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  1. yes, I think they did away with movers day a few years ago. On page 2 of the letter they've sent out under Your Seat Details, it says you can move seat at any point up to the final season ticket deadline of 6 May.
  2. No need. It's been decided that no betting adverts will be shown during live sport coverage before 9pm in the UK - the new rules apply from this month I think. I think the club had a chance to make a stand on this and show that we were a bit different but alas they did not. I like a bet and always have done and always will do but the way betting has proliferated over the last thirty years with a corresponding increase in problem gambling, particularly among the Under 18s, is a real issue. Over 18s can take responsibility for themselves but the club has to take some responsibility for promoting gambling to the U18s even if it might be in a non-direct way. Perhaps a sizeable donation to charities helping youngsters with gambling problems might be a start, not least to help clear their conscience.
  3. For paid subscriptions NowTV normally put up an offer of a Sports Season Pass (covering SKY) which they've done for last couple of years - August to mid June. About £150 I think. Worked out well for me last year but problem with it is that the Red Button facility doesn't work
  4. I couldn''t sign up for this as I already have a Coral account but I read the T&Cs and pretty sure it said anytime between now and March. They''ve suspended it now - pretty pi$$ poor in my opinion and look like idiots.
  5. Palace''s away record was brilliant in the last few months of last season winning 6 of their last 8 on the road. This will be a massively difficult game to win and we underestimate them at our peril. I see this as a must perform well game. I want to see a positive approach and looking to attack. The points will come if we do that.
  6. So would you rather have Michu than RVW? Michu had one good season at Swansea in 12/13. Last two seasons he has scored 2 league goals, RVW 6. I think it would be a massive risk.
  7. Saw something on Sky Sports about Shackell couple weeks ago - impressive stats for a bottom half team and without him Burnley would have been even worse than they were. That said, I always say never go back to a previous club. I could see a few premiership clubs wanting to get him in.
  8. Seetickets available wednesday http://www.seetickets.com/event/sky-bet-league-1-play-off-final-preston-north-end/wembley-stadium/876212
  9. O look the away shirt strikes again in London. 100% record. Maybe we can stop going on about the f****** green shirt now?
  10. Was also seen at the Test Match in Sri Lanka this morning too!   See here for a pic        
  11. [quote user="bundo"]Does anyone know if the reserve games will be all ticket, or will we be able to pay on the night at the gate?[/quote] anyone know if we can pay on the gate tonight - just tried ringing the club but couldn''t get through. Looking at the website it seems as though as it''s all ticket. anyone actually know?
  12. I was out from around 11am until about 2am - we were in Lloyds about 10pm and a couple of us in colours - absolutely no problems at all. Even had a quick chat with Wes who was having a quiet drink. Top night for all.
  13. Thanks to the OP for raising this and getting a bit of debate going but Shack Attack''s post above sets out the facts quite clearly here - there is no case to answer on this. We are doing very well when it comes to goal scoring and this is borne out in our current league position. Perhaps rather than finding fault where there is none, some posters might want concentrate on other issues.
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