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    Pukki game here

    "just popped up"
  2. Feedthewolf

    Pukki game here

    I've also found strikeout.nu very reliable recently.
  3. Feedthewolf

    Christoph Zimmermann

  4. Hi folks, Slightly off topic I know, but Mrs Wolf and I will be in Japan for two weeks from Tuesday. If anyone on here knows any NCFC fans who are also going to be out there, feel free to drop me a PM so we can exchange details and maybe meet for a pint somewhere along the way! We'll be in Sapporo for England's first game, and Tokyo and Osaka for the rest of the time. Cheers, Wolfie x
  5. Apologies for missing last week, got lost in the post-holiday chaos! I like Kathy's strategy of going for away wins, so I'm going to pick Belgium to win in Kazakhstan on Sunday. For BTTS, Notts County v Torquay please. Best of luck to one and all, and safe travels to our players on international duty.
  6. Feedthewolf

    Rugby World Cup - NCFC fans in Japan?

    It'd be disrespectful to Italy to suggest they have no chance of winning. Even if only a puncher's chance, to deny them the right to play their match means that they'd be in all kinds of legal hot water if they then rearranged Scotland's match. Even if they play behind closed doors, you'd think the organisers are going to be desperate to make it happen on Sunday somehow.
  7. Feedthewolf

    Rugby World Cup - NCFC fans in Japan?

    You can buy a ref mic, but we didn't. The whole typhoon scenario is ridiculous; there's a whole week between now and the quarter finals, they could easily move the match to Monday and guarantee it goes ahead, even if they have to play it behind closed doors. Surely that's better than a side being knocked out by default? And even if the Scotland game does go ahead, Italy have already been knocked out by default. Sure, they had to beat NZ in order to go through, but that's still theoretically possible.
  8. Feedthewolf


    He was signed at the time when we weren't showing any signs of becoming a Premier League club. I think he was designed to be a squad defender if we're in the Championship, and that might still come to pass next season if we go down. He clearly doesn't have the technical ability to be a PL defender, although if you'd have told me two years ago that Ryan Bennett would be where he is now, I'd have laughed in your face! It's a funny old game, Saint.
  9. Feedthewolf

    TNC Talk Norwich City - For real?

    Judging by his username, I'm going to take a punt on Alexis Sanchez.
  10. Feedthewolf

    Rugby World Cup - NCFC fans in Japan?

    It was bloody amazing! Such a well-organised, respectful and helpful nation. I could go on for hours about it (just ask my mates!), but suffice to say it was the best trip I've ever been on (honeymoon included!). We saw Australia v Fiji and England v Tonga in Sapporo, but we left our hearts in Osaka... my new favourite city (apart from Nodge, of course). Yeah the slippery balls haven't helped matters, but it's been a good tournament in general. Some of the red cards have been a little harsh... while they're correct in line with the new tackling laws, I still think it was a bit unfair to introduce such dramatic changes to the law so close to the World Cup; it will have disrupted teams' training and preparation significantly, having to essentially 're-coach' the tackle so close to the tournament. It seems to have hit the Pacific Island nations especially hard, as they tend to tackle higher than the Tier One nations in my experience. Also had great fun watching us beat Citeh in a sports bar in Shanghai with my Citeh-supporting ex-pat mate... quite the experience! There were a couple of other Norwich fans in there, and we went totally nuts when the goals went in. Couldn't find anywhere to watch the Burnley game in Sapporo, but the Asian Canaries Facebook group managed to put me in touch with a bar owner in Osaka who's originally from Norfolk, so we rocked up there for the Palace game. Lovely bloke, brilliant atmosphere, and even managed to teach some locals OTBC. In return we're now signed-up Cerezo Osaka fans!
  11. Feedthewolf

    TNC Talk Norwich City - For real?

  12. Feedthewolf

    3 positives & 3 negatives

    I think we need to stick with Plan A, personally. Alex Neil went to Plan B after we shipped six at Newcastle, and look how that turned out. We've spent two years honing this system and it's got us this far, so let's stick with it. That said, I do think that Stiepermann looks a little out of his depth at this level; I'd rather see a creative technical player like Vrancic in that role.
  13. Feedthewolf

    3 positives & 3 negatives

    Roberts is being integrated more often recently, but Farke has made it clear that he favours players who already 'get' the intricacies of the system we're trying to play. Having played for Man City and Celtic who are dominant in their leagues, it's probably taken Roberts longer to get to grips with the demands of Farke's system. And let's not forget that we'd definitely have been using Onel for exactly that, but he was another unfortunate victim of the injury crisis. As well as Vrancic, who moves the ball forward more incisively in the final third than Leitner. We have been utterly stitched by these injuries, we've been hugely unlucky.
  14. Feedthewolf

    VAR Red Card Check?!!?

    Nah, he just got caught in possession, the player won the ball cleanly. He went down like he'd been shot to try to buy a foul, but jumped straight back up when he realised he wasn't going to get it. Agree it was a penalty for the handball, though.
  15. Feedthewolf

    We've just f'cked it up.

    I'd also be tempted to try Vrancic in place of Stiepi when he's back from injury. His passing is quicker and more incisive than Leitner's, and would complement our passing style better than Stiepermann (who does look way out of his depth to be honest).
  16. Feedthewolf

    Must go

    The same people saying our model can't compete in the Premier League are the same people who were saying we'd never have a prayer of getting promoted from the Championship with our model, and that we were likely to be relegated to League One due to our lack of investment. Three weeks ago we beat the champions of England with ten players out injured. We've got four super-talented young British players in our squad who cost us £250k in total (Godfrey's fee to York). We're one point from safety with 30 matches to go, and a bunch of players to come back from injury. I only hope that Farke sticks to the principles that have got us to where we are, rather than having a crisis of confidence like Alex Neil did after we shipped six at Newcastle. As the song goes, "what a great team to support". And support them we must. OTBC.
  17. Feedthewolf

    Club Hands Out Three year Bans.

    Was that in the upper tier? If so, I think I was one of the other people leaping to your defence!
  18. Feedthewolf

    Mainstream praise comes flooding in

    It's wonderful to read these reports as I can't access mainstream Western media in Shanghai, so thanks for posting them. Heading to Tokyo tonight so I'll be able to revisit everything in glorious Technicolor tomorrow. Also having to rein in my joy a little bit considering I'm staying with my Citeh-supporting mate!
  19. Feedthewolf

    I wonder if,,,,,,,

    You obviously weren't at West Ham then! In seriousness, though, our style is better equipped to play technical sides like Man City, but we will have a totally different challenge at Turf Moor. If we can win that, we'll definitely be looking good to ensconce ourselves safely in mid-table.
  20. Feedthewolf

    Now do you understand??

    It's the kind of game we need to be winning if we're going to make the top four.
  21. I think I'm right in saying Tottenham didn't sign any players in summer 2018, so unless they gave a youth player a first start that might be one answer. Although I'd imagine it's a record in terms of having signed players but not started any of them.
  22. Feedthewolf

    Now do you understand??

    Fair play to you, Lakey! Wish I could have been there, watched it in a sports bar in Shanghai. Found a couple of other Canary fans too, and our goal celebrations were outrageous. Then after the game a German guy came over to us and said he was a mate of Stiepi's, and had just sent him a video of our crazy celebrations via WhatsApp! What a performance, what a night. OTBC!
  23. Feedthewolf

    Rugby World Cup - NCFC fans in Japan?

    Trip of a lifetime... thanks buddy. Taxi to Norwich International will be here in five minutes...
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    Max Aarons?

  25. Feedthewolf

    Godfrey u21 captain?

    A ten-minute walk? You must have long legs...