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  1. Bonzo

    Must go

    Lose a few games and unsurprisingly we are back to the circle of bollox argument which goes thus; 1. Lose some games. 2. Sack owners. 3. Fire manager. 4. Sell all the players. Start all over again but spend a lot more money than everybody else. A reasonably bright nine year old who knows something about the club and about football history could quite easily pick these arguments apart. I don’t know why any adults would be making them -unless they are binners
  2. I don’t agree with the op. The loyalty and togetherness of the players from last season has been rewarded. This was the right thing to do. The club certainly has a massive challenge this year and we have been very unfortunate with injuries. Last year our rate of improvement was phenomenal at times but this year it has stalled. We need to see improvement in our performances and in particular improvements in how we are defensively. This is within the capacity of the current squad and management. The problem is serious but not worthy of a panicked response. We are a newly promoted side with one fit centre back. Any newly promoted side with one fit centre back would be in our position. Keep the faith.
  3. Bonzo

    Must go

    I am really happy that we have Delia plus the other board members. I’m happy that we have our strategy as it is. If we’d spent 150m and had 10 players out it would have more or less been the same result. Despite decent possession and a reasonable number of shots not much came off for us. Thats football.
  4. Bonzo

    We've just f'cked it up.

    Our main issue at CB even with a fit squad is our ability to defend in the air. Klose is our strongest player off the deck. None of the others rates particularly highly in this regard. A cross across the 6 yard box is pretty dangerous anyway however we are particularly susceptible to this. Premiership sides are packed with players who can deliver precision passes into this area we need to be able to deal with it. Currently we are not. The zonal marking thing is another issue Farke is married to zonal and won’t change it. With the constant turnover in Centre Backs however we don’t seem able to make it work furthermore our full backs are also not good in the air either. Somehow we need to find a way to defend better. On the deck we are pretty decent but we have to be first to the ball in our own 6 yard box.
  5. Bonzo

    We've just f'cked it up.

    He missed a large part of 05/06 with a broken foot and much of 07/08 with a recurrent knee injury.
  6. Bonzo

    We've just f'cked it up.

    All players get injuries. Some great players get injured. Robin van Persie missed two seasons and then wound up a Premiership top scorer. The fact remains that injured players sometimes make good moneyball targets because their clubs get used to them not playing and start to undervalue them. Over time most players injuries average out. We have just been unlucky here nothing more.
  7. Bonzo

    Suck it up, grow some b*lls and get over it.

    Can we not get a loanee centre back? Moving Amadou into midfield is then an option. It didn’t work with Leitner and McLean today not that either are bad players the issue is that we need more steel in there.
  8. Bonzo

    Match thread

    Can we Prorogue for a couple of months until we have a fit squad?
  9. Bonzo

    Match thread

    We’re getting possession and shots but no end product. Might want to try Drmic or Buendia in for Steipi we can always put Roberts wide right if we more Buendia inside. We should at least have one goal by now. If we can’t mark crosses we might as well put Famewo on and move Amadou into midfield. The next goal needs to be ours.
  10. All of our players- including those who are starting because others are injured are good enough for this league. The issue is simply one of performances. A good performance is worth points.
  11. Bonzo

    Villa must win

    We have a long way to go before any side is into “must win” territory.
  12. Bonzo

    Looking after the ball

    We have a limited availability of fit players and a set way of playing. By now our players and manager must know exactly how opponents are going to play against us and it’s mostly got to be an aggressive high press -Chelsea and Burnley games both yielded results for our opponents from this tactic. To circumvent this play our players need to make good decisions under pressure. It’s easy to say but not always easy to do. On numerous occasions we have done this but there have been blips. I don’t think we should change our approach though. Once we get going we can score against the best sides. Scoring first / not conceding first is ultimately the key area we need to improve. Once we can do this more often we’ll get a run going. It would help a lot to have more defenders fit again but there is no reason to be too negative at this stage -Villa will be a very tough challenge. It should be an exciting game.
  13. Bonzo

    It’s not just injuries

    Sorry I disagree with op. Hernadez for a start gives us a totally different dynamic. Klose/ Zimmerman are both a miss for us too. Amadou has been great but I’d love to see him in midfield. Having said all this we were in this game from start to finish. We had good possession and created opportunities. It could easily have been a different result on another day.
  14. Full credit to Burnley. We can play better than we did today.
  15. Bonzo

    Lawro ( Berk )

    This guy’s predictions are usually wrong. His record actually stinks despite his apparent football knowledge. But these predictions are just meant to be a bit of fun and we shouldn’t take them too seriously. Longterm football stats suggest roughly 50% home win 25% draw 25% away win. Personally I think betting against us right now is pretty risky though. If anything this guys done us a favour. Hopefully our lads play well and prove him wrong.