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  1. lappinitup

    Mr Farke

    C'mon then maestro, details?
  2. lappinitup

    Membership Scheme Meetings.

    Will it be at St Andrews Hall?
  3. lappinitup


    Well Lakey, make up your mind.
  4. lappinitup

    Things you love to see...

    I blame Delia.
  5. lappinitup

    Jamal Lewis

  6. Luton v West Brom........Away win. For our game........Hanley to score anytime. Good luck Di and Frank.
  7. "The Waterfront on King Street is to open its doors to hundreds of away supporters in the build up to home games at Carrow Road, starting from the match with Chelsea on Saturday August 24". "The University of East Anglia Students' Union, which has operated the venue for more than 25 years, said up to 500 supporters can be accommodated inside." https://www.pinkun.com/waterfront-on-king-street-away-fans-1-6213625 Should be fun.
  8. lappinitup

    Next four games

    Beating West Ham will relegate us.........
  9. lappinitup

    Amadou Confirmed

    Ben Hedge@benhedge2 2h If I hear a single #ncfc fan start any song involving pushing a pineapple or shaking a tree for our new signing all hell will break loose at Carrow road, you've been warned
  10. lappinitup

    Man Crush Alert

    Probably wouldn't even be here if we'd got a stinking rich Chinese owner.
  11. And we're back! Many thanks to Eddie for all your hard work and many thanks to PuPanon for all your hard earned cash. Starting off in League One where Bolton entertain Coventry...... Bolton v Coventry.......Away win. For our game...... 2-2 draw. Good Luck Wazzy and Wacky.