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  1. Yellow and Green


    @Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube ManThe problem I fear we have is that teams have sussed us out and we don't really have a plan B. They know that Pukki won't win ariel balls so they can afford to push players forward when they press us at goal kicks etc. Unless we are able to get the passing basics right (like we did vs Man city), we'll have to change the way we play.
  2. Yellow and Green


    The problem is, hoofing it long won't work because PL defenders are usually a foot taller than Pukki. We just need to get the basics right of passing and controlling the ball - something we seem to have completely forgotten.
  3. Yellow and Green


    Agree with @wcorkcanary. Drmic didn't play much last season due to his injury. He got a few games in pre-season but not enough to equip him for the PL. So he's not 'match fit' and he's coming into a new league, in a game where the opposition are shutting up shop and offering very little space. It's harsh to judge him so early - most of our squad are good examples of what can happen if you give players a bit of time! The whole team didn't perform to their best but Palace are no mugs - they knew our strengths and didn't let us play to them. It was the same with Burnley last week.
  4. Yellow and Green

    Webber’s new contract official

    Assuming they both stay for the duration of their contracts, I'll be fascinated to see how far the Webber/Farke can take us. Great news - exciting times ahead!
  5. Yellow and Green

    Alternative CB Options

    If it turns out that Hanley and Zimmerman were unavailable against Man City, what would we do if Godfrey or Amadou got injured during the game? Sam Byram is 6 feet tall and Jamal Lewis has shifted over to CB last season when we were chasing games. Could one of them (or Tettey) do a job for us there? Will we see one of the U23 boys make the bench? Who would be the most likely to make the step up? What is our best option?
  6. Yellow and Green

    Tomorrow’s national papers!

    I'm putting a fiver on City
  7. Yellow and Green


    So pleased for him after all the stick he's taken. It was great watching the yooof playing so well today.
  8. Yellow and Green

    Lawrenson and Nicholas

    I'd like to dedicate this win to Martin Lawrenson on behalf of everyone involved at NCFC. Absolutely clueless!
  9. Yellow and Green

    Josip Drmic signs

    Pukki, Drmic, Roberts and Buendia make an exciting front 4! Could they line up like this: Pukki Drmic Buendia Roberts Leitner New CDM
  10. Yellow and Green

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    He puts a lot of emphasis on not regretting going to Utd/City etc because he wants to play first team football. Could he be here to challenge for a first team place?
  11. Yellow and Green

    Crying out for Madders!!!!

    Maddison will get called up as soon as he goes to one of the top 6 teams. Southgate's 'he doesn't fit into our system' reasoning will soon be forgotten.
  12. Full time. Two for Idah and a first cap for Power.
  13. Yellow and Green

    What price Webber?

    If he did leave, you'd imagine that Farke would be fairly aggrieved, having just signed a new contract.
  14. Yellow and Green

    What price Webber?

    If they do indeed approach him, I'm sure he'd jump at the chance to work at such a big club. It would be interesting to see how it would work. At Norwich, he has a completely free reign to run the club as he sees fit; he has complete control. I have an inkling that it won't be the same at United, where they already seem to have a strategy all planned out. If he does go, it would be a huge shame. I'd love to see how far he and Farke could take us in the PL.
  15. Yellow and Green

    Released Players

    Has anyone seen Hutchison, Parsons or Mehmeti play at all?