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  1. Nope. Every international break sucks. This tournament was boring.
  2. Haven't Argentina done the same, Seen a couple of apologies coming out of their celebrations.
  3. I nearly rang Samaritans when Leeds did us for 4 in playoffs. Didn't bat an eye lid Sunday I used to love England and tournament football up until Holt was ignored. Since then massively club over country.
  4. So what you're saying his this golden generation is the next golden generation, despite the fact that our actual golden generation and this golden generation won nowt.
  5. Factually we were bookies favourites. And not just because of the locational bias, right across Europe and Vegas we were favourites.
  6. Love the arrogance, I have no intention of reading your opinions cause I wont like them, but here have mine. Ballsy.
  7. Whilst I'm not entirely sure Lee Carsley is the man, I am very much a believer in succession planning, ingrained philosophies and internal culture.
  8. Little bit of irony in there, we had the lead against Croatia and Italy. Why would Kane’s penalty and taking the lead against France result in a win? Also, 96-2014 era was proper football. Beckhams harsh sending off and Campbell’s disallowed goal in ET against an unbelievable Argentina side with Batistuta, Veron, Simone, Lopez. Then there was Brazil and a fluke of a goal and Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho. Portugal on pens twice, one losing Rooney to injury the other losing Rooney to red. Another Sol Campbell harshly disallowed effort. A young Ronaldo, Rui Costa, Figo Even with Lampards ‘goal’ we were beaten by a proper German team. Penalties against Totti, Cannavaro, Pirlo’s Italy. We’ve lost some through bad luck, some through bad refereeing and have had some bad managers but also we’ve run into some proper teams and mostly matched them. Southgate’s done the bare minimum, he’s navigated us to where we should be without ever winning a game we weren’t favourite for, at a time where football is abit Meh,
  9. Southgate’s time should be up. Ultimately it’s 8 years of failure, forget Qualifiers, Nations Lge and Friendlies it’s tournament football that matters. And we’ve not won one game as under dogs in a tournament. His record will look great, but anyone who remembers his tenure will remember the lack of charisma, the lack of creative or pro active mentally. They’ll remember his experiments at the wrong times, his stubbornness and the media changing his team. They’ll remember him not knowing his best team, formation, tactics or substitutes. His changes have been all over this tournament, his first changes were Bowen and Eze, since then he’s preferred Cole, Gordon got ten minutes, but then he’s gone back to Eze, sometimes he only made changes after going behind, tonight he went early. All very sporadic and appearing to be with little thought. and then there’s the big four games, France, Croatia, Italy and Spain. Games we were in, leading, fighting back and games we lost.
  10. Bet365 showing all at 12.30 Though it appears Wednesday/Plymouth has been moved to 5.30 and Luton/Burnley to 8.00
  11. Bizarrely it’s in Nottingham. Thats some commute.
  12. 4 bedroom detached house for sale in Old Road, Ruddington, NG11 (rightmove.co.uk)
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