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  1. Haha OK purple/KG. I get where youre coming from. I used to be into basketball but I gave up with it as I found most of the game of little interest as most games are decided in last 2 or 3 mins (plus the team I like only has one real star and he's perpetually injured). I challenge you to watch the first episode of the last dance and then see if you want to watch the rest. Its about so much more than basketball.
  2. Anybody watched through it? The story of Michael Jordan and the 90s Chicago Bulls franchise. Brilliant watch for any sports fan (or to be honest, anyone in general, I know quite a few people who hate sports but loved the series). On Netflix at the moment. My main takeaways from it: MJ is intense. Kind of expected it as you don't succeed at the level he did without having that innate warrior mentality, but actually seeing it play out in his interviews - that dude would get fired up over a game of noughts and crosses. Scotty Pippen is the coolest guy, and the coolest voice in sports. That Bulls team was possibly as dominant as any team in any sport that will ever occur in my lifetime. MJ was one of those once in a generation players that transcends the sport he plays. Same as Tiger Woods, Pele, Muhammad Ali etc.
  3. im only 33 so dont feel qualified to comment as it may just be age related, but i would suggest that doing other low impact activity like cycling or swimming would help strengthen the muscle and be beneficial in preventing future strains. Aside from that and stretching, not sure what more you could do in preventative capacity apart from leave it a few weeks to heal properly before trying again. In terms of treating a pulled muscle, I pulled my quad on Sunday and every piece of advice I found online was to ice it for the first 3 days every couple of hours, take anti-inflammatories, rest and elevate.
  4. Might spoil your enjoyment of this board. Is this really the best "comedy" we have? A Guy shouting a random word for no reason whatsoever, that isn't even remotely funny? No wonder we're considered parochial yokels by the rest of the country if this is what we have to offer and is being genuinely reminisced about 15 years later.
  5. Spotted the Niners picked up Jordan Reed. If he can stay healthy he will add a new dimension to your offense. On a pure talent level, he's got it all, but he's made of glass. Dude has had like 7 concussions over the last 4 years or so, including one where he was still having symptoms 5 months later. I wish for his own sake he had just retired to be honest, gotta be worried about CTE from all those concussions, but as he's decided to play out another season, wish him nothing but the best of health. He's a good guy.
  6. Yep, we definitely need another in. McGovern just isn't up to scratch. Happy to have him in the building as coach/emergency keeper #3 but no way he should be second choice. Makes a tonne of sense to get someone who fits the homegrown quota here too.
  7. Brilliant to hear that you're still going strong Unfortunate about the job but glad you have it under control.
  8. It's not 45mill just on fees though, that would include agent fees, wages etc. I agree, I struggle to see us spending that much even including those though.
  9. How you getting on @Mason 47 ? I couldn't get motivated to get back on it but then they said we can play footy again and I got the impetus. Not as fit as I was at the start of May but getting back to it and have still managed to lose about another 8lbs since then just through diet despite not hitting the exercise properly for 10 weeks. Lightest I've been in about 8 years currently. Another 4lbs or so and it'll be the lightest I've been in a decade. Played footy last Monday, scored by outpacing someone (genuinely dont remember the last time I was able to do that as I'm not very fast even when in top condition!!). Kept forgetting im not fat anymore though so balls I could now get to that i previously wouldnt have been able to, I kept leaving aand giving up as a lost cause... then realising when they were 5 yards further on that i can run now and having to catch them up Need to start hitting the gym and adding some muscle mass which will stop any progress on the scales but its at the point now where I'm pretty much the right size for my frame. For the first time in years, im not embarrassed about my body and don't feel fat!!! So happy I made this decision and put the work in.
  10. Lerma will go, as will Brooks. They have some decent players but I don't particularly fear them without Wilson, Ake and King.
  11. Their finances are screwed. 90 mill of debt, 11k stadium capacity, something like 76mill in outstanding transfer fees... oh yeah and a wage bill over 111mill. Callum wilson is on 100k per week+. They're going to have to have a fire sale just to get the numbers into something that won't sink the club.
  12. He's made 25 appearances across 2 years, scoring 3 goals. I suspect you heard them talking about the Brentford striker Ollie Watkins, who has indeed got 25 goals this season
  13. How would we know? Barely notice him when he is playing on the pitch
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