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  1. You're slightly contradicting yourself there, saying Hanley and Zimmermann aren't good enough so we should use the u23s instead. I think you're also being a bit harsh on Hanley and Zimmermann too. The issue last season wasn't that they're not good enough, it was because they were injured. Our defence last year were good as individual players but hugely inexperienced as a backline. It was essentially Aarons, Godfrey and Lewis + whoever was fit (or Amadou). Our defence this season has been so much more reliable than 18/19 and we are able to control the game much more effectively as a result. Having said that, there is no way that Webber would go into another PL season with 3 central defenders so I would that the new addition would be an upgrade.
  2. To be fair to Wolfie, there is no mention of the extension here or here. Usually they include those details in the articles.
  3. Both Stuart Webber and Kerian Scott have said that it didn't work out last season and they were surprised by the number of players who weren't up for the challenge. Aside from the lessons learned, we are in a much better financial position than last time so I would expect them to be a bit braver. I would personally hope for a centre back, a centre mid, attacking mid and a winger/striker. We can't be so reliant on Pukki this time around, so we need a reliable backup st and more goal contributions from the three attacking midfielders behind him. Emi has stepped up this season so sorting that no.10 position is key imo.
  4. I can see that; he has enormous potential. He'll have to add more goals and assists to his tally though - as well as sign a new contract.
  5. He's been excellent but there have been a few outstanding players this season to call it 'clear'. If Emi keeps up his rate of goals and assists then he'll be odds on to win it.
  6. I seem to remember Leeds fielding a few first team players against our u23s in the reverse fixture... Raphina and Hernandez both played, if memory serves me right. Good to hear that Riley did well. Hopefully he has a bright future!
  7. It sounds like him and Webber share very similar opinions on football related matters so hopefully it would be a seamless transition.
  8. Skipp is also 5ft 7 and I doubt anyone would complain if we managed to get him for another season. O'Brien looks like a decent player though - his highlights video reminds me of a cross between Skipp and Gary Holt.
  9. I'm aware that this wasn't a serious comment, but there's a good article on the Athletic that points out most of the younger British managers are nothing like the 'old-school kick and rush' managers that you mention above. Think about Howe, Gerrard, Lampard, Steve Cooper, Scott Parker, Southgate... say what you like about their successes/failures, you can't say that they don't try to play decent football.
  10. In the context of the whole season, you would be right. We've done well and I would have taken this position at the beginning of the season. In the context of Brentford leapfrogging us in the table, after a poor spell of four games in which we haven't come close to scoring, I think it's fair to say we haven't had much to shout about. Of course I'd love nothing better than the boys to turn it around vs Stoke on Saturday... so OTBC
  11. I am looking at the entire front four, rather than just Placheta, to be honest. They need to be looking at themselves in the mirror and wondering why they haven't stepped up in Emi's absence. Trying to find positives: 1) I'd say that we have pretty good fixtures coming up between now and mid-April. Aside from Stoke and Brentford, we're playing all of the bottom eight teams (Coventry, Rotherham, B'ham, Wycome, Sheff W, Forest, Hudds and Wayne Rooney's Derby County) plus Rovers, Luton and PNE. Of course, there aren't any easy games in this league but we should be aiming to maintain 2 points per game from that. In March, Swansea have got Bristol city, Stoke, M'brough, Rovers, Luton and Bournemouth, which is a tough run. 2) There are 7 points between us and 4th place. I think it will be two from us, Swansea and Brentford and it looks like it will go down to the final few games.
  12. 80% say that he should be sacked.... get voting people! We need to keep agent Lambert in his post!
  13. I agree. It's a combination of being a 'known threat' this time around, as well as teams sussing out how to set up and play against us. It seems to be playing 5 at the back and restricting space in the midfield to force us out wide. It's a massive challenge for Farke and it will be a test to see if he can find a way of countering the parked bus inside Carrow Road every other week.
  14. Yep I do like Mario but he seems to have so much more of an impact as a sub, rather than as a starter. That's not necessarily a criticism - he's probably the best super sub we've had for a long time.
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