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  1. I have a feeling TK's been stitched up here. There are loads of keen goalkeepers - who are based in Holland - who could've done that job. Instead he's asked Krul to do something wholly unreasonable and probably a bit demeaning. I wouldn't be surprised if LVG knew that Krul would turn it down so that he could either get rid of Krul or make some kind of a statement.
  2. I'd make that seven American owners, if they complete the Bournemouth takeover, which would include United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Leeds and partly Arsenal and Villa. I'm conscious that any changes to the PL requires 14 votes. There are five British owners so, with the probably incorrect assumption that only the British have the league's/fans' best interests at heart, the PL is potentially at the mercy of a selection of dodgy international businessmen.
  3. I agree that we need to move on from Farke and get behind Smith, however it doesn't mean that we should abandon the ambition to play good football, especially in the Championship. He fails to mention that it goes against what Webber set out to achieve when he first arrived - playing 'the Norwich way', and the playing philosophy not drastically changing when a new coach comes in. I was really proud of the style of football under Farke, and it's a shame that we have regressed in that aspect. Maybe Webber has softened his stance on this issue, reflecting that we need to be a bit more adaptable/pragmatic/realistic in order to survive in the PL.
  4. I'd be interested to know how long we've wanted to own a feeder club. It's surely been an unrealistic, distant ambition until now. Even then, I'd still be surprised as we've barely had enough money to keep our own club afloat, let alone buy and run another one! 10 million isn't a huge amount, yet we have ambitions to improve the training ground, develop the city stand and buy a feeder club... would our priority list be in that order? I would've hoped they would use a chunk of it for when we (hopefully) get promoted.
  5. What does 'investing sensibly on experienced players' mean? It's so easy to pop it down on a message board, you'd think all promoted clubs would apply that logic and survive every season. Investing sensibly, I assume, would not be spending too much money on quality players. Considering our record transfer is around 10 million, a sensible fee for us is below 5 million. Which experienced PL quality players cost 5 million pounds, will accept sensible wages and want to come to Norwich? They'd also need to be good enough to guarantee survival. I'd argue that the club have tried to invest sensibly on experienced players - PLM was pretty experienced and cost 3.5 million, whilst Drmic had success in Germany and signed for free. As I just mentioned in my reply to GMD, we contacted Cahill and King last season too. That gives you an idea of the quality that we can expect if we'd pursue your policy. Funnily enough, it isn't easy. We need to get everything right - as well as some luck (cough VAR) - in order to have any chance of surviving in the PL. Hopefully the combination of Attenasio plus the new influx of South American players will help give us a bit more of a chance.
  6. I actually think that Smith will insist on a few experienced PL signings, like Hayden, if we go up again... and I largely I agree that we'd need a couple of experienced 28 year olds to solidify the spine of the team. I also agree with Webber's approach. The signings of the like of Naismith and Jarvis almost put us into administration because they a massive burden on our wage bill that we couldn't sell. You may well say 'they weren't of the required standard', but people were delighted at the end of that January transfer window. I'd also argue that we wouldn't be able to attract much better than the likes of Naismith and Jarvis. Last season we were linked with King and Cahill, which is an indicator of the level that we'd be looking at. A bunch of 30 year olds will be expensive and won't guarantee us with PL survival. It will only cause us problems further down the line.
  7. It was also in reference to handing four year contracts to 30 year olds, instead of signing young players with the potential to improve. As we've seen with Sargent, all is not lost with these players. I'm hoping that Tzolis, in particular, will have a good season and come back to prove his worth.
  8. McGovern, Byram, McLean, Dowell, Cantwell, Hernandez, Hugill, Sinani and Pukki all have 12 months remaining on their contracts. Let's assume that we had one foot back in the PL come March... whose contract would we be looking to renew? It's an interesting one because they're all decent players, yet they've all been part of a squad that's proven to be not good enough for the Premier League. I'd be tempted to keep Pukki, Byram, McLean and Cantwell, if he can re-establish himself this season. I've got a lot of time for the other players, but we have to be realistic this time and not be too loyal.
  9. Yep. It sounds like a lot of people have given him stick for taking two holidays already this season. He explained that he wanted to spend time with his kids whilst they were on school holidays.
  10. You never know, they might have a sensible debate about how the PL could address the massive financial inequality between the big teams and the rest.
  11. I know that's originally how we intended to play him (with Rhodes as the CF), but Pukki's main strength is making runs off the shoulder, latching onto through balls. I doubt he'd be in position to do that as a 10. Two up top could certainly be an option. Especially with Idah coming back to full fitness.
  12. We have to remember that it's hard to hit the ground running in a struggling team, playing against some of the best defenders in the world. He's been playing out of position on the right, in a new league, in a new country. It's also important to understand that it's rare for a young striker to get 10 goals in a season. It takes a bit of experience to get things right, like positioning, body position, balance, timing runs and generally getting a sense of what to do when you have a split second to strike the ball. You can see it with Sargent - taking an extra touch instead of shooting etc. In two seasons, after 60 more appearances, he'll be 24 and entering his prime. Whilst he wasn't great last season, Webber did say that most of our signings would develop over the years - which can be seen as a positive and a negative, depending on whether you're looking at the short or long term picture.
  13. Felt the need to highlight that he cost us 3.5 million pounds. On the evidence so far, that's an outstanding piece of business and, after all of the flak that Webber's taken over the past 12 months, he deserves a big chunk of credit for a) taking the initiative to scout South America so quickly, and b) unearthing Nunez. 3.5 million is nothing in today's market and it's entertaining to think that he was bought using the money from the PLM sale. Fingers crossed SW can continue to quietly raid those markets for cheap talent.
  14. We need: 1) Players to return from injury (plus sign a left back on loan) 2) Win a couple of games to build the confidence 3) Get a settled team We're not a million miles away. I honestly think scoring the first goal in a game will be the catalyst for an upturn in results.
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