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  1. Perfect time and run of fixtures to go on a run. Time to replace Todd with Mario though
  2. Nice to see Buendia in and adding to the overall fear/hesitancy of the opposition. With Vrancic instead of Cantwell (the ineffective show pony) I think we can stay up and get 6 wins at home. Mario is the reason we went on the run this time last year and he’s by far more dangerous and durable than Cantwell.
  3. Krul Aarons Zim Hanley Lewis Godfrey McClean Buendia Vrancic Duda Pukki Rest Cantwell (Vrancic & Buendia deserve), Tettey (quality), Rupp (Delivery)
  4. TEAM FOR TOMORROW: Krul Aarons Godfrey Zimmerman Hanley Byram McClean Tettey Vrancic Buendia Pukki 5311 Thoughts? - 5 at back so we always have 3 backtracking if wing back bomb on. Godfrey for pace in the 3. - Only width needed from full backs but they should be defensive minded. - Cantwell too lightweight and indirect so out - Vrancic deserves it and can unlock them. - Aim to release Buendia and Pukki on break. Get ball to Vrancic/Buendia as soon as possible - Sit deep and use the break and break with optimal pace and most direct route. Pukki on last defender for entire 90.
  5. Good to see that we have enough strength in depth to let a player of his quality leave. He’d be in my squad ahead of Marco S all day though as back up number 10 / advanced 8. Seems to be another case of Nelson Olivera ego battle though.... and on that note could Nelson have been the difference between us being 17th or above at this stage if Herr F managed egos better?
  6. It’s come at a good time!! Have to aim for 4 points from next 2 games!!
  7. Vrancic has to start. Cantwell is a number 10 not a winger. We need direct quick breaks with solid strong players to stay up. Hernandez proved a really strong outlet at Burnley, but we need strong deep lying midfield to support him as he’s a woeful defensively, as is Cantwell. Buendia and Vrancic are magic and just need to play through them and Pukki, with rest of team supporting them... that’s the formula for 7+ more wins
  8. Krul Aarons Zimmermann Hanley Byram McClean Trybul Vrancic Buendía Hernandez Pukki
  9. Brilliant performance. Vrancic transforms us. We can stay up playing like that and with Pukki, Cantwell, Godfrey and Buendia to come in! Got to target 3 points at Newcastle
  10. Imagine where we would be if we had the culture and killer edge to kill teams off. Our best team is 3 in midfield with Vrancic, Trybul/Tettey, McClean. Then two or three ahead of them depending on the opposition with 4 or 5 at back.
  11. I thought we lacked the quality again to see them off. Duda and Rupp aren’t special at this level. Cantwell looked our best player, but his tracking back on second goal was criminal. Pukki should have put us 2-0 up. Opportunity squandered again. Going down unless there is a remarkable tactical switch
  12. I’d love to see 5 at the back and two deep midfielders to grind out a draw, maybe even snatch 3 points, but it will probably be another repeat of the Man Utd away performance, if we base the forecast on the recent past. Spurs play along the flaw with 3 quick forwards, without Kane, so that’s prime slow defenders over exposed mode
  13. Krul Aarons, Zimmerman, Hanley, Amadou, Lewis McClean, Tettey, Duda Cantwell Pukki
  14. Totally agree with this, but would that 60 min slump happen with 5 at back, 2 in holding midfield and then 2 behind and Pukki as the outlets? 3 attacking midfielders isn’t needed and would be better putting another at the back so wing backs have cover to bomb on, especially now Hanley will probably come back in who needs support, especially on oppo breaks?
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