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  1. In fairness, There is some ambiguity to the rule - Like how long do you allow treatment on the pitch, before needing to restart the game?
  2. All we'd have needed from them was a Rodrigo, a Raphina and a Koch. Ralph was our Mesilier - They also have Casilla who was a chunky signing. Llorente has only played 3 times for them so hasnt contributed to where they are now. And Costa was a bizarre pre-arranged signing from previous year.
  3. Yet they still look an estabilished side. Frustrates me because thats exactly how we could have been - No dobut we'd still have conceeded but wth a CB, a proper defensive CM and abit of quality at 10 we'd have been fine.
  4. He actually did try to come back on but the referree stopped him returning. In which time Brentford scored and Sheff W replaced him.
  5. I hate to say it but Leeds recruitment has been spot on. They went up with a good side (like us) Identfied areas they needed upgrading (like us) Sensibly invested (unlike us) Now they already look like a estabilished Premier League side, with a couple of players of real quality and with one player inparticulary who they can develope and recoup propbably all their spend for this season. Whilst we went with loans for Ralph, Amandou and Roberts who were all back with their parent clubs by in time for Christmas dinner.
  6. May not have changed anything but; Dalsgaard put a horror challenge in on a Sheff W player. Dalsgaard was booked (should have been red) and the Sheff Wed player had to go off for treatment - subsequently he never returned. During the time Sheff Wed had 10 men, Brentford scored their 2nd. Beyond me how a team who commit a foul can then have an advantage. They say its swings and roundabouts but we all know it rarely works like that.
  7. Its almost as if he's practiced being in the right place at the right time.
  8. If we're competing with Reading come May then something as gone drastically wrong. But it's nice to see all the teams in and around the playoffs drop points.
  9. Heaven forbid you agree your comment was ever so slighlty exaggerated. Nope, not Nutty. Right I'm done, have a lovely Sunday evening Nutty.
  10. What's the point in debating with someone who claims no manager can land a glove on Daniel Farke, Despite been given four managers who have landed a glove on him this this month?
  11. Also, The defence shouldn't just be judged on the GK and 4 defenders but; The cover the midfield provides and the philosophy of the team - If we are loading men forward to score goals, then there is always a risk wewill conceed more.
  12. I have no idea why you want to continue this, You can't make a rediculous claim then act like a diva when that claim is questioned. Had my fun? I do hope you're not suggesting that I have been intentionally trolling.
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