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  1. Mind the gap

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    Don't criticize the wunderkind for gawdsake they won't be happy down on the farms.
  2. Mind the gap

    How Many Nationalities Have Played For Us?

    Chris Martin - Suffolk
  3. Mind the gap

    Still in there fighting - and we WILL improve results.

    I agree that we play some nice stuff, but that's all it is. Like little Ballerina's dancing around the periphery. No pace,no height and no muscle,its only a matter of time before we get picked off.
  4. We may have had a lot of possession but we move the ball far to slowly. To many passes to gain a yard or two.
  5. Mind the gap

    Parma’s Tactics Masterclass 19

    Parma old chap. I thought I saw a few months back someone on here requesting more specifics on those qualifications of yours. That's when you alluded to to have done something in 'the Italian system', or something equally vague. You know, who ,where,when, that sort of thing. But I must have missed your reply. Could you just remind me, us.
  6. Mind the gap

    Everton fans not happy

    Whinging Scousers, surely not.
  7. Mind the gap

    Today in Helsinki

    I hope they don't play him on Monday now they're through. Or just for a half at least.
  8. Mind the gap

    Match Night Thread -

    Hows that vibe going Chip?.
  9. Mind the gap

    Match Night Thread -

    Don't you find in the Premier League a lot of teams appear to be made of glass once they go ahead. There's a name for it. Unfortunately we're not that cute.
  10. Mind the gap

    Club Canary

    My thoughts too.
  11. Mind the gap

    Gloves !

    I didn't mention it earlier because several were already saying he's brushed off the ball to easily. It's been obvious all season. But hey ho, the game is all about opinions, and if you'rs is that he's up to the task then the best of british to you. I hope you're right in the long run.
  12. Mind the gap

    Gloves !

    Unprintable I would guess.
  13. Mind the gap

    Gloves !

    Agree with both comments. Especially considering there was several players out there who were from warmer climes. Glad he was pulled at h/t because he's too weak for this league, at the moment anyway. To many yokels building him up because they're craving for a local hero.
  14. A lot of people seeing Tetty as the new messiah. As they do for most players who aren't involved. I have me reservations. He's yet to be fully tested in the premier league. Yes he can break up play, but he's not getting any younger and he was never the quickest in the first place. And don't get me started on his passing.