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  1. Commentary without an element of critical analysis is of strictly limited value or interest. A lack of objectivity means 'Boardroom notes' can never be viewed as anything more than slightly repulsive spin. The sense of self-satisfaction which permeates anything produced through a 'positive input only' filter is inevitably quite nauseating. We are not stupid, and we do not believe that 'Boardroom Notes' is any reflection whatsoever of serious matters discussed in the Boardroom. The very title is a deceit, and a rather transparent one. It is insulting. It feels like the idea of slick-talking graduate who has never lived life beyond a keyboard. If the Club wanted to improve the way it is being projected they should have invited 40 or 50 local media people into the club and had an open discussion about the insidious influence of irresponsible, untruthful and devious social media. It is social media that is poisoning the well. By this means the club could have built a bond that would have resulted in more positive coverage. This new offering from the Club appears at a time when the local press is feeling deliberately side-lined and excluded. The Club has found a way of making itself less popular and less trusted. As an exercise of punching yourself in the face it is a real doozie. I am saddened, not annoyed. It does not bode well.
  2. Coming from a not very nice estate in Thetford, Hendo has had a great career but as others have said, maybe it could have been at a higher level. I think you have to look at the personal tragedy of when he lost his brother Tommy in that dreadful car crash to realise that maybe he sees things in a different context to the rest of us. It effected him more than words can tell). I remember the emotion in his first game back for City in a friendly at Felixstowe. Naturally, he scored two (and should have had three). Maybe with a bit more understanding he could have built a career here, but I think he needed to get away from the memories. The move to Rochdale came about as his partner had a very good job in PR or media at Manchester United (I can't remember which). He's a good lad, is Hendo. He has overcome tragedy) and made his mark.
  3. Yes, a very capable player with good technique and very good feet. The pace of the English game caught him out in his first few appearances, but he seems to have adapted to it and there may be more improvement still to come. Now that he has adjusted we need him to play with his head up a little more so that he sees things earlier and moves the ball half a secknd quicker.
  4. Must be talking about Grant Hanley, the only City player who has actually perfected the art of the dive.
  5. Be fair, Sweary. It's fairly obvious that the intended message behind Todd's post is he loves the club. We are dealing with a complex and seemingly immature individual who wants to be loved by the fans and rather sadly is trying to wave a magic wand so that all the hate disappears. That's the message behind the message. Todd has had difficulty in coping with a loss of form, with being dropped from the team, and any adversity at all. His form slumped to an alarming level. He has been through agony and back. Now maybe, just maybe, he has come transcended it all and his career can start moving forward again. On one level his posts may be annoying. Personally, I find them sad and slightly desperate, but let's not put too critical an interpretation on them.
  6. There seems to be fault (but nothing hugely irrepairable) on both sides. Firstly, the club can only claim 'breach of trust' if information was gjven to media outlets on an off the record basis, and this confidential briefing was made public. Possibly this happened, but the evidence suggests not. Secondly, and far, far more importantly, both sides seem to be variously sensitive to, and influenced by, the toxic verbal detritus that is posted on social media. STOP TAKING NOTICE OF IT. BOTH, SIDES, JUST STOP. Use you own intelligence, and don't be influenced by random and deceiptful nonsense. Show some maturity. Show sound judgement. Don't listen to social media voices as they are not a sensible median consensus. They speak with an extreme voice in a desperate attempt to gain attention. And to Stuart Webber, stop being prickly. You are a cog in the wheel. You cannot control everything.
  7. Those of us who have been around for the last 10 years or so have seen the malcontents trot out their cliches across football in general, not just NCFC. 'The manager has lost the changing room' circa 2017 'The manager has no Plan B' circa 2019 Now, 2022, it's 'We have no identity / the manager has no plan'. It's trite, formulaic, and just so tiresome.
  8. There is a difference in that Peterborough tried to play him as a full back in a four-man defence, whereas Plymouth play him as a wing-back, and suddenly he looks worth £5m+ of anyone's money. Really pleased for him as he plays with a smile and he brings a smile to supporters' faces. I bet Dean Smith was smiling too, realising that he has a real talent that he may not have been aware of. I am not a great watcher of televised footy, but yesterday's game was wonderful. So many positives. Also, there will have been a throng of referees watching and they will have all been alerted to the fact that Ipswich's armoury includes a fair degree of very unpleasant thuggery and serious foul play. I like the look of McKenna but the halo wobbled and slipped as he was bested by Steven Schumacher. Luvverly! PS And I have never before seen shot struck as cleanly as Bali's with LITERALLY no backlift. It defied human mechanics.
  9. I love Bali Mumba, but have to point out that he failed to hold down a place in a poor Peterborough side last season. So its not as black and white as you may think. Maybe he took a long while to get over that severe injury, but based on game evidence, it wasn't a disgrace to loan him out. It was a way of getting him a run of games. And boy, has he benefitted and found his best position. PS But Whittingham up front looked great as well. Those two were the difference between the sides.
  10. Max is a great asset to the club. The only problem is that when we are struggling to break teams down, as we were against Wesr Brom on Saturday, a lot of the emphasis seems to fall on Max to make things happen, to get down the line or to cut in and attack the box. He does it well and with great energy, but he is still actually a full back. He's one of those players that we would think of as great if he was an opposition player. We would see the many good things in his game and be impressed. Now that he has been in the side for years, we take the good things for granted and some people start to focus on the less good things. Ho hum. That's football fans for you.
  11. You are right of course. Jamal has no pace. None at all. So slow. Bully for you to have spotted this flaw in his game.
  12. I think you are right that it was a mistake to drop Cantwell. I suspect Dean and Craig believed that Todd would hate the physicality of the game. If so, they were mistaken. Todd knows how to look after himself and would have loved to have been getting in dangerous areas where be would either have cause mayhem or been fouled. It could have won us the game. Fortune favours the brave. Totally over-thought by the management team. It happens
  13. So, on this basis Daniel Farke was a 'total failure' in his first season, 2017-2018 when we finished 14th, and should have been unceremoniously sacked. If you say so. They are your definitions. By extension, there should be 21 managers sacked at the end of every Chsmpionship season. It really is a puerile view of football.
  14. In amongst all the hand-wringing about City's performance, no one seems to have noticed how our opponents played. The were, frankly, a horrible side full of body-builders and spoilers. They set up with the proverbial banked defence and gave us no space in any attacking area. They were as well-drilled as any side I have seen recently and were happy to cheat their way through the game, time-wasting, holding, and pulling shirts. A sterner ref would really have got into them. They were successful in stopping us from playing and in ruining the game as a spectacle. Crucially, they got a valuable lead from a set piece when we had been suckered into conceding a free kick in a diabolical postion. Dean Smith knew what we were up against and probably knew that it might be a struggle, considering our profile. So let's just remember that there are two sides out there trying to thwart and overcome the opposition.
  15. Sam Byram has such quality and versatility that I think he qualifies as a fully competent left back. The exposure on Sam's side when their (rather useless) right wing-back's starting position was so advanced, was fascinating. Had Sam or Hanley or the manager felt that Todd was not doing the positional job defensively, then they would all have let him know. No one did.
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