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  1. I've got tickets for the El Classico in April, can't wait to see the new stadium. Mighty impressive.
  2. Just to confirm, I've accused him of nothing. I've relayed a comment that claims there is an ongoing sexual case against him.
  3. Interestingly Bethnal also mentions a very 'live' outstanding sexual assault case against him, on going in South Korea. Be interesting to see which way the moral compass lies.
  4. Yes, In texts sent to her friend she said "When I get my big win, I'm going to buy a Mini and take you on holiday" Clearly chasing the P's.
  5. What happened to Police/CPS prosecuting without a victim? Sure it use to happen when all the women would accuse their men of domestic violence on a Sunday morning then drop the case on a Monday evening. Also, there's absolutely no link to this and Ched Evans IMO.
  6. Why are we playing QPR a week later? Sorry, this as probably been mentioned somewhere
  7. The format was incredibly bizarre too, Showed pre-Plymouth-Hudds build up, Showed highlights of Plymouth/Hudds Then showed another couple of games Before going back for Post Plymouth/Hudds thoughts.
  8. Again, Absolutely crazy decision to allow him to go and for just £1 Million. To see Onel starting and Springett on the bench, whilst shipping out Bali and Tzolis is mind blowing. Bali also incredibly versatile for times we need players to 'do a job'
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