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  1. I've had a crash. I'm okay other than bumps and bruises, but my bike is a right mess (it's currently being looked at). Please keep sharing my fundraising page at tiny.cc/colo500, and follow me on Instagram here - I will get to 500 miles if I have to crawl.
  2. Man City have slapped that tag on him because Barcelona have identified him as a long-term replacement for Pique, I believe. I think about half that price for a backup left-back is about fair; if we can get £15m plus add-ons, that'd be a decent enough deal. Additionally, Citeh can bump the price up because they're a force in the PL and Europe with a billionaire owner; their interpretation of 'we have no need to sell' is a little different to ours!
  3. We all need to chill out a bit, I think. As ever, there's a ton of good debate, and a shovelful of shíte... if you're contributing to more shíte than debate, maybe spend a bit less time on here and more time doing something constructive and positive with your time? Honestly, nobody will ever win the 'happy clappers vs. nappy crappers' debate. Put your points across, play nicely, and be grateful that you have such an overriding passion for the club. It's ours, whatever we think of it, and we're all a tribe. If anyone fancies a bike ride in the next couple of weeks, drop me a message. I'll ride with any NCFC fan, even Waveney!
  4. He's going out on loan to Salford, if reports are to be believed.
  5. Yeah, I'm trying to do 20 miles per day, with every sixth day being a rest day. That should get me to 500 miles by the 29th, which leaves me a couple of spare days for additional recovery/emergencies. It was never NOT gonna hurt...
  6. Yeah, I think I'll need a bath after this Test match finishes!
  7. Haha! Hadn't thought of that, although I do have a very comfy sofa. I'm having an extremely lazy day watching the cricket, so hopefully I'll be ready to roll again in the morning...
  8. Yes, they're proper cycling shorts, and yes I'm going commando! Applying chamois cream before each ride too...
  9. I know, Winky! I was only joshing myself. I'm up to 140 miles now; went for a lush ride around prime Broadland this morning with @Fifty, who I didn't even know had an account on here until today! Even though he's mostly a lurker, I'm calling him out anyway as it was a real pleasure to ride with him. Back to solo riding tomorrow, and I'm thinking of going up to Reepham on the Marriott's Way... would be nice to get 'off road' for a bit. ***INDECENCY WARNING*** Today's ride was a little tougher, and I'm a lot sorer 'down there' than I have been so far. It's not the plums so much, but the areas around my 'sit bones'... I've used body butter and medicated talc... would an ice pack do any good down there, do you think?
  10. It's about 17 miles to the sea from my home in Old Catton - I think Sea Palling is the nearest. Woodbastwick and Ranworth are easily reachable on a circuitous route, though, and Wroxham is less than half an hour away.
  11. Alright dad, I'll go out for a little ride later... sorry
  12. I was thinking that yesterday! I played Sunday League football for the best part of 20 years, and used to swim and play squash quite regularly, but in the past five years or so I have become rather sedentary and put on a lot of weight. Even though it's my rest day, I'm tempted to get out there and have a little spin, just because...
  13. I would have serious concerns about Sinani being considered as a striker. He seems to have played largely in attacking midfield roles, but I think playing in the Luxembourg top flight will have made him used to being able to dominate opponents (as well as being given the liberty to make things happen wherever he likes). Obviously Farke knows a lot more about him than I do, but it'd be a hell of a gamble. But anyway, a lot of time to go until the restart, and a lot of time for players to arrive and leave before then.
  14. Thanks very much! I'm actually starting to enjoy the whole rides now, even the exhausted bits at the end...
  15. I'm not suggesting that we actually go for these players, I'm just throwing others into the mix who might be considered in the context of the OP. Of the four I mentioned, the only one I'd genuinely love us to sign is Reed, but as you say he's not a feasible target.
  16. Harrison Reed. Tenacious, physical, decent distribution, cover at RB. Either Elliott Bennett or Ryan Bertrand would be good senior pros to guide the younger players. Or if we decide to play three at the back, Robbie Brady perhaps? I seem to recall him playing as a RWB to great effect against Man Citeh a few years back, so he could offer depth on either side, in defence or midfield.
  17. You absolutely did, good sir! Today's route was Old Catton, Spixworth, Salhouse, Woodbastwick, Blofield Heath, Little Plumstead, Rackheath, then a bit of a loop around the ring road to take myself up to 22 miles. That means I've hit 100 miles in five days, and I've consequently earnt myself a day off tomorrow! I will keep updating the fundraising page at tiny.cc/colo500, so even if you're not on social media and/or you've already donated, you can still keep an eye on what I've been up to!
  18. I always liked the cut of Phillip Billing's jib. Not sure if either player would swap one Championship club for another, though.
  19. Jesus, he'll be having a pop at Marigold and the Puppet Man next!
  20. You're forgetting that Rupp is ****ing **** according to most people on here because he don't do tricks and flicks like what Emi does.
  21. Great, thanks for this. If it comes from Nick Mashíter then that's good enough for me.
  22. I've read the article, but it doesn't give any new information at all other than that Leitner's agent is actively seeking another club for him. It just rehashes the information from Drmic's interview the other week, without adding anything new. And we already knew that Trybull's absence was due to 'personal reasons' for the Man City game, but nowhere else in the article does it corroborate the statement in the first paragraph that he 'can leave Norwich City this summer'. I don't doubt these players will be offloaded, but there doesn't seem to be anything at all from any official source other than Leitner's agent?
  23. Sorry, which of these players have 'gone'? And where did you get the information please?
  24. I was referring to Waveney, not Pig Mince. Waveney had an odd few days when he started fellating Nephew Tom.
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