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  1. I booked 5th September, so quite soon after they hit general sale. I'd suggest Midlands is probably right though- if there are none when you first look then it's worth just having a quick check every day or two. A quick glance at the website and I can find groups of 3 or 4 together for both Leeds and Boro on general sale, especially if you're willing to sit in the corner.
  2. Such a strange game. Exciting but not in the way Eagles fans would have wanted. Big positive to see Hurts finding his rhythm and the passing game improving, especially to AJ and Devonta. Concerned that injuries and talent gaps are showing in the back 7- it was crazy how easy that last drive for the Commanders was. As a Washington fan I'd be pleasantly surprised to see how Howell bounced back from his 4 interception game but fuming at Riverboat Ron's refusal to go for 2 at the end against a gassed philly defence.
  3. I managed to get 3 together for the Birmingham game without much difficulty. Had to look around the map a bit but found 3 or 4 different options in the end, settled on lower River End.
  4. Maybe I'm naive but I remember it didn't used to be like this- political parties obviously want to win elections but it seems that winning and holding onto power has overridden any sense of decency within the Tory Party. They are willing to just blatantly lie and indulge the worst tendencies of some voters in order to facilitate the slightest hope of an election victory.
  5. I'll also add I met my first long term girlfriend sitting behind me at Carrow Road when I was 15. So obviously liked who I was sitting with at that period.
  6. This is, for reasons I've never understood, the norm in America. Tax payers end up shelling out for billion dollar sports franchises stadiums and training facilities. It can be a concern though that American owners may not realise that won't happen in the UK.
  7. I think there is generally a misconception that the higher up the pitch someone plays, the more creative they can be which isn't always true. We saw with Vrancic that he benefitted from playing that bit deeper so he could use his range of passing to greater effect. With Sara I can see arguments both ways. His passing range is wonderful and a deeper role can take advantage of that. However he's also excellent at those late runs into the box and playing him higher up the pitch can maximise those chances. It's a great problem to have. In an ideal world we'd clone him and play him in both roles.
  8. I used to be like that guy- probably pissed a few people off who sat near me. I've aimed to moderate my language since.
  9. He's got a shot at managing in the Premier League, he isn't ditching that to manage to second best team in a poor league unfortunately.
  10. Honestly I'm not sure I do know that about Lungi. Every time I've seen him play central midfield he's underwhelmed.
  11. It won't happen as McLean is captain, plus I'm not sure I believe Lungi is more than a squad player at this point. Losing his leadership in the middle of the park would be a concern.
  12. I wouldn't go as far to call him a weak link but he's far too peripheral to the game at times. It's noticeable most games Idah has a very low amount of touches in comparison with Sargent in similar games. Yesterday he had 24 touches, significantly less than anyone else who started. Obviously strikers touch the ball less than central defenders or midfielders but in comparison to Sargent he's always much lower. He needs to be more involved off the ball too. Sargent is a great out balk under pressure as you can punt it into the channels if needs be and know he'll at least put the defenders under pressure so it doesn't just come right back. Idah needs to work on this side to become more than backup option.
  13. Yes, you can argue Birmingham were unlucky not to score but by that same token you'd have to argue we were unlucky not to score 3 or 4 goals. On the balance of play a two goal win was more than fair.
  14. There was a spell where we seemed to lose our focus a bit and Birmingham seemed to wake up at 2-0 but it was brief enough to not be a major worry.
  15. Yeah I was just overrun with negativity and complaining about the team and subs wasn't I... I was both delighted by the result and the performance and thought your post was bellendry of the highest order.
  16. Honestly this is the lamest post I've ever seen on here. Calling people fools for expressing opinions on the line up with benefit of 20/20 hindsight while being too much of a coward to offer up your own opinion. Just cringingly rubbish behaviour.
  17. Yeah I agree. He's diligent and has a nice touch but he doesn't seem to cause defenders any headaches.
  18. Frustrating first 45, clearly the better team but lacking that final ball. Fasnacht and Idah peripheral, pleasantly surprised by Placheta.
  19. First trip to Carrow Road since 2019 so hoping for a big backlash to the Plymouth game and a comfortable 4-0 win.
  20. Not actually programmes! These were cards players would sign at the family open days the club used to do. No idea why those two were saved particularly...
  21. 38, still playing for Rochdale (think he might be their all time record holder for scoring or appearances), and also still named Ian
  22. I dunno if I'm just getting old but I think the whole 'rivalry' we have here is just cringe at this point. It is cringe to watch Ipswich fans pretend like the last 15 or so years haven't happened based on one good season. It is cringe to watch our fans try to kid themselves that Ipswich aren't actually quite good at the moment.
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