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  1. The boy Sargent tells manager at half time he's feeling a bit iffy. Manager subs him in second half. Fans boo. I am afraid the fans have lost all credibility on this one and rightly so. They have no clue about football and decisions in the best interests of footballers. Little wonder the players in the dressing room afterwards were nonplussed by it all. Wagner may have his shortcomings, but he's absolutely right on this one. Fans are numpties and we need new ones.
  2. Delia will sell Rowe, Sargent, Sainz and Sara. We are not a football club. Only here to sell.
  3. Today's game proves the OP correct. After Rowe; Sainz, Sara and Sargent are the most saleable assets and all thanks to the boy Webber. Not forgetting the underwater treadmill he built at Colney too.
  4. Webber cannot be held accountable for the budget. That is a matter for the board and owners. Farke was not brilliant at all. He failed to adjust to the demands of the EPL. You cannot play his brand of football in the EPL with cheap players.
  5. I hope it has not gone unnoticed that after the boy Rowe, Norwich's next three most saleable assets were all brought to the club by Webber - Sainz, Sara and Sargent. So, given that the club only exists to develop and sell on talent for a profit, l expect to see posters on here lauding Webber for these three signings when the time comes for Delia cash in. It underscores why Webber was so indispensable to the Socialists and why they would have a go at the fans for "not having a clue", given their role in forcing him out.
  6. There is no excuse for leaving players completely unmarked in the box, Liverpool or not. Norwich typically defend badly whoever the opposition happens to be. Can all be traced back to John Bond.
  7. Sports teams around the world are now pawns that are traded in the world of big business and the mega-wealthy. Very uncomfortable reading for the likes of Delia and anyone else who clings on to the notion of having a club rooted in the local community and being self-funded.
  8. Typical Norwich defensive performance. Liverpool players given so much time and space. No one marking anyone. No tackles. Liverpool could just pick their spots. Norwich have learnt no defensive lessons during the intervening period. Familiar failings littered all over this season. Club needs reset starting foremost with new fans. Bondesque football = laughing stock.
  9. No. Gino Pozzo has it about right. But at Norwich sacking the manager rather misses the point. It is the owners who are to blame because they always sell players to shore up their own position. Realistically, what manager is ever going to succeed here, especially longer term, which, ironically, is what Delia craves so much.
  10. Gotcha, scream the tabloids! You have fallen right into their trap. It's what keeps them in business.
  11. A calm, dignified and professional presence in the game who was rightly baffled by the tabloid media wanting to know every last detail of his private life. An essentially quiet man who held himself above the swirling cesspit that is the English press.
  12. That goes for Webber as well. Buendia had to be sold to generate funds before the first broadcasting instalment came in. The problem lies with the owners. They do not back the sporting director and head coach with hard cash of their own. McNasty fell on his sword for the same reason under the old structure. Unless there is an external money source, we should all forget about ever going back to the EPL.
  13. So we have a person who was promoted beyond her level of competency then being put in charge of appointing a new sporting director who, surprise, surprise, is also now at a level beyond his skill set.
  14. The club is run by two socialists therefore it is going to be lefty and follow lefty trends. Therefore it has got to be seen to be inclusive at all levels. So to further that end, you have to have a woman given a chance to run the day to day affairs of a professional football club. It doesn't matter that the person has no relevant skills, so long as the inclusivity box is ticked. We see this on an even grander scale at the BBC. Most notably with Barbara Slater as director of sport.
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