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  1. Me too. But he really needs to work on his pronunciation of 'camaraderie'. He gets lost in the middle of it, but back on track by the end.
  2. I look forward to the day when Mick McCarthy takes a side back to Portman Road as an opposing manager. Half the home side would applaud him and half would abuse him. I would bet my house that he would lift his side to a sizeable win Ir would be such poetic justice.
  3. No problem, happy to oblige. 'The new Makelele' scans better, anyhow.
  4. It's not easy for a defensive midfielder to stand out in the hurly-burly of the Championship, which makes Oliver Skipp's ever more authoritative displays so exceptional. We could even be lauding him as the Player of the Season in a few months time. I thought he was the new Tettey, but it turns out he's the new Claude Makelele
  5. England did have such a player - Owen Hargreaves - but injury ruined his career. My fear is that Jose Mourinho will see Skippy as the new Claude Makalele, and nobody knows the value of such a player more than Mourinho.
  6. All very true. Sarr will likely go to a Palace, or Leicester, maybe Newcastle, Everton or Wolves, whenever his contract starts running down, and Watford should make a small profit. Maybe Zaha will move on from Palace, and Sarr will replace him. That's seems feasible. The only thing that worries me about Placheta is that he came into the side and was looking quite dangerous and involved, but he has stood still or if anything slipped back slightly. That can only be down to him finding the experience and coaching a little bit hard to take on board. I am sure we will be patient with him. To end on a positive, Giannoulis has been the opposite - he has grown and improved with every single game. Looking a great find. Brilliant!
  7. Control Ismaila Sarr, and half the job is done when playing Watford. Easier said than done, because he has extraordinary pace. Prez Placheta could learn a huge amount from Sarr - perhaps he will. Funny thing is, if Placheta builds up the rest of his game then he will be able to use his pace (if that makes sense!)
  8. I like to think there are odd coincidences within football, and based on that I might have a punt on Oxford getting 7 tomorrow, and Ipswich 1. It would effectively signal the end of Lambo's high level career which was launched by a 1-7.
  9. Very tight knit, virtually all of the team are still exceptionally close, they have reunions and an unbreakable bond. The other exception is central defender Eric Young who was always a bit of an enigma and liked to stay very private. There as stories such as him being dropped off the team bus in strange places. No suggestion of anything untoward. He just liked to retain his privacy and that remains the case to this day. The eleven from the Final team (except the two mentioned) are the really close group. I feel sorry for the other squad players who were there, but not really there, none more so than Vaughan Ryan who was in the side until three weeks before the Final. Against Chelsea, Steve Wicks smashed into him unnecessarily and broke his cheekbone. Vinnie Jones took his place and Vaughan Ryan's big chance of fame had gone. Great bunch of lads and Bobby Gould is a delight. He lives in retirement near Bristol and gets great enjoyment following his son who is Chief Exec at Middlesex CC and his grandson who is a goalkeeper at Kidderminster.
  10. I have been researching a book about Giantkilling. Wimbledon players and Bobby Gould have been amazing. But I keep hearing 'Steer clear of Fashanu'.
  11. Young referee out to make a name for himself Absolute nightmare. Three sendings off. Every foul seems to be a booking. Very poor refereeing, but we will probably see him at EFL level in a couple of years.
  12. John Fashunu. 'Thief and a scumbag' was one description from a former clubmate. Of the wonderful Wimbledon Cup-winning side, he is largely an outsider. Still a lot of resentment that on the eve of the Cup Final he tried to channel the Players' Pool through his hooky mate Eric Hall, for his own benefit. And for that criminal challenge that ended Jon O'Neill's career on his Norwich debut. There was intent to seriously injure. Unforgiveable. Oh, but primarily Danny Mills. He is just sneering and unlikeable. But Fashanu is probably more deeply flawed.
  13. Twice. And the second time he corrected himself. But he also once called him 'Martin Krul', no doubt confusing him with Martin Kuhl, who played for Birmingham, Portsmouth and a few other clubs. That was mildly amusing. I heard nothing to make him deserve to be called a 'bell-end'. Ogrizovic was excellent, and full of praise for City. A real died-in-the-wool football man. And he valued Todd at £50 million!
  14. I am loving this performance. Took a few minutes to master the pitch and the conditions, but so superior for almost all the half.
  15. Clearly Todd has a complete free rein. Really interesting. He can probe where he can do most damage. If Stoke decide to man-mark, he will run his markers legs off. Clever
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