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  1. Gross, how many sponsors can one kit carry?
  2. Josh always struck me as more of a Farke player than Jacob- bit more finesse. I think both will find their level as upper level Championship/occasionally lower premier league players which isnt to be sniffed at.
  3. Also the best yellow and green shirt this year is FC Koln's third kit. They'll be getting my Euros come pay day.
  4. I really liked that kit but the giant aviva box totally ruined it.
  5. Its a bit meh, not worth the wait really. To be fair I was never going to buy it due to the sponsor so what does it matter?
  6. That is fair but it is also reasonable to suggest this adds another string to the 'can't rely on him as a starter' bow.
  7. McGovern just isn't comfortable with the ball at his feet to play the way we want. For a game or two he'd be fine but an extended spell with him between the sticks could damage our season quite a bit.
  8. May I be the first to say he was ****ing brilliant for me on a game of football manager 18 so we should sign him.
  9. Loads of players are knobs. Someone I went to uni with worked at Delias for a bit and said Grant Holt was insufferable for instance.
  10. Villa now being linked to Cantwell and Buendia.
  11. I think you can argue appointing Gunn and Adams twice despite poor initial showings as caretakers suggested a level of clouded judgement based on over familiarity with the leadership. I also think the board took too long over getting rid of Neil and Hughton but I don't think that was due to overattachment.
  12. Are the advantages enough to offset the damage it would do with regards to potential signings? If you're a young player and you've got a choice between signing for an English club with no bosman rule and a Spanish club you'll take the Spanish one every day of the week.
  13. I don't envy you in making those sorts of decisions- it is very tough. I also don't envy the decision makers at NCFC trying to cook up a plan with these restrictions.
  14. You'd hope people would be forgiving- this is an impossibly difficult situation and people really need to understand there no perfect solution to keep everyone happy.
  15. What a perfect crystallization of the boomer mentality.
  16. Yes it is a ridiculous example but for me the way money warps football as a competition is also ridiculous. At least my example was about money... How is it not fair? If you're one striker away from promotion but you're at the salary cap limit then it suggests you've not used it as well as you could. That team could sell someone else to free up cap or they could look to innovate tactically rather than just going down the route of buying that success. A cap forces clubs to try and be clever to work within the restrictions. For me, that is much more interesting than just saying '**** it, lets drop another £10m and £30k a week.' We clearly disagree on the fundamentals of competition. For me, your income, turnover, wealth of owner etc etc shouldn't be a major influence on your chances to win a competition. Right now, two of the top 4 teams in the country are there because of the whims of billionaires. The other two are they are such commercial juggernauts that they can get companies to pay huge sums to be their 'official noodle partner' or some such ****. Commendable business but nothing to do with sport. You'll never be able to completely get rid of the advantage (more money will likely lead to better coaching, training facilities etc) but right now it infers far too much of an advantage. What I want to see is the best team being decided on the pitch, not on balance sheets. Currently teams aren't rewarded for sensible financial management. Arsenal and Spurs both invest heavily in new stadiums as part of a long term plan to increase revenues but get punished as they can't keep up with the short term spending of a Man City or Utd. Similarly, we're one of the better run clubs in the Premier League yet finish flat bottom. For me a salary cap is just the start- football in this country has become largely unsustainable and uncompetitive. I'd be in favour of significantly more drastic measures further down the line but a salary cap is a step in the right direction in my opinion.
  17. The Sunderland one is good, which I think is as much due to the clubs naivety about how it would look. The problem with a lot of 'all access' documentaries is that access comes at the cost of editorial freedom- so what you often end up with is puff pieces rather than a warts and all view.
  18. This doesn't sound right- a quick look at the local news suggests he got pissed off when Burnley didn't use him but rejected a number of bids from Watford. Sounds like he wants to play.
  19. Agree it is a bit odd and there are some worries- I'm just saying I'd be more concerned if he'd spent two years on and off the treatment table as that can be tougher to overcome.
  20. Feel similarly about Hodgson- he was willing to go and work in various countries abroad to expand his knowledge which many managers wouldn't. I feel he gets the label just because of England really.
  21. My definition of competition is that you have to have as level a playing field as possible or it isnt a competition. Money is what warps that. It wouldnt be a fair contest if we let someone pay £1m to start the 100 meters 2 seconds earlier would it?
  22. Yes they would be, that is kind of my point. They would be available but so would a number of players other clubs likely wouldn't want be open to loaning out. The pool is much bigger.
  23. Restricting yourself only to loanees limits the pool of players you can sign. If we had £50m to spend we very likely wouldn't have spent it signing Duda, Fahrmann, Amadou and Roberts permanently.
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