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  1. That's the one! I expected to wait a bit more than 3 minutes for someone to spot that!
  2. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.
  3. I agree but you could argue that DF does know his preferred XI (I think similar to the team vs Watford) but late signings and the int break have prevented him from being able to select his best team.
  4. Completely agree. The key is to have something to build on. Even a draw is a point on the board, positives can be drawn and we can go from there. The previous six games (excluding Bournemouth) have chipped away at our confidence and it's reminiscent of the end of the 19/20 season - you can see the effect that it has on the players. Call me a happy clapper, but all that we, as supporters, can do is to cheer them on - even when we go a goal down.
  5. The problem that I have with the recruitment is that we sign young, up and coming players and then blame the young, up and coming players for why we're losing. I understand that it's our model but there has to be a balance.
  6. I think that is actually where I do blame Farke - he is very set in his philosophy of playing positive, attacking football. Our defence is easily exposed. As I alluded to in the OP, he is suited to a top 10 team with superior players. He's not suited to battling it out and fighting for a point. It's almost like he'd rather get relegated with a great style of play than stay up by grinding a few results out.
  7. "Every person worldwide has dealt with covid, inc all the clubs in preseason. It wasn't just City." Not to that extent though. Not many, if any, PL teams had to cancel their friendlies. "so why not get your new players in early and at adjust tactics to counter the threat appropriate for the team you're playing." Webber spoke how they were going to be more patient this time around. We wouldn't have been able to get Normann or Kabak if we were going to rush it. I agree about the tactics, but the players need to do their bit too. * ****, you make your own luck. I agree to an extent. If we create more chances then we have a higher probability of scoring, for example. However I don't think you can pin a lot of these boarder line offside decisions (or missed penalties) on Farke. if players continually make the same mistake, blame the coach Again, I agree to an extent - the buck stops with Farke - but I think it's more of a case of a lack of confidence. Once you get into a rut like this then it's difficult to stop. You can be sure that Farke is telling the players to stop the crosses and to win the headers in our box but the players have to deliver it on the pitch. Likewise, the players will be desperate to win but that psychological state can be devastating.
  8. This is a bit of a tin hat post but I think it's important to step back sometimes and reflect on the bigger picture, rather than on a game-by-game basis. 1) Starting from the beginning, preseason went probably as bad as it could have gone. The covid outbreak wiped out half of our squad and resulted in half of our friendlies being cancelled. This was at a time when the new signings were meant to be settling in and getting to know each other and the new system that DF wanted to play. That setback left us in disarray and already at even more of a disadvantage to the other wealthy PL clubs. 2) Our opening fixtures were horrendous and we were sure to lose any confidence/momentum gained from our Championship winning season, even if we had a decent preseason. Instead, we had a half fit team who barely knew each other vs some of the best teams in the world. There was only going to be one outcome and taking a hammering is always going to knock the confidence. 3) It's the hope that kills you and we seem to be on the wrong side of Lady Luck at almost every opportunity this season. Pretty much every offside call has gone (correctly) against us and it naturally sucks the confidence out of the players and the fans. 4) A lot has been made of the formations and team selections this season but I have to say that DF can pick any formation and we'd still lose if the players make such basic errors three times a game. There have been moments in games when we have been well in with a chance of getting something, only to be let down by an individual error. We can't win with a shoddy defence, it's as simple as that. 5) Finally, we find ourselves with a squad completely devoid of confidence and two tricky away games to play. This will be Farke's biggest challenge of his reign and it's hard to see how he's going to get through it. So to defend Farke, COVID hampered his preperations, the confidence got drained in the first few games and the players are making individual errors left, right and centre. He's obviously not devoid of blame - far from it - but I think most managers would find it difficult. Unfortunately it just looks like his style of play isn't suited to a team trying to avoid relegation. I am of the belief that he would succeed at any club in the top 10 of the league but we lack the fight and steel needed to grind out points. Going forwards, he needs to sort the defence out and make sure the boys put in a proper shift. Winning 50/50s, sprinting back, blocking tackles, blocking crosses, winning headers. Watching the Watford game, I had a flashback of Paul Lambert screaming "Don't get beat! Don't get f***ing beat!" for a whole 45 mins whenever there was a 1 vs 1 down the wing. I just don't see that with this team. I often see eight players jogging back, not pressing or challenging and appealing for offside before the goal is actually scored. That has to change. It's seems to be a collective problem and Farke needs to change that culture. I can accept being beaten by a goal of proper PL quality but not because we're weak. If we can do that, we will have something to build on and the confidence will start to grow. This is a real challenge for Farke and true test of Webber's loyalty. 99% of fans are desperate for him to be the one to lead us in the PL for another 4 years but it's difficult to see him lasting 4 games if he doesn't stop the rot.
  9. It does seem as though the team has zero confidence. Farke also looks pretty lost right now and he doesn't look like he knows how to fix it. In defence of Farke, he can play any formation he wants but it won't work if the players make the basic errors that they have been making. This will be a real test for Stuart Webber. He has been really loyal to Farke and he's just handed him a four year contract but this is woeful and there are no signs of it getting any better. How many more defeats until we say enough is enough?
  10. We were similarly loyal to our squad two years ago, but it failed miserably (despite the 'best team to ever get relegated' plaudits). This season we've signed 11 players, yet the same problems persist... it seems like we're too loyal to the system/style of play, as you mentioned. As stated above, we've signed a whole (potential) starting eleven but the same problems persist. So it's Farke's system. It's a system that has served us gloriously in the Championship but they must realise it needs changing. Hopefully it will just be subtle adjustments because, let's be honest, we don't want Burnley or Stoke's style of play. You guys seem to have found a decent balance, so fair play to TF and the team.
  11. Which is interesting because we were markedly better than them last year and they've only made a few additions to their squad. They're playing 5-3-2, keeping it tight at the back and letting Toney and Mbeumo cause havoc. Farke and the players need to do everything they can to keep a clean sheet; they have to show some fight win the ball. We haven't seen much of it yet this season.
  12. I'd have to agree. In every game so far, we have been caught out on the counter and having two disciplined midfielders would help. At the moment it seems as though Normann (previously Gilmour or Rupp) is doing it alone. My preference would be Normann and McLean. Whilst they were both at fault yesterday, they can forge an understanding and both are physical, have a good engine, can pass and decent in the air.
  13. That is quite stark. You'd hope/expect the result and the reaction to really make Webber and Farke think about their strategy for the rest of the season.
  14. For goals 1 and 2, it was just so easy for them. Kabak should own that header but Dennis just breezed in there. The second goal was embarrassing from start to finish. Jogging back, no urgency and again, their striker wanted it more - waltzing past our defence to slot it home. Our 'goals conceded' is ridiculous and we can't go on like this. It's simply embarrassing.
  15. "No other team would play a defence so young with Max Aarons (21) Kabak (21) and Williams (20)" and "we should have had a penalty".
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