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  1. Having seen Dennis Man's agent, there's no wonder SW is dragging negotiations out.
  2. Fulham, Championship will be poorer with Brentford in it next season.
  3. So just to confirm, The defence that we went up with and now have a years Premier League experience, now arent good enough and are suddenly all injury prone? And we should replace them all with better, not injury prone, players aged 23-28 from the Premier League which are really cheap if not free?
  4. If you think its possible to start the season with a better back four than; Max Zim Ben Jamal You are very, very deluded.
  5. What have I missed? I thought we had; Max Byram Godfrey Zimmerman Hanley Klose Jamal Sam M Bali
  6. I really don't want to see Max or Ben leave but if they have to I'd love to see them go Bayern/Dortmund
  7. The way they're talking about him you'd think he died.
  8. 1. Because after the season we've had, the negative nonesense is much closer to actual reality than your unsubstantiated guff. 2. It is. 3. Holy jesus christ, it really is, pre-match, post-match, mid-week, think you even dropped a 'in-play' post this week. 4. No maybe about it, you are.
  9. But we have to read you positive nonsense? Why is this all about you? All the time? You are so self absorbed it's unreal.
  10. Pathetic behaviour from a fully grown adult. Just to confirm is this really ANOTHER LDC thread telling people how they should feel?
  11. Did'nt Wycombe finish 3rd? 3 Points behind the Automatic spot, with a game in hand?
  12. Farke should Regret Not having a plan B I totally get what you're saying but he needs to have the resource to have a Plan B. We couldnt move to 3 at the back because well we couldnt get 2 centre backs fit, never mind 3. We could'nt move to two up top cause one of them one have been Drmic - Lol. Not setting u a team hard to Beat Again, hard with no tough centre midfields - Amadou was the hope unfortunaltey it didnt work out. Tettey did incredibly well but we needed more. Not going Direct sometimes to get the ball in the other teams box and see what happens We couldnt be more direct because Pukki, Cantwell, Buendia would have got mullered. However would we could/should have done was 'get rid' a little more ofter. Lots of goals have come from mistakes in areas of the pitch the ball shouldnt have been, we got aaway with it in the Championship, you dont in the Premier League. Ultimatey our failure has come down to recuitment, we didnt really do any and the bit we did was utterly dreadful - Only Byram can come out with any credit from all of our signings/loans. Farke and Webber have built up enough brownie points to have my support for another season. If we can keep the vast majority of our squad together, we are a year stronger and mature and I'm sure we'll be in the hunt to return to the Premier League.
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