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  1. Bit like owning a shed on an allotment then. The new tenant may give you a few quid for it but if he doesn't t want it - you're stuffed.
  2. Bolton v Barrow.......Home win. For our game... City to win and Vrancic to score. Good luck Wacky and Mandie.
  3. If it's the free morning after pill you're after, I fear you may be too late by the time you're selected.
  4. The fans have always had a voice - when needed..... Police horses... Pitchforks... Burning effigies... Pitch invasions... St Andrews Hall... Throwing ST's at manager... Pfffftt! Now all they want is free morning after pills in the loo.
  5. If only we still had Snoddy, he'd have been the perfect fit for this team. With Max behind him and Emi more central they would have been excellent together. And that's without his set pieces.
  6. We've got a game tonight too. Hope it's fixed before then. '
  7. They was a young fella called Bill Arguments gave him a thrill Though always contrary He was a canary He proved it by dining on Trill.
  8. Yes, you are wrong. Totally wrong! It's called the Premier League - not the Premiership.
  9. David Freezer@davefreezer1m One change for #NCFC, Zimmermann comes in for Ben Gibson, who has a back issue so is on the bench #NCFC
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