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  1. I think the look says 'OK fine, but the job's not even half done'. And he's right.
  2. I have a feeling that Graham Potter would / should be on the radar. 'Failed' at a top 10 club, but has proved at Brighton that he can lead a project. In a instinctive way, I feel that his face would fit.
  3. Kenny might not be a long-term solution in that position, but my goodness he will be just what we need against Ipswich, whose front line is so mobile as opposed to physical. Quite excited by the thought.
  4. No Norwich City fan throughout its existence will ever do anything more classless than hounding Delia in word and deed. It's deplorable and crass. She deserves to be allowed to make her own exit in her own time which, in her 83rd year, she knows is upon her. It's not like leaving a building, she's stepping away in a process that needs to be right and meticulous, and cannot be rushed. Show some respect and decency.
  5. Yes, but he says NOTHING specific in terms of what to build in place of what he wants to see dismantled. Governance? A fine word. Accountability? Equally fine, but if someone is funding the club, who should they be accountable to? The fans? Sorry, unworkable. Sack Wagner? Yes, but then what? He puts pressure on Knapper, and implies that he should have done more already. Take a breath, Jack, he's just arrived. It's all well and good to have the power of a YouTube following without any accountability, but with it should come some sense of responsibility. Too click-driven for my liking. No constructive thoughts and rather beholden to his audience, while consciously keeping in with Attenacio, while appealing to the zeitgeist. I never mind swimming against the tide, btw!
  6. I learned long, long ago that the only battles worth fighting are the battles you win. I am not sure I will win this one. I am planning to get it into the Small Claims Court for a refund of the ticket price and my parking charge for the night on the grounds that I was unreasonably refused admission. Not convinced I would win that argument, it would all depend on the District Judge who was sitting, but it would force the Security provider to defend it, and that's where the satisfaction would lie. Guilty thugs tend to look like guilty thugs when questioned. As for an apology, it would mean precisely nothing.
  7. True. I shouldn't have. But the definition is 'a stupid and obnoxious person', so in the heat of the moment it was't a bad word selection. Would it have been OK to call him stupid and obnoxious?
  8. Well it's about time that decent prople bit back. Thanks for the encouragement. I might just go to town with this.
  9. I had a borderline bad experience last night. I had a £23 ticket for an 'Undr the Cosh' performance at Epic in Magdalen Road, with an advertised 7pm start and Iwan Roberts as a guest. I got there at 6.35 and the entrance door were locked. By about 6.40 there were maybe 10 or 12 people outside, where it was cold and wet. At some stage the door was unlocked from inside so we shuffled in to wait by the Reception Desk. Within a few minutes a rude female appeared and told us abruptly to get outside, backed up by two doormen who told me it was for Health and Safety reasons as they did not know us. So out we all went again, to wait in the wet. When the doors were opened as soon as I tried to go in my path was blocked by the younger doorman, who told me agressively that I was on private property. I said 'Don't be a ****' whereupon he then walked into me physically with his face in my face to back me up and out onto the pavement. I am well into my sixties, was dressed smartly, hadn't been drinking, and at no stage did I speak agressively or at all loudly. I was calm, they were agressive. I could see I wouldn't be getting in, so asked for their names, which they refused, so asked if I could take a photo of them. Got a good photo of the younger one whereas the older one gave me a silly grin and a big thumbs up like a naughty five-year-old. Lots of issues arise, and I may contact the promoters, the operators, and the licensing authority. It should all be on video, hopefully with audio. I have thought about going to the Police. It seems crazy, but it may be the only way of preserving the video. I wasn't blameless but what staggered me was the overall conduct of the three people involved. It was throughout rude, agressive, and without any semblance of professionalism. They need training, at the very, very least. Serious thoughts please. I am hopping mad this morning and wonder about next steps. The rude word starts with a t, followed by a w. It is not that rude!
  10. He really should have included Great Yarmouth's historic Wellesley Road stand, arguably the most beautiful and significant stand in football
  11. Clue - 'Indexing this Caledonian king' (6, 6). Probably too easy.
  12. I think you will find that was in a car accompanied by some bad boys who drew the heat, as we used to say.
  13. Williams is in even bigger trouble now, following an arrest. It could be the end of his Ipswich career. Meanwhile, the club successfully suppresses the real story. Not good to see someone self-destuct, but sympathy is limited is these parts for obvious reasons.
  14. I heard last week that he has been a bad boy and that his absence from the Ipswich team is not to do with injury. Nothing major, but serious enough to involve the boys in blue. Think of very recent change in the law regarding recreational activity and you won't be far wrong.
  15. Only Stuart Webber could believe that he deserves the longest farewell announcement in history! I believe 100% that for every single one of us, our biggest flaws will always find us out. Stuart has rather too much ego, and in this statement it's visible just below the surface, despite the best efforts both Webbers to disguise it. It's like he needs the final word.
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