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  1. We're 67 points from 32 games, and our corresponding position two years ago was 60 points from 32 games, so we're 7 points ahead of where we were before. Though after that we went on a run of 8 straight wins and finished with 10 wins and 4 draws from our final 14 games. 8 of our next 9 games are against the lower half of the table. But it's Norwich so I'm sure there will more twists and turns and edge of the seat nail-biting stuff.
  2. I watched the first half of Swansea vs Coventry and Swansea didn't have a lot of energy, think they're going to struggle with the schedule. Watched the first half of Bournemouth vs Cardiff and Mick McCarthy has them hoofing the ball and playing for set pieces. Bournemouth have a lot of neat and tidy holding midfielders but no cutting edge.
  3. He's on the bench tonight so it's unlikely to be that bad.
  4. Not convinced that's true, even in 2010 Cameron barely won and had to get the Lib Dems to prop up his government. Clegg then traded the decimation of his party for a vote on AV.
  5. As an aside, it's weird that without fans that for some teams the "away" match is still a significant disadvantage (Watford and Huddersfield for example).
  6. Yes, but I think the very best managers are those who can take the pressure off the big games. Hearing Farke talk about the build up to the Leeds 3-1 game for example, he was telling the players to enjoy it and that they'd remember these big occasions when they looked back on their playing careers.
  7. The Form on the BBC league tables usually takes an age to update
  8. The pitch was awful and God knows what it's going to be like with two teams playing on it twice a week. Glad we've gotten Coventry and Birmingham out of the way.
  9. I'd bet on 0-0, thought Karanka would park the bus and we'd struggle to break them down
  10. I hate being a Norwich fan. Why we couldn't have scored the penalty and had a comfortable win. Ugly ugly win, but glad of the 3 points.
  11. Zimmerman really isn't looking comfortable at the back, especially on that pitch
  12. Palace won 2-1, but looking at the stats, god knows how. Palace had two touches in the Brighton penalty area all match.
  13. The problem for Starmer is that whilst he's a solid candidate to win the middle-ground voters, it's easy for the Tories to win on a small government/low taxation platform whilst cannibalising their opponents policies, and he can't single-handedly appeal to all the groups Labour needs to win. In the Blair/Brown days you had John Prescott and Alan Johnson to deal with the Unions, Gordon Brown and Donald Dewar to deal with the Scottish voters, Mandelson to talk to business (a surprisingly popular Business Secretary), etc . "New Labour" was essentially a collection of very diverse individuals fronted by Tony Blair. Though once Blair had a huge majority he just did whatever he wanted, with Brown desperately trying to claw him back. Labour's been on a downward slide ever since Brown lost power. Liam Byrne leaving behind the "ha ha there's no money letter" for David Laws (Not surprising that David Laws' career got utterly torched as a result - there was some serious payback there ). Labour spending three months electing a successor whilst the Tories, Lib Dems and SNP took the opportunity in the vacuum to blame Labour for their financial spending. A lack of Scottish politicians, his support for austerity and a resurgent SNP meant Ed Miliband lost Scotland. Corbyn then won the Labour leadership as a backslash against Tory austerity, and ended up losing the Red Wall over Brexit.
  14. To summarise - he doesn't like Starmer, he liked Corbyn, then he posts his bank details and asks for money
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