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  1. kick it off

    Corona Virus main thread

    He should be quite comfortable next to the gammon
  2. kick it off

    Corona Virus main thread

    Allegedly. Or just like the prorogation and the fridge, he’s hiding from scrutiny again. Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest, he’s a full on coward.
  3. kick it off

    President Trump

    Coronavirus: Trump to defy 'voluntary' advice for Americans to wear masks https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-52161529
  4. kick it off

    What y'all listening to?

    Listening to Embrace relentlessly at the moment. Phenomenal live too. Good Will Out is arguably one of the strongest debut albums ever.
  5. kick it off

    NCFC v STFC programme

    I would suggest that if you're not really looking to get any cash for them, then donating them to "On the stall city" might be a good option to ensure they end up somewhere useful.
  6. kick it off

    Corona Virus main thread

    There's homeopathy and then there is sticking a metal straw into a bear's gall bladder whilst it's still alive to drain the fluids from it, whilst it's in a cage that is way too small, where it has spent it's entire life.... I'm not going to defend homeopathy but I'm not convinced that there's any kind of true comparison to be made... that's without even mentioning rhino horn or tiger penis or any other ridiculous ****e they believe. Mad cow disease came from contaminated feeding of cows, not humans eating rodents and various endangered animals.
  7. kick it off

    Corona Virus main thread

    I said a few days ago that Boris has blood on his hands and was shouted down for it. We were promised thousands of ventilators. We are getting 30. Not 30,000. 30. THIRTY. Boris refused to sign up with the EU to bulk buy ventilators and PPE for health professionals because of Brexit. I can't believe anyone is saying he is not responsible and he's doing a good job. He has done his standard laissez faire twatting about and people have died because of it. Here's your "admin error" as Johnson called it, in the link below. 8 ****ING MEETINGS in not an "admin error" it's gross negligence and incredulous levels of incompetence.... and now he's hiding. Again. First it was a fridge, now he's having the world's longest case of Covid19 to avoid having to answer questions on his disgusting disregard for the lives of the country. Brexit over breathing. Utter disgrace. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/30/uk-discussed-joint-eu-plan-to-buy-covid-19-medical-supplies-say-officials "herd immunity wasn't the government strategy, it was taken out of context" was a reply I received a few days ago - watch this and then tell me it wasn't the strategy. You can't whitewash history in these days. Germany can test 100,000 per day. We can't even manage 5 figures most days. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/coronavirus-boris-johnson-eu-medical-equipment-brexit-latest-a9428401.html If you voted Tory and plan on clapping the NHS tonight, you can quite frankly go **** yourself because doctors have died needlessly due to the ****ing clown you put in number 10. and for the record, no, this isn't an anti-Tory rant, it's an anti-incompetence rant. Rishi Sunak etc have proven themselves sensible and capable. Boris and Hancock have proven themselves incompetent and dangerous.
  8. kick it off

    Harry and Meghans Final last

    Disappointed in the press... You'd think with their combined influence they could chase every last one of the parasitic royals out the country and be rid of the ****ers for good. Harry and Meghan were the best of a horribly rotten bunch. Viva la revolucion.
  9. kick it off

    Corona Virus main thread

    Sorry, I went to China in the summer and found it to be a pretty vile culture.... they then gave the world a pandemic due to eating disgusting ****, and now they have approved a "treatment" for the disease they caused by eating weird ****... the "treatment" is an injection of bear bile, goat horn and herbs.... DO THEY NOT ****ING LEARN? What in the actual **** is wrong with them? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/world-52130552?ns_mchannel=social&ns_source=twitter&ns_campaign=bbc_live&ns_linkname=5e859d574e049e066f596657%26China approves bear bile as treatment%262020-04-02T08%3A19%3A55.873Z&ns_fee=0&pinned_post_locator=urn:asset:ec6be682-5f4f-48ca-a4f3-e88491a984e4&pinned_post_asset_id=5e859d574e049e066f596657&pinned_post_type=share
  10. kick it off

    Small Claim To Fame.

    Funnily enough, the most anti-labour person on the thread to have posted, is the one who was boasting about giving a gift to a former **** as his small claim to fame.
  11. Following last week's Millwall game stream, the club will be streaming Leeds away in full on Youtube tonight. 7PM Kick off.
  12. kick it off

    Vicious Quiz

    I'll start the answers here - I'm sure collectively blanks can be filled pretty quick. 1) Simpsons 2) Mario and Luigi 3) Batman 4) TinTin 5) Dexters Lab 6) Wallace and Gromit 7) Family Guy 8 ) Tom and Jerry 9) Toy Story 10) Flintstones 11) 12) Minions (Despicable me) 13) South Park 14) 15) Futurama 16) 17) Mickey and Minnie Mouse 18) 19) Star Wars 20) Star Trek
  13. kick it off

    Vicious Quiz

    Yeah I get the direction of travel, and know the company you're referring to (but not the characters) but I thought it was something totally different, although I wasn't confident in my answer anyway!
  14. kick it off

    Vicious Quiz

    If your clue is right then my answer was wrong. Anyone want to share what they have via message?