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  1. Feedthewolf

    I actually want us to sell a player

    It's obviously Jobsworth with yet another of his alter egos (sigh).
  2. Feedthewolf

    Home grown players

    No, you don't, but it's a workable number to be going on with. It's unlikely to be more than one or two in either direction, so I just used it as an approximation.
  3. Feedthewolf

    Home grown players

    That was actually happening towards the end of last season IIRC, and we need to avoid it happening again. The goalkeeping situation will be interesting - Krul is homegrown as he spent three years at Newcastle before the age of 21, but McGovern (formative years in Scotland) and Mair (signed from Aberdeen last summer) do not qualify as homegrown. Oxborough is out of contract in the summer and is playing in the sixth tier, so he can probably be counted out. Our homegrown players next season would be, as things stand: Krul, Aarons, Hanley, Raggett, McCallum, Godfrey, Lewis, Byram, Thompson, Cantwell, Idah, Morris - plus any youth teamers who make the step up (Famewo, Thomas, Martin, Adshead). That's 12 senior pros, and I'd expect at least two of Aarons, Lewis, Godfrey and Cantwell to be sold. As we have to name at least seven home-grown players in our squad, it increases the likelihood of the likes of Raggett, Thompson and Idah being part of the squad (although I doubt Morris will make the cut). A potential 25-man squad could look something like this, although obviously there will be ins and outs over the summer (homegrown players in bold): GK: Krul, McGovern, Mair [Oxborough gone] DF: Aarons, Lewis, Byram, Hanley, Godfrey, McCallum, Raggett, Klose, Zimmermann [Heise gone] MF: Thompson, Cantwell, Tettey, Trybull, Vrancic, McLean, Buendía, Stiepermann, Hernandez, Rupp [Leitner gone] FW: Pukki, Drmic, Idah [Morris gone] So there are 11 homegrown players there, but any of Aarons, Lewis, Godfrey, Cantwell or Krul that are sold will need to be replaced with other homegrown players - remember the rules state that we need to have seven homegrown players in every matchday squad of 18, not in our squad of 25, so if we were to replace any top homegrown players that we sell with youth team players, we would likely be significantly weakening the squad.
  4. Feedthewolf

    I actually want us to sell a player

    Duplicate accounts are not allowed on this forum.
  5. You'd only miss Italy v Scotland, and then you could watch Wales v France in the clubhouse afterwards!
  6. North Walsham fan? Looks like promotion for both of us this season...
  7. Feedthewolf

    Tottenham look to be absolute ****

    Sacking Pochettino must go down as one of the worst decisions in PL history.
  8. Me either - I said exactly that in my previous post! There should definitely be zero tolerance for away fans in home areas.
  9. Cool - if you (or anyone else, for that matter) do decide to go, drop me a PM and we can meet for a beer.
  10. Oh, and I should add that if anyone does want to come and watch Norwich Rugby against Ipswich next Saturday, entry is free.
  11. Rugby is largely unsegregated. Fans of both teams will happily intermingle, and no one is breaking any rules by doing so. You might have a designated away section, but it certainly wouldn't be separated by stewards. I'm not suggesting football should be like that, and I'm not in any way sticking up for people who sell their home ticket to away fans. Simply saying that I very much like the relative maturity of rugby fans compared to some of the groups of laddish morons who identify as football fans.
  12. Lewis would only be an understudy for Robertson... if he's going to leave, wouldn't he prefer to go somewhere where he can actually kick on and play regularly?
  13. I've always found rugby fans to be very welcoming, and I've had a wonderful time supporting Harlequins and England both at home and abroad. In my experience, every time anybody has started being a d*ck, they're very quickly put in their place by the people around them. Can't beat drinking with opposing fans after the match, and often the players will come in and have a few beers with the fans too. Never a hint of trouble. Incidentally, seeing as we've got a blank Saturday next week, why not pop down to Norwich Rugby Club? They're top of the league, and playing against Ipswich, who are third... should be a cracking atmosphere. Will happily grab a beer or two with any Pinkun posters who want to come and pledge their support to the egg chasers!
  14. Feedthewolf

    Scousers never change

    Vermin. Saw a bunch of them dragging their knuckles up Prince of Wales Road after the match... one of them went into one of those on-street urinal cubicles, and all the others took it in turns to kick the door as hard as they could while their 'mate' was taking a p*ss.
  15. Feedthewolf

    Possible postponement

    It'll definitely go ahead. They always look at worst-case-scenario modelling when assessing these things, and Liverpool fans will already be halfway here. Game on!
  16. Fascinating read from Miguel Delaney in today's Independent. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/champions-league-superclubs-liverpool-man-utd-barcelona-real-madrid-a9330431.html
  17. Feedthewolf

    Spurs tickets

    Happened to a mate of mine, too. Would imagine the seats are 'tiered' according to position/view, as everyone who got their tickets on Tuesday was charged £25 to my knowledge.
  18. Feedthewolf


    Absolutely this, it baffles me. I love the guy, one of my all-time favourite Norwich players. Let's get our thinking caps on and make a chant for him!
  19. Feedthewolf

    Hail the Scottish badgers

    Malcolm Allen was one of my first Canary favourites back in the late 1980s.
  20. Feedthewolf

    TWTD Having Yet Another Meltdown.

    BREAKING NEWS: Our old friend Portmanking has finally thrown in the towel
  21. Feedthewolf

    TWTD Having Yet Another Meltdown.

    A tough-looking assignment for the Binners at AFC Wimbledon tonight. Although they tend to do okay against the lower teams, Wimbledon are fighting relegation and will surely make it tough for them. They really need to win tonight... a defeat would be hilarious!
  22. Feedthewolf

    Storm Dennis

    I would say that any adverse weather conditions would be more likely to act as a 'leveller' than to broaden the gap between the two sides...
  23. Feedthewolf

    Top 26

    Well we'd be more attractive to a potential investor in the Championship than in the Premier League, certainly. But with a self-sustaining policy that is three years in and has already led to us being debt-free with huge amounts of saleable assets on the playing staff, that still doesn't sound like the ideal recipe for a takeover.