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  1. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/27971968/david-wagner-sacked-norwich-championship-play-off-leeds/ Arsenal assistant incoming
  2. Sadly they are a top team in this league. Its not all luck, we done similar under Farke, kept finding last minute winners, they dont know when they are beaten and as much as it hurts, you have to give them credit for a fine season IMO. Like i said, we've been there many a time. But it will all end in tears Saturday for them.
  3. I wouldn't say a relegation battle, as we clearly have talent like Sara, Rowe, Stacey etc but as it stands it will be a rollercoaster of a ride if we are to get into the playoffs
  4. First of all can anyone remember a Norwich manager who was worse than Wagner at making in game changes to see out a game? every time he makes a change to tighten things up, we get worse and ultimately end up loosing points it seems. I'd like to see the stats on this, from a winning position and after the subs. Leeds thoughts, I actually thought for 65/70 mins we mixed it and in parts had control of the game with one of the best teams in the league, albeit giving up chances which is always going to happen when you look at their attacking threat. The front 6 they had on at the end was outrageous for this league. Playing out from the back was effective whilst also stressful to watch, it worked and we looked good going up the pitch. Taking off Hernandez and bringing on Springett was absolutely criminal IMO, Hernandez wasn't always in the game, but god did he give Archie Gray something to think about and a tough game for the young lad, ran him ragged at times. Summerville was clearly their most dangerous player, a threat throughout but I thought Stacy and Rowe done a pretty good job of doubling up and limiting his influence, Springett comes on and Rowe switches wings and the problems star and Summerville has acres of space for the rest of the game. Hwang is just dire, at the moment he's the equivalent to RVW's left foot, Idah wasn't as bad as normal (we aren't talking high standards). Gibbs gave us energy, Mclean decent enough and energy in the middle, Giannoulis was very good I thought. So result aside, some decent performances, Sara as usual just a cut above the rest, pure class. If we would have won that game, everyone would have been believing again (If my auntie has balls etc etc etc) deserved at least a draw. Would I be disappointed if Wagner got the boot, not at all, I actually think we have a decent enough squad to be 6th / 8th or so, we just need a manager who can add that extra 10/20% to the squad, a bit like that lot down the road dare I say it, we have a bang average manager who has had 1 good run as a manager in his career and that was a long time ago, didn't even win the league with Young Boys in the swiss league which is usually a given. If we loose against Boro, I think he should be shown the door, the away form is dreadful and 1 win in 9 (if we loose tomorrow) obviously that wont be getting us promoted, if we win well...you just know there is another Plymouth style result not too far around the corner with Wagner in charge sadly. Sunderland after that which is another tough one. In summary, I think with Wagner at the wheel, we are heading to a bang average season with 6 or 7 meaningless games at the end of it.
  5. Unfortunately you need to be physical presence and a bit more defensive nouse to play in the prem, as was shown in both him prem seasons....
  6. We would do well to get 10million, he was not in the top 3 right backs in the championship last season, miles off it and found out both times in the prem.
  7. He is absolutely garbage, not even close to being the best right back in the championship anymore. I'd take 6 million now
  8. Totally agree with this. Fed up with seeing players in their comfort zone, just ticking over / just doing enough / going through the motions however you want to put it. I mean how ever much has Aarons regressed as a player, pretty much no strength in any area what so ever now, cant skin a player to save his life, terrible positioning, poor crossing and so on. Yes he has been loyal which is great, but come on, the mentality needs to be questioned. Go back 2 or 3 seasons ago surely he should have had the drive to better himself, but no he stays here and stays in his comfort zone, which I'm afraid is all too common with this Norwich squad, far too much deadwood. We are far too nice as a club. Yes Webber is at fault to some extent, but tbh players like Nunez and Sara have been good and will likely be sold on for double the fee which is a big part of his remit. Of course others have not been so successful but that is football, no clubs get all transfers bang on.
  9. good, I've sat through some real dross over the years, Roeder, Hughton etc but this is as bad as I can remember it in 17 years or so. Atmosphere is tired, as are the fans. I enjoyed not going Saturday and doing something different... seriously considering not going back until smith goes.
  10. (out of choice) sounds like I missed another horror show saturday... I am so despondent with everything about the club recently and starting to view going to the games as a waste of a saturday tbh, thank god we haven't got to go back for a while.
  11. as much as we have been dire this season, he has been our best defender this season by some way IMO. Aarons has been going backwards all season, for some reason it seems like he has been told to not go forward and just defend, something that he is woeful at. Sick and tired of seeing Aarons run 10 yards, stop, turn round and then pass backwards, a trait of a player devoid of all confidence. I think once Dimi is fit he will be left back and Byram RB like how it was at the start of the season.
  12. I mean in terms of all the hype, ended up fizzling out and being bang average... like Jamal Lewis
  13. Yes but no. I've been confident before under Farke and the prem seasons didn't turn out to be that great, under Smith I fear it will be even worse, but you never know... got to get there first.
  14. because he is nowhere near good enough and when he has been in the prem he has been torn apart. 9 times out of 10 he doesn't cross the ball when he should, on the off chance he does its dreadful. Doesn't seem like he has that pace now either, struggles to take a man on 1v1. Another Jamal Lewis
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