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  1. kick it off


    We normally take their good players though. We had Bamford before and he was woeful then. He's just not as good as his reputation.
  2. kick it off

    We're Up!

    So you think we'll go up by virtue of goals scored seeing as goal difference will be level and that's the next tie breaker...
  3. kick it off

    We're Up!

    Is it more important than Abraham turning an ankle and missing the playoffs? Or Kodjia doing a knee? or Grealish getting sent off and suspended? They aren't risking their better players to kill themselves securing home advantage. They'll rest half the team.
  4. kick it off

    Aston Villa

    Villa have won 10 straight. They aren't going to give much of a toss which way round the games come. They'd rather have a fresh Grealish, Kodjia, Abraham etc for the two legs after a rest on the final day, than go all guns blazing killing themselves for home advantage. Have a word with yourself.
  5. kick it off

    We're Up!

    Why would Villa care about finishing 4th or 5th? They'll play West Brom either way. Not sure if I'm missing something, or you are Capt Pants! They aren't risking Tammy Abraham and Grealish etc because they're desperate for home advantage in second leg. They've won 10 straight.
  6. kick it off

    The Title

    Unless the scum do us a favour at the weekend.... it feels like the stage is set for that one, although not worth betting on!
  7. kick it off

    Statue for Canos!

    I'm in. Top man.
  8. kick it off

    We're Up!

  9. kick it off

    We're Up!

  10. kick it off

    Brentford v Leeds

    Boys will win at a canter on Saturday. No pressure if Leeds lose. We’ll get our mojo back
  11. kick it off

    Brentford v Leeds

    Get the **** in. Canos did **** all in a Norwich shirt but might just have had a massive impact on our season and sent us up.
  12. kick it off

    Going to Stoke

    Just spoke to the Harvester across the road from the stadium. They are fine with away fans and have parking available for a fiver.
  13. kick it off

    I’ll take....

    Whoever finishes 3rd do get the slightly easier playoff run (probably) as Villa and WBA are almost nailed on to end up playing each other in the semis barring either of them throwing the remaining games (unlikely I would suggest). Thats for Leeds and Sheff U to worry about though as we're going up as Champions.
  14. kick it off

    Going to Stoke

    We might be nervous, but let's make it a day to remember and get loud today. The atmosphere in the concourse pre-Wigan was unbelievable. We need that for the full 90 minutes. The Wigan game was disappointing and that filtered through to the crowd eventually. None of that today, just a wall of noise for 90 minutes regardless of what's going on in front of us. We can get these 3 points by sheer force of will if we persevere.
  15. kick it off

    Going to Stoke

    Haha, I think returning to normal operations is a better description buddy!