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  1. Forgive me @NFN FC…. Fleetwood to arrive in training gear screen printed with sepia photos of John Wark, weeping like a small child whilst strumming a handmade lute in a medieval forest, trees festooned with blue and white silken streamers and Bronze Age artefacts depicting misty long-forgotten scenes of dwile-flonking… I’d have a quid on that….…oh and Ipswich to lose by 3 (obvs)… Parma
  2. In bocca al lupo LDC ….…e tutti voi PUPetti Think Slovakia could be profitable this week for: Slovan Bratislava vs Tatran Liptovsky Mikulas - Home win As for NFN’s Norwich bet, we might have to reach a bit for value: Forecast: BTTS, Pukki to score, Chelsea to win, more than 2 goals Parma
  3. As a caveat be careful of ascribing too much weight to the paper formation. It is entirely flawed to think of this as the solution to all ills. A small excerpt from the post you linked to: ‘Every piece and action is inter-connected and affects the whole. Few fans have the inside knowledge, data, direct experience, direct contact with the psychology of the players or deep understanding of how disparate parts contribute to the whole. Adding one things costs another, which diminishes another, augments a different piece, all of which suits one player , makes it harder for another, increases stress on one part of the system, strengthening another....but how does that relate to your resources, what the opposition resources are, what the variables of the day are (pitch, conditions, league position, momentum, current dressing-room psychology)?’ The formation on paper often bears little resemblance to the action on grass, or the intention of the Manager, or the overriding neural tendencies of the players on the field. Thus it is about how all pieces interconnect, based on deep knowledge and understanding of the players tendencies under stress and how all this combines as a unit, plus what stresses you are going to come under from the opposition actions (based on their own deep analysis and marshalling - which you are trying to second guess to make your own calculations more effective). It is spectacularly more complex, detailed and thought through than almost anyone on here gives it credit for. Changing the paper formation is barely changing the texture of the fabric of the curtains. It depends on the interpretation. And that depends on how drilled the instructions are and how much they tessellate with or override (positive or negative) ingrained neural pathways of individuals. All that being said, there is some value and coherence to formations. Brazil played a very fluid 442 because they didn’t grow up being nurtured in boxy lines and thoughts as many English 80’s teams did. Thus a change in formation wouldn’t have affected the natural fluid tactical movement of Brazilian players, though a bit of schooling in Cruyffian 343 might well have - in time - encouraged better English players to literally have thought outside of the box shapes drilled into their minds. The issue here looks rather more like that which @canarydan23 has identified. Maybe - on paper- the dream and plan was for 4231 with Skipp alongside Gilmour and Rashica (sometimes Tzolis, sometimes both) tearing fluidly from in-to-out at teams and Sargent a great replacement for Pukki, an option driving from wide into 10 into 9 and so on….. Be careful what you draw on paper… Parma
  4. The loan of - and vision for - Gilmour would also seem to fit your thesis. All disappointing if true, though yet to be disproved. Parma
  5. In bocca al lupo Jellytot e tutti i voi PUPetti Pleasing trip to Norway for the Toppserien W game between: Klepp vs Rosenborg - Away win As for gregt’s Norwich pick, this looks a good match up for Norwich..let’s pile it all on yellow for once……….tricast: Norwich to win, BTTS no, Pukki to score ️ Parma
  6. I think the double irony of this statement is that Spurs have higher aspirations, dominate more games, more often and so may want ‘more’ than Skipp offers. Their fans might well - not unreasonably in their context - lament his lack of silk, assists, scoring and completeness. Conversely we desperately needed - and had no cover at all for - exactly the other prosaic things he does have and absolutely do not currently require the pretty embellishments. If a reasonably expensive back-up goalkeeper was a good strategic decision, no Skipp-like player, nor any back up to a Skipp-like player looks disastrous for a team inevitably destined to defend a great deal. Parma Post script: Chelsea of course have Jorginho particularly and even Kanté who are well ahead of Gilmour. Jorginho does what he does better and also has a wider range of skills. A Gilmour will be brilliant for us when we are better. Did we really think we were already ‘better’ than we are? I’m also afraid that this raises the spectre of Buendia (and the Pukki-with-Buendia effect). Assists and Goals are wisps of priceless gold thread in the wind. No amount of Gilmours can replace that. It is a different beast. A couple of Skipps could have hidden some of the worst of the over-reliance on Buendia at this level though…..
  7. Sometimes you get what you want and sometimes you get what you need. Chelsea gave us one and Spurs kept the other. Parma
  8. I think that there is a lot of truth in this and it concerns me. We have done well developing young players, selling them on, giving them a pathway. It is central to the model. Gilmour - fairly or unfairly - is a quite a media-noisy player. ‘Bit of a PR nightmare though’ is absolutely right. Particularly when bottom of the league. Good reputations get scarred quickly (particularly when we obviously need top clubs to loan us quality players upon promotion as we cannot afford-attract-risk ready-made top level quality). ‘What have you done for me lately?’ Parma
  9. ‘We got so excited that we could, we never stopped to ask if we should’ Parma
  10. It is a valid point to suggest that the only reason to loan Gilmour would be the belief that we were going to dominate the ball and a deep-lying central playmaker - which is what Gilmour is - was a good strategic replacement for the Skipp role. I think Gilmour is a lovely player, though if we needed Skipp in the Championship - and we really did - then surely we needed someone Skipp-like in role even more at the top level where we must defend much more and must inevitably come under more pressure? Strong, Defensive-minded players are doing well for us currently, as that is what we are - unfortunately, though not surprisingly - doing most of the time. Not really unforeseeable I would suggest. Was Gilmour’s loan therefore a triumph of hope over expectation tactically? Parma
  11. Quite simply the best, most important, most meaningful and most decent thread on this or any other forum. Thank you Eddie for allowing us all to do something useful and worthy, when otherwise we might not. It is not going too far to say that it is the rare people like you that provide the framework for people like me to show a better side to ourselves. You are not lucky to have us, we are lucky to have you. We are not being charitable to others, it is us that is truly benefitting. In bocca al lupo this week cugino mio……. Treat yourself to coffee and cake in Austria W this week for: First Vienna FC 1894 vs FSK St Polten - Away win You are a good man. Parma
  12. That question was also inherent in the title @wcorkcanary which is a reference to the apocryphal quote attributed to a journalist who apparently stumbled upon George Best in a hotel room surrounded by champagne bottles and beautiful women… …George Best was successful, he was brilliant…and yet…and yet…the counter-argument was that he wasted his talent, that he was lost to the game too young..that money, fame, women are ephemeral and trivial and not central to sporting success…and yet…and yet.. This implied circular reference is the point of the title…I do not believe that either ‘side’ is correct, I do think that there is truth from both angles, yet it is entirely right and professional to ask ‘what are the objectives?’ …’what about top level success (or even competing)?’…’what does success look like?’…’who decides that?…why do they decide that?…what are the real drivers, motivations and raison d’être of fundamental stakeholders? …Is it explicit?..known?..acknowledged?…’ Does it synchronise with today’s sporting reality? Does it plough a worthy, important lone furrow? Is it a moral stance? Is it none of those things and just a drifting ‘it is what it is?’…is that enough? Is it exactly as planned?…(a coaching control-the-controllable default to less possession and shutting the spaces away to Burnley?)….Or - as you rightly ask - is it going wrong at all? George? George…..? Parma
  13. “I am totally, totally convinced in the way that the club develops, what we are doing and I am fully convinced of what I do, otherwise I would do it in a different way,” he said. “Maybe it is the price you have to pay for some good work and for success because then the expectations rise. The demands are just higher. “When I remember the situation four years ago when I walked in, let’s be honest, we were in no man’s land in the Championship."The squad was too old, too expensive. We were under unbelievable financial pressure and the infrastructure was not great. We were working more or less with a gun to our head due to this financial pressure. Now we are in the Premier League and there is moaning we are bottom. Several other clubs would be happy if they would be in this situation. “We have none of those financial pressures, even in the worst pandemic in a century, and a squad with many younger players, and most under longer term contracts. "In the last three years, two of those we have played in the Premier League. "This club has won the Championship three times in history, twice of those under me. If you would have predicted this four years ago everyone would have probably replied, 'Not in our wildest dreams.' But it’s not enough. "We all want to be successful on Premier League level and we’re totally heading in the right direction, at every level of the club. We don’t want to be bottom.” As a neat conclusion to this thread, this is entirely a correct and fair response from Daniel Farke. I certainly accept all of it. Nevertheless complaining about raised expectations is complaining about success itself. This - trotsdem Daniel - is the driver, catalyst and raison d’être that made all things possible to this point. This is the life we have chosen. Parma
  14. In bocca al lupo .. Lincsy ed ai tutti i voi Pupetti Trip to beautiful Estonia this week for the Meistriliiga W clash between: Ajax Lasnamae vs Parnus JK Vaprus - Away win As for NCFCStar’s Norwich bet..may as well throw the sink at it…has to happen sometime surely..?… Norwich to win, BTTS no, Pukki to score tricast of coaching dreams Parma
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