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  1. Exactly. Smith needs to get us back up but he also needs to have half an eye on what he'd need in the top flight. I look at Brentford as the example- good football team but also physical enough to handle themselves in the top flight and make life tough for the teams with bigger budgets.
  2. I think this forum would claim I similarly **** pooed the suggestion of bringing Bairstow back, when of course I meant he should be the first name on the team sheet...
  3. You do wonder how this will affect the psychology of our opponents moving forward- knowing no 4th innings lead of under 400 is out of reach will change how they manage the game.
  4. Yep. This offseason honestly feels like the dumbest one yet. Their is a concerted effort on here by some to make out that Dean Smith, and a desire to get more physical means we're basically going to be Pulis and Stoke. The team needs more physicality and strength. It could hardly have less. Trying to address this weakness doesn't mean we're suddenly going full Mike Bassett.
  5. Stuff like this is why I'd never want to put my neck out and join the supporters panel like others have done. There job isn't to answer questions about your own personal hobby horses as some on here seem to think.
  6. No they don't. The whole 'Emi leaving Villa' thing was based off Noel Whelan baselessly speculating.
  7. While I agree, don't the kids shirts have a different sponsor? Or is that just ours?
  8. I would agree if we'd have been competitive in either of the Premier League seasons under Farke. That doesn't mean staying up necessarily, but it does mean not being bottom most of the season and not even part of the relegation battle. I'd take a few scrappy 1-0 wins over being humped week in week out.
  9. Equally, those on the other side of the fence will never discuss why they manage to do something we've failed at in our last three tries. And the wheel spins ever on.
  10. I'm not sure I can really picture what beautiful failure looks like. For instance I didn’t see any beauty in the 11 straight defeats in the first Premier League season under Farke, no matter how much passing around the back we did.
  11. One way to spin it I guess. Alternative is they just bought a striker with a goal every other game last season and a keeper who kept 13 clean sheets in a season for a newly promoted Sheffield United. They've also made these signings while signing their best player to a new contract rather than flogging him to raise funds.
  12. Results matter more (there is nothing fun about losing repeatedly) but style determines how much rope you get when you aren't winning- hence why Neil & Farke got the chance to take us back up but Hughton was binned off before we were even officially down.
  13. This run of form from Bairstow is absolutely incredible. Also feels like the first England test in a while where the batsmen can feel a bit let down by the bowlers. Tactics were all over the place in that first innings.
  14. I was supposed to be going to one of the England group game in Manchester but had a kid a few weeks back and can't justify an overnight trip quite yet so had to give my ticket up.
  15. Generally strangers giving money to random kids doesn't get met so positively
  16. Also that Pukki isn't so desperate to move that he's going to try and force his way out.
  17. Not if you have a sporting director. I doubt Farke was well connected when he joined but we got good loanees from Man City, Spurs and Southampton over the years.
  18. If we do go up there will be a whole other transfer window to add players to try and keep us up. I agree it would be good to move a few more on but as people keep saying, you can't sell what nobody wants to buy. The **** falling out of the transfer market outside of the top flight hinders us as convincing teams to give us money for players like Onel, Placheta, Cantwell etc is tough.
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