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  1. Pugin

    PL statement

    What is being proposed are conditional part reductions and referrals, rather than a straight relinquishment of 30% of salary. Sounds a socially responsible proposal. What worries me is that players are almost always accustomed to having agents handle all financial discussions and decisions, so how will the consultation process be conducted. If the PFA leads, will agents need to agree to proposals? Agents will be losing out - many are on 15% of gross salary so they will be hit in the pocket. Interesting. I guess the PFA players' reps will have a key role at each club.
  2. Pugin

    Corbyn Speaks

    This is true. How quickly some seem to have forgotten the extent to which Robert Mercer, Steve Bannon and Cambridge Analytica were allowed to poison and pollute our politics in a way from which there seems no return. In no small way were they responsible for delivering to us the woefully inadequate Johnson and a Brexit which he didn't want when the journey began. By comparison, arrivistes Momentum are paragons of political virtue. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/sep/07/smash-and-grab-dominic-cummings-democracy
  3. Pugin

    Corona Virus main thread

    The week following 11th April will prove to be a critical time. That is when the NHS expect to hit peak ICU admissions as from that point we hope to see the effect of social distancing. We need the upward curve to flatten / plateau at that point. The NHS is gearing to have sufficient ICU capacity to cope with the projected figures from 11th April. If ICU requirement continues to escalate in the week following 11th April either additional measures will have to be introduced or we shall have to expect avoidable fatalities. I understand why gearing up ICUs is the current priority rather than testing. Testing will be the priority once we have achieved a plateau.
  4. I think Marcus has always known known where the real money is. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1542327/Lib-Dems-cash-in-on-arms-trade-link.html
  5. I have a costly tale to tell about selling programmes. Before moving house last year I decided to sell my collection, hundreds of programmes from the 70's and 80's. Not realising that they had such low monetary value, I put them on ebay with a low opening price of £5 expecting the to fly, and offering free delivery to Norfolk, Suffolk Essex or Cambs. You can guess the rest - they sold for a fiver and I was obliged to drive the down to Lakeside Services on the M25 to hand them over. Lesson - a fool and his money are soon parted.
  6. Pugin

    Corbyn Speaks

    Johnson doesn't know his Einar Aas from his Assou-Ekotu. That's the problem. He is a man who has been educated and employed well beyond his level of intelligence. The medical people who he has stood alongside him make him look an intellectual pygmy by comparison. Yes, he can facilitate the briefings and generally remember his lines, but that's about it. He may actually be coming out of the Covid-19 rather well in terms of popular image. I suspect his inner character is showing, and he can come across as amiably good egg, wanting to do the right thing, out of his depth, but desperate to not cause disaster. It's impossible not to feel empathy for him. He is in a living nightmare. But ultimately his loyalties surely still lie with the born-to-rule Etonian financiers who have previously guided him. Rest assured that Priti Patel and Dom Cummins will be planning their next move. Based on performance, how could Johnson ever be trusted to actually make rapid strong and instinctive decisions when it really mattered? And on the question of the Tory treatment of the NHS, speak to anyone employed by the NHS, absolutely anyone, to appreciate how valued they have felt under the Tories. I am not saying we could have planned better for the current situation, because the dreadful thing about Continuity Planning is that no one can foresee the way the dice roll, but the NHS could have been maintained as a more robust entity.
  7. Pugin

    That Fulham game

    Steve Foley told me a typically funny story about the game, which also sheds light on the defeat. I am pretty sure it hasn't been aired anywhere before - apologies if it has. Steve has a funny story for every occasion (easily a book full), and the Craven Cottage debacle was no exception. Steve was Nigel Worthington's assistant, and with him on the touchline he started to feel very unwell as the game developed. It reached the point where Steve thought that he must be having a heart attack, and he could imagine himself dying there and then, on the touchline in public view. He didn't want to let the side down and he's a proud man who didn't want the indignity of being carted away on a stretcher. On the verge of passing out he allowed himself to be assisted by the St John Ambulance paramedics. They walked him down the touchline and as soon as he got out of sight and in the medical room, he collapsed. All of the medical people were hugely concerned, fearing cardiac arrest or similar, and Steve was loaded into an ambulance and rushed straight to St Thomas' Hospital to be assessed. At the Hospital he was given absolute priority attention as an emergency admission and within a matter of minutes he was joined by a Consultant and a medical team, ready for action. The Consultant's first question was 'Now, Mr Foley, please tell me exactly what the problem is?' To which Steve replied, 'It's simple. The problem is, we just can't fookin defend!' Many a true word is spoken in jest (It turned out that the illness was a nasty viral complaint, and Steve recovered quite quickly).
  8. Pugin

    Small Claim To Fame.

    I have a John Peel story, which does go on a bit, so I shall keep it as brief as possible. 20 odd years ago, maybe more, I was involved with a local Suffolk and Ipswich League team which ran three sides at various levels. One of John Peel's (John Ravenscroft's) sons signed on for our 'A' team - Tom Ravenscroft, who was in his late teens at the time. He was a really good and popular lad. At the same time I got involved in a little social / drinking group, maybe 6 or 8 of us who met in the same pub every Friday. We dabbled in wholesaling organic wholefoods, just as a sideline, and always had a good laugh when we got down to the pub. We put more effort into drinking than we put into marketing. One particular night we were having an impromptu pop quiz which ran on and on into the early hours as the beer flowed. There reached a point where we were deadlocked over the answer to a particular question. One of our group - Mick O - insisted that a sixties singer 'Clarence Frogman Henry' had recorded a certain tune. None of the rest of us had even heard of Clarence Frogman Henry, so we refused to accept the answer. Mick dug his heels in this, and the dispute went on and on and on. Bear in mind it was after 2am and we had been drinking for hours, because what happened next does us no credit. Suddenly, Mick O got to his feet and walked over to the telephone which sat on the bar and said 'I know how to settle this'. Now, Mick managed the football team that Tom Ravenscroft played for, so he had John Peel's home telephone number. So, no matter the unearthly time, he rang the number, with us inanely giggling in the background. The phone rang and rang and eventually an extremely bleary John Peel answered. Mick simply asked 'Sorry to trouble you John, but have you heard of Clarence Frogman Henry?' With minimal hesitation, John Peel said 'No I haven't', and hung up. That should be the end of an embarrassing little story, but it wasn't. About two years after, on a sunny Sunday lunchtime, I found myself with Mick O and families at a North Suffolk pub called Cotton Trowel and Hammer. We were in the beer garden where there was a large swimming pool which drew the crowds in as soon as the sun shone. Sitting in the beer garden, Mick O suddenly reacted like dog which had got the scent of a rabbit. He had spotted John Peel and his family a few tables away, and like the naive guy he was he upped and walked across to JP's table and fixed his stare quizzically upon the world famous broadcaster. Eventually, John Peel enquired 'Do I know you?, to which Mick replied with three fateful words - 'Clarence Frogman Henry'. It is fair to say that JP was not amused. He said ' Do you know I had to go ex-Directory because of you, you c**t'. And that was it, end of conversation. I still find the story embarrassing and amusing in equal measure. The evils of alcohol!
  9. Pugin

    EPL meeting today

    The EFL will endorse UEFA's view that all games must be completed by 30th June. Then it is merely a question of setting indicators which must be complied with before games can be played, either behind closed doors, or with public admission. If those indicators are met, then games can recommence. Things like 'no positive testing within the immediate group for 14 days' and '90% of the playing squad 21 days clear of infection' (to allow a return to match fitness). All of it will be subject to government advice on, for example, public assembly. I can't see how you can stage a televised game without an assembly of well over 50 people - players, support staff, medical staff, cameramen and technical staff. This at least will give the clubs clarity. Even if these things can be achieved, it would only be prudent to test every attendee on arrival at the stadium to filter out and carriers. It's just about possible to satisfy requirements such as these, but realistically I can't see any games being played by 30th June.
  10. It's not a question of 'the' virus. Scientists understand something in the region of 5000 viruses. Of these, about 150 cause significant illness. These would be the viruses that would be targeted. Cov-19 has had such an impact that the current outbreak will be the agent for change. Expect change to start in China or America as they will be the first to grasp the commercial and political potential.
  11. So here's some food for thought. If 100% testing an be achieved within a controlled population, all carriers can be identified and isolated, which of course stops the infection in its tracks which leads to its elimination within that population. In years to come I can see this leading to an annual 'World Virus Week' , based on testing and isolation. It would actually work, and of course it is also a commercial opportunity. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/18/scientists-say-mass-tests-in-italian-town-have-halted-covid-19
  12. Pugin

    Corona Virus main thread

    Consider this: Half of the world's net wealth belongs to the top 1%, top 10% of adults hold 85%, while the bottom 90% hold the remaining 15% of the world's total wealth, top 30% of adults hold 97% of the total wealth. When the Stock Market is battered, the real question is 'who suffers in a economic downturn?' In a fairer society, there would be no need for the 'bottom' 70% of the global population to bear the brunt of the cost of recession. Bur they do
  13. Pugin

    No legal challenges?

    This too is my understanding. I haven't seen the agreement between PL and EFL, but it is reasonable to assume that it states that at the completion of the season, the qualifying sides from the EFL will / will be invited to join the PL. The wording is crucial, as is the intent of the agreement. Based on what we know and can reasonably assume, I do not believe there are grounds for an action against the PL if they void the season, irrespective of the sabre-rattling by Leeds United and others. As you say, contractual disputes with broadcasters etc could rattle on for years, but that is largely incidental as football can resume while it goes on.
  14. Pugin

    Sutton's thoughts...

    He makes a very valid point - relegation is such a massive issue because hundreds of millions of pounds are involved. The headline does not reflect what he is quoted as saying. How typical of the EDP. He doesn't express an opinion as to how the issue should be resolved. We should be shocked, but I think we are used to shoddy sub-editing.