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  1. Yellow and Green

    National League null and void

    I would like them to wait as long as possible in order to try to finish the season - but they need to set a date as to when that would be. If I were them, I would schedule the Euro 2021 tournament and work backwards - pencil in next seasons PL fixture list as compact as they see fit. That should give everyone an idea of the time frame. Anything else will effect the Euros - and subsequently the 2021/22 season and the World Cup.
  2. Yellow and Green

    Corona Virus main thread

    https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/mar/23/europe-views-uk-coronavirus-plan-disbelief That's a good article about what you've mentioned. He uses the term 'cultural or national superiority' to explain why the UK and the US have reacted so badly to Covid 19. Is it arrogance or just a lack of understanding of how serious the situation could become?
  3. Yellow and Green

    Corona Virus main thread

    I can't see them playing any games until the virus clears up. Surely the realisation that people's lives are worth more than finishing the season. As much as I dislike the guy, Rooney does have a point in the article that he recently wrote. UEFA and the FA need to work backwards and calculate how they can reshuffle the next few seasons in order to give us enough time to play the remaining fixtures. If they create a timeline with the dates of when things will need to happen, people will know what to expect and understand why it has been done. If we get to date x - the date where they believe the seasons has to finish - then they will have to null and void it. Whether they then compensate teams with money or a points advantage next season (in order to avoid lawsuits), that will be up to them.
  4. Yellow and Green

    face masks

    You would think it would be easy to know what to believe, yet Trump and Johnson are in power so clearly a majority of people (in the US and UK, at least) seem to be struggling. Words of wisdom from people like Michael Gove 'I think the British public have had enough of experts' hardly help the problem. I agree with you to an extent but this is an extraordinary event and it is understandable that people are worries and being over cautious.
  5. Yellow and Green

    The official Loo Roll thread

    Red Dwarf?
  6. Yellow and Green

    face masks

    This is a perfect example of what Trump and Steve Bannon have created. By filling the media with mis-information and casting discrediting reliable sources, no one knows what to believe. Whether the doctor in the article is right or not, it's probably safer to be overly cautious and wear a mask. You can't blame 'idiots' for trying to be safe.
  7. Yellow and Green

    Leicester v Villa

    Because they took 6 points off us. Our record against the sides around us has been criminal.
  8. Yellow and Green

    Sheffield United

    They are such a frustrating team to play against. Are they a good footballing side? No. They are essentially a bunch of trolls. Hugely physical, win their 50/50s, nick a goal and defend in numbers. I admire them in a strange way, yet I cannot believe they are 8th in the league. Surely they'll be back where they belong soon (lower Championship).
  9. Yellow and Green

    The Sadness of Ipswich Town

    I feel that is incredibly harsh on Neil - that side played some great football... check out the play off final if you need reminding. The biggest difference for me is Webber. Wothout a footballing man at the top, thingz start to unravell. There is another article on The Athletic about Birmingham with the same issue
  10. Yellow and Green

    The Sadness of Ipswich Town

    Just to add a couple of things to the original post: 1) It is amazing how many clubs have non-football people in charge. That isn't solely directed towards Ipswich - Ed Woodward at United has bemused me for a long time. 2) The article also mentions how many ex-players have left due to the disarray above them. Even though it's Ipswich, it actually saddens me a bit..
  11. A great article on the Athletic about the demise of the scum. It articulates the mistakes over the past 18 years and suggests that the current leadership team aren't particularly confident of rebuilding the squad without any major investment. One section will be music to many ears on here: 'Ramsey, meanwhile, acknowledges that the high watermark fpr Ipswich may not quite be what some fans think; that their success under Robson and later George Burley was overachievement, rather than standard performance. "But" he remembers "I don't think it's unreasonable to expect us to be competing higher than half-way in the Championship".' At least someone across the border has some sense!
  12. Yellow and Green

    The Statue debate

    I would whole heartedly support a PL statue at Carrow Road. Aside from the manner in which he left us, I don't think he could have done a much better job since joining us in League 1! Imagine the vandalism when we next play the scum!
  13. Yellow and Green

    Athletic piece on stats re Buendia

    I actually wonder if Farke has used three tricky games (liv, ww and lcfc) to man manage Emi and get him in the right frame of mind for the crucial, more winnable games coming up.
  14. Yellow and Green

    Athletic piece on stats re Buendia

    A few of the comments responding to the article do point out that Farke was talking about more than just that stat, which is probably why he chose to tell the Bolton anecdote in yesterday's press conference. Having said that, the Bolton anecdote shows that it was an error by Farke to use an isolated statistic in the first place. Unless something has happened behind the scenes, I think Farke genuinely wants EB to mature and improve his game. Since his return from injury, he actually hasn't been at his best. He is stroppy and he's trying to do everything himself, which is admirable and shows that he is passionate, but cutting those things out can be hugely beneficial to the team. The trouble that Farke has is that Emi at 95% is still better than everyone else in the squad - and we need him.
  15. Yellow and Green

    Relegation points total

    Liverpool and Man City are up there with the best PL teams of all time. In previous seasons, I would probably say that the rest of the top 6 were stronger than they are now. Whilst teams might fancy their chances vs United and Spurs etc this season, teams would near enough expect to lose 12 games of the season back then. The lower half of the table seems to be its own mini-relegation league in recent times - with Burnley, Everton and Southampton recently in and around the drop zone. I'm pretty sure that wasn't always the case, with just 5 or 6 teams cut off from the rest. All in all, I would say it is harder because PL teams have the money to buy a 20 million pound player in January - or hire a world class manager (Benitez or Ancellotti, for example) when they're in a bit of trouble.