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  1. Interesting comment from Keiran Maguire https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58604851 From afar, they appear to have really let everybody else down. The profligate expenditure since Mel Morris took over, wages effectively trebled from £16m in 2014 to £47m by 2018.
  2. Mel Morris allegedly pumped £200 million into the club. Always seemed like a bit of retirement home for players who had accepted they couldn't make it in the Premiership.
  3. Wouldn't get a work permit. South Africa are ranked 75th.
  4. This is screenshot of their most recent Serie A articles. Championship is limited to us, Watford, Bournemouth, Derby , Forest and Sheffield Wednesday.
  5. Seems a weird article, just an excuse to say the word bum every other paragraph. Unless it's going to be a prostate cancer awareness thing?
  6. they would troll me like this. Can other Athletic subscribers confirm if this is a genuine article or not?
  7. Very different though. When Webber came from Huddersfield he was able to copy the model: appoint a technical German coach from a top team, try to find value in the Bundesliga 2, use premiership loans and try to play in a Champions team level style. I can't see Middlesboro being attractive to Scott when he's said in interview that he believes the way we play football is the way football should be played. Pulis, and finally Warnock with a squad of big athletes doesn't sound like that. Wouldn't surprise me if Scott's agent is trying to get his name out there and give him a bigger profile.
  8. They're still very young though. Dan Adshead is 19, Reece McAlear is 19, Aidan Fitzpatrick is 20, Regan Riley is 18, and if Flynn Clarke joins he's 18 as well. So they're all still heavily in the U23 group or getting loans for some game time.
  9. You sure, thought they were still interviewing and that Chris Wilder was the favourite?
  10. We need a Saville Row partnership to make Purple a NCFC suit
  11. We have had a very different relationship with Todd's agents than Emi's, Ben Godfrey's, Max Aaron's and Jamal Lewis's. We got the others to sign five year deals but that only works if there are assurances that the players can move on if a significant transfer fee presents itself. Todd's agents don't trust us and are a pain to deal with. If you start trying to force players to uphold five year deals, then they'll refuse to sign anything longer than a three year deal.
  12. Whilst I wouldn't have wanted Emi to go, I doubt Todd would raise the same kind of money. For me, Emi's gifted but he's a bit of a luxury for a team in a relegation scrap. We got 18 points from 5 teams (Manchester City, Leicester, Newcastle, Everton and Bournemouth), 3 points from another three teams (Arsenal, Spurs and Crystal Palace) and got 0 points from 11 teams (Brighton, Watford, Southampton, Burnley, West Ham, Aston Villa, Sheffield United, Wolves, Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool. Weirdly we got more points against the top 6 than the bottom 7 and when teams let us play, we performed well. Webber's comments about how the other teams were bigger, stronger and faster than ours highlights the direction I believe he wants to take us in. We got beaten from set pieces and counter attacks way too often, and I think he wants a bigger, stronger, quicker side.
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