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  1. CDMullins

    Team for Everton

    I've been hoping for this. Although not particularly skillful Max almost always beats the defender and since we have Byram to cover, I'd give it a go. Id then push Buendia to 10.
  2. CDMullins


    True if we were playing until Christmas we wouldn't have scored today even against ten women *fixed again
  3. CDMullins


    Can't see where the next goals going to come from after this. *fixed it for you.
  4. CDMullins

    Match Night Thread -

    No meaningful goal in 7 games. Conceding by the bucket load - Despite apparently having 3 young £40/50+ Million defenders. Embarrassed at home by bottom of the league. No Fight No Passion Less Quality No doubt it'll be the same regurgitated guff from Farke and Webber. Unacceptable.
  5. CDMullins

    Match Night Thread -

    Cantwell's corner pretty much sums us up.
  6. CDMullins

    Match Night Thread -

    Laughable stuff.
  7. CDMullins

    Match Night Thread -

    Bizarre behaviour.
  8. CDMullins

    Match Night Thread -

    Pub football this...
  9. CDMullins

    Match Night Thread -

    F**k sake
  10. CDMullins

    "It's only Watford".......really?

    But we still need your weekly 'We can win this game' thread?
  11. CDMullins

    Comedy of errors

    Yet we can't stop conceding?
  12. CDMullins

    Onel reaction to the game 🏆

    Shining star yesterday. Would love to play with someone in a similar mould on the opposite side and push Emi into the 10. Onel isnt the most techniclly skillfull player but his drive, pace and directness scares the life out of defenders.
  13. CDMullins

    Lakey please cheer us all up .

    You'd be factually incorrect then. Maybe its a regional thing or maybe I've been spending too much time with Leeds United fans but at some point I'd love us to move away from being (and for it to be acceptable to be) little ol' Norwich. I know I've picked on our faults but I am genuinley still positive about and happy with our current regime. I just can't ever see us taking the next step.
  14. CDMullins

    Lakey please cheer us all up .

    Gents, The season was fantastic, hugely entertaining, we played some great stuff and overachieved with a shoestring budget. It's up there with our League One season as one of my favourites. But I find it a little tin pot to suggest that one of the best seasons the club as ever had was outside the top division and again, we'd mock them lot down the road if they said that.