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  1. And as recently as 2018 Toney was loaned out to S****horpe for half a season. S****horpe! Sargent is getting into some half decent positions and his size and physicality are a real asset even against top defenders. Let's see how it develops. The big disappointment yesterday was that we sacrificed creativity for battling.in midfield and that the three 'dogs of war' in the middle sat off a little too deep. Farke needs to find a way to get Cantwell back into it, then we might look like a viable Premier League side.
  2. You do realise that Sargent is performing far better than Toney was, when at the same age? Or has this detail escaped your attention? He clearly has a wonderful attitude and no shortage of ability, which gives him every chance of being a success. It was easy yesterday to grab hold of the negatives - Sargent's horrible miss when he panicked, Normann's 3 near post corners to McClean which were a few centimeters away from being perfect etc etc - but the reality is that there were encouraging signs, and Sargent's continued development was one of them. Did you notice that he a Pukki were required to press 4 defenders across the width of the pitch? Do you know how hard that is?
  3. Even at his age, Omobamidele is a better player than Gibbo, Daniel needs to be brave.
  4. They may not be oil paintings, but in all seriousness I think Wiganers are some of the best people on earth. I have met a couple of them nursing in hospitals, probably 8 or 10 at work, two or three through football. I have been saying for years that Wiganers are great people. A small selection admittedly. The funniest conversation I ever overheard also featured Wiganers. It was in the sauna at the Thistle Hotel at Haydock, and in one corner we had Warrington old boys arguing that their pies were best, and in the other corner, Wiganers, convinced that their pies were best. Classic comedy, sheer Monty Python. Ugly or not, they are good people
  5. Cantwell has trained all week, and was training in the days leading up to Burnley so could have been available at a pinch. He will be available to play on Saturday if needed, subject to circumstances beyond his control. Sorry, but I find the speculation a bit nauseating. There are on occasions some things more important than football.
  6. Those of us that lived through the glory days of top level football should be very grateful. Saudi involvement draws a line under a time when it was possible to truly love football at the highest level. There will be many who love the mirage of reflected glory, but none that love the competition itself. It is unloveable.
  7. Well, yes it can be. Doesn't have to be if you use it judiciously. But, back to the conversation. When Fashanu came out, gay people in general and Justin in particular were insidiously pilloried, ridiculed, belittled, and vilified by newspapers like the Mail, Express, and the Bible of the masses, The Sun. I don't know how toxic social media can be now, but back then it was evil and influential in equal measure. But times have changed. In pre-season this year Richard Kone, a young gay player from Abidjan, trialled and played for Colchester United and then was invited in by Brentford. Work permit issues vould not be resolved, so he is now back at Athletic Newham, playing well below his level. The point is, it's all very natural to him and happily his attitude reflects how most youngsters view variations in sexuality. There will be those who try to stoke the issue, but they will become increasingly irrelevant.
  8. You can tell from Tim's immediate reaction that he thought a penalty was going to be awarded. It was a guilty reaction.
  9. A friend in need is a friend indeed! Great performance from my favourite ref. He's a decent fella, unlike some of them. In his earlier refereeing days it wasn't unheard of for him to be out in town after a game, looking for a pub that was showing rugby (He's a big Leicester Tigers fan). Too high profile for that now. Worth noting that he was involved in the middle or on the line for our three pr-season friendlies the season before last (Atalanta etc). It's nice that we have good rapport with him and I am sure he respects the club. I wonder if it helps that he attended Taverham High School?
  10. Yes, my friend. It was a full size / large Claud Butler mountain / hybrid, gold in colour. The most distinctive feature is a blue front light, and an expensive silver pump on the crossbar, but both are detachable.Bike in excellent, almost unmarked, condition. As you can imagine, I have turned super-sleuth. The Police have the details and the video. I revisited the scene of the crime a few hours after it happened, and then Cash Converters on the offchance they had been offered it. The Police had already been in touch with them, so they had the details. Great work by the Police. Tesco, both city centre branches, think they recognise a couple of the people in the video. I need to speak to Security at M&S as their street surveillance is state of the art. My own theory is tha
  11. You are so right. I went into TKMaxx for about 4 minutes just to buy a black tie for a funeral (yes, it wasn't a good week!) But that was long enough. The bike is probably hidden away or in some other part of the country. But it doesn't stop me from twigging every bike I pass!
  12. It probably is impartial, but it's written by someone who has no experience inside football, who writes for a living because that is where his talent lies, and whose only motive is to write eye-catching copy that will attract readers to him and his paper. There is nothing to prevent journalists from writing opinionated stuff that is totally devoid of insight, balance and understanding. So yes, it is impartial (probably), but that's ll it is. It has no real value.
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