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  1. Agreed. Great performance today and one of the brighter points from Everton. Seems to be much more technically astute than I was expecting considering the marketing around the signing.
  2. One of the worst games I have seen in a while. But a point is a point - definitely a step in the right direction.
  3. Farke has had more than time that most to prove he can cut it with us in this division. Last premier League campaign was a disaster, one that I believe many attributed far too much to the pandemic. We seem to be going backwards this season and look absolutely lost for ideas. It saddens me to be coming to the conclusion that he will never be able to keep us up.
  4. Thank god I'm not the manager because I am at a complete loss who to pick at this stage Krul Aarons Omobamidele Hanley Kabak Williams Normann McClean Tzolis Seargent Cantwell
  5. Benik A̶d̶o̶b̶e̶ Afobe* comes to mind as a recent one. I remember we spent almost an entire summer lodging bids well below the asking price.
  6. Maybe we're signing Brandon Williams to let Giannoulis take up a full time position as Chief Scout?
  7. It will all come down to how much Villa want him. If they bid 30m... He will almost certainly be off (hopefully with us negotiating the fee a little closer to 40m). The contract situation doesn't leave us in the strongest position - and from the sounds of it, part of the reason we can attract top young talent is that we don't stand in their way when a stronger/more ambitious team comes in for them*. While I would be surprised if Villa bid the required amount - they will have 100m burning a hole in their pocket and have strong financial backing even before the sale. The club make a big deal about having a contingency for any player leaving... I hope it doesn't get put to the test, but I fear we may do. * It pains me to say that about Villa - but we don't really have a leg to stand on when arguing otherwise.
  8. Not entirely surprising imo - the amount of money rumoured is unlikely the sort we'll spend on one player. The Idah exchange as well made it seem even stranger. I suspect the press were leaked something from Southampton/An Agent to bump prices/wages up.
  9. Really hope we can get Tzolis over the line asap. I've made the mistake of watching some YouTube videos and he looks like the second coming of Buendia. Sounds like Brandon Williams is just a matter of time as well. If we can get those two in, then possibly we're just looking for another striker, DM and CB?
  10. Definitely getting a little nervous, the sale of Emi was obviously a hammer blow - but we followed it up with some good business. Bit now with the Cantwell contract situation and Villa interest, we're certainly not out the woods with important players potentially leaving. Feel like we really need to kick on asap and get some more quality in this week. The cancelled friendlies and tough start to the season haven't done us too many favours. Not time to panic yet though. We're fantastic at conducting business quietly, so I'm not worried about lack of rumours.
  11. Nah - The one that has posted about 20 messages on a Friday slagging off one of our players for absolutely no reason.
  12. This thread proving once again which generation are the real snowflakes.
  13. I'm a little disappointed, feels like we weren't a million miles away with our 10m bid and it's a shame a deal want struck as he's a good player. I'm sure we have other targets lined up though Also, it's quite funny that the "Mighty Famous Celtic" have just sold their best player to Brentford.
  14. Really good signing. I was a bit worried after it all went public, but it's good to see we've seen it out anyway. Will be interesting to see how he fits into the system. He seems a very different player to Skipp, so I'm sure we're still on the lookout for another midfielder.
  15. My experience probably goes back to a similar time period to you - 2003ish For me, it's tough to pick between: Simeon Jackson winner against Derby. What a group of players... you could tell even up to the last seconds, the fans new we would get that goal. When it came, the stadium absolutely exploded. Beating Man City. I'm not sure if it is recency-bias, but of all the "upsets" we'd caused over the last 15 or so years - that one felt the most special. It's a huge shame we couldn't build on that result, in the hour or so after the game - all the players, fans and staff looked and felt so confident. 4-1 against Ipswich. We absolutely dismantled them, and cemented Holty as an icon. Of all the games, this was the one that had the most consistent bouncing atmosphere for the full 90mins. I think we'd been fairly poor against them until that game as well, so it felt so good to beat them so resoundingly. 4-4 against Boro. My first real experience at Carrow Road with a last minute comeback - definitely has a special place in my memory.
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