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  1. urdie_Canary

    Paradox in defence

    I am Norwich fan, season ticket holder for 16 years and I am giving my honest opinion. Irrelvant if its a public forum or not, I am not sticking the boot in. Typical bloody snowflake happy clapper Norwich fan.
  2. urdie_Canary

    Paradox in defence

    well done you've blown my argument out of the water with that...........................................
  3. urdie_Canary

    Paradox in defence

    Its not. Chris wood took him to pieces, even Andre Gray ran rings around him. He ball watches far to often. Shocking in the away games I have been to.... Southampton, Palace, Brighton to name a few.
  4. urdie_Canary

    Paradox in defence

    where are the facts? speculation / facts two different things
  5. urdie_Canary

    Paradox in defence

    I guess you either watch the games with your eyes closed or listen to the games on the radio. He has been bossed by almost every striker he has come up against this season, no where near good enough to move on to a top team yet and no surprise we are looking slightly better without him currently, performances have been much better as a team.
  6. why have we wasted money on Amadou (played when we were desperate but now out of the picture completely) 56 year old tettey starting ahead of him.... Farhman, paying 55k a week for his loan so I hear, pointless. Roberts, pointless again. all of these surely come with loan fees too. Dont think webber is doing the greatest job on that front.
  7. Never seems to get a mention. I know he was been played next to either amadou or tettey this season, but for me he gets bullied far to easily every week and seems so static in his defending. Much like the team he started well, but I thought he had a bit of grit and steel about him to shine through in tough times. Maybe it would have been a different story if he had zimmerman next to him all season. Who knows. Andre grays goal was a prime example of the ball waching, didn't close the space or get physical or get across for the block, similar at Burnley and Brighton and at home to villa. Lewis looked shot to pieces in terms of confidence on Friday, maybe needs to be taken out of the team for a few games similar to cantwell last season, I think he is really suffering more than most. problem is we do not have a replacement good enough, due to the lack of transfer activity. I do think (hope) things will change but we need a lucky break sooner rather than later because I can't see us playing anyone off the park at the moment.
  8. urdie_Canary

    "We were not physical enough" - Farke

    Completely agree with Farke, from kick off it looked like we sat so deep and invited man united to build confidence from the off. Where was the fast start up and at'em approach? far too much respect was shown, man united were there for the taking and could have been got at, instead we sat back, so frustrating to watch and the crowd picked up on that. We cant defend, lets go at these teams at home.
  9. urdie_Canary


    I'm not really sure where this leaves Leitner now, since that Newcastle game it hasn't really worked for him (I'm a big fan btw) Bags of swagger talent and style, but he is possibly the slowest player I have seen with or without the ball, very weak in the tackle and doesn't really add much other than making things 'tick over', lacks the dynamism IMO. Agility and pace in this league is key, clearly in this league, he has not got the attributes to be playing in the No. 10 role. Steiperman offers far move movement across the lines in that position, yes he has been poor and plays a risky game, but Cantwell and especially Beundia of late have been just as bad if not worse.
  10. Kenny mclean has been a huge plus since he has been in the team, again yesterday another assist, the corner to make it 2-1 against reading for example, goal against rotherham etc etc etc. People dont understand him just because he has a no frills approach to his game, he does things fairly simple and goes about his business in a calm way. Not sure of the stats but he has affected the game in every game he has played near enough. I agree Vrancic and or Leitner should be in the team, but you cant drop Mclean. Steiperman and Hernandez have been poor recently, they need a kick up the back side.
  11. urdie_Canary

    How utterly poor was Tod Cantwell today

    This thread is embarrassing on so many levels. The lad is very young and he is no Buendia, so stop comparing him to him and expecting the same performance from him. Surely people should focus on Hernandez or Steiperman if you are going to criticise, players who clearly have shown better this season and we have carried them in the last two games. They have been terrible and should be showing so much more in at this crucial stage of the season to get us over the line. get a grip and support the young players, we are going up.
  12. urdie_Canary

    Starting 11 for Swansea away...

    hahaha russel martin at centre back.. next joke please.....
  13. urdie_Canary

    I've heard all the arguements

    Totally see where you are coming from ''the judge''.

    Mbokani certainly splits opinions, in terms of a ''striker'', id class that as a goal scorer, a number 9, a gary hooper type player yes.

    With our 3 at the back system and forward players supporting the lone striker I think that system lends itself to play our best finisher / goal scorer Mbokani, also knowing he will likely flick on the majority or headers that he''s challenging for which in turn allows the supporting players to make that run with abit more belief that the ball will find them. we can easily get away with playing someone who maybe doesn''t run and stretch the defence with that system IMO, he doesn''t miss sitters
  14. urdie_Canary

    I've heard all the arguements

    Mbokani, at the moment is our best striker at the club, bamford is un proven, yes he''s what some people see as a ''goalscorer'' but didn''t pull up any trees at all with palace and looked out of his depth and lightweight. Jerome is just hopeless as a striker, how many chances has he missed that my Nan would have scored this season, its getting embarrassing.

    When we play Mbokani, I get so angry mainly due to our persistent need to keep p*ssing around with the ball between centre backs, 5 pointless passes we lump it up to him and 9/10he gets something on it. He movement is really good if you watch him closely, always in a good position but the problem is no one gets their head up, we are so resistant to play the early pass, Hoolahan holds onto the ball for two long etc. Take the game against Chelsea for example, the amount of times Pinto bombed forward and all it needed was a 40 yard pass to him or a early ball and he was on for an attack, what happened was the complete opposite.

    I seriously think we need to start going a bit route one, we haven''t got the players to pass round premier league teams and score a lovely goal, its happened a few times I know but not enough to keep persisting with it, although Alex Neil does like to persist with strategies that wont, don''t and will never work at this level.

    Its been possibly the most frustrating season so far, and if I''m honest, I think we are good as gone. I hope not.
  15. urdie_Canary

    Transfer window Janauary 2016

    I''d love to see the back of Redmond in this window, if we could get around 8 million I would drive him there.

    He has been here to long without improving or finding any kind of consistency, his time is up in my opinion (and many other Norwich fans).

    The most infuriating player since Jon Otsemobor.