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  1. I don't think so. ten minutes effort per game doesn't cut it for me. Another dud added to the list
  2. have you ever actually watched Giannoulis play for Norwich? appalling defensively (Williams / Byron for example miles better defensively) and we do have to do a fair bit of defending to do..... Tzolis... as much as I'd like to see him start, apart from against Bournemouth's 2nd string, he has looked way off the pace and unfit to me. But... I wouldn't mind seeing them both start to reward their patience and tbh we haven't got anything to loose. William play RB and drop Aarons who once again has proved he is not up to premier league level.
  3. What channel (worldwide) will be showing the game tomorrow?
  4. Correct, he is such a clever player, in a team full of runners with no eye for a pass, or at least on Pukkis level.
  5. I feel so sorry for the bloke. He works his back side off every game, makes 10's of runs Noticed more last night than most games, when the ball goes into Sargent, Pukki is on the move, three times he was on his bike and Sargent wasn't even aware of the run and took 5 touches to get the ball under control, instead of helping it on first time. Pukki gets so much stick more than ever, but he really is miles ahead in of his strike partner and midfielders, its sad that a large portion of fans don't see this. Ok he doesnt seem as explosive etc but that comes with age Fed up with repeating the same old, but if we had someone with Buendias brain and the ball to Pukki is played, 9 out of 10 his run with be spot on and its just down to the finish, but with Sargent, by the time he gets full control of the ball, that run has been covered. Mclean is now our no. 10. Sad times.
  6. If everyone gave what Kenny gives every game we would be in a much better position in the table. He works so hard on and off the ball, sticks his foot in and recently he seems like he sets the tone. Him and PLM have been tidy recently, keeping things simple.
  7. tbf the amount of players we have signed, we are going to have 1 or two that aren't up to it straight away. He does look very lightweight
  8. Rubbish, we played 3 in midfield away to palace and lost 3 nil ....
  9. Fair enough. But we didn't 'let' them have the ball, its do with the manager sorting out the issues and the players showing their class. They have better ball players, better footballers, in the premier league we aren't going to dominate games for the entire period, you have to sit and suffer. Also re Dean Smith, if you noticed, just before they scored he was about to make the change. Decent point on the whole and a game of two halfs.
  10. is this not realistic though? how many of palace players would get into our team. Pretty much every single one.
  11. also remember what we are, self funded... bottom of the pile in terms of draw to the club etc etc look at palace, Benteke on 100+k a week and not even featured.
  12. they fixed the issues at half time and their premier league class / ball retention was clear to see second half. They have seriously classy players.
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