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  1. A team with 10 men doesn't take defenders off they they take attacking players off. We still have to play through two banks of four. On another night we could have won the game. The goal was a gift from the referee and served to energize them at a crucial stage. I'm not unhappy with the result. An away draw is never a disaster. Crucially we denied them a win. Tzolis got a decent run out and will have learned something from the experience and Idah in a 442 looked interesting.
  2. So the data is effectively saying that 15 pints and a large kebab can prevent the occurrence of sudden coronary incidents? This is the best news I've heard all day. Is the treatment available on the NHS? (asking for a friend).
  3. Dean Smith has the advantage of having played them already which should be a help for us in terms of preparation. If we get in their faces and take our chances we should be OK. Both Brentford and Palace got results against them. There's no reason why we can't do the same.
  4. With the almost limitless amount of data available to Smith it is inconceivable that he didn't know exactly how fit or in form Cantwell was before he started him on Saturday. So why would Smith start a player who according to many reports was not fit enough to play at or near his best? 1. Was it to bring him back into the fold? 2. Was it because Cantwell has "God given talents"? 3. Was it because he'd seen what happened to Farke and knows the financial dynamics of what happens when a player valued at £15-20m and frozen out of the side agitates against a manager who has no transfer value? 4. Did he know that Cantwell would bomb and use this to game the player into winding his neck in a yard or two? 5. Was Cantwell actually fit but just missing the sharpness that comes from playing at this level? I'm glad Cantwell got his start and I applaud Smith for his decision, whatever his reasoning. Cantwell either needs to be playing or he needs to be sold and he can't be sold unless he's playing. Either way it's better having him inside the tent tiddling outwards than the other way round. On his day he's a very good watch and quite a player. At the same time he's also flawed just like the rest of us. Hopefully Smith has his measure. One senses that if Farke was dealing with a raging toddler throwing a hissy fit in the supermarket he might just leave the little stinker on the floor of to finish his tantrum and walk away in the hope that by removing his audience the tot would stop acting up and come to his senses. My guess is that Smith would probably bribe the little darling with a chocolate bar at the check out and just move on. The manager's job is not an easy one.
  5. Hackney, I'm still convinced it won't be Lampard. Until he's announced later today that is. The call has gone out from Webber.
  6. Exactly. The Chelsea comparison is exactly the reason why we should not appoint Lampard. He's miles away from Tuchel in managerial abilities and the Premier League has a few other managers who rate highly in world football. People who have the ability run rings around pedestrian managers like Lampard. Sides we need to win points from. Hiring Lampard after firing Farke is little bit like ordering a diet coke with your big mac. F...ing pointless. We need someone better. Someone with the depth of footballing knowledge to ask questions of the likes of Klopp, Tuchel, Ranieri, Benitez, Guardiola, Rogers and the rest.
  7. Good news. Hopefully this gives us a free run at Farvre. I couldn't care less about Howe. He's taken the money and sacrificed his integrity. Presumably he couldn't care less about the medieval track record of the owners and is prepared to look the other way just like the FA. I'll genuinely fear for him if I ever read the Headline "Newcastle Manager for the chop". Not that any journalist would dare write such a thing.
  8. The idea of sacking Daniel Farke and appointing Frank Lampard is ridiculous. Farke is the better manager by a long way. Personally I cannot see it happening. Lampard is not a Premier League quality manager, he's barely a Championship level manager. On the list of bookies candidates "Farvre" is about the only one good enough (Roy is good enough but retired).
  9. Nice one Rhino. Farke's post match analysis said it all. "We lacked quality at both ends of the pitch". That is the issue. Pukki alone isn't enough. Kabak has shown either a serious lack of judgement or simply a childish lack of seriousness. He has to be dropped. Our left backs can attack but cannot defend the channel in behind and numerous sides have profited from our weakness in this defensive area. Omobamidele for me is now a nailed on starter. We have some decent wingers, once Farke can teach them how to pass to their team mates in the offensive areas they might even be useful. On the plus side Normann looks pretty decent not just in terms of talent but in terms of heart too. The idea of "Farkeball" where we dominate possession in this league is for the birds unless we set up with Gilmour. But Gilmour also poses a problem in that he is a player who can only play in front of himself and then only when we are in possession of the ball. He doesn't see runners or how play is unfolding and neither does he see the dangers in behind when out of possession. In possession however he's magnificent. Perhaps he's an upgrade on Vracic. Perhaps not. 3421 might be a better bet with Gilmour as a starter. Every player has flaws, Farke's job is to get the whole to become greater than the sum of it's parts. Let's hope he can as it seems unlikely that Webber will deliver what we really need (a striker to rival Pukki, a left back who can attack and defend and a CB who has the skills of Kabak but with the judgement of an adult). In the absence of such players Farke has no other option than to find the answers on the training ground in the hope that his players will start giving some performances worthy of the shirt. Holding out and trying to dominate possession makes some sense but we have to score goals. Perhaps we should simply accept that we'll concede both goals and possession at this level with this squad and instead set ourselves up to outscore opponents. I'd rather go down fighting a leave a trail of bloodied noses in our wake than to try and stem the tide and lose anyway. The game now is about winning 3 pointers. It's time we thought about outscoring opponents. Victories bring confidence, eliminate doubts and reinvigorate everyone. The first one cannot come soon enough.
  10. https://www.psychologytoday.com/gb/basics/catastrophizing
  11. Saturday was an accident waiting to happen. We are a long way behind Chelsea and a Chelsea under Tuchel is a long way ahead of a Chelsea under Lampard. Comparing our performance this year to the performances against Chelsea last time we were in the Premiership is facile. Arguably Tuchel is one of the top three managers in the world right now and his team are Champions league winners. Deservedly so. In addition he's had plenty of time with his players to develop a system or indeed systems of play and of course his players are world class. This current Norwich side under Farke is recently assembled, they are a season and a half behind Chelsea and we have no one who'd make the Chelsea starting line up. On top of this Tuchel knew we'd set up in a 532. He knew what was coming and he had both the talent and the game plan to counter our inevitable attempts to stem the tide. Add to this a poor performances all round, the misfortune of an own goal, the penalty against Normann (who was facing away from the ball when it struck him) and the rank stupidity of Gibson's final tackle of the day and the result was not pretty. Sacking Farke would make no sense at all. Admittedly we were given a good hiding and the performance was woeful but Chelsea at home, a well oiled Champions League winning side was a 20-1 shot at best. Attack them and push up and they pass though us.Concede early and heads drop. The players know they are not Chelsea and Farke knows he is not Tuchel but on top of this Chelsea and Tuchel have a year and a half head start on us. The only real concern is that the desire shown by senior pros seemed to ebb away once defeat was certain. Understandable but not acceptable. Yet hardly the fault of the manager. The only consolation is that the Brighton and Burnley games showed some promise. The Chelsea game showed us that we have a long way to go.
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