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  1. I have to agree that I saw signs of this against Watford. Jamal is a marvellous player, but his hesitancy on throw-ins betrays his fear of conceeding possession, and it now may be afflicting his use of the ball. He just needs to loosen up. Maybe a break would help, or perhaps he will play himself out of it. (He needs to play with his head up more, but that is a different / related conversation).
  2. At the conslusion of the meeting, I thought that Ben Kensell said to those of us present that a summary would go out by email, to those who attended. Have I got this wrong?
  3. Pugin

    Paddy D and Daniel Farke

    Paddy Davitt? His opinion counts? Please be serious.
  4. Wow. In my book Adam's offence is to be totally naieve and lacking in awareness. I have seen every minute of every Canaries game this season, and will continue to do so. Despite Adam's clumsiness, his assessment of Saturday is not far off. His mistake is to go where angels fear to tread. We are sinking, and Saturday was one of the low points. Buendia looks like he is lost in his own head. Stieperman has looked miserable since pre-season. Trybull and McLean are struggling to make any impression. Leitner appears to not have a position he can play at our level. We should improve when Zimmerman returns, and Amodou slots into midfield. I am beginning to think that our future will be decided in January. I am hoping that one big outgoing transfer could fund two, if not three, incoming. All is not lost by any means. Bring on Watford. Time for the side to be picked on character and desire to succeed.
  5. It is worth adding that all those present were invited to submit written comments and suggestions, which many did. This input will be consolidated and sent by email to all who attended last night. Another note to add - Ben Kensell said that the purchase land to extend the curtilage of the stadium would enable the club to maximise all commercial opportunities which are available. So it will not simply mean more seats. This is the first such meeting I have attended, and I was mighty impressed with the three club representatives. Ben K does not suffer fools, and why indeed should he? Some of the early comments from the floor were simply rude. I couldn't help reflect that a number of season ticket holders believe that they are entitled to a ST for life as well as other privileges. I am still reflecting on whether that should be the case. Finally, and most importantly, Ben offered some very heartfelt apologies for the ill-conceived Membership scheme. I didn't make a note of his precise comment, but it was along the lines of it being a regret that he will bear for the rest of his life. Strong stuff. The meeting concluded with a round of applause, which I think can be taken as a sign that all is best forgotten and forgiven.
  6. Well, there's no point in me arguing about it. We all see things differently. Football intelligence is one of the harder things to analyse.
  7. The only problem is that Onel and Emi are the two least disciplined players in the team, and that whilst they can be brilliant individually on the ball, in terms of team cohesion they are headless chickens. That's not to take anything away from Onel who did exactly what he did at Anfield on the opening day - he got in round the back in a way that nobody else had managed to. But I believe there is more hope of them losing us the game than winning it for us I would dread being a full back playing behind either of them. As for Mo, he looked to me like a player playing in the position he wants to play in, but he totally disappeared in the second half. Philip Billing showed us how the midfield orchestrator role should be played.
  8. Pugin

    Toddy in training

    Todd's ball retention stats are right up near the top, and his distance travelled is usually at the top. Admittedly, he gave the ball away twice in the first 15 mins at Palace, but hardly at all vs Villa. People see what they want to see but the challenge atm is to get the ball to Todd early and in the right positions. We frustratingly failed to do this at Burnley and Palace but hopefully this will improve at Bournemouth.
  9. Mo has been a real problem for the last three games. At Burnley he was allowed space but declined to play the early ball and as a result he must have been enormously frustrating to play with. When players make their runs around him and ahead of him they need to be receiving the ball at the right time or else they are out of the game. At Palace he again had much time on the ball and loads of touches. I came away from that game convinced that he was playing for himself, not for the team. Only later did wiser counsel say to me that maybe he cannot see and play the early simple ball, but I remain unconvinced. Dean Smith had identified these weaknesses, and boy, did his Villa team exploit them by pressurising Mo and robbing him. In retrospect it seems so obvious. They will have studied him on the ball. So Mo is at a crossroads. I see nothing so far to suggest that he recognises that he needs to change, but I am sure he will not have enjoyed the post mortem of the Villa game, so we live in hope.
  10. Pugin

    TNC Talk Norwich City - For real?

    The EDP lost me last week with an awful tabloid 'who shall we drop from the midfield', dressed up as a poll. They really need to be doing better than this or else the migration to The Athletic will become a stampede. Very little insight, and no sensitivity.
  11. Pugin

    TNC Talk Norwich City - For real?

    I can listen at length to Jack Reeve as he generally displays a degree of humility, which is his greatest gift. But Chris Reeve is unwatchable as his self-satisfaction is nauseating and he seems to think that he knows what he is talking about. He really doesn't. He didn't pick up at all on where the weaknesses and mistakes were on Saturday.
  12. Pugin


    The whole team with one exception is trying to play Farkeball. The exception is Moritz Leitner, who appears to be playing with the sole intention of having as many touches as possible. His stats on Monday morning will have appeared good. But he is actually killing the fluency of the team, and it destroys players who show early for the ball, including Steipermann, Emi etc. Their early runs just take them out of the game if they don't receive the ball. So, Steipermann has not started the season well, but I think the reason why is not all down to him. Daniel MUST know this and I am sure he will rectify it as soon as he can.
  13. Pugin


    There was a player out there was playing for maximum touches on the ball and played very few brave or meaningful passes. He killed our game and yet his metrics will look good, and some fans will believe he was playing for the team. But it wasn't Drmic. So I find this focus on Drmic surprising. Admittedly he didn't look up to it but he really wasn't an influence on the team for good or bad.
  14. Pugin

    We need a Plan B

    Our worst spell was undoubtedly the first 15 or 20 minutes when we could hardly get hold of the ball or get it out of our half. Burnley started like a proverbial train. Was it their specific game plan or do they always do that? I don't know, not having watched them. What we will have known is that if you get the right ball in to Chris Wood he will score goals. He always has done (except for when Mick McCarthy couldn't get a tune out of him at Ipswich, teehee). So that was what cost us the game. As for thinking that playing two up front, or pushing a defender up, or bringing Patrick Roberts on sooner, would have made a difference, I actually think it would have made us worse. My impression was that Daniel's plan to recover the game from the two goal deficit was to get the full backs into the game in attacking situations. if that was the plan, then it just didn't happen. It's no one's 'fault', although perhaps we missed Max's attacking thrusts. My biggest frustration as we tried to recover the game was that we were not brave enough in getting the ball into players who are already tightly marked, notably Cantwell and Buendia. That to me is the next progression, as they are good enough to make it work. I understand the cries for making substitutions sooner, but they are borne out of frustration, not knowledge of how the game works.
  15. Pugin

    Kevin Friend this week’s ref

    I believe he was fourth official against Atalanta, and in the middle vs Toulouse. He has been my favourite ref for many years ever since after he had reffed a game his mates were asking where was a good pub in the city they could all go to, to watch a live Leicester Tigers game on TV. He's a big Leicester Tigers fan. Don't think he will be out on the town on Saturday night.