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  1. Big Vince

    match thread

    People should be asking me for the lottery numbers. I said they would lose the game by conceding and so they did for the umpteenth time this season.
  2. Big Vince

    FA Cup Qtr finals of yesteryear....

    The next round will be his big chance to get knocked out thus saving his contract with the club.
  3. Big Vince

    match thread

    Norwich are going to concede as they always do under this model and so this match will follow the same course as the majority of the others we have seen. Staying firmly rock bottom.
  4. Big Vince

    FA Cup Qtr finals of yesteryear....

    Well that one was perhaps understandable as the Blarneymeister was Ipswich through and through just like Delia.
  5. Big Vince

    FA Cup Qtr finals of yesteryear....

    This is the most sustained nonsense I have ever read on here and completely flies in the face of all the facts. The stats clearly show in black and white that the Chase era was by far the most successful in the club's history and to suggest otherwise is to live in denial about the club's history. Chase built upon the legacies of his predecessors and took the club to new heights never seen before. The Socialists on the other hand have ruined Chase's legacy by plumbing depths never seen since the 1950s (League 1) and making the club more or less permanent second tier. You would never hear Chase and Jones, or Watling and South for that matter, aspiring to be "top 26".
  6. Big Vince

    FA Cup Qtr finals of yesteryear....

    Ah yes the boy Moxey too. His tenure was so short it escaped my wrath. He famously told the AGM about a new contract for one of the Murphy boys. Not long after the said contract was ripped up by the club and he was off.
  7. Big Vince

    FA Cup Qtr finals of yesteryear....

    This is a joke surely? The Socialists have proved themselves completely inept at owning a football club. Look at all the mistakes they have repeated over and over again. Appointing wrong managers, letting them carry on failing for too long before sacking them, relying too heavily on someone else coming in to run the club often with bad advice: Bob the Grocer, Doomcaster and now Webber. The Socialists have taken 24 years to make it to a second cup quarter final. And every promotion to the EPL has led to rapid relegation. How can their model possibly be better than the Chase model? This is numptyism in it's purest sense. And let us not forget Delia has sold all the best players and is going to have a massive firesale in the summer making many more big bucks than Chase ever did.
  8. Big Vince

    FA Cup Qtr finals of yesteryear....

    Okay so you hated every minute of the San Siro et al? And you booed Gordon's goal in the West Ham replay?
  9. Big Vince

    FA Cup Qtr finals of yesteryear....

    Norwich City had a proper national profile and were one of the best teams in the land during his tenure - the complete polar opposite of the Socialists.
  10. Big Vince

    FA Cup Qtr finals of yesteryear....

    And who was the owner when these days were so great and so commonplace? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.
  11. Big Vince

    I actually want us to sell a player

    But surely this is what Chase did - sell players in order to go again with quality replacements. Bruce out. Fleck in. So why has Chase been depicted as the pantomime villain ever since?
  12. This post has the wrong headline, which should read: I SERIOUSLY QUESTION THE SOCIALISTS' ABILITY TO TAKE THIS CLUB ANY FURTHER How you can seriously stop the buck with Farke is ridiculous. He is without doubt complicit in the agenda that the Socialists have for this club; but he is hardly the problem itself. It is not his fault, to use his own words, that they are a second division team playing in the EPL. He has stated he would like to spend tens of millions on any one player, but was told to make do with the boy Byram for 750K. End of.
  13. Big Vince

    I think we can now safely say

    All Delia's stays in the EPL have been painfully short because she has always failed to grasp certain fundamentals: 1. You cannot play expansive, attractive football in the EPL unless you have the quality players to make it work. Players of lesser quality make more mistakes and the higher quality opponent cashes in. 2. You need to build an EPL team from the back because trying to outscore higher quality opponents will never work. 3. Listening to numpty fans is a recipe for failure. Fans need to be bounced around if you want to stay in the EPL. 4. You cannot have any soft underbelly. Players need to be big, strong, fast and ruthless. 5. Clean sheets will get more points than goals scored. Look at Sheff Utd. 6. A fixation with strikers rather than defenders is completely the wrong strategy.
  14. Big Vince

    Sheffield United

    Sheffield United want to compete in the EPL. Norwich City ran up the white flag as soon as the final whistle blew against Blackburn. League table is the pudding. End of. Socialists out. Resoundingly beaten at the polls. Ditto in the EPL. No mandate to continue.
  15. Big Vince

    Top 3 clubs hated by norwich fans

    1. Wolverhampton Wanderers 2. Orlando Pirates 3. Mamelodi Sundowns