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  1. ‘You cannot change others, you can only change yourself. Though sometimes by changing yourself others change around you.’ Central tenet of Buddhism (as I suspect @Pugin knows). Parma
  2. Something similar In the pipeline for a while. McCallum a significant investment for Norwich in context. Very much aligned with the model. Byram also a good player, notwithstanding injury concerns which were clearly factored in. Within these parameters Lewis is both poster boy for the methodology - again advertising à la Maddison the clear and exciting development and playing time pathway that Norwich offer the best young prospects - and also clearly replaceable (in fact already replaced). Given the financial limits of the Club’s ownership structure, that surely is optimum management? As for Jamal deliberately opting for a lower option than Liverpool. No. The ‘best’ team in the world want you? 5 times your salary? Champions League? Maybe 15-20 games a season? (And every player with a bit about them and on the way up thinks they’ll smash it in training and be a first choice regular, be made Captain and lift the Champions League trophy in front of 100k at the Nou Camp..why else dedicate your entire life to it?) Norwich can also put Norwich-to-Champions-League-winners on their pathway CV as the next Jamal visits Colney. Powerful stuff. Parma
  3. Absolutely sensational Double @Kathy ..........the logic should be that the Leagues are so different in scope that a Double is very unlikely....superb performance ️...... Football can be a bit of strange animal sometimes - particularly at the top level - though there is something about the PUPs that remind us what is wonderful and decent about it all Parma
  4. Indy, Despite the enormous sums at the top level of the football pyramid, it is simply not the case that the vast majority of footballers make life-changing amounts of money. Until very recently, third tier footballers would have been on around the same sums as many people in the street, with few earning £1,000 per week and plenty half that. In most second and third tier leagues around the world there is little money still. 20 x teams x 25 players x 2 leagues = 1,000 people total in the English football earning well. Risk of injury high, likelihood of earning well from first contract to last low, one or two contracts in the middle to make your money. Education is often traded and the life is peripatetic. I am certainly not here to defend footballers wages, or argue the economics of supply and demand, though context of any profession needs to be borne in mind. ’Footballers’ is a wide spectrum and a catch-all statement for a vast array of professionals, the vast majority of which do not earn high sums across Europe, even today. Love or loathe agents - and (despite the PR) a good agent can certainly be well worth the money - they always look to maximise the career (financially and in a sporting and pastoral sense note) of their clients. There is plenty of competition if they don’t. Pukki has not always earned a fortune, we got him from Denmark only a very few years ago where his wages (given his career) would have been reasonably modest in context (hence our ability to get him). Turkey (as an example) can pay good wages. Quite possibly double (or more) than we will now pay him. What should his agent do? What would your Dad say to you about a double-your-money job offer for doing the same job and the same hours? Parma nb: as others have noted, the opportunity during the ‘10 year playing career’ likely outstrips anything that an uneducated young man can earn afterwards. They can go to University, qualify as a brain surgeon or sweep roads, though football has a way of dominating the soul - before, during and after a professional career (rightly or wrongly).
  5. Frank, I block your posts because you are a troll. However on this occasion I’ll make an exception because your pathetic attempts to mis-represent the meaning of a post will derail something sensibly written by someone else and some good contributions. Responses to this kind of speculation are often and understandably emotional and fan-based. Pukki is as hot as he is ever likely to be. He has one last contract and he has just had his wages cut by 50%. It is his profession, his job, his future, his family’s future. Footballers move a lot. Their family’s move a lot. They have to make their money in a decade. A 50% wage drop overnight. Turkey may be full of feeble rumours, though Pukki’s Agent scouring Europe for well-paid employment is entirely appropriate. Norwich might like to keep him, though they would not block a move along these lines. It would be futile. All will be professional when parameters align. Professional football. Not fan football. Parma ps: On a personal level I hope @crispeduk is correct.
  6. It’s professional football. It’s a profession. His agent would only be doing his job. Right time, right money, right length of contract and something like this would be logical. Parma
  7. Veramente brava quest’anno @Kathy ...complimenti ️ Hai sicuramente meritato il tutto .... ... Parma
  8. @nutty nigel Nutella, sei bravissimo sai?...... ...magari ci fosse piú gente come te.......sei una persona veramente squisita e buono di cuore Auguri cugino....e grazie .. Parma
  9. In bocca al lupo NFN FC e tutti Voi PUPetti Think Belarus will be successful this week for: Shakter Soligorsk vs Smolevichi - Home win As for Cosmic’s Norwich bet think that BTTS no, Norwich to lose, at least 3 goals might be logical, so am going to say lump it all on Norwich to win ️ Parma
  10. Good move to Stevenage for Billy Johnson https://www.pinkun.com/home Young players must play every week...experience, learn, keep improving every single day ️ Parma
  11. Bravissimo Purple! Not an easy selection either this week by any means ...Ottimo Parma
  12. Goodness me, a couple of real PUP power hitters this week....good hands ️ Not really anything that fits the algorithm this week, though quite a few that look likely and reasonably strong value for Purple. Not my usual territory, though suspect form, firepower and ambition will prevail in Norway for: Mjondalen vs Bodo/Glimt - Away win As for Diesel’s Norwich bet, we must surely see some form of positive outcome this week.The coaching playbook has gone from model, to Rainbow Pollyanna and back to a 1-0-1 low block defending reset. That reset is intended to offer some sort of platform, so how about a tricast of: Norwich clean sheet, at least 3 Norwich yellow cards, BTTS no. Parma
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