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  1. lappinitup

    502 Bad Gateway

    Get the old board back - never had this problem.......
  2. lappinitup

    Chris Hughton

    Not if he was the designated penalty kicker......... I think most teams have one.
  3. lappinitup

    Chris Hughton

    Poor Snoddy........
  4. Scottish League Two..... Elgin v Peterhead........Away win. For our game (both)..... Rhodes to score the last goal. Good luck Splutcho and Daniel.
  5. "Town have confirmed that the squad and staff will take part in the annual lap of appreciation after the Easter Monday game against Swansea City." "Usually the lap takes place following the final home match but that game is likely to be dominated by Leeds United’s battle for promotion to the Premier League." How embarrassing must that be?
  6. Scottish League Two..... Peterhead v Albion Rovers.......Home win. For our game..... Rhodes to score the last goal. Good luck GMF and Daz.
  7. Right, here goes..... Feirense v Benfica - Away win. FC Flora vs. Maardu - Home win. Chemnitzer FC v Optik Rathenow - Home win. PSG v Strasbourg - Home win. Maidstone v Salford City. Away win. Lyon v Dijon - Home win. Sorry to all those fine folk I've missed. I'll chuck you a tenner tomorrow nutty to double it up. Good luck everyone.
  8. Lol Wazzy! Poor old Sludge was banned for that - even though his selection turned out to be correct. Thanks for the intro nutty, I'll be back later with my selections. My pick this week is Cowdenbeath v Edinburgh City......Away win. For our game....... Rhodes to score the last goal. Good luck Mr Apples.
  9. League Two in Scotland..... Peterhead v Cowdenbeath........Home win. For our game..... Rhodes to score the last goal. Good luck Kiwi and Diane.
  10. lappinitup

    Does Huddersfield's

    Except Huddersfield downgraded their academy from Cat 2 to Cat 4. https://www.htafc.com/teams/ Conversely, we maintain Cat 1. Apparently one of the reasons Webber decided to leave them and join us.
  11. Great stuff Eddie, well done.
  12. Scottish League Two..... Elgin v Albion Rovers........Home win. BTTS........Edinburgh v Peterhead. Good luck nutty and BTTSanon.
  13. Dunno! Just the way they used to do it so I thought I'd revive it.