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  1. Surprised nobody put a shout in for ulf ottoson or Jan mjalby yet
  2. I live in the Midlands so for most people here, I'm the only Norwich fan they know. Honestly it gets really ****ing tedious as everyone piles in from all directions with "banter", seemingly unaware that every other ****er is sending me the same ****. Just bores me so I ignore tbh.
  3. I don't know that we'll be in contention to regardless to be fair. Heinicke has earned the right to show us what he has got. Reminds me of a Gardner Minshew type to be fair. Not sure he'll be good enough, but balls of steel and good enough to win if he gets hot. Newton is washed - wouldn't go near him. I'd just roll with Heinicke and see what happens. Such a Washington thing to happen to sign Fitz and then break him within one half of football.
  4. 28,000 ish at the moment so you'd need to lose 25% width to accommodate the extra 7000 seats if they were all being fitted on the existing footprint of the seats.
  5. But hilarious for us as the scum will have yet another one that got away to whine about
  6. Michael Bailey mentioned somewhere recently that the expectation around the club for Omabamidele is that he is going to be as good or better than Godfrey.
  7. Really good listen, Chris Sutton actually referred to Norwich as "us" and "we". No idea if he normally does that but my brain says he doesn't because he hates us Nice to see the Norfolk boy defending us
  8. Any chance of asking for an update about safe standing at CR given recent news? We've been at the front of pushing that debate with Tracey Crouch, but presumably won't be participating in trials as we don't have rail seats yet.... would be interested to see how fast the club would anticipate adopting this, which areas (presumably lower barclay and snakepit?), etc etc
  9. I'm fine. Weve played 3 of the top 5 last season so far. There are 12 teams worse than Leicester to play plus the ones we were better than last season who came up with us. We created plenty today. Sargent missed a sitter, and then Idah missed another. We also had one disallowed that was debatable (I think it was right decision but others dont). Win the game 4-2 and everyone is crowing about what a brilliant display it was. We're a fickle bunch.
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