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  1. Finally made it into the house last fri. Bed frame didn't turn up and wardrobe is like trying to solve some kind of cryptogram puzzle but in the house and getting sorted now. Finally starting to be able to relax a bit
  2. Yeah thought the actors playing Johnny R and Malcolm McDonald absolutely killed it. Really excellent acting to capture their little mannerisms so perfectly. Thought the show was watchable but I wasn't deeply into it, which was a shame because I had really looked forward to it
  3. Finally in my new house and bought an electric blanket. Gamechanger at 3p per hour to run.
  4. Same difference - they have massive personal wealth - that 25% should also be going to the treasury. The principle stands regardless of the semantics.
  5. Exactly. They have enough money. Why on earth should any of the seabed belong to them. This is why I'm anti monarchy. How much good could 1.25 billion pounds do for the public in this climate... sickening.
  6. We'd have at least 46 points by now if our Daniel were at the helm.
  7. Dont massively disagree. I am an absolute die hard Republican and anti-monarchy... but if you took away the tax payer funding element and let them live off their own massive wealth then frankly I couldn't give a toss about them either way. They'd just be another rich family. Thats the bit I'm massively bothered about. In a cost of living crisis, why on earth are we paying tens of millions, to people with hundreds of millions, to fix their palaces which arent open to the public? Let them pay their own way. (Yes tourism blah blah blah, it would still exist if they were using their massive wealth to pay their own way). I should add, that I respected the Queen and her death was sad on a human level.
  8. Theres a show available if you dig the depths of the Internet called "Kings of pain". 2 seasons of 2 guys getting deliberately stung/bitten by insects and animals and rating the level of pain caused by each. Reticulated python bite is insane. Weird show but compelling viewing.
  9. It's not being televised anywhere which is why it's available on Canariesplayer. I thought that's what the question was seeing as if it is televised abroad, it's then not available on Canariesplayer
  10. Got a move in date finally! Moving in on Friday so have now been able to empty my bank account buying furniture etc (ex had everything when we split). Really excited to start a new era now
  11. No https://www.canaries.co.uk/content/how-to-follow-norwich-city-v-west-brom
  12. If you're abroad, there is. Available in every country except the UK If you're in the UK, because of the 3pm Sat kick off blackout law that's been in place for forever. If you're in the UK and have a VPN, then you can watch. I'm "in Turkey" today
  13. Not sure on Tranmere, but Chester certainly used to play on a Friday night regularly in the early 00s, have a feeling that might have been to do with the races too though
  14. Not needed, Pep will rest him against us!
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