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  1. kick it off

    What Joy

    Fantastic to see so many faces all back at once. We need that boost. Hopefully Zimbo not far behind them. On a sidenote, what a finish from Emi to smash that bicycle kick!
  2. kick it off

    Rain Forest

    The world has natural climate cycles. That is known. The issue is the rate of change is unsustainable for the world's ecosystems to adapt, and the rate of change is directly linked to human activity. Denying that we are accelerating the climate change beyond all recognition and way outside normal parameters of change is what is futile and idiotic.
  3. kick it off

    Rain Forest

    And still failed.
  4. kick it off

    NFL Thread

    You did. A loss and another step towards the #1 overall pick is far mroe valuable than winning a meaningless game in a season where neither team is likely to win another game.
  5. kick it off

    NFL Thread

    He was being swarmed. If he had caught it he would have been flattened before he made a step
  6. kick it off

    Casino Royale

    Be interested to see if Rooney would make the team under Southgate as his evening entertainment normally consisted of shagging a pensioner for money. What about John Terry - would Southgate be dropping him for banging his team-mate's missus? The questions about Maddison's attitude are a joke considering some of the scumbags that have captained the team over recent years. Of course that's if anyone actually believes a word the Scum has to say.
  7. kick it off

    NFL Thread

    "To try and win" - or guarantee they didn't win by calling a dumbass play that had zero chance of success.... one of the two.
  8. kick it off

    NFL Thread

    Depressing to see us win the "Toilet bowl". Nobody is convincing me that Miami didn't throw that f***ing game. When you've lost 4 in a row and you have a chance to tie and go to overtime or flip a coin on a win/loss scenario, you take the tie. Fitzpatrick would have done for us in OT and the Dolphins knew it. Typical Redskins though - whatever the scenario, they will f*** it up and come out with the result that harms them the most. Like clockwork.
  9. kick it off

    Rain Forest

    I clicked to see what diatribe you'd posted, only to find that more than 6 months after I blocked you, you're still aiming posts at me. It's cute, but more than a little desperate. As for your bizarre attention seeking post, I'll do no more than correct your ridiculous assertions. Full time, permanent contract - School has been Outstanding on last two Ofsted visits (including one in the last few years, where 80% of previously outstanding schools were downgraded - mine wasn't). Comprehensive school, not even near a city, let alone one big enough to have an inner city..... Fully mixed catchment in socio-economic terms. Significantly above national average on all measures for progress and attainment, and my subject outperformed national average by 20%. Oh and we have a positive progress score for students who receive the Pupil Premium funding (ie the most deprived) who buck national trends by performing on par with non PP kids. Good try though. I won't bother clicking your posts again so don't bother replying.
  10. kick it off

    The Brexit Party

    I have absolutely none left. The Turkeys voted for Christmas. The information was out there and if people were stupid enough to believe Farage's man of the people routine then more fool them. If Brexit does happen, it will be little short of karma for those who voted for it. The only people I feel sorry for is those who will be collateral damage for the idiocy of others.
  11. kick it off

    The Brexit Party

    We don't have a democracy to defend. We have an illusion of democracy where only about 10% of the population actually have a vote that carries any sway due to our antiquated voting system. That's before even talking about the Tories gerrymandering the constituencies to benefit themselves too.
  12. kick it off

    The Brexit Party

    Juncker said earlier that if we ask then the EU will grant it
  13. kick it off

    Pukki for Finland

    Pukki limping off with 7 minutes to go was worrying though. Really hope it's not serious but he looked pretty uncomfortable and couldn't put any weight on his leg. An injury to Pukki would be season over in my book so fingers crossed it's just a knock. Just kidding - unscathed as far as Im aware.
  14. kick it off

    NFL Thread

    I'm fully on board with a tank season - even if we're doing it by accident!! Watched some GB vs Dallas - Packers look legit contenders this year. I like them so I'm rooting for them to win - I want Redskins to lose out now - get some serious draft capital and start the damn rebuild. So sick of mediocrity. Sad to see Gruden go, he's a good dude - and not the problem. Bruce Allen is STILL the damn problem. Can't wait to see the back of that dumbass. Kinda surprised you've dropped 2 games already - unfortunately Eagles are looking really good this season. Amazing what can happen when you have a real GM instead of Bruce in the front office,
  15. kick it off

    VAR Red Card Check?!!?

    It does get given against us. Happened last season with Godfrey and yes, we were fuming- doesn’t change the fact that within the new handball framework then it’s a penalty. yes it did hit his arms on the floor too.