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  1. I thought it was pretty much an established fact that the boy Webber was recruited after Ballsup had a little chat with that Comolli fellow who was connected with "Tottingham" (Ardiles pronunciation). I think the boy Tom can however claim credit for the Canary Bond scheme.
  2. This is no joke proposition. I am EXPECTING Delia to at least win the CL in order to make up for all the failures that she was responsible for before Webber, and especially before McNasty. This is the only way she can eclipse Chase.
  3. Big Vince

    Time to cash in?

    Delia has sold more than a complete team of players to other clubs for much higher amounts of money (in many cases to cover the mistakes she has made such as poor managerial appointments that have led to poor performances on the pitch which in turn led to losses on the balance sheet). Chase actually used player sales to: balance the books, improve the ground, buy Colney and develop it from scratch; and buy quality replacements for those sold. Who would argue with player sales if it means you can bring in the likes of Crook, Bowen, Fleck, Townsend, Linighan, etc? Chase also continued the flourishing youth system (Gordon, Sutton, Fox, Eadie, etc) started under Sir Arthur, whereas under Delia this was allowed to rot for more than 20 years before getting rediscovered under the boy Webber.
  4. Big Vince

    Time to cash in?

    Delia has cashed in on players on many more occasions than Chase ever did.
  5. Will go to AGM if it doesn't clash with work this year.
  6. Rather be dead in a ditch as someone once said.
  7. Big Vince

    Aston Villa Tickets

    All these shenanigans could be avoided if the Suffolk Socialists either put up the money to build a 14,000 seater City Stand plus add a 5,000 seater gallery to the South Stand or, sell the club to someone who will put up the money, or dilute their shareholding to bring such an investor on board.
  8. This whole scenario is really quite sickening. I am going to lie down in a darkened room and think. Ways need to be found to break this dynasty. Results like Saturday just don't help. Gutted. Bring back Rodent.
  9. Big Vince

    Otamendi Disaster

    Absolutely, because the SS are going to read all the wrong messages from this result, including the way in which they run the club being vindicated, ignoring the fact that they have got four relegations on their CVs.
  10. Does the boy realise what he has done and the damage he has inflicted on Norwich fans? Far from mending the situation at Carrow Road, his mistakes have made things infinitely worse. The Suffolk Socialists will now turn around and say that you don't need to have owners with oil wells, or spend £3bn on assembling a squad because these players can be beaten by a squad that cost virtually nothing. So the SS will now carry on in the same vein by spending no money and continuing to let in thousands of goals and keeping the club in socialist hands in perpetuity. The SS are having the luck of the devil at the minute and it is a sickener. But I have a sneaking feeling that money, or the lack thereof, is going to win out in the end and Vince will have his day in the sun once again. Curse Otamendi.
  11. Big Vince

    Membership Scheme Meetings.

    Yes, absolutely. It is about time they fronted up to people rather than using paid cover.
  12. Big Vince

    OT - EU straw poll...

    New Leave Anthem: Tanks in Whitehall. When do we want them? Now.
  13. Big Vince

    Membership Scheme Meetings.

    Why are you giving credence to the boy Kensell? It is patently obvious he is just a stooge, front man for the Suffolk Socialists. This is the mistake Canary fans make over and over and over - they think that someone else is responsible other than the SS. Wrong. Look at the defending. It makes no difference who the coach is. Goals keep going in season after season. This is how the SS like it. So just transpose that to other areas of club activity, silly.
  14. Big Vince

    OT - EU straw poll...

    The Government should use whatever tactics are necessary to ensure we are out by the end of next month, including bringing the army onto the streets and into Parliament, if necessary. The remainers are enemies of a sovereign, independent United Kingdom and should be rounded up to face treason trials when this is all over.
  15. Big Vince

    West Ham predictions

    I would have to take it because otherwise I would be on the street by Monday morning.