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    I'm going out on a limb to suggest the twitter account isn't supposed to be taken seriously...
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    Least we all know not to take you seriously now.
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    Because it is absurd and some people happen to find absurd things funny. If you don't, fair enough, but do you really need to tell everyone? I generally find the occasional 'friday jokes' thread that pops up on here terminally unfunny but I don't feel I have to post and let them know.
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    Because in the context of a self funding club that it appears has to rinse its fans for every penny it can get with its away membership scheme it would be interesting to know if the directors are paying their own travel and expenses on match days in keeping with the “self funding” principle.
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    Something to celebrate Thanks again Alex. I've been able to update the totals with your wonderful donation. It took us past £14,000 since we began and this years presentation pot to £2,243....
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    I'm just going to leave this here.
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    Probably done by Robert Snodgrass.
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    Thanks Fuzzar. Those guys are heroes - I'm just some argumentative old git on a message board who's hackles rise when people who profess to be Norwich City fans stick the boot into our young players on a public forum.
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    Utter & complete tripe. The team you're suggesting would get slaughtered. Tettey is about 5,000,000% better as a DM than Tom. I can only imagine you've watched one game about 2 years ago when Tettey made a mistake. Otherwise I can't imagine in what way you 'watch' games in general. I suspect you've succumbed to the Useless Tettey mythology because he isn't ambitious, plays safety first & doesn't score many. Eden Hazard he isn't. There's no-one else at the club who can do the job as well as Alex. Nobody. Amadou is possibly the only one with the power, but his positional awareness is nowhere near. This really gets my goat. When BJ was at the club he was always getting the plaudits because of his 'swashbuckling style', usually consisting of charging into tackles & missing completely, or smashing the ball over the bar (in fairness he did score occasionally, & had a powerful header on him - he was actually better in a more attacking role). Time after time we'd get overrun down the left while Alex stopped everything down the right. But nobody noticed. Grrrr End of rant.
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    Approx two thirds of our goals have been conceded during set piece situations or crosses into the box. There are probably a few reasons for this - we're not the tallest/physical team, zonal marking and in-play tactics like not doing enough to cut out the crosses into the box. We have improved defensively this season and it has now become more about killing the game off with a second goal, instead of conceding too many. On a slightly different note, our most sought after players are wingers, full backs and Pukki. Godfrey aside, the core/spine of our team (Hanley, Zimbo, Trybull, Tettey, McLean) are probably upper Championship players.
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    Whilst there's no doubt the fact that we're an attacking team and their attacking attributes are generally better than their defending ones (for defenders) isn't helping, I think the main issue is age/experience. All three of the players mentioned in the opening post are excellent young players who should all go on to play at a very high level, but right now they are not the finished article and they are still learning. All three of them look very good most most of the time, but due to a lack of experience they seem to make a couple of slight errors in each game, usually switching off for a split second which allows their man to get a couple of yards of space or just an error with decision making which at Premier League level gets punished. If you have one inexperienced player in a back four doing this then you might just be able to get away with it, but when you have three youngsters in your back four it's tough. I think any one of these three playing in a defence with more experienced players would be talked through the game a bit more and be less likely to be caught out of position or lose their man at a crucial moment. In the Premier League, a defender doing 50 things well and two things wrong over the course of 90 minutes often gets punished due to the high quality of the opposition who can take advantage of even a slight lapse.
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    Good to see that we appear to be in front of Bristol City for his signature.
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    Have you seen Raggett play ?
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    Total and utter rubbish.
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    No, maybe not. But we may decide to settle for less so it doesn’t rule them out.
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    Based on your posts I had you living down a Siberian salt mine never having seen the sun...
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    I believe he was pictured in training today? If so, you’d hope it’ll be weeks rather than months before he’s back.
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    "If you’re unsure which side to come down on in relation to today’s royal shenanigans, the knowledge that it’s pissed off such reprehensible ****bags as Toby Young, Piers Morgan, Sarah Vine and Katie Hopkins should help focus your mind." Exactly this.
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    Here's his brother Ian and nephew James. His cousin Gordon. And his Auntie Liz with her family on a day trip in the Highlands.
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    Yeah definitely. I'm utterly convinced by this simplistic argument that implies that it is not possible to work on more than one deal at once. Just because this one was easier to conclude than other deals that may be in the pipeline definitely means it was top priority... Great news is now this is concluded, Webber can finally start to look at other players, which he definitely hasn't been doing thus far as he is only capable of working on a solitary deal in a vacuum. Great post.
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    We'd still struggle to score and concede a late equaliser
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    it was a tongue in cheek comment aimed at the naysayers.
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    'Under our model.' The model now is very different from what it was then. We spent quite a bit more on permanent transfers the first season we came up under Lambert, because you could still get quality players from the lower leagues like Bennett and Pilkington for £1-2m. The unfortunate truth is that football, especially at the very top level, has changed hugely over the past decade but we haven't.
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    Obama bribed Iran and lost... Trumpski bombed Iran and won. NEXT !!