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  1. CDMullins

    Burnley Tickets

    Didn't think there was an 'away season ticket' this year?
  2. CDMullins

    Burnley Tickets

    Somehow more tickets are now available for this.
  3. CDMullins

    Amadou, dou, dou!

    Find it genuinely staggering that people are unhappy with Max and suggest that Byram is/could be first choice. (Yes he was excellent Saturday.)
  4. CDMullins

    Where do we go from here?

    Very good performance from Sam last night but surprised to see a few saying Max hasn't stepped up.
  5. CDMullins

    So, should it have been a penalty?

    I've seen the article, do you believe that?
  6. CDMullins

    So, should it have been a penalty?

    But how many decisions have we seen that have been reviewed and still appear wrong? I have no confidence in VAR in fact it has only made the water cloudier.
  7. CDMullins

    So, should it have been a penalty?

    It was very similar to the handball that ruled out Dendonckers goal for Wolves vs Leicester. Think the change of rules means because Dendonckers contributed to a goal, it was ruled out.
  8. CDMullins

    Now do you understand??

    Lets not pretend LDC predicted a win, He stated it 'could' happen, like we 'could' come 3rd or be relegated, like you 'could' win the lottery. If you read his posts he never actually gives a opinion/prediction.
  9. CDMullins

    No one will spot them up there Pablo

    Excellent, fantastic stuff.
  10. CDMullins

    Agust Hlynsson signing

    I get that but imagine pretending you know the player....
  11. CDMullins

    Trybull injury

    Had we had 2/3 fully fit centre halves this wouldn't have been a worry, as it would have forced Daniels hand to start Amadou, however it looks like he'll now be needed at centre half meaning we're now a CDM short.
  12. CDMullins

    Crystal Palace Tickets

    Bit judgmental? Out of interest what makes you think all 750 people in 'the club' think they are special?
  13. CDMullins

    Crystal Palace Tickets

    Is there any word as to what is happening next year? Need to know the magic number to become an elite
  14. CDMullins

    Agust Hlynsson signing