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  1. A few years ago at Burnley he was sometimes played out wide to give an option for long balls and deeper crosses and generally be a pain in the **** for a fullback. These days I don't think he has the mobility to pull that off.
  2. I'd argue that was due to the very specific system Wagner wanted us to play rather than Barnes actually being very good at this point.
  3. I'm somewhat baffled how people can watch football and still not get that you can't just say to contracted players 'we don't want you anymore' and they are magically gone.
  4. Disagree- I think he's weaker than you'd want, even from a backup. I'd personally rather have Mair on the bench who is at least still developing. Long is poor at shot stopped and positioning, the basics you need from a keeper. There is a reason Millwall fans were so happy he left.
  5. Must say I never thought I'd see a presidential nominee being introduced by Hulk Hogan but we live in strange times.
  6. I liked Lewis when he was here but I know a couple of Watford fans who said he was dreadful for them last year, like he just didn't care.
  7. Small stadium, first time we've played there in years and first game of a new era with an exciting new head coach- not surprise they went quickly.
  8. The problem is, if you go back, you can also be found arguing that being concerned about our defence after the preseasons under Farke in the Premier League was all pant wetting but that proved not to be the case. So some people were wrong last season, you were wrong in previous seasons, the wider point is sometimes you can sometimes spot potential strengths and weaknesses from preseasons.
  9. A touch disingenuous. Nobody was arguing you could make conclusions based on a training camp friendly with half the squad missing. However I certainly argued that there were times pre season had been indicative of issues that came to pass. For example the season under Farke where we were all concerned about how easily we were being cut through by teams in pre season and then spent the season being shredded.
  10. Interesting that the Fisher in midfield idea is continuing. Will also be keen to understand who plays where out of Kamara, Rowe and Sainz as all seems naturally to be wide men- lineup suggests Rowe in the 10 position?
  11. Selling a talented young player because we've already got Tony Springett and Christian Fassnacht would be one of the dumbest decisions we've ever made.
  12. Breaks as in you're not coaching but he himself has said he feels burned out and needs a clean break from the game. Even an international manager isn't just taking time off when England aren't playing.
  13. Mainly from the fact he claimed his last loss was rigged against him, clearly enjoys the power of being president and has very little respect for democratic norms if they don't benefit him. It doesn't strike me as unthinkable that he might decide he wants to stay in charge,
  14. I don't want to be an arsehole but your inital post... ...is a million miles away from the above post you're calling superbly put. There is a world of difference between Monty saying 'he's done a good job but taken us as far as he can' and 'he's criminally underachieved.'
  15. There is a part of me that now wants him to win just to get it over with. At least after this he can't run again and if he tries to change it so he can I like to believe the backlash would render him destroyed as a political force. Otherwise he's just going to loom over everything for another 4 years. From a domestic policy standpoint it would suck for people in the US but ultimately this is a path they have chosen. From a foreign policy standpoint he's a moron but as long as he doesn't trigger WW3...
  16. Klopp has been pretty clear that he wants a break, don't see that happening. Yes, typically there is no media circus around the England national football team, none at all.
  17. Someone has to keep them out of jail. One day your popping and locking and the next you're doing armed robbery.
  18. If we can't persuade an impressive young player that he's better off here than at Portsmouth, a team who last troubled the Championship in 2012 then we might as well pack up and go home.
  19. 'International football is not that hard you just tell them to play like they do for their clubs' is the kind of insight I'd expect from someone who has been repeatedly kicked in the head by a horse. I guess we both have the despair in common but at least I can spell it.
  20. Farke would be a dreadful international manager. He took a full season to install his system here, imagine how long that would take when you only get to manager the squad a few weeks a season.
  21. Rice has been very good at being adaptable for Arsenal- he can be the holding player if you want someone more dynamic next to him or he can play as a classic 8 going box to box if you want Jorginho next to him. Southgate's biggest error, in my view, was suddenly trying to shoehorn TAA in next to him and changing the whole dynamic of the central midfield without ever testing it first. In my view Mainoo is too raw to be a regular starter right now, Gallagher is a good super-sub type who can bring energy when needed and Wharton is probably the best type of player to put next to Rice. The new manager has a good amount of time to make up his mind on this front though. Where Southgate has failed in this tournament is a desire to put his best XI players on the pitch over a desire to put a balanced unit on it. Foden and Bellingham struggle to co-exist in this structure and Southgate had to stand up and make the difficult choice of benching one of them.
  22. Ok, good to know we shouldn't take anything you say on the subject seriously then I guess.
  23. Christ. What if, shock horror, your best players play at clubs with a variety of different styles and you can't just mesh them together?
  24. Ah, so you want an attacking, progressive, pressing style. So you'll be pleased that the favourite is someone who plays in the exact style... Oh, right.
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