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  1. I feel that Jamal going to Liverpool, if it happens, would greatly increase the chance of Todd going there too.
  2. Trading insults with insults never helped anyone. Ever. It doesn't even feel good. Having the last word is the same. Conversely, being nice generally does feel good. As for worrying about someone being overly critical or spiteful on here, the only response is to try to understand where it comes from. If you know that, then it makes sense. If not, we assume it's...I'm not sure what. No doubt something fairly deep. We are a weird species! x That's my homemade psychoanalysis done for the day
  3. What on earth are you doing, posting something like this on this discussion board? Do you not realise that you have just devalued anything you may ever wish to say on here? It is a truly hopeless post and a unacceptable way to behave. Now, no one can ever take you seriously. There may be sites where this sort of thing is acceptable, but most people would have nothing to do with them. I despair!!!! Sent in sorrow, not in anger or spite
  4. Sounds as if they are losing their four best players. Ryan Fraser downed tools for whatever reason well before the season ended, Callum Wilson and Josh King will be moving on in big money moves. Nathan Ake is in demand and seems bound for Manchester City. I love Bournemouth. Fabulous place, and a club which has been a joy to watch for all but the finale of their PL stay. Total rebuild of the team now required, plus a manager who will have an impossibly hard act to follow.
  5. No, but there is a facilitator of arms selling seminars, who owns Ipswich Town, not too far away.
  6. Got a feeling Pep might play Nathan Ake in midfield, which is where he starred for Chelsea as a Youth player.
  7. Yes, it can be, but gotta say that my Facebook isn't horrible. I restrict it to 100 people who are genuinely decent individuals that I know and like. The contact with them is friendship-enhancing. Got a few Groups but if they attract moronic behaviour they soon get deleted. It's easy to get antagonised, frustrated, shocked and disappointed by FB, but it doesn't have to be that way. I agree that to people of a normal disposition, some of the attention-seeking garbage is horrible and you do see small glimpses of it even on here.
  8. Facebook is a horrible place for an NCFC fan at the moment. Surge of people saying 'look at Villa. If we had spent £150m we would have stayed up'. What irony. If that had happened, Villa would have gone down and been financially wrecked. So the very stick that people are hitting City with only proves the lunacy of spending beyond your means. A love a good circular argument
  9. Timm didn't want to come back and didn't expect to have to come back. He thought that the Premier League would be too fast and too demanding for him. In the circumstances he has shown what a brilliant character he is, and I fully expect Daniel or Stuart to explain this once the season has finished. He truly put the team ahead of himself. He could easily have said he wasn't right, but he responded like the man he is.
  10. Teddy Bishop is the Ipswich player that would be worth a gamble. Hideous recent injury record, but a quality player. He came on towards the end of our most recent clash, and we couldn't get him off the ball without fouling him. Obvious then that he is a better player than Tommy T etc.
  11. Noooooo!! Firstly, Daniel would only ever speak about fans generally. He wouldn't suggest that Norwich fans are more or less knowledgeable than other fans. He is saying something that is understood within the game, and sometimes said. Secondly, fans' perception of what is happening tactically is paper-thin. They see the obvious moves. They very rarely if ever see what changes the opposition has made and probably one in six of the changes we have made. Thirdly, tactical ignorance is regularly illustrated by three sayings. a) the manager is tactically naieve. b) he has lost the changing room. c) he hasn't got a Plan B. These are the four lazy cliches which always betray a lack of football knowledge. The fact they are cliches makes them empty of any original thinking or meaning. They are a short-cut. If there is a point to be made, make it. Don't use someone else's cliche. Another horrible cliche which has crept in - 'moving the ball through the thirds'. What pseudo-mumbo-jumbo. Once someone has said it once, that should have been its life expectancy expired. Fourthly, there are those who think that managing a squad of 20 or 22 players is like playing FIFA. It really isn't. The local and national press don't really help understanding. I will give you a little challenge - find the last time that Daniel was asked a real FOOTBALL question by the Press. e.g. To what extent do you expect Emi to pick up a man and mark? or What changes do you make when it is obvious that your striker cannot compete in the air with his marker? Daniel would love these questions and would respect the person asking them. Instead, he has to field inane mundanities and hear unqualified opinion. Stats have a place, but need to be interpreted in the context of a player's role. Watch the game first. Cross reference with stats if you have to. I could go on, but I have bored myself already....
  12. Timm really doesn't want to be playing Premier League football. He knows, more than anyone, that he will struggle against top strikers. Not because he is a bad player, but because he is in a weak defensive team who will be under pressure, he hasn't played PL since 2016, he hasn't had a chance to play himself back into form, and he lacks a match-honed edge. And yes, it's all a bit of a nightmare for him at the moment. But he a committed professional, and he will go out and give it his best. So we should be applauding him for taking one for the team, not criticising him for struggling
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