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  1. Parma Ham's gone mouldy

    Without using google

    Ice T ‘Original Gangster’ Happy days Parma
  2. Best wishes to you all...here’s one for the intrepid and brave souls out there...🏖 Brasileiro Campeonato Women: Minas ICESP DF vs Ponta Preta Kathy has been fantastic this year...fully deserved Parma
  3. In bocca al lupo GMF e tutti PUPetti.... Like Women’s Euro Qualifying this week for: Poland vs Moldova - Home win As for NFN’s Norwich bet, think tricasts offer better value so: Norwich to win, Pukki to score, Buendia to be booked Buon weekend amici... Parma ️
  4. Parma Ham's gone mouldy

    Chris Lakey article on Pink Un

    Populist clickbait. Finances in football are radically different to even 10 years ago. The owners don’t have the money to compete - £23m vs £23bn - so they embrace a transparent plan to do the best with the resources available. Raising ‘Little old Norwich’ is disingenuous in the extreme. Even billionaires owners can’t come close to competing at the top of the top level. Fomenting dissatisfaction at this moment achieves nothing. Get on a bus to Spurs and sing ️ Parma
  5. Supporting women every week does still seem to have me gazing down on the great majority @Kathy ..️...Perhaps it’s a model worth copying?... #metoo Parma
  6. Well Wooster’s win was the main thing...brilliant to add over £100 to the pot... ...it’s not about individual accolades...it’s a team game...so long as we win, it doesn’t matter who scores....️ ...always the bridesmaid Parma
  7. Bravissimo Wooster, complimenti!!....️... Pockthorpe adding to the pot, Norwich winning, PUPs success...great weekend ️ Parma
  8. Parma Ham's gone mouldy

    Athletic piece on stats re Buendia

    Masterclasses discussed many times a player’s net effect. This is precisely the kind of ‘stat’ that Managers calculate at the top level. Beckham was a wonderful example of a player who was hard-working and diligent defensively, with his set pieces and goals a bonus on top of that. He ‘costs’ you nothing and gains you a lot. He was deeply respected and loved for this in Italy, it is highly prized. The Premier League has very few ‘free hits’ in it. Teams are well-structured, carefully tactically drilled and designed to give little away. As the best teams gets richer and stronger, denying space and opportunity via drilling, physicality and regimented tactical positioning is a pre-requisite. It can be argued that you are often only as good as your weakest link in modern football at the top level and it will be exploited. Weaker teams may be considered to be most at risk when they open up their shape when attacking and trying to score. Fans love to see Emi driving at opponents and creating opportunities and this is great. However the equation remains how much do you gain and how much do you lose? Opponents certainly wait for Emi to over play and run off the back of him. At this level being a man down and out of shape tactically can easily and often cause you to concede. If your risk-taking scores you two and costs you three repeatedly and consistently, you will equally go down. Farke’s point is key, Emi does not score. He doesn’t often shoot. If he did you could conceivably play him at 10 and amortise his weaknesses. If he flails his arms around, sits on the floor, doesn’t track his runner and lets the opposition have a free overload at Premier League level he becomes a liability. Opposition teams - unlike fans - do not just focus on the good bits.. ..I would still start him tonight though ... Parma
  9. In bocca al lupo Wooster....good luck tutti Pupetti Think that Germany will be a good, professional choice this week for the Bundesliga W match between: Duisburg vs Bayern W - Away win As for Pockthorpe’s Norwich match bet like the value in a quadcast: Pukki to score, BTTS, Buendia to be booked, Norwich to lose. Parma
  10. Parma Ham's gone mouldy

    WE SHOULD BE 16TH!!!

    If you are inferior you inevitably defend more. If you defend more the odds are you’ll make more mistakes overall than others who defend less. In the Premier if you play an open, de-facto attacking style of play, other teams have individual quality that can hurt you. Football is a low scoring game, so single actions can define whole narratives. A single weak link can easily be exploited at the top level. 11 solid players (across all ‘categories’ not just skill or potential) are often deployed, though this costs money. You can do a lot of top level things well without tangible reward, whilst relatively small tactical mistakes can be punished, harshly according to a ‘points verdict’. This ‘luck’ is not quite as random as it might appear. It is exactly what top level coaches are paid to analyse and amortise. Parma
  11. Bravo Crabby ️ .... Parma
  12. Parma Ham's gone mouldy

    Webber interview

    Webber today: ”"And I think for this community under this model of ownership that's actually the most important thing. We have to protect that and not our own egos to make us feel better." Parma
  13. In bocca al lupo Crabby and all you lovely Pups ️ Think a trip to Switzerland profitable for the Div 1 W game between: Zurich vs St Gallen - Home win As for Flying Dutchman’s Norwich bet, like the tricasts so: BTTS, Buendia to be booked, Jiminez to score. Parma ️
  14. Parma Ham's gone mouldy

    Webber interview

    We don’t have the money to do anything else. £23million vs £23billion. Self-funding means you have no safety net for errors, you have to have actual positive cash to cover scenarios and liabilities. Actions - including transfers - will therefore be much, much more cautious and ‘defensive’ than anyone else. Because of our limited finance we attract young, promising players with playing opportunities that are often restricted to them. At a higher level they make mistakes, come up against a lot of unknowns, the Club overall may not succeed, but those players receive an unusual and priceless education that may well massively increase their asset value. We also attract players via ‘back-end’ deals that reward success and achievements handsomely, so when we do progress, they get financial benefits that are not regular liabilities on our books, but which do soak up Premier cash. Finally and crucially, the major drain on resources is nearly always wages, not transfer fees. We have relegation clauses with all our players because the Premier is so dramatically different. A theoretical example: Jamal Lewis in the Premier £20m transfer fee, then £50k per week x 4 years = £30m Sam McCallum £3m fee, then £10k per week x 4 years = £5m Difference to club = £25m Jamal Lewis Premier wages x 20 players = £50m per year (not including bonuses) Sam McCallum wages per year x 20 players = £10m Jamal Lewis x 20 players = £600m Sam McCallum x 20 players = £100m Difference to club = £500m Difference on pitch? Maybe nothing. And so we continue... The owners don’t have the money, promotion to the Premier swallows up lots of available cash through liabilities and increases in wages. Add in some previous errors that need correcting and you quickly arrive at £100m. Webber is doing exactly what is required and maximising outcomes via the parameters in front of him. Two possibilities for all: 1. Accept it 2. Different ownership Parma
  15. Parma Ham's gone mouldy

    Webber interview

    Indeed Purple and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that they did not especially need or request the return of those funds. . It may have been - despite what the conspiracists might have one believe - that ’Corporate Governance’ wanted to ensure that ‘the package’ was clean in case of possible purchase. Parma