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  1. Big Vince

    Been conned

    But when I see our laughable defending I reflect on the defenders who were not bought in during the summer which then immediately reminds me of who the owner is.
  2. Big Vince

    Delia simply never ever learns

    Does she want to learn? She is going to rake in a lot of money from player sales at the end of the season, so the self-funding business plan is working perfectly from her point of view.
  3. Big Vince

    Been conned

    I find it is not possible to make a distinction between the team and the owner as they are impossibly intertwined.
  4. Big Vince

    Been conned

    I used to have a season ticket until it became obvious me and Delia just fundamentally disagree on just about everything.
  5. Big Vince

    Been conned

    Knowing the club as I do, I neither bought a season ticket nor a home membership nor an away membership. Best non-investment decision ever.
  6. Big Vince

    Why we will be relegated

    That picture does indeed tell the whole story - 8 United players unmarked; 8 Norwich players marking space. Delia out.
  7. Big Vince

    Why we will be relegated

    "Space never scored a goal" - boy Downs.
  8. Big Vince

    Why we will be relegated

    It is the fans who want open, attacking football and the spineless board listens to them. It is so ironic that we were so much better at this level when the owner bounced fans around instead of listening to their views.
  9. Big Vince

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    One thing you can be guaranteed with Delia - she is going to let in goals. Therefore, each game starts in a no-win scenario because you can be sure an EPL opponent doesn't carry this baggage.
  10. Big Vince

    Paradox in defence

    All 6 of those points in the OP. Take each of those players out and slot them individually into an established EPL outfit and they would probably go on to have great careers, but collectively in a Norwich unit they are no good. What they need is a club that knows what it takes at this level and grooms them accordingly. At Norwich the set-up is way too naive and amateurish to rub shoulders with the best.
  11. Big Vince

    Delia, Webber & Farke Out

    Delia knows very well that Aarons, Cantwell, Pukki, Godfrey and possibly Lewis and Krul will all start pushing for a move as soon as relegation is confirmed. This just what Delia wants because she is going to get £100 million plus.
  12. Big Vince

    Delia, Webber & Farke Out

    Can you ever imagine the Socialists spending EPL - level money?
  13. Big Vince

    Delia, Webber & Farke Out

    Yes, it would help if they were not socialists as their political ideology says a lot about their values which in turn influence heavily the way they run the club. Mr Chase was a Thatcherite which said a lot about his values that in turn influenced the way in which he ran the club. You know which I prefer.
  14. Big Vince

    Delia, Webber & Farke Out

    I know of no fan at any other club who would so willingly go along with such a plan. Why would you get promoted IN ORDER to get relegated? Even the stoics at Exeter City Reserves have more ambition than this. Just goes to prove that the supporters of this generation have been well and truly brainwashed by the Socialists.
  15. Big Vince

    Delia, Webber & Farke Out

    It is regrettable that I have to call for Farke out, but as he has aligned himself so closely with the Socialists, I have no option.