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  1. Plus scoring the best ever disallowed goal at CR.
  2. Golf for me after Football. I'm a member at Stockley Park and play there at least three times a week. Most people don't realise it was a golf course a long time before they put some office buildings there.
  3. Hardly attempts on goal. Have'nt seen.many fingertip saves from their goalie. All powder puff stuff.
  4. Well done Ron. A typical yokel reply. You keep enjoying all those defeats.
  5. Fully agree K.I.O. I'm not enjoying it either. To many men against boys performances for me. You could write the script for practically every game. Some flashy moves from us until the big boys take over. Is this recent euphoria because a few tv punters have praised our play?. They haven't actually said we should have won, just we played well in parts. The table doesn't lie.
  6. Good to see us moving the ball quicker. Not much tippy tappy.
  7. Don't criticize the wunderkind for gawdsake they won't be happy down on the farms.
  8. I agree that we play some nice stuff, but that's all it is. Like little Ballerina's dancing around the periphery. No pace,no height and no muscle,its only a matter of time before we get picked off.
  9. We may have had a lot of possession but we move the ball far to slowly. To many passes to gain a yard or two.
  10. Parma old chap. I thought I saw a few months back someone on here requesting more specifics on those qualifications of yours. That's when you alluded to to have done something in 'the Italian system', or something equally vague. You know, who ,where,when, that sort of thing. But I must have missed your reply. Could you just remind me, us.
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