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  1. lappinitup

    So who is off to Southampton this evening?

    I have......... And I can assure you they are 136 people.
  2. lappinitup

    Time to stop moaning

    Moaning about moaners is moaning too..... What's wrong with you?
  3. lappinitup

    Will Emery last for Sunday?

    Nothing worse than the smell of a crappy nappy.
  4. Scottish League One this week.... Falkirk v Stranraer........Home win. For our game..... Godfrey to score anytime. Good Luck Greg and Rob.
  5. lappinitup

    Salaries / Wages

    Yep! Sounds about right - apparently!
  6. I'm going with Fenway Frank.... Southend v Oxford........Away win. For our game.... City to win 2-0. Good luck Parma and Swindon.
  7. lappinitup


    They are the the biggest tw@ts though.
  8. lappinitup

    A club without ambition

    It was actually £45m Jim (1st instalment of £20m followed by £25m). He then bought the ground back for a further £20m so a total cost of £65m. https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/sport/football/radrizzani-paid-aps45m-buy-leeds-united-cellino-342465
  9. lappinitup

    A club without ambition

    I'm old JF, the memory isn't what it was. Thanks to your links to the thread I've managed to find the original EDP piece...... https://www.edp24.co.uk/sport/canaries-consider-selling-off-carrow-road-1-477245 I'm just glad we didn't go down that road.
  10. lappinitup

    A club without ambition

    Can you tell us who actually said it then, it will help me find it?
  11. lappinitup

    A club without ambition

    I haven't heard that one before. Can you provide a link to where it was reported please?
  12. lappinitup

    Klose to return

  13. lappinitup

    Klose to return

    He'd get sent off in the warm-up.