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  1. There is something about our team that somehow encapsulates the beautiful game. Moments of the sublime. A Dyche Burnley or an Allerdyce West Ham might take more points than us but that is not who we are. In many ways we are the incurable romantics of the Premier League. Ce sera. Lets stick with it. Win or lose we should love the ideal that we seek to persue.
  2. Bonzo

    Team for Bournemouth

    Krul Aarons Hanley Godfrey Byram Trybull Rupp Buendia McLean. Cantwell Pukki Duda last 30 for McLean
  3. Bonzo

    Farke getting off lightly

    Farke has done a tremendous job. So has Wilder. In a number of areas Wilder has advantages over Farke. 1. His side is physically more robust. 2. He doesn’t play like any other manager. 3. He has been backed in the transfer market. 4. His team’s values include winning an arm wrestle with opponents and not just out passing them. 5. He’s had no serious fitness problems and a consistent defensive set up.
  4. It is not a given that relegation necessarily results in us losing our young talent. If a player wants to go maybe it is best to let them. However if our players go to other Premiership clubs in the event that we are relegated this year they may get relegated at their new club next year like Pritchard or they may find that they don’t play as was the case when Sinclair went to City. Staying and winning another promotion playing football every week might be more attractive and a better bet for their development. Most of our younger players have plenty of time ahead of them in the professional game. If a top 6 club comes in for them and is going to commit to giving them first team football it’s fair enough if they go. Otherwise we still have a case to make for them staying at the club.
  5. Bonzo

    Team for Bournemouth

    Krul Aarons Godfrey Zimmerman Lewis Tetty Rupp Buendia. Mclean Cantwell Pukki Duda on for last 30
  6. Bonzo

    Why we will be relegated

    We have troubles at both ends of the pitch. Finishing is a problem. The Spurs game and the Palace game both saw us missing very good chances. It’s been the same in other matches. Instead of winning we’ve drawn. We’ve only played badly in a couple of games all season. Defensively we give fouls in very bad areas, are weak in the air plus we are poor at stopping crossing. Some of our defensive issues stem from our midfield play but a lot stems from nativity. The nativity is easy to fix. Provided our young players learn. Missing goal scoring opportunities and making individual errors in defence has resulted in the points total we have. I’m sure we can improve in the second half of the season.
  7. Bonzo

    Bounce straight back up?

    The acid test for our model is whether or not we can replace players sold with players of a similar calibre from our youth set up. If we don’t have them coming through then we can’t sell the young first team players that we have already developed. I can only see Idah cementing a first team place next year. Who else is close?
  8. Bonzo

    Lukas Rupp

    At a guess this is one of those signings that we’re hoping can recapture his form a la Krul, either that or he’s a very good signing for Championship football. Likes to pass short. No good in the air. Good attitude. Maybe a more robust Leitner? Not a big fee and has some pedigree. Lets hope he does well for us.
  9. Bonzo

    Paradox in defence

    Paradox in defence? I like it. Is he Greek? Let’s sign him.
  10. Bonzo

    Delia, Webber & Farke Out

    Big Vince out! For too long we’ve had to endure the painful and incontinent ramblings of the Suffolk Fascist. As a troll he’s never going to make the Premiership of trolling. The boy Vince has never invested properly in promoting his brand of trolling and his results leave a lot to be desired. For this reason the time has come to call time on Big Vince and to tell him that unless he mends his ways he’s going to be sent to bed with no tea. For those who are with me please bring your “Big Vince out” banners to the United match. This negativity cannot be allowed to continuously damage the enjoyment of genuine supporters or to demoralise club employees. If Big Vince is unwilling to take on a wealthy foreign backer we are going to have no choice but to take his X box away until such time as he can learn to behave like a proper fan.
  11. Bonzo

    Percy Positive

    It’s a home win for me. A draw at worst. We’ ll Play a more robust set up in midfield and plan to nullify Zaha. If the lads aren’t up for it after the Spurs game they never will be. My guess is that our boys will be ready to give it everything.
  12. Bonzo

    Muhammadu Faal

    It’s difficult to tell how good Faal is. He certainly big, strong and two footed. I’ve not seen him score with his head and in his current league he gets plenty of space. My guess is Srbney would be scoring a shed load if he was at Enfield. Faal clearly has a lot going for him besides his obvious talent. No doubt our scouts will know more.
  13. Bonzo

    Red card for VAR ?

    The club should be able to sue the league if this decision is incorrect.
  14. Bonzo

    Red card for VAR ?

    This picture doesn’t show the ball.
  15. Bonzo

    City v Spurs match thread