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  1. 194,512 is the number of times Delia has given the ball away on purpose during the period 1996-2023.
  2. You will note that I qualified that with "in his opinion". The boy Boehly has lashed out over half a billion in under a year, but we don't yet know if the boys-to-rent will win the league.
  3. Well, we are all waiting with baited breath for the answers. He has stated that he likes to give the big boys a run for their money and that Norwich City is going to be the vehicle to do so, so there must be a plan that is workable in his opinion, otherwise why would he be looking to get more deeply involved?
  4. The national media thought the idea of Norwich City in the EPL was a joke. Over to you Mr A.
  5. I am sure all Norwich supporters are Labour, I mean this is all very Old Labour Let's Have Class Warfare Against The Rich.
  6. If this is true then the boy Attanasio could be my type of owner. I have banged on about Norwich's wages not being competitive in the EPL over and over again. But of course talking sense into the Socialists has been a futile exercise spanning nearly 27 years. At last now there is a glimmer of hope with a boy who understands how things work in the real world instead of the dysfunctional socialist one. PLAYERS GO WHERE THE MONEY IS. End of.
  7. I tell you what, it had cost them Big Vince, till he discovered his own workaround.
  8. Again it all boils down to Delia, the EPL elephant and the bigger picture at play here.
  9. That is because Delia and Attanasio and co are not providing any motivation for promotion. Why should anyone bother when playing any better for longer will only result in severe pain at the end of it?
  10. Your facts are incorrect. Chase left the club £6 million in debt and the land that he purchased behind the South Stand meant that a new stand was able to be constructed 7 years after he left. The purchase of the old car park enabled the club to get planning permission for flats well before the 20 years you have stated. Furthermore, the purchase of land at Colney was far sighted and no one would seriously doubt that this facility has benefitted the club enormously the last 27 years. To add some perspective, Delia put the club £22 million in debt before she was bailed out by a combination of McNasty, Lambert and Grant Holt. She is now £66 million in debt pending media rights income. And of course she has sold many more players than Chase ever did and managed to rack up 6 relegations plus Roeder, Bob the Grocer, Doomcaster and Moxey. Not forgetting League One football in this toxic mix.
  11. They don't take questions from the floor anymore. You have to submit in writing in advance and they lump all similar questions together to give the answer they want on the night.
  12. Never underestimate the power of the Socialists to use media to malign purposes.
  13. Okay, so the whole Chase era was bad, right? Fans hated promotion in 86, hated finishing 5th in 86/87, 4th in 88/89, 3rd in 92/93 and were protesting against cup semi finals in 89 and 92? There were also riots at the San Siro because fans thought it was toxic to be playing in European competition with Chase as chairman.
  14. But they won't because of your very own observation regarding various members being in bed with each other - literally and metaphorically.
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