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  1. Icecream Snow


    Does he have to ask questions about free sanitary products?
  2. "The issue of free sanitary products had been put back until the new Operations Manager takes up post at the end of August." Gives Waveney something to talk about
  3. Icecream Snow


    Someone should start some kind of Transfer Rumours thread
  4. Icecream Snow


    Still three weeks left
  5. Icecream Snow

    Sheff U panic buy

    I'd expect Wilder to stick to his 3-4-1-2 formation and play two strikers. Billy Sharp is 33 and David McGoldrick is 31 (with a history of injury problems). Last season they brought in Scott Hogan and Gary Madine on loan, both have gone back to their parent clubs.
  6. Icecream Snow

    Aarons New 5 Year Deal Confirmed.

    Lewis and Leitner left?
  7. Icecream Snow

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Maybe she was looking in the mirror and talking to herself?
  8. Icecream Snow

    OT - Newcastle, Steve Bruce and everything in between

    Apparently Sky were reporting that Bruce was 11th choice and not on the original shortlist.
  9. Icecream Snow

    OT - Newcastle, Steve Bruce and everything in between

    I thought he'd been interviewed once, with the board less than impressed with his attitude to coaching qualifications.
  10. Icecream Snow

    Sheffield United

    Sheffield United seem to be adopting the Cardiff approach, improving their squad to tackle the Championship a second time.
  11. Icecream Snow

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Would have thought it highly unlikely. Norwich would be wanting at least £20m-30m, and that combined with the fact that Spurs can't sign him and loan him to another Premiership team, means he'd have to walk straight into the first team. He's 19 with one Championship season under his belt, and Spurs are the Champion League runners up. I can see Spurs wanting him, but not under those terms.
  12. Icecream Snow

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    I think it's a solid signing. He's 25, has played over 150 games (including 20+ in the Premiership), and is homegrown. Only downside is his recent injury record.
  13. Icecream Snow

    Are we any stronger?

    On the "Recovery Day" video the club released, he's on crutches, and keeping the weight off his foot.
  14. Icecream Snow

    Are we any stronger?

    So far we've brought in two players with Champions League experience, and an international striker. So yes we're stronger, and the window doesn't close for another 24 days.
  15. Icecream Snow

    Andy Hughes

    Preston fans described him as "a tower of apathy"