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  1. Uncle Fred's damascene conversion to "Happy Clapper"! Welcome to a world where your glass is always half full Fred!
  2. Start as before with Vrancic. He only has to do one or two things to change the game and he is clever enough to open up a defense that will inevitably be set up to play for the draw. Vrancic is unlikely to last 90 minutes so perhaps Dowell on late unless we are drawing in which case 442 with Hugill. Sorensen is a wonderful talent but in order to play him in his preferred role this late in the season it will require both McLean and Rupp or Skipp to be deposed. It would be a very brave call by the manager to sideline two of his most senior players and while Farke is capable of making brave calls his more natural tendency is more conservative approach- an approach which has more often that not been vindicated.
  3. If we go up we shall be stronger than before - even if we lose one or two first team players. Our last foray into the Premiership came a little ahead of time but I wouldn't underestimate how much our squad and managerial team would have learned from that experience. Many of the lessons were painful but our manager and squad know what the Premiership is all about from first hand experience. The leadership is not going to bet the farm on black or red if we do go up as we all know. That's not our style. Instead my guess is that they will have a ready made list of players who would also be accepting of the reality that we are a top 26 team and not perennial Premiership club. Talented players who have been overlooked or undervalued, players who would want to play for us and not players who think that they are doing us a favour by joining this club. Indeed we have been recruiting along these lines already with Giannoulis and Gibson being examples. Our financial stability is also a positive, our facilities are more than adequate and our footballing ethos is unambiguous, with more than enough importance given to developing young players. Other clubs will outbid us on salaries and fees for established stars at the peak of their careers as we know. If we take Gibson and Giannoulis as a possible template for next year this means we might be paying £5-8M for players who would be able to successfully operate in the Premiership. Premiership football will also be a huge draw for young and up and coming players, particularly with our reputation for giving opportunities to young players based on talent rather than experience. It is not inconceivable that given a budget of £30m to play with we could make 4 or 5 high caliber additions. We do need to sell players too. If players outgrow us it vindicates what we are doing provided we can develop or identify better successors. A player's career might well be short but the next superstar is just around the corner either waiting to be discovered or in the cases of Krul and Gibson to be rediscovered.
  4. Maybe we should get the subs and coaching staff to sit directly behind the goal and instruct them all to inhale sharply every time one of our lads has a shot. You never know.
  5. Rank Name GoalsGL AssistsA PlayedP Goals per 90 Mins per GoalMPG Total Shots Goal Conversion Shot Accuracy The statistics shown for each player include any goals they may have scored in the following competitions in the current season: Championship, The FA Cup, EFL Cup This info came from the BBC website. You can look up any team's data. Given Lakey's comments I had a look at Man City's numbers and the main difference is that their first 6 scorers all scored in significant numbers whereas we are overly reliant on Pukki and Buendia. Hugill's numbers are OK, however he doesn't play if Pukki plays so if an opponent wants to shut us up they just need to stop Pukki and if they can stop Emi too then we'll struggle. 1 Teemu Pukki 11 1 25 0.49 183 48 23% 58% 2 Emiliano Buendía 7 6 24 0.33 276 46 15% 50% 3 Jordan Hugill 4 0 21 0.48 188 21 19% 62% 4 Mario Vrancic 3 3 25 0.22 405 29 10% 34% 5 Todd Cantwell 2 3 18 0.14 661 23 9% 35% 5 Kenny McLean 2 2 21 0.14 625 14 14% 29% 7 Marco Stiepermann 1 2 15 0.09 1018 19 5% 63% 7 Adam Idah 1 1 10 0.33 270 9 11% 67% 7 Josh Martin 1 1 11 0.17 538 6 17% 67% 7 Przemyslaw Placheta 1 1 22 0.07 1212 20 5% 40% 7 Jacob Sørensen 1 1 21 0.05 1841 10 10% 80% 7 Kieran Dowell 1 0 12 0.22 418 5 20% 40% 7 Grant Hanley 1 0 26 0.04 2295 16 6% 31% 7 Max Aarons 1 0 30 0.03 2636 14 7% 36%
  6. I'd keep him. His game isn't based on pace and physicality but on his footballing brain and his technical skills. He'll probably be fine at 38. Plus his dead-ball skills are better than most. He most likely wont be a huge help in the Prem as a starter because out of possession he offers little - in possession its a totally different story with this guy, he's something special. Even if we get Premiership football next year we should probably keep Mario.
  7. Our boys need to start shooting at the target. Or at least match these two other sides in this element.
  8. Can't Sorensen play at #8 in lieu of Rupp or Kenny?
  9. I'm not sure Webber has either the time or the crayons to explain it.
  10. The last two teams we've played have set up to deny us. Neither have really come out to play to win. In these circumstances our hope is to dominate the possession and wear them down to the point where we can create some openings but this approach also requires us to be very precise in the final third. We have players who can produce the sort of sublime football that is needed in these tight games but it isn't something that can simply be produced on a whim and in the last two games we've had several nearly moments. Pukki against a back three is a big ask too. We've just been a little out of sync of late, nothing more. Big changes aren't needed. If we can get Giannoulis working in behind then even teams who want to mark Pukki out of a game will have difficulties playing us. We are a long way from being promoted but we have several players coming back. It will be interesting to see how Farke sets up for the Swansea game.
  11. We need our lads to step up and play their best. This contest will be as tight as a nun's chuff. Hopefully we get a decent ref, a little bit of luck and our boys play out of their skins.
  12. Big Sam has only had a couple of games in charge and he's not made any of his own signings. That being said he's really up against it. He has some good young players in the squad but he desperately needs a functioning striker. The baggies right now look a cert for relegation. Big Sam might be able to fix some of their not insignificant defensive frailties but he also needs to win some games to to stay up. So far their attacking options have been about as much use as **** (breasts) on a goldfish. With Karlan Grant, Hal Robson Kanu, Charlie Austin and Callum Robinson all performing below par, big Sam desperately needs to sign someone at the level of an Arnautovic or similar someone who in theory could get him 10-12 goals over the remaining season (a massive ask). But even if Big Sam signs Superman to play up front he is still deeply in the do-do. Despite spending £40m on players they still look to be 5 or 6 players short of even an average Premiership squad.
  13. McCullum's most recent interview quotes the player saying he was at Coventry because he needed to work on his 1v1 defending and his anticipation and reading of the game. The latter (anticipation and reading of the game) presumably being an absolute show stopper for us with how Farke uses his Full-Backs so high up the pitch. So despite his athleticism and attacking qualities McCullum remains a work in progress for the coaching staff and Loan Manager.
  14. There is evidently a disconnection between the statement "BLM" (which of course they do) and the political movement of "BLM" which would seem to be a political organisation. These two are different things. The statement and the political movement. BLM is also a curious and controversial statement in the sense of whom the intended recipient of this message should be. For example, is this a statement intended for Black people? To my mind probably not. A black person presumably already knows that their own life matters as do the lives of their family. So my conclusion is rightly or wrongly that the statement "Black Lives Matter" is intended for white people based on the assumption that hopefully Black people already value themselves (which of course they should do). If this is the case then the statement "Black Lives Matter" must be based on the premise that White people do not think that Black Lives matter and whilst this could be true for some white people it could also be argued that the statement "Black Lives Matter" is thus a form of Gas-lighting of white people. Perhaps not as overtly as the statement "All white people are racist" but this is more or less the intended message because who exactly is saying that black lives do not matter? Not me. Probably not you. Clearly not black people. Which leaves white people or maybe Asians. But given that the statues which BLM are targeting are universally those of white people I think we can give the Asians a free pass on this one. As a consequence of this premise it might also be reasoned that the statement "Black Lives Matter" is therefore racist in itself given the presumed intent to Gaslight white people by making such a statement. Campaigning against racism with a racist slogan like this seems a little bit like fornicating for virginity. It is the gambit of the race baiter and condemns all white people universally and unfairly so. On the matter of deaths in police custody (and thus the idea of taking the knee) here in the UK there have been 160 in the last 10 years of whom 13 have been black people. Statistically given the arrest figures and relative distribution of ethnicity of people arrested a white person is almost 25% more likely to die in police custody in the UK than a black person. This adds further to the sense that the BLM campaign itself is Gas-lighting white people as their is no rationale or evident basis to transpose the injustice of US police brutality to our own police force or society. There is no doubt that racism exists and that it exists in football but to Blithely adopt the BLM campaign as a vehicle to confront it in the UK is both morally wrong and hypocritical and furthermore because BLM also ties to a specific political movement it seems to be at odds with the ideal that politics and football should be separate. "Kick racism out of football" was intended to do just that and not to identify white people as the victimisers of black people or to condemn all white people as BLM has done but instead to unite all colours against this evil. Martin Luther King was famous for asking for his children to be treated just like everyone else and instead of attributing victim and victimiser statues to various communities his focus was on what united us as humans. One would hope that he too would condemn the single interest politics of the modern day for this reason. Indeed, BLM seems to act solely as the vehicle for a single interest group which is intent of advancing itself by using white guilt and the gas-lighting of white people as its methodology. Whilst football should take a strong stand against racism BLM is not the vehicle for this unless the actual intention is to exact some sort of retribution against white football supporters by invoking white guilt or gas lighting white football supporters or even just to simply to virtue signal without really giving any proper thought to what BLM is really about either as a statement or as a political movement. Kick Racism out of football was and is a far better vehicle, it managed to serve it's purpose without being racist in and of itself and also without being confused with a political movement. Let's bring it back.
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