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  1. Thanks RTB, but not my style - There's plenty of more worthy and deserving causes out there.
  2. Maybe I've just been reading the wrong places, but all I ever see online is "Lazy teachers" "Been off for a year" etc etc. Maybe that's not the case with wider public perception.... which would be nice!
  3. I'm not deep into the vaccine info as it will come too late for the "at risk" period for me(/family), so I haven't really kept on top of the info but I thought 57% after 1 dose was lower than expected?
  4. In communal areas of school yes, but not allowed to wear one whilst teaching. I was thinking that I needed to look into the masks in more detail so appreciate the heads up.
  5. Surprised this one hasn't made it in here yet - brilliant news, particularly for the developing world and poorer countries. Johnson and Johnson vaccine is safe and effective - 500million units were ordered as part of the Covax project. Cheap and only needs standard refrigeration. Effective against the variants. Sounds like it's not great at stopping moderate symptoms but if it stops hospitalisation and death then it does everything it needs to. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-56186965 Also for those following my rage earlier in the week - Firstly, thank you for the support - when teachers are getting a kicking every day in the press, it's reassuring to know not everybody is against us!! The rage has subsided now. I am still bloody angry because this is all so stupid, pointless and avoidable but I have accepted it for what it is. SAGE say 50-70% increase in R-rate and tens of thousands of deaths if schools reopen in the big bang rather than staggered opening. Literally state sponsored murder. I decided if the government won't protect me, then I will have to protect myself so have just spent £100 of my own money on a HEPA air purification system for my classroom. Outrageous that I have to spend sums like that to be safe at work but I was left with little alternative. It's about the best I can do to protect myself in current circumstances. Catches 99.97% of particulate matter including Covid - should entirely cleanse the air in my classroom 5 x per hour. It's essentially the same air filtration systems they run in hospital operating theatres. Between that and having every window open all day every day (regardless of temperature! sorry kids!) I feel like I should be reasonably protected. I still think it should be a staggered return and mandatory testing of kids before they step in a classroom (current guidance is voluntary testing, if they refuse they can come in regardless which is wrong in my opinion - they have right to refuse but no test, then stay at home and carry on online would be my solution). I do however feel like with the air filtration, the level of risk is now at an acceptable threshold. Shame that our government are too incompetent and feckless to put it in themselves (USA are putting them in at Biden's behest) but what can you do.
  6. Yeah we do agree on vast majority but semantics. My issue is that I don't want any hereditary monarch exercising the powers. The powers held in royal prerogative are dangerous should we get a rogue monarch. So I'd rather have a rogue government than a rogue monarch. At least governments are accountable to the ballot box (although I don't have any hope that the public are sharp enough to see through the rabid right wing press and actually hold Boris and his ilk to account). I absolutely agree with you on checks and balances, but my issue is where the power lies. If it was an elected head of state who had failed to exercise them, I would be in lockstep with you at being outraged, but as it's the untouchables (in every sense of that word) who hold the power then I would rather they continue to not use them, as we have no recourse whatsoever should they go rogue.
  7. What would help would be an elected, accountable head of state with a sensible set of powers written into law in a formal constitution. Not an unelected hereditary monarchy where the monarch wields ridiculously scary power which is only limited by convention and tradition. Feel free to explain to me how the Queen being able to send us to war, refuse to open parliament, refuse to appoint legitimately elected Prime Ministers etc is not the absolute definition of absolute monarchy though. Just because the powers aren't used, doesn't mean they can't be and that is precisely why I am glad she doesn't use them at all. (EDIT - not directed at you specifically YF, I thought CM had made your post, that response doesn't make sense to you!) The Royal family and indeed, the royal prerogatives are literally the antithesis to democracy.
  8. If the head of state is an unelected monarch, and they have power to dissolve government, laws require royal assent etc then it is absolutely a threat to democracy. She literally has the power to appoint, or refuse to appoint a Prime Minister. Equally, she has the power to send us to war (as her father did in 1939). Sure, many of the powers that still reside in the crown haven't been put into practice in centuries but the fact that she has them sits well with democracy does it? We could pass a law abolishing the royal family if we liked.... but the queen would have to approve it. Can I see the constitution that our "constitutional monarchy" is based on? We don't actually have one, do we? So we have a constitutional monarchy without actually having a constitution to frame that. Many of her powers within the royal prerogative are only limited by convention and tradition rather than legitimate legal limits. Makes perfect sense. (I'm not querying your use of the term which is accurate, just passing comment on the situation - appreciate it could be read both ways so hopefully this clarifies) I agree she should have stopped the prorogation, because it was entirely illegal and she had the power to do so.... however she shouldn't have the power to do so because we should have an accountable, elected head of state instead of her. That's the main issue I have with that situation. NB - I do teach citizenship, don't teach history or politics but I do have a degree in International Relations which I think most would consider to be a "political" degree.
  9. Absolutely get that re: supermarket workers, but they are allowed screens, and only engaging with people for a minute or two at a time, not for an hour (more for double lessons), and they are in much bigger spaces than tiny classrooms, people in supermarkets are largely distancing which is literally impossible in schools. I absolutely think they should be prioritised for vaccinations though. Put my classes in a space the size of supermarkets and no problem, happily teach in that. I physically cannot move the front row of desks further than 1m from me in my classroom. No screen, no ventilation, 30 kids for an hour plus, no ability for anyone to get any kind of distance. School reopening for teachers is essentially the same as telling someone to ride a packed bus for 6 hours with zero protection. 150 passengers on/off the bus during the journey, but all of them mixing with 900 other people before getting on it, and the bus never being anything less than rammed full. Would anyone here do that at this point in time? What about do it 5 days a week? With my family situ too? I'm going to have to do some serious thinking on what exactly il do if the unions don't step up. I'm not worried about me catching it. Im 33 and healthy. If my partner wasn't heavily pregnant, it wouldn't be much of an issue. As it stands- Put proper ventilation and hpa filters in then fine, no issue with going back. Stagger openings like Wales, Scotland and NI so we can measure impact cautiously then fine. But the big bang approach is asking me to play Russian roulette with an unborn child. There is an acceptable level of risk threshold. This exceeds it by a million miles. I hope that the unions ballot for strike action or advise section 44 letters again. I didnt put a s44 in last time, in January but I absolutely will this time. The public will hate it, but we're already public enemy number 1 anyway and constantly getting a kicking in the press so I don't really give a toss tbh, I need to protect my family.
  10. I dont mind Harry. Think he was a **** in his youth, but weren't we all? I have massive respect for him having the balls to serve on the front line. He's the only actual human amongst them, pretty telling that he wants no part of the charade. William I have zero respect for. As mentioned above, stole an army helicopter to impress his then girlfriend (now wife obv). Anyone else does that, they get court Marshall and jail time. He didn't even get a slap on the wrist and his little trip cost us over £100k. Cant respect that. Think he's just as sycophantic as the rest of them.
  11. For the first time in two threads and 5 years, you've made an accurate point, the decision will be made and it will be an easy one. Don't do what the moronic Brits did.
  12. I'll take that, fair enough. There's plenty who served who haven't sponged hundreds of millions off the taxpayer for 75 years afterwards but you're right he did serve and it was active duty, like Harry (as opposed to William poncing around stealing army helicopters to go and visit Kate).
  13. Nope, and despite the current PM murdering over 100k, dishing out billions to his mates, and letting them do whatever the **** they want whilst we all get fined/arrested for breathing in the wrong direction.... Starmer STILL trails considerably in the polls. He's totally ineffective, and this is from someone who supported him becoming leader for precisely the reasons you specify - he could win an election. He can't and he won't. Even if he does how much better is he really than the Tories anyway? He has given us NOTHING in the way of traditional labour policies, or anything of any substance to get behind. Just vague soundbites. The shadow cabinet are a pathetic bunch bar Nandy and Lammy. Kate Green is horrific as shadow Education sec, almost as incompetent as big Gav. Can you stop conflating disliking Starmer with supporting Corbyn too please, not accurate or even particularly logical.
  14. Less popular than watching the government give billions of our money to their mates? Or the frequent incompetence that has literally killed tens of thousands? Hard sell to think Keir pointing it out would be less popular than the actions of the people doing it. Corbyn has plenty of crosses to bear but one of his biggest failings was not going in hard enough against Brexit and letting the Tories scrape it through. The ERG provided more hostile opposition than Corbyn.
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