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  1. I'm not sure whether he has the most potential (we'll have to wait and see), but I agree with what you're saying. I think people may be forgetting that he is the only 'yoof' player to be played in the middle of the pitch - his mistakes are going to be more costly. Centre backs peak slightly later than in other positions - he still has 6 years of developing to do. There are not many young centre backs playing regularly in the PL. Only Soyuncu (24, 34apps) and Konsa (22, 25apps) come close to his achievements at such a young age.
  2. Potentially... it depends who they are expecting to sell. If Buendia leaves, Ibe would have Martin and Sinani(?) as competition on the right hand side. It's obviously speculation, but it could be an excellent bit of business to get him on a free.
  3. There's an article on the Athletic that states that they plan to sell just Ake, King and Wilson, which they believe will be enough to survive this season and enable them to buy a few players this summer. They also have a group of good, young players that they believe can thrive in the Chamionship... Cook, Brooks, Ramsdale, Kelly, Mepham and Lerma, although he will attract interest. I'm sure they'll be challenging next year, particularly if Howe stays. I'm sure they won't mind breaking FFP again...
  4. It sounds dramatic when you put it like that. The reality is that we have those players for five positions, assuming that we will continue to play 4-2-3-1 next season. There will clearly be departures though and, as others have stated, I think we will clear out the players who weren't good enough - as well as one or two others who attract lucrative offers. One would assume that Trybull and Leitner have been told that they can find another club this summer. Vrancic and Stiepermann were rarely used last season, so also seem likely to depart. It is a shame in a way - they all contributed a lot during our promotion season and provided many fond memories. Decent players, nice guys... but we need better.
  5. I think he'll stay. Apart from Sheffield United, I can't think of any PL club who are in need of a first choice keeper. I can imagine a number of clubs would love him to be a back-up, considering he counts as a home-grown player. Yet he didn't sound too happy when he was on the bench at Brighton, so I doubt he would move unless he was guarenteed game time. I think he's happy here. He's an important member of the team and popular with supporters. I think he'd value playing time over money tbh.
  6. He seems to be great in the Championship and mind-numbingly defensive in the prem. His time at Brighton reflects that quite well. I'd be interested to see how he would do with a top 10 PL team.
  7. Excellent point. Linking your post to @Bethnal Yellow and Green's, we had a clause to buy Amadou for £10 million at the end of his loan. My question would be, if we had bought him outright last summer, would people still be saying we should have spent £15 million more, or would they accept that we showed sufficient ambition?
  8. So how are we expecting the Saudi's takeover of Newcastle to unfold? Would other serious crimes not come into consideration?
  9. Surely Barnsley would take legal action if they suddenly got relegated?
  10. He started off playing 4-1-4-1, but switched to 4-2-3-1 to accommodate Maddison in the no. 10 position. He has also switched formations a few times since the lockdown, and has expressed his frustrations at not being able to play five at the back, to be fair. If we were to sign Man, I wouldn't be surprised to see us switch to a Liverpool type 4-3-3 formation. Man and Placheta seem to be more out-and-out wingers/forwards, as opposed to Buendia and Cantwell playing between the lines. Interesting times ahead!
  11. Cantwell may well be off, but I would like to see him in the no. 10 position next year.
  12. I agree with much of this, however I think a lot of his negatives can be put down to a lack of quality/options in the squad. His attacking ethos is great, however the players have let us down - we've made so many individual mistakes this year, often leaving us exposed on the counter. Many fans have said that he is inflexible... this season, our defensive injuries have meant that we have to play four at the back. We have had no real back up to Pukki, so our playing style has to suit the way that he plays (through balls). This lack of a plan b has seriously hampered us and teams sussed us out the second time they played us. Again, I think it is the lack of options in the squad, rather than Farke's decisions. Zonal marking - we have one of the smallest squads in the league. It can work but we need the players to do their jobs. Late subs - I get frustrated when it clearly needs changing, and he leaves it until the 83rd minute to make his first sub. Having said that, he has been more proactive recently. Crosses - We never cross the ball into the box, yet concede a shed load of goals when it's us defending them. I don't know if it is Farke's philosophy or just that Pukki doesnt score headers, but it is clearly a dimension that we need to add to our attacking play. In general, I agree with Webber, he is an excellent coach who hasn't had the quality required at his disposal. I'm surprised that he hasn't been more blunt about this in his press confrences.
  13. Listening to Webber and Farke, at almost any point over the last three seasons. Just last week, Webber said something along the lines of "Don't blame the manager or the players, blame me. I'm the one who assembled the squad. We've gone to war without a gun and guess what, we've got shot." Some of the signings will be Farke's reccommendations (Zimmermann), but the OP is right, it isn't his fault that it's been men vs boys this season.
  14. What a mess. The whole system needs a rethink. The root of the problem is the financial inequalities between the PL and the rest of English football. Sadly, most of these clubs will appeal and get away with it. Just look at Man City.
  15. But they have recently won the league and competing for a Champions league place
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