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  1. Ouch. It's rallied slightly back up to $1.06-$1.07, but still bombing overall.
  2. From the BBC The government had to tell the markets that it needed to borrow an extra £72bn this year, but did not publish the numbers behind that. Interest rates charged for British debt hit 4%, having been 3.1% earlier this week, and 1.8% at the beginning of the leadership contest with Rishi Sunak. The Treasury's answer to all this is a table of forecasts which shows how much tax revenue would be raised if its reforms were able to permanently raise growth in the economy.
  3. With Kami-Kwasi's insistence that the Bank of England meet him twice a week, I'd imagine he'll be leaning on them heavily
  4. The phrase "Kami-Kwasi Economics" is trending.
  5. Forest won the playoff final on May 29th with five loan players in their eighteen man squad. Four players from the team that won the playoff final started tonight, with only six players in their twenty player match squad from the playoff triumph. They'd started pretty well, beating West Ham, drawing with Everton, and losing to Man City, Spurs and Newcastle. Sliding doors moment for Cooper is that half-time against Bournemouth. Leading 2-0 at home then losing 3-2. Then following it up with the same scoreline against Fulham. Both of those games were real six-pointers, especially at home against relegation rivals. Would imagine they'd take the upcoming international break to sack Cooper and appoint someone else.
  6. The issue for Leicester is that despite their success, (assuming these figures are correct) they've struggled to have the same branding and marketing revenue that the so called big 6 have had. Their recruitment was exceptional selling the likes of Maguire, Mahrez, Drinkwater, Chilwell, Fofana and Kante for big money. But Jamie Vardy's almost 36 and can't go on forever.
  7. MOTD glossed over Bournemouth's defending. Some great strikes, but shocking defending by Bournemouth, but all they talk about is how good Liverpool were..
  8. Ah, but if he doesn't get enough points for a work permit, he doesn't get to play at Stoke
  9. Makes Marco Stiepermann washing Daniel Farke's car small in comparison
  10. As other have pointed out unless he can get an appeal as some kind of exceptional young talent, it's hard to see how he qualifies. Canada are 43rd in the FIFA rankings, so signing him and loaning him back or out to another club for a season might work.
  11. I think it's a mixture of things. Traditional printed media is dying and resorting to sensational click bait style headlines to try to sell. Then you have the 'influencers'. Youngsters barely out of their teens looking for media careers, who work very hard, and like criticising but ultimately have paper thin egos. Stuart Webber's conduct over the past twelve months has been pretty odious and honestly pathetic, but I do have a degree of sympathy. I don't think it's very professional of him though.
  12. Like buses, you wait for one to turn up then three come at once Odd line up though, 4-2-3-1 with Cantwell as an 8 and Sargent as a 10?
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