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  1. Annan v Stirling........Home win. City to win 3-0 Good luck Kev and GMF.
  2. lappinitup

    The Great Escape mini-league

    Stay positive Lakey..... It's still mathematically possible we can finish above Liverpool....... As long as we win every game and they lose all theirs, we can pip them by one point. Keep the faith.
  3. lappinitup


    That's a bold statement.
  4. lappinitup

    Farke getting off lightly

    I wish we were Sheff Utd.......
  5. Doh! Who hit the wrong button?
  6. lappinitup

    Chris Hughton

    You didn't in the nurses.........
  7. Exeter City v Cambridge Utd.........Home win. For our game... City to win 2-0. Good luck Trish and Molly.
  8. lappinitup


    Bethnal Y and G @BethnalYG
  9. League Two this week... Stevenage v Colchester.......Away win. For our game... A moral boosting 0-3 win. Good luck Lessingham and Crabby.
  10. Port Vale v Swindon........Away win. For our game... Tettey to score. Good luck Tilly and Helen.
  11. David Freezer One to watch out for today, #NCFC fans, is that Max Aarons, Kenny McLean and Sam Byram are all on 4 yellow cards - PL amnesty for five yellows (and a one-game ban) follows today's 19th match of the season.