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  1. They get good marks but there's some bright sparks in there too.
  2. https://premierleague25years.wordpress.com/2018/10/25/seasonal-stories-norwich-city-1994-1995/
  3. I've often been stoned, found it most enjoyable.
  4. You shouldn't judge people by their hair styles.
  5. Does that mean Tom is the new Messiah?
  6. We all know you had a soft spot for "the horse" but that's taking it a bit far Kathy. Arsenal v Watford.......Home win. For our game. Godfrey to score anytime. Good Luck NFN NC & Cosmic .
  7. Cut your kids out of your will and leave everything to me then I'll believe you.
  8. Makes me laugh how the binners always seem to sing from the same song sheet as the nappy crappers.
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