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  1. Icecream Snow

    OT - EU straw poll...

    I remembered reading Andrew Rawnsley's book "The End of the Party" (which I am nowhere near finishing) and his account of the Iraq Invasion, that the Labour Party were struggling to get public opinion on their side. Jacques Chirac either threatened or promised to veto any UN security resolution to go into Iraq, and Blair and Brown vaulted off that . The Sun enjoying themselves with "Le Worm" headlines. I think the EU negotiators have been mindful of those tactics the whole way through, keeping everything as safe and as neutral as possible. The problem with that is that they've put up with May's silliness for far too long. But for me anyway, May's "deal" doesn't seem like much of a deal though. It seems to be devoid of any real content. We're 38 days from March 29, and can anyone clearly explain May's position? It seems to be "Well we'd like a trade deal with the EU, we want to be a completely separate country, but we don't want a hard border with Ireland". Which is basically asking for a Schrodinger's cat that is both dead and alive at the same time. Either you have a union with a group of countries where you share the same standards so that goods can flow freely between you or you have a border. If you have a border, you declare the goods at the border and customs apply the appropriate level of import duty. Whilst I can understand the debating around the backstop, what I don't understand is the gaping black hole in May's plan, that even if MPs sign off and agree to start talks, what arrangement can the UK put credibly forward that doesn't trigger the backstop.
  2. Icecream Snow

    OT - EU straw poll...

    But the UK leaving the EU means that the EU doesn't have to factor in UK considerations into its trade deals. Without Brexit, I can't believe the UK would have agreed to zero imports on Japanese cars. (I understand the EU-Japan deal still leaves tariffs on 6% of products, even when fully phased in over twenty odd years)
  3. Icecream Snow

    Is Lambert heading for a new record?

    I think Brian Laws managed two relegations in the same season.
  4. Icecream Snow

    JR - top man!

    It took me till ICF's post that you weren't talking about John Ruddy.
  5. Icecream Snow

    Are You Norwich?

    Are they making this up?
  6. Icecream Snow

    Are You Norwich?

    No, just no.
  7. Icecream Snow

    Are You Norwich?

    I tried again. Both times I didn't get the Bishybarnaby question
  8. Icecream Snow

    Are You Norwich?

    The only alternatives I've ever heard is that it's Janken to the Japanese, and Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock if you watch the Big Bang Theory.
  9. Icecream Snow

    Are You Norwich?

    Mine looks like a vicious nosebleed
  10. Tettey potentially out for weeks with ligament damage, currently having a scan. Buendia and Stiepermann carrying knocks and doubtful for tomorrow.
  11. Icecream Snow

    Farke new contract imminent

    John Percy was the first to break the Daniel Farke appointment story and is generally regarded as highly reliable.
  12. Icecream Snow

    genuine question.....is Paul Lambert all there?

    I was gutted when Lambert left for Villa, but ended up hating the Villa fans more because of their sense of entitlement (i think they're even worse than the binners) I think Lambert's lost the plot. Farke will probably have a whip round for the fine, but mentally he's moved on and is only thinking of the next game, whereas I think Lambert could go on for weeks on this.
  13. Icecream Snow

    Charges have Been Made Apparently.

    you mean the one they posted 20 minutes ago? https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/fa-charge-norwich-city-ipswich-town-misconduct-after-derby-1-5889164
  14. Icecream Snow

    Ipswich going to complain

    I thought pink was supposed to have a calming influence?
  15. Icecream Snow

    Paul Lambert

    Yeah, I'd agree with that assessment. The Clough/O'Neill school of management was built around having some distance from the players. Hearing Martin O'Neill speak about Brian Clough, I think he's still terrified of him, and even Lambert described the rare times Martin O'Neill showed up to training as "like a visit from Darth Vader". Even Alex Ferguson would get his No 2 to do the training sessions. Lambert is clearly a great motivator and leader, but any time it's been suggested on here that he left the tactical side to Culverhouse, certain people on here treat it as an attempt to rewrite history. But I've it from multiple Villa and Norwich sources now. After five years with Culverhouse and Karsa, when they got sacked for "bullying" and he limped through to the summer and offered his resignation to the Villa board (and the then Chief Executive got him to sign a new four year deal), the partnership with Roy Keane didn't last long and he got sacked partway through the season.