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  1. I would be sad if Emi left us. His passion and inventiveness are just what we need. Leeds are making a lot of noise however they wont put up the money. It maybe that this idea behind the club saying Emi can go if the right money comes in is a case of asking Leeds to "put up or shut up" knowing that they wont. They are just trying to unsettle him. Personally I'd love to see Emi played as a number 10. He can do better than Leeds anyway particularly if he learns how to roll around on the ground like he's been shot anytime a Burnley player makes contact with him.
  2. Someone just needs to give him a cuddle. A quiet word about calling the other kids in the playground a **** **** head and suchlike wouldn't go amiss either.
  3. For a swap to work it has to fit a lot of other criteria besides convenience. It's theoretically possible- but a real long shot given how targeted our recruitment is. However first dibs on Liverpool's loaners might be worth something. As far as Lewis is concerned he seems to be the most likely to move of our younger stars. Full Back positions are easier to fill without unsettling the team too much and we have cover in this area. Also given our model we do need to turnover some of our younger players in order to bank the gains on their rising asset values and to create opportunities for others who need first team appearances in order to appreciate in value themselves. Even if the Covid 19 crisis impacts player values for this year at £10m Edwards is asking Webber not only to eat his own words but also to roll over and have his tummy tickled. It's not going to happen. Not at £10m, everyone knows that.
  4. How can the board be "On thin ice"? With whom? They are responsible to the shareholders and who are they? Erm, er ....the board. I suppose they could always give themselves a jolly good stern talking to but now that the club is in the best financial shape it has ever been in and we are setting up to mount another assault on the Premiership why would they?
  5. £150m spent on players plus a commensurate obligation towards their salaries also buys you receivership if you get relegated. I actually think Delia and Michael are the best owners the club have ever had. It would have been lovely to stay up of course but to risk the club in order to do so just makes no sense.
  6. I was trying to be nice. How about leg end?
  7. Bennett is a legend but one cannot stand in the same river twice. Time marches on. We have enough old experienced centre backs. My guess is that this is very unlikely to come to pass and that the story is agent talk. Mawson would be good or someone like Matthew Clarke at Brighton or Salter-Clarke at Chelsea if we can afford any either of them. All three have experience in the Championship and potential to improve. Mawson has good pass completion numbers and is good in the air assuming Godfrey goes which he may not. Either way we need to plan for the inevitable succession of Klose who has another season in him but perhaps not much more.
  8. Reading look like another candidate for the cold hard reality of FFP with losses of £30m and £21m for the last two years. Selling the ground and calling it revenue as Wednesday and Derby have done is a bit sketchy no matter when you do it -it's really nothing more than financial gerrymandering although it's a smart move if you do eventually go bust because at least the ground isn't subject to the winding up order (although the insolvency practitioners might wish to argue otherwise). The point of FFP is to ensure financially healthy clubs not to prove how clever your accountants are. Derby don't seem to have filed any accounts since June 2018 when they put through the ground sale at nearly £40m. Usually a late filing is a sign of bad news. They deny that they have breached FFP rules. No doubt many clubs will suffer hardship this year due to Covid 19 hitting revenues however with Wednesday already having been called on this the commission will be hard pressed not to rule on a consistent basis for other potential offenders.
  9. I think Webber was brave to try and very wise to trust his instincts. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gigi_Becali
  10. Chris Martin would be a good option if we needed another bollard for the car park but I'd imagine a concrete post would be cheaper.
  11. The issue for Pukki this season is simply that the bulk of our possession has been in our own half which has meant that neither Cantwell nor Buendia have been able to deliver the volume of line breaking passes they did last season because they are back helping out defensively. For Pukki to be effective we need a platform of possession in the opponents half in order for Cantwell and Buendia to work their magic. We've rarely had that. Pukki is good at running into spaces on angled runs to through balls and most of this is from short passes in and around the box. Secondly we have lacked an effective number 10 who would be another supply line to our striker. Thirdly, opposition coaches are wise to how we play and in the Premiership they are much more astute tactically and the defensive manpower is of a far higher quality. Most negate Pukki by isolating him mainly by pressing us high. They know Pukki is our main goal threat and they prepare for him specifically. Once teams had worked us out we had no real plan B. We had to play through the press which did work sometimes but it always takes a lot of passes to move the ball from one end of the pitch to the other and each pass risks a turnover in possession. Without the ball most sides we played had the quality to play around our press and as a result we rarely won ball in the opponents half. Eventually teams worked out that they could just throw numbers forward against us as West Ham did. It looks like Farke is well aware of all of these issues, firstly because he's been toying with 442 which that means opponents have less manpower to commit to the press and his other solution is different players- Sorensen for example has a good record for long passing and Placheta has a lot of pace which will give us more options against the high press because of the threat of the ball over the top. The big question is who our number 10 will be. We have the scope to be a much more effective attacking force this season than we were when we went up last year because a season of Premiership football has forced us to address these points. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. The solution isn't to replace Pukki the solution is to beat the press and get Pukki into the game by not to allowing the opposition to keep him at arms length. I expect us to score more goals this year than we did in our last Championship season. Other teams are going to hate playing us.
  12. I thought he looked pretty good in the Burnley game - although prior to that he had really been playing his way back to form and fitness and it showed. If fit he's more than capable of helping us next season. The biggest issue we have at CB is fitness and keeping injury free not ability. We need to start the season with 4 fit CB players.
  13. I'm wondering if Sinani has been brought in to play at number 10 as a possible successor to Steipermann? What do you think?
  14. If the club don't exercise their option to extend his contract then he's free to sign with another club. Certainly his agent would know all of this and the player would have had everything in writing. I'm not sure the club is to blame. Agents are paid their money to manage these things and to communicate with the player and club on contractual matters. Surely it is the player's agent who is responsible for making certain that the player knows where he stands?
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