westwood knows exactly what he's doing by winding him up.
  8. I don't believe any club has a divine right to any division in the English football pyramid, and that's one of the reasons why in my opinion American style leagues are so boring. However, it's hard really to begrudge Leeds their shot back in the Prem. Some of their fans are ****, but then ultimately you'll struggle to find a club which haven't got their fair share. I will definitely be keeping half an eye on the Prem next year as it is shaping up to be an interesting season. Hopefully they forget about all of their players we signed over our stints in the top flight...
  9. Don't get me wrong, no complaints really about the transfer strategy up until this season. The approach has very much been to cast a wide net and bring in lots for not a whole lot, hope that half stick and then move on the rest as soon as possible.
  10. Looks like 10 games over the last 5 years, but did go to the WC with them. I honestly think we'll struggle to move him on, and he might be useful in the championship as an option.
  11. Christ we've signed some **** amongst the gold.
  12. But our highest league position under the Webber regime!
  13. Webber has not taken his time to get rid/loan out mistakes in the past. I can think of Marshall, Franke, Heise and Husband who all were pushed out after a year. In sure there's more that have slipped my mind.
  14. Well that was dull. After the last few games, I'm not sure that's a bad thing.
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