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  1. kick it off

    Mr Farke

    Agree on the favourite manager ever.
  2. kick it off

    Mr Farke

    Absolutely. He’s a fantastic coach, he’s got us playing the best football I’ve ever witnessed a City side play in my lifetime, he develops our kids and the older players have all improved at an astounding rate. He’s a genuine guy and comes across as thoughtful, reflective and intelligent, but has a sense of humour. What’s not to like?
  3. kick it off

    Membership Scheme Meetings.

    Only if the guests have paid the £50 premium meetings membership fee.
  4. kick it off

    Stat attack

    Funny that, as I suggested that was probably a major factor in signing him when it happened, and a few choice muppets absolutely rubbished the suggestion as Webber and Farke wouldn't possibly have followed up on anything that happened before they arrived, they ripped literally everything up and started from scratch apparently.
  5. kick it off

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Not defending Jack at all, he deserves what he's got and more... however, the irony is our PM is a terrorist with far more blood on his hands, someone you have lauded. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jun/11/johnson-allowed-arms-sales-to-saudis-after-strike-on-food-factory
  6. kick it off


    Aye it was, bullet header off a Whittaker cross/shot. I ended up sat next to 2 of your lot in the home end who were total tosspots. Aggressive to everyone and stewards/police did FA about it - it was pathetic. Won't hold it against you though, every club has it's fair share of kn0bs and you seem to have far less of them than the perpetual victims across Stanley park - so welcome! Always good to see another perspective on things. He did actually score another goal for us btw - at Rotherham in the cup - A small claim to fame is I'm amongst a very select number who were there to see both his goals live
  7. kick it off

    James Norwood - No words

    Not even original. “Stone cold” Steve Austin was doing that 20 years ago in WWF.
  8. kick it off

    Stat attack

    Thought it would be good to have a centralised place for all the tidbit stats that we get. They normally start off in their own thread but then get lost and forgotten (for example there was one about pukki vs Harry Kane in games against Liverpool but it’s lost in the ether of the forum now). Key here is context though, so when adding to the thread, please make it clear whether the stat refers to a game or the season as a whole, and which game if it’s an individual match. No need to go looking for stats but if you spot one worth sharing, add it here. ill start with this. Mo Leitner completed more passes over the 90 minutes than the entire Newcastle midfield combined (93 to 81). [Newcastle at home]
  9. kick it off

    OT - EU straw poll...

    “Watch me burn it down and then you can pick us apart with a horrific trade deal when we’re even more desperate and have even less leverage than we do now”
  10. kick it off

    Flying through Helsinki tomorrow...

    In Helsinki, off the plane 5 mins and already the air hostesses and security guy were big fans of the shirt. We got fast tracked through security... either due to having a 2 year old with us or for the shirt. My money is on the shirt.
  11. kick it off

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Yep, that's why the USA has such a low homicide rate right?
  12. kick it off


    I've said numerous times that I thought this would be a season too early for him and he should be going out on loan. Absolutely delighted to be proven wrong - he was very good against Liverpool and yesterday was his best display in a City shirt - he was absolutely brilliant. Really pleased that he's stepped up to the plate in a big way - think something psychologically about being given Wessi's number has really clicked with him - given what Wes did for this club, it was quite a big show of faith and support from the club to pass that particular torch over to one of our kids stepping up to the big stage. He spoke about how much it meant to him to have that number, and it seems to have had the desired impact. He looks streets ahead of where he was last year in his development. The next challenge for him is to keep this up consistently but he really is coming along at a phenomenal pace - full credit to him, he's obviously working hard off the pitch and reaping the rewards on it.
  13. Have a short layover for a couple of hours on the way back from Shanghai to Heathrow. There's only one choice of t-shirt for this occasion.... be interesting to see how many Finns spot it!
  14. kick it off

    Norwich v Newcastle match thread

    Top 10 finish - calling it now.
  15. kick it off

    Norwich v Newcastle match thread

    So now he's priceless plus £2mill? No amount of money could tempt me to sell him at the moment. Critical to the way we play.