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  1. Yellow and Green

    Ed Woodward vs Stuart Webber

    Agree with most of that, Bethnal. Whilst he may have done well commercially, it's amazing that someone with next to no footballing qualifications can get to the top of the tree at a club like United. Comparing their situation to ours, it's the equivalent of having Doomcaster as our CEO. Hiring OGS can also be compared to hiring Adams and Gunn.
  2. There has been a lot of talk about Man Utd's demise since Fergie left and what OGS needs to do over the summer to challenge for the top four again next season. They had a woeful end to the season and I couldn't help but think of the end of Alex Neil's reign with us - a talented squad of players whose performances clearly show that there are underlying problems within the club. I have to say that I'm surprised that Ed Woodward has escaped most of the criticism that I've read/heard - with the blame mostly falling directed towards the players and the four managers that have been appointed. The club has had a pretty dire time of it since Ferguson and David Gill left, and Woodward has been the man responsible throughout. Whilst United are a much bigger club than we are and we don't know exactly what happens behind the scenes etc, we have seen firsthand how the leadership at the top makes a huge difference and really sets the standard for the whole club. So my question is, with what we have seen from Stuart Webber since he has arrived, can you see how United should go about making the changes necessary to help them challenge for the top four/title again? Are the pundits right in saying that the cub needs a massive overhaul of the squad? Did they make a mistake in hiring OGS? Should they restructure their management structure like we did?
  3. Yellow and Green

    Puntastic suggestions for signings

    I don't think anyone would stoop down to that level
  4. Yellow and Green

    Super Mario

    Wasn't that Stiepermann?
  5. Yellow and Green

    Super Mario

    3 goals and 2 assists in our last four games. Absolutely huge.
  6. Yellow and Green

    you can make four signings. Who are they?

    I don't get why people make unnecessarily critical posts like this. Fans are entitled to an opinion and speculate about how we might improve over the summer. You have some kind of misplaced arrogance to criticize someone and then hide behind DF and SW by making a vague statement that will enable you to be smugly 'proved right' when they buy 'someone' from abroad. In reply to the OP, I don't think you'll be too far off. I would keep Hanley because I think we might play five at the back on occasions this season, so five centre backs might be needed. I also think we'll need a winger.
  7. Yellow and Green

    Intriguing defensive stats

    Good post. Being a keen fan of stats, I'm sure Farke will be aware of this. Playing away from home probable suits us more - the opposition are usually more adventurous and therefore easily picked off on the counter. A tactical analysis article posted on here the other day highlighted the need for a new CDM. We have six midfielders already so it will be interesting to see how SW and DF play it.
  8. Yellow and Green

    Ultimate NCFC Promotion Team

    Wenger's Invincibles (2003/4)? You could probably counter argue that the memories of Worthy's team 15 years ago have faded sufficiently to make them seem less talented than they actually were.
  9. Yellow and Green

    Ultimate NCFC Promotion Team

    Applying the same logic, do you think that Guardiola's Man City side would beat his 2011 Barcelona team? It's also interesting to note, albeit slightly off topic, that the women's 100m world record hasn't been beaten since 1988.
  10. Yellow and Green

    Ultimate NCFC Promotion Team

    *Promotion to the Premier League
  11. Yellow and Green

    Ultimate NCFC Promotion Team

    It would be a great game - Hucks has said a few times on the TNC podcast that he would be confident that the 2003/04 team would beat Farke's boys.
  12. This our 4th promotion in 15 years and I thought it'd be interesting to see which player would be in everyone's ultimate squad of 18. I've put together the main starting elevens (subject to opinion, of course) from each promotion: Worthy's 2003/04 team: Green Edworthy Fleming Mackay Drury Harper Holt Francis Huckerby Iwan McKenzie Lambert's 2010/11 team: Ruddy Martin Barnett Whitbred Tierney Fox Lansbury Surman Hoolahan Holt Jackson Neil's 2014/15 team: Ruddy Whitaker Martin Bassong Olsson Redmond Howson Tettey Johnson Hoolahan Jerome Farke's 2018/19 team: Krul Aarons Zimmerman Klose Lewis Trybull Leitner Buendia Stiepermann Hernandez Pukki My combined team: Green Aarons Fleming Malky Drury Howson Leitner Buendia Hoolahan Huckerby Holt Bench: Ruddy, Zimmerman, Lewis, Holt, Redmond, Pukki, Iwan
  13. Yellow and Green

    Canary Bond holders

    Do you guys think that they'll start another bond scheme to improve Carrow Road at some point in the future?
  14. Yellow and Green

    Championship Shopping List

    In regards to Reed, I just can't see us wasting money on someone who is going to be our seventh choice midfielder. I like him as a player and he seems like a decent guy, but, if we buy a midfielder, it should be a first choice DCM to be the long term replacement for Tettey.
  15. Yellow and Green

    Playoffs - I'm Excited

    Leeds vs Derby would be even better after the whole Spygate thing!