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  1. If you were a politician and you lost 40% of your own party then your position would be deemed untenable as it is a significant minority and a political problem if you cannot carry 4 in every 10 with you. You don't have to get more than half against you before action is required.
  2. I want a head, any head, on a platter and I want it now.
  3. It has to be someone with extensive experience at this level, otherwise it is a waste of time making any change and might as well lose all the remaining matches. So, who fits the bill? Steve Bruce, Hodgson, Allardyce, Ranieri? But we know the Socialists will not go for a big personality as it would be too much for them to bear. So, another tame relegation with a yes-man at the helm is the most likely outcome.
  4. The only statement you are going to get on the pitch in the next game is the same one we have seen for the past 15 EPL games. Farke is not going to change tack and the Socialists will do nothing unless the crowd turns. Then they will look to save their own skins as before.
  5. Rumour has it that large queues are already forming outside betting outlets on Merseyside as half the population waits to put their mortgages and life savings on Everton beating Norwich, as this game is now being seen as the biggest home banker in the history of the EPL.
  6. I would not forgo £8 million, or whatever he is on. I would not wait for the grey suits. I would not eat humble pie. So I would look for a mutual consent.
  7. Farke has the following options: 1. Resign and forgo 4 years compensation. 2. Wait for the men and ladies in grey suits to tell you your time is up. 3. Agree to go by mutual consent. 4. Eat humble pie by bringing in Claudio Ranieri or basically any top Italian to sort out the defence.
  8. The club was much more successful when Mr Chase bounced supporters around - and rightly so. Allowing supporters to determine the direction of the club is a recipe for disaster. Leaders are supposed to lead and followers are supposed to follow. Any deviation from this principle and you get people like the boy Keown come along and brush the club aside. Stock and laughing spring to mind.
  9. People shouldn't be having parties. They should have a determined, quality focus on getting results by whatever means necessary. And this should be repeated every day of their lives.
  10. If Steve Bruce gets sacked at Newcastle........................ Russell Martin - heaven forbid! Captain Pointy Finger! He will be blaming everyone except himself as soon as things turn for the worst.
  11. Nice club in a ruthless league is only going to have one outcome.
  12. Where are all those numpty fans who were making excuses for the previous 4 defeats? If this was not the first winnable game, no other will be in this league. Farke had a full week with all his supposedly best players at his disposal, but the team performed worse than they did when there were all these excuses flying around as to why they lost each of the first four games. So where is Webber now? How does he account for a £50 million spend leading to even worse results than two years' ago? How many more defeats are required before he crawls out from under his stone? Ditto the Socialists, but of course they have a lot of previous form in these situations. They will keep dithering and dithering until they have to choose between manager and fans (and we know which way that one will go) as was the case with numerous previous incumbents. Farke is now one of those managers who is a dead man walking. There is no way back from the situation he finds himself in. He has lost all credibility. Whatever he now says, no one is listening anymore. But still the Socialists will dither until their hand is forced. I was delighted that Watford fans really rubbed it in at the final whistle because Norwich fans fully deserved it for all their support for a completely failed brand of football, a board that scarcely conceals its lack of desire to compete at this level, a sporting director who has utterly failed to build a team starting from the back despite promising us that he would learn from two years' ago and a head coach who refuses to change tactics and simply lets the opposition win because they know exactly how Norwich are going to play. As with two years' ago there is no EPL experience worth noting in the team and the Socialists don't want to pay EPL wages. Only monkeys get attracted to peanuts. Consequently, there are no players at the club who can defend at this level and this is the number one prerequisite for any stay in the EPL beyond one season. But try telling this to any Norwich fan and their eyes glaze over. Even "Negative Mark" from Canary Call is now looking wildly optimistic in his prediction that Norwich will have one point by October. As things stand, Norwich are on course for a record that will never, ever be beaten - 48 consecutive EPL losses. Losing to Watford means every other remaining game must now be lost. And of course Delia has her eyes firmly set on the record books herself - a sixth relegation will take her three clear of Sir Arthur and extend a club record in the boardroom that is also unlikely to be broken.
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