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  1. 27 league defeats, 10 in a row. It is a great plan, isn't it?
  2. The Socialists were very happy to milk the applause on the pitch at Villa Park last year, but where are they now? People talk about there being no leaders on the pitch, well I am afraid it has to come from the top down and Norwich have no leaders in the boardroom. It just beggars belief that you can go around losing 11 games on the trot and set all kinds of other unwanted records, yet the owners of the club have nothing to say about it and the boy Webber's first reaction to it was, well, all our players are up for sale starting at £20 million. There has been no apology, no explanation as to why the head coach kept doing all the same things to keep the losing run going ie. zonal defending, getting the full backs to go forward instead of tucking in behind. The club are reacting as if they have been up to the EPL for the very first time, but all these mistakes around defending have occurred in every EPL campaign the Socialists have been involved in, so where was their input to put matters right this time? The answer is that they never want to be in the EPL in the first place because they find all the money distasteful and they cannot compete with it so they simply put up the shutters and just use the one EPL season to showcase their young talent with a view to flogging it at the end of the campaign - all to keep their position intact through the self-funding model. Do you see, I am now just waiting for the club to come out and say Aarons wanted to leave and Cantwell wanted to leave, etc, etc. The level of deceit within the club is odious and knows no bounds. When I think back to the early seventies you had Watling as a leader in the boardroom, Saunders as a leader on the training ground and Forbes as a leader on the pitch. Sir Arthur and Chase also had leadership qualities and stood up to be counted when required. But the Socialists crawl under a stone at the first sign of real trouble ie. The Valley 2009 in particular, and now and at other pivotal moments. So what example does that set to the boy Webber, the boy Farke and the players? Who are they supposed to look to? There is no one. There is just blind acceptance by all concerned that it is just okay to go around losing so many games that you will eventually get overtaken firstly by King's Lynn, then Wroxham so that you then become the THIRD club in Norfolk.
  3. Lakey may have had his moment in the sun last year, but now the proper equilibrium has been restored. You just know the Champagne Socialists will revert to type in the end. So: 1. I said before the season started City would be relegated. 2. I said before the season started they would finish bottom of the league. 3. I said before the season started that defence would be the major issue. 4. I said beating Man City would relegate City. 5. I said beating Everton would relegate City. Additionally, where are all those numpty supporters now who, like the board, were just gagging for Villa to be relegated? Norwich's fellow promotees both staying up has added the final humiliation and just goes to prove that Norwich's contrarian approach to professional football has failed utterly and spectacularly. In the final analysis, it has been proven that spending £150 million buys you an extra 14 EPL points, which at that level is massive. Delia and Wynnie are the worst owners the club has ever had. Period.
  4. Delia has now extended her club record as the owner with the most relegations since 1956 and she is now officially five times worse than Chase. So now I need to update my league table as below. Most relegations by club owner since 1956: Delia 5 Sir Arthur 3 Chase 1 Watling 0 Told you she was no good.
  5. Dear Mr Villan, Mrs Villan & Junior Villans, I regret to inform you that your team, Aston Villa are relegated. This is due to the fact that your closest relegation rivals (Watford & West Ham) are due to play Norwich City very shortly and they are therefore guaranteed the three points against the wingless Canaries. So much so, that every single Hornet and every single Hammer has been down to the bookies this morning to put their mortgages and life savings on it (who wouldn't given that the Canaries concede in every game and never score). I know it is scant consolation, but Delia is delighted that you are joining her back in the Championship; so much so that she is offering you all a complimentary egg (with instructions on how to boil it.) Commiserations, Vince
  6. Like I have said many times before, supporters get the board they deserve because they are no better. Otherwise, Purple take note, St Andrews Hall would have been filled out long before now.
  7. So there you go! No lessons learned. You would have thought that the boy Farke and the rest of the German backroom team would have been poring all over the videos in the 100 day lockdown with typical German efficiency in order to put in place a plan that would at least give the "small miracle" a fighting chance. But no, we got the same old Norwich, playing the same old "Norwich Way" with zero respect for any defensive discipline whatsoever. But hey, it is okay because the boy Webber says that having an identity is more important than anything else - so we play the same way each time, the opposition see us coming, and we duly get beat each time. And as far as the lamentable board is concerned, relegation is just fine because top 26 is built into the business plan. The board would never want to be top 17 as it would cost too much in transfer fees and wages. I bet the board are just gagging for Villa to go down with them so that they can proclaim how smart they were at getting relegated for a tiny fraction of the price that the Villa paid.
  8. So as the football season re-starts, have Norwich City learned any lessons from the first 29 games, or are we going to get the same old Norwich where football has to be played "the Norwich Way" even though it has been proven over and over again that it does not work in the EPL and will lead to instant relegation. Delia reminds me of Norman Stanley Fletcher. She knows that her way of doing things is going to see her wind up in the Championship nick, yet she does nothing about it and accepts relegation in the same casual manner as Fletch accepts imprisonment.
  9. People should be asking me for the lottery numbers. I said they would lose the game by conceding and so they did for the umpteenth time this season.
  10. The next round will be his big chance to get knocked out thus saving his contract with the club.
  11. Norwich are going to concede as they always do under this model and so this match will follow the same course as the majority of the others we have seen. Staying firmly rock bottom.
  12. Well that one was perhaps understandable as the Blarneymeister was Ipswich through and through just like Delia.
  13. This is the most sustained nonsense I have ever read on here and completely flies in the face of all the facts. The stats clearly show in black and white that the Chase era was by far the most successful in the club's history and to suggest otherwise is to live in denial about the club's history. Chase built upon the legacies of his predecessors and took the club to new heights never seen before. The Socialists on the other hand have ruined Chase's legacy by plumbing depths never seen since the 1950s (League 1) and making the club more or less permanent second tier. You would never hear Chase and Jones, or Watling and South for that matter, aspiring to be "top 26".
  14. Ah yes the boy Moxey too. His tenure was so short it escaped my wrath. He famously told the AGM about a new contract for one of the Murphy boys. Not long after the said contract was ripped up by the club and he was off.
  15. This is a joke surely? The Socialists have proved themselves completely inept at owning a football club. Look at all the mistakes they have repeated over and over again. Appointing wrong managers, letting them carry on failing for too long before sacking them, relying too heavily on someone else coming in to run the club often with bad advice: Bob the Grocer, Doomcaster and now Webber. The Socialists have taken 24 years to make it to a second cup quarter final. And every promotion to the EPL has led to rapid relegation. How can their model possibly be better than the Chase model? This is numptyism in it's purest sense. And let us not forget Delia has sold all the best players and is going to have a massive firesale in the summer making many more big bucks than Chase ever did.
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