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  1. lappinitup

    ifollow is no more...

    Having purchsed a TV licence, exiles will have to pay a further £45 to listen to match commentary on - BBC Radio Norfolk.
  2. https://www.canaries.co.uk/News/2019/june/ifollow-rebranding-to-canaries-tv/
  3. lappinitup

    OT - Murray Comeback

    Glorified ping pong.
  4. lappinitup

    Jordan’s coming home!

    ****! He told me I was the only boy for him.
  5. They're still debating whether there should be free tampons......
  6. lappinitup

    Jordan’s coming home!

    Or Legs as Scamps was called originally.
  7. lappinitup

    Membership scheme talks to be held

    I have to thank Tants for that.
  8. lappinitup

    Membership scheme talks to be held

  9. lappinitup

    Raging perverts thread

    Watch this space.........
  10. lappinitup

    Jordan’s coming home!

    ......and the 19th Hole before you went in.
  11. lappinitup

    Fish, Shellfish and Aquatics

    I like a nice wet plaice........
  12. lappinitup

    Name these two..

    Doesn't look like John O'Neill but surely he must be the unluckiest we ever had. .
  13. lappinitup

    Name these two..

    Ron Ashman and (I think) Cliff Jones.
  14. lappinitup

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Only just noticed this thread. What's happened so far?
  15. lappinitup

    Naughty Boys

    Except when you're standing next to a ten foot giant who's chomping the head off a six pound lobster and calling it scampi.