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  1. In bocca al lupo Leeds and all PUPs for this lovely week Am drawn to the awesome Barcelona in the Primera W: Barcelona vs Rayo Vallecano - Home win As for GMF’s Norwich bet, another good opportunity to get value from a tricast: Norwich to win, Pukki to score, less than 3.5 goals ️ Parma ....feels like a massive game....
  2. Parma Ham's gone mouldy

    Duda signed

    I think you’ll find that Rupp is viewed internally as a classic old-school utility player. That he can provide second tier cover for the full back positions - an area where we simply could not honestly offer a first team pathway - means you have a quality flexible player who also solves some tricky strategic squad problems. Norwich simply can not justify - or even attract - top quality back up to sit on the bench like a non-playing photo-negative team. Parma
  3. Parma Ham's gone mouldy

    Duda signed

    Monty, your view is entirely reasonable - and I suspect fairly common - though I would suggest that Norwich’s determination to ‘do different’ mitigated against the seemingly equitable ‘middle ground’ option that you endorse. Personally I feel it underplays the unknowns that were inherent to our decision-making in advance of the season. The ‘Maddisons’ of this world do not have to come to Norwich. We can afford to ‘over-pay’ for them as we can afford headline fees above the going rate for players that won’t demand high wages and liabilities. Contingency bonuses, loyalty and success payments are only payable upon success (when you can afford them) - unlike the millstone in reverse when you have the liabilities and are facing losses. The ‘Maddisons’ of this world want to play however. They are increasingly rejecting lucrative contracts to get a distant squad number at a name club (bravo), in favour of ‘curating’ a career by carefully managing the best level they can reach whilst still being likely to play every week. To this effect we must offer a playing pathway to the ‘Maddisons’. Given that that is the model, it is not enough to talk about it, we must deliver it and - crucially - be seen to deliver it on a bright stage (the EDP is not enough).. This context provides the answer to your point: pre-season it was not in our interests to stall or block the pathways for up-and-coming assets such as Aarons, Lewis, Buendia, Godfrey, Cantwell et al. Other players were also expected to be central: Pukki, Leitner (yes), Hernandez, Klose, Vrancic even. Norwich cannot attract better players to come and not start however much they pay them (which they don’t). Norwich must be careful with money so must buy better than they have or - in effect - not at all. Hence loans for Amadou, Fahrmann, Roberts (all of which looked sensible). Players that are obviously better (pre-season) than what we had - or who would definitely be better than the level our players might reach - would be too expensive for us and would likely prefer elsewhere in any case, or could not be afforded upon relegation. The ‘Maddisons’ of this world are however thrilled by what we have done. Players of course only really think about themselves and their own careers. We have created fabulous PR for the model by not taking the ‘middle way’ and backing our young players (a back three with a 19, 20 and 21 year old is unheard of) - and furthermore sticking to it - is brave and hugely appreciated by ‘Maddisons’ (and many football clubs who are not brave enough to do it, though would love to self-identify that way). Regardless of sporting outcome, financially our key assets: Pukki, Buendia, Godfrey, Aarons, Lewis (and now Cantwell) have increased massively in value. This is success by any club’s measure and it feeds into the pathways that the Maddisons dream of (unlike us it is not finishing a career with Norwich City and helping us win the European Cup). We are a great stepping stone to initial higher level playing action, (some) more money and then the chance of a big move. This is our present and future, with the model designed to grow in increments. Perhaps we will see a Stadium legacy (which for me would be a cute rabbit out of the hat, justify most things and likely please all). So it was no accident and it still isn’t. Whether by design or necessity we have stuck to our model. Whether it has failed or not in sporting terms depends on your starting point, what constitutes success and how long a timeframe you judge it over. It also depends on what you view to be the fundamental responsibilities of business owners. We have played - and continue to play - the cards that we are holding. We are playing them to a hard plan (that seeing beyond the Premier will not be popular is well understood by all those in power). Given the parameters we have I am not sure we can do much else. Far from ‘little old Norwich’ it is quite strategically ruthless in many ways. Parma
  4. Parma Ham's gone mouldy

    Duda signed

    TJ, many on this board forget that things are binary: you either do sign players in January or you don’t. If you’re struggling and you don’t you will be heavily criticised, if you do you have to take on huge liabilities (a £5m player is actually a £15m or £20m player: £5m + £50k p/w x 4 years + bonuses+clauses). The transfer fee - often the number reported or referred to - is often fairly irrelevant and easily payable in the Premier. It is the wage and package liabilities that are onerous and destructive in the Championship where a £5m-£10m loss per annum is ‘normal’ . Thus a quality player on loan with something to prove is an excellent piece of business. Farhmann and Amadou are logical versions of this model. Unlike many other clubs - with the ownership and operational model they have - Norwich must focus on keeping their ongoing monthly outgoings low. This poses a problem because actually - upon promotion - capex could easily be spent. It is the contingency of ‘what if’ and the subsequent post-Premier pcm outgoings obligation that is the handbrake. De-facto then we need to keep the money to pay the losses post-relegation. Asking whether one inherently causes the other is a reasonable question. In this context Duda is an excellent signing, in both a sporting and operational sense. Parma
  5. Parma Ham's gone mouldy

    Duda signed

    Quality player. Enjoy. Parma
  6. In bocca al lupo Diesel Doris...in good, powerful hands this week Andiamo in Italia for the Serie W League game, where a strong, dynamic Fiorentina should win well... Orobica vs Fiorentina - Away win As for Molly’s Norwich bet, think a tricast has value again, so let’s go for: Manchester United to win, BTTS, Idah to score ️ Parma
  7. Fantastic thing to do Alex ..well done Parma
  8. In bocca al lupo Lessingham and Happy New Year to all PUPs 🥳 Like the look of the Malian Premiere Division for: Djoliba vs Performance - Home win As for Crabby’s Norwich pick, nice to go win something more positive so a tricast of: Norwich to win, Norwich to keep a clean sheet, Hernandez to score ️ Parma
  9. Parma Ham's gone mouldy


    1. We work harder than other teams because we are not as good as them. 2. Our style of play requires high levels of repeated mental processing (vid Positional Play). 3. Better teams (Particularly ‘asking tactical questions repeatedly’ like Man City) typically see the advantage of their approach pay dividends as teams tire mentally in the last 15 minutes of games. We did the same to others in the Champs. It is by design. 4. We don’t have the resources to buy game-changing weapons to sit on the bench (Crouch, Carroll, Set piece specialist etc) 5. Our squad is elegantly designed as interchangeable to fit the model. Thus change is only fresh-legged versions of the same. 6. Given 5. there is likely as much risk from changing - and disrupting the very smooth, mentally-intense style of play - as there is to gain. Parma
  10. Parma Ham's gone mouldy

    Moritz Leitner

    As an addendum: Many on here talk about recruitment, who should be bought, what they are worth, how we should push the boat out, but not risking the finances and much other hindsightful whataboutery. Here we had a player who the Manager, fans and squad were unified in believing would be a key and central pillar to our Premier campaign. We knew him so well, his character, his tendencies, weaknesses, he was established at the club, trusted, established in the country, the area....and it hasn’t worked out. If you were Villa or Sheffield United and you’d bought him for £15m in the summer, we’d have all been raging and they would have been gloating. And yet...... Parma
  11. Parma Ham's gone mouldy

    Moritz Leitner

    Part of the frustration may well stem from the fact that of all of our players he looked the most suited to do well in the Premier. That he hasn’t is a surprise to most - Farke included - and it’s fairly undeniable that his lack of physicality, coupled with less time, coupled with a higher standard of better-coordinated opposition press, has simply seen him targeted and squeezed out of games. Because he has a magnetic quality to his game - he attracts the ball from others, even if sometimes he shouldn’t have it - he becomes a repeated fulcrum and the opposition can employ ‘stop Leitner, stop Norwich’ tactics. He is what he is as a player, so change or reinvention isn’t much of an option. This very much leads to an impasse. He’s a super player, but the Premier is unforgiving and his defensive work just isn’t strong enough for a team that must (unfortunately) often play on the back foot. Thus there are a not a lot of chance of him getting back into the 1st xi currently and he is nevertheless a fine player to sit around watching from the stands. This often leads to minor fall outs and issues because it’s a bloody frustrating and unexpected - not least from Farke and Leitner’s perspectives - state of affairs. Could easily still be the best player in the Championship mind, so some cute managerial skills required. Parma
  12. Disappointing. Royal Pari better than poor, though a surprise result...️ Parma
  13. In bocca al lupo Til and Buon Anno 🦞to all PUPs, hope you’re all happy and healthy ... Think Bolivia might be a good adventure this week for: Bolivar vs Royal Pari - Home win Hugely powerful attack vs a fairly low-scoring, though not awful side. Bolivar chasing top and should win ️ As for Jellytot’s Norwich bet, perhaps we’ll go for a longer money shot that looks plausible: Hanley to score, Buendia to assist, BTTS (the first two are a pleasing set piece, leading to the third ️) Love and peace all 🥰 Parma
  14. In bocca al lupo and Happy Christmas to all PUPs 🥳 For Hissing Sid’s super 6 I do like Spain for the Primera W game between: Barcelona vs Grenadilla - Home win For the extra line for Chelle I think that Atletico will beat Tacon in the same league As for Duncan’s Norwich pick, maybe Grant Hanley to score is not a bad call. Plenty to prove, time to make up and very good from set pieces....️ Love and peace Parma