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  1. king canary

    Jordan Rhodes

    The obsession with Rhodes needs to die. He's a Championship squad player at this point and would make zero impact in the top division.
  2. king canary

    Farke getting off lightly

    The market is constantly evolving and being reset. For Godfrey we can look at Adam Webster- older, no Premier League experience, £20m. So £30m for Godfrey doesn't sound that outlandish. For Aarons look at Wan Bissaka- slightly older but more Premier League experience- £55m. We're not matching that but again £25-30m doesn't seem out of whack with the market. Buendia see Maddison- We got nearly £25m for a player with one season at Championship level. Buendia has proven he can do it at the top level and fees have inflated in the past few seasons. Again, we'll be well within the realms of £30m+ if we're sensible. I agree we don't have others at this price point- I find it hard to value Cantwell and Lewis doesn't seem to generate the same buzz as the others.
  3. king canary

    Membership Scheme Revamped

    Much better system- a touch over complex but an improvement.
  4. king canary

    Team for Bournemouth

    With Trybull he was specifically talking about how he looks gassed after 60 minutes most games. Vrancic I think is more about his mobility and how easy he can be to go past. He made an interesting point that for him, the technical quality of players doesn't go up that much in the Premier League, but the athleticism of those you play against does.
  5. This goes back to my earlier point though about how this is some big money making exercise for Venky's. They've loaned the club £108m, plus £43m initial outlay from what you're saying. So unless they believe they can sell Blackburn for £150m or they think Ewood park is worth some crazy amount then they can only really think about making their money back by reestablishing them in the Premier League.
  6. Ryan Sessegnon was part of a pretty crap Fulham team and was in and out of the team but still went for £25m. Teams looking at Aarons and Godfrey will be looking at their potential. Godfrey is an excellent ball-playing central defender who counts as homegrown. Teams will look at those skills and think surrounded by better team mates in a team that plays more on the front foot that he'll flourish. Similarly Aarons is in a lot of ways the perfect modern fullback- fast, comfortable on the ball, able to attack. Teams higher up the league with stronger central defenders/defensive midfielders will be licking their lips at what a player like him could do and what he could become.
  7. king canary

    Team for Bournemouth

    I don't know if you listen to the new Michael Bailey 'On the Ball' podcast on but he had Dean Ashton on this week who was pretty upfront that he believed Vrancic and Trybull just aren't physical enough for the league right now.
  8. king canary


    Because I don't spend my days obsessing over instagram posts from our reserve keeper? Pretty happy to stay in the 90's if that is the case...
  9. But again, how many people are buying football clubs for the ROI?
  10. king canary

    What are you watching?

    Loved BOM- although can totally see it isn't for everyone!
  11. So where does Moshiri sit in your opinion? Is he an 'investor' looking to take money out? Or is he a 'benefactor' that we're told doesn't really exist.
  12. king canary


    George A Romero to Ipswich?
  13. king canary


    Thanks, I hadn't noticed. I mean, I was only 11 when we left the 90's but I've refused to move on.
  14. You mentioned low outlay, large positive upside. I'm just curious how you expect him to realise this upside.
  15. king canary

    Team for Bournemouth

    On the incoming thread- from about page 8/9 onwards.
  16. king canary

    Team for Bournemouth

    There is a whole debate in another thread about it but briefly... Stats suggest Krul actually hasn't been as good as we think he has. He's been an almost ever present in a defence that ships goals for fun and we've got a highly experienced keeper with a very good reputation on the bench and I don't think we've got anything to lose by giving him a few games to see if it changes anything. Not saying Krul is bad, just worth a shot in my opinion.
  17. king canary

    Team for Bournemouth

    Nope, I'm not even sure what position he's been bought for so wouldn't know where to put him!
  18. I think me and you differ on a few key points here. 1) I don't believe most owners taking over football clubs are doing so because it is part of some grand money making scheme. These people aren't fools and history has shown making money from owning a football club is really difficult. 2) Owners who do want to make money are most likely to get a return on their investment by making the club successful and selling on which is where we get into one of the main contradictions in this thread. On one hand we're told these 'investors' are only taking over clubs in order to build them up and sell for profit. On the other hand we're told that nobody would buy Norwich because we're a Premier League club with good assets and thus not attractive. So who are these initial owners selling to?
  19. king canary

    Team for Bournemouth

    Shake it up a bit Fahrmann Aarons, Godfrey, Zimmerman, Lewis Amadou, Tettey Buendia, Duda, Hernandez Pukki
  20. king canary


    Apologies, it wasn't meant as a criticism of your post, more of the ubiquitous nature of social media in football now.
  21. OK but then this is what I don't get. How is this all a grand money making scheme for Denim? If the club is £50m in debt to him and he's already spent however much buying the club, where does he make his money? Selling the team? In that case, it is in his best interest to keep the club in the top flight.
  22. 1) I really don't think we'll keep Buendia or Godfrey 2) Even if we do I don't think they'll let us start 12 players
  23. king canary


    God I miss the days when we didn't have to do in depth analysis of players social media posts.
  24. I know there are things called search engines which is where I found the £20m figure via the guardians yearly wrap up of premier League finances. As your site states our debt free club has a debt of £22m I'm not totally sure I trust it. Edit- just seen tha Swiss ramble stuff too, so fair enough my figure was wrong.
  25. I didn't mention investors, I mentioned owners.