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  1. Don't think that would be the case this this one- the archant view is that this guy was a target but not any more so it wouldn't be leaking flase info out, just slightly behind.
  2. Odd that Ma****er, who previously seemed to have an in with Webber, put the Dutch lad out there today only to have it immediately shut down.
  3. The only thing that might offer some hope is the fact they've got their DoF now- he may be keen to bring in players in that position and want to send Skipp out again.
  4. As long as Hanley isn't doing the same with Lyndon Dykes.
  5. Intrigued by the Berghuis link. On the one hand, he's clearly a talent with 19 goals from midfield. On the other he's 29 so unlikely to provide much resale value. The danger with someone of that age is if they don't work out they can be hard to shift, especially on Premoer League wages.
  6. I didn't miss it, I just don't think its hugely relevant. The point you were making is that people overrate England's players, that is about the individuals, not about how they play in partnerships- to be honest that feels like moving the goalposts a bit.
  7. I'll be shocked if anyone is trying to take Hanley off us. I don't think teams are desperate to pay a big fee for a 29 year old central defender with minimal track record at the top level. He did well against England but his main contribution vs the Czech's was getting outjumped for the first goal.
  8. See, this is where to me you end up overrating some of the foreign players which underrating some of the England players to make it fit. You mentioned players like Fernandes, Dias and Chellini who I didn't mention as the point I'm making is every team has their weaker positions. I agree all those players are excellent. To me any of our 4 right backs are better than Semedo for Portugal or Munier for Belgium. Equally I don't think Pepe, Denayer or Vertongen get into this England XI, even with Maguire injured. I'd have Rice over either of the Portguese holding midfielders and I'd take Kane over any of the German striking options. In my opinion the absolute best players in our team probably aren't as good as the absolute best players for Belgium, Portugal or similar. But I'd also add that the weakest players/positions in our first XI and squad are probably stronger than the weaker players in those respective teams.
  9. This also makes me less inclined to believe the 'oh he chose to leave back in May' story. If he did there would have already have been plenty of time to consider the plan going forward even if you didn't have a direct replacement lined up straight away.
  10. I don't disagree but I'd also suggest this applies to pretty much every team that isn't France. Take Belgium for example. Excellent creativity in De Bruyne, Meertens and Hazard (even if he's been poor for two years at Madrid) and one of the best strikers in the world though. The defence though, bit meh. 34 year old Vertonghen, Alderweirald not a guaranteed starter at a poor Spurs team and Denayer, playing for the 4th best team in France. Wing backs are both bit part players at Dortmund. Decent players but not many stars in there. Similar situation at Portugal- fullbacks aren't all that, 38 year old Pepe still a regular starter, Carvalheo and Pereira both fairly average central midfielders. What England do lack in my opinion is a superstar attacker to build the team around, who you can rely on take a game by the scruff of the neck, in the way Ronaldo does for Portugal or De Bruyne can for Belgium. Kane hasn't ever been that type of player and it does lead to us overhyping players like Grealish.
  11. Not really. They've been in the top division in Germany since 1979 and have only had one season without European football in the last 10. Leverkusen are a bigger club than us by quite a way.
  12. It was a pretty **** game to watch, not just from an England perspective too- I can't imagine neutrals were salivating over it. It mainly reminded me of the first season under Farke here- lots of possession, no cutting edge and no energy to create chances.
  13. Yep. Also worth adding that despite all the bigging up of Scotland since this game, that they've not scored a goal yet. McGinn is creative player, Adams is a workhorse but if we're honest Dykes is an utter donkey and if he is the best they have then they're going to struggle.
  14. Just stuck 'Glen Kamara' into the search bar and there is only one mention of him from this year before Cambridge mentioned him on here. So he's talking ****e.
  15. If Aarons leaves I'd be surprised if we didn't replace him to be honest. If we're relying on Byram next season then we've got bigger issues than the formation.
  16. Nah, Palace is pretty generous if I'm honest. Any Premier League team going into the season with David Marshall (very nearly relegated to League One), Lyndon Dykes (12 Championship goals which is easily the best season of his career) and Stephen O'Donnell (journeyman right back with a mid table Scottish team) as key starters would likely struggle to beat relegation and that is before you get into the depth options.
  17. Yeah I've always thought we'd look good with a back 3- let Aarons and Giannoulis attack more and less defensive emphasis on players like Cantwell and Dowell.
  18. This twitter thread is probably the best analysis of what happened v Scotland https://twitter.com/draper_rob/status/1406579403748950018?s=19
  19. Makes you realise how lucky we've been at left back for quite a long time. In my years supporting Norwich its gone Drury, Tierney, Garrido, Olsson, Dijks, Lewis, Quintilla, Gianoullis. I know we've had others but these guys have been the starters and there is no 'bad' option in there.
  20. Clearly me and you have a different view of how big the gulf is. In my opinion Hanley is proven to be a good to great Championship player, jury is out on his Premier League ability. Mings has proven himself to be a more than solid Premier League player. To me that's a pretty big gap.
  21. Tierney was excellent for us, a pretty limited player who played well above himself, as did many in that team.
  22. If you're going to **** and moan about paying attention you might want to do the same youself. I never said you said Hanley is better than Mings- the exact phrase in the post you quoted was 'as good as.' Practice what you preach yeah?
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