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  1. Nonesense, More than half this squad won the league last May and more than half of them won the league two years previously. Completely agree Re-Going Up. But Squad/Players/Recruitment cannot be an excuse this year. There's no big spender in the division this year, we easily have the best squad.
  2. You can't look at the squad we have and put not playing well down to poor player recruitment, not in this division.
  3. Can't remember the last time I enjoyed watching us play, But I know for sure Dean Smith wasn't stood at the side of the pitch. Double edged sword - I really want him out but if we keep picking points up and scrape promotion, he'll stay and make an embarrassment of us next season
  4. Unbelievable that they allowed him to spend c£250 Million and gave it just 7 games to work.
  5. Ultimately I wasn't good enough. Some mitigation; I was very slight until I filled out at 21 and was never particularly fast. I developed late and walked into in my final year at Halifax (U16), into a dressing room full of actual men. I was mentally a young 16, I spent my free time playing Championship Manager, two of the lads at Halifax were preparing to be dad's, the others had began going out, so I didn't really fit in, something that is key at that age. Looking back now, I think mentally the penny never dropped that if I really applied myself, I could do it as a job. The 'College Academy' was a great standard and there was talks of trials in Ireland and scholarships in US but it only really worked out for one lad, our goalkeeper who ended up playing in the US for a while before moving to Scandinavia. Our college/district games were played at Ossett Town and Albion. I was asked to start playing for Albion's reserves who were in the North East Counties meaning we spent every Tuesday playing over the pennienes, some where far, far away, add that to training twice a week, a game at the weekend and starting work at 6am every morning and something had to give. By 21 I'd filled out and learnt how to use my body and had developed a confidence and arrogance that I wish I'd have had in my younger days but I still couldn't see that there was a (slight) chance to work my way up and play football for a living, something that happened to Martyn Woolford. Martyn came on trial at Coventry but was rejected at the first stage, he played locally, got bought by Guisley and then got his big move to S****horpe, from there he went to Bristol City and scored a playoff final goal at Wembley and signed for Sheff Utd.
  6. Spent my youth at Leeds, Coventry, York City and Halifax Town, Released from Halifax at 16 Played a couple of years 'College Academy' football Then a handful of semi-pro games before giving it up.
  7. This is a great read on Brentford... https://twitter.com/JoePompliano/status/1400245761854652417?s=08
  8. It's tough, I don't think DS is the man to take us forward. He doesn't know his best side or setup, we have a vast amount of attacking players yet aren't creating anything. I want to change Smith, to do that we'd obviously have to lose, I don't want us to lose. I'd be very worried if we scrape promotion and have to rely on Smith to take us to a genuine next level. For me we're papering over cracks.
  9. "I'd love to go for a drink Scott but I need to get home, back to TikTok"
  10. Really? Spent loads of money? And a 3-3 with City is failure?
  11. Bizarre responses in here, It's a double leg break from a bad challenge, not a reoccurring problem. Could happen to the most resilient and injury free player.
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