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  1. So you're the one to decide when it's a last resort and when people are allowed to boo, Cool, got it.
  2. "Booing is and always will be tin-pot" "Booing should be a last resort"
  3. You know exactly what you're doing, its your Saturday evening 'stirring the pot' thread. Your thread isn't productive, its to incite conflict.
  4. Its not controversial, its a wind up - He is and always has been a subtle WUM/Troll
  5. Accepting failure is tinpot. Lil 'ole Norwich syndrome strikes again.
  6. We've got poor defenders Weak midfield area Toothless attackers. I genuinely don't know where to start.
  7. Emi was our best player, Are we going down cos we sold him, absolutely not. We're going down because we haven't used the money make our first 11 better.
  8. Because he'd have to admit he's wrong about Hanley. So, so ****ing wrong.
  9. 1-3 Worst thing is, I'm just so emotionless about it all. Its just futile and expected every week
  10. Wondering why so many are so certain this squad can stay up? Krul, Aarons, Hanley, McClean, Pukki all failed previously. Rasicha + Sargent went down last season. Lets be right, no one had heard of Tzolis or Normann before we signed them. Or is it because they cost money, that we expect the squad to stay up?
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