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    In case you've missed it: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/jul/27/grant-holt-norwich-interview
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    Bigging yourself up yet again hoggy.
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    Leaving Archant ! Will be greatly missed, a wonderful reporter but most of all a true fan.
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    Looking at these pitiful responses it is clear the "fans" on here are just as unambitious as the board and both harbour no desire for the club to feature in EPL long-term. It just goes to prove how Delia has brainwashed fans into thinking that Norwich City are no more than a second-tier club. Delia is a disgrace to the legacies of Watling, Sir Arthur and Chase. These owners believed in what the club was capable of and proved it accordingly. Delia is a non-believer and has surrounded herself with fans who are true non-believers. For starters, just look at the attitudes of both when it comes to cup conpetitions. Fans get board they deserve. End of.
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    I wish we had had a third lit when the floodlight failed against FLD! The first two obviously weren't up to it.
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    What the **** is your actual problem? I have a fairly high tolerance when it comes to idiots but as an old man retired from the police you should really know better. I have zero interest in your pathetic online feuds and the little snipes from you are unnecessary and have gone on long enough. I suggest you block me and I'll do the same. Alternatively, meet me for a pint before a home match next season and you can vent all the problems you have with me in person instead of dragging it into half the threads I post on. Ta.
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    That fat tyre fitter was 10x the player of RVW. I blame anybody and everybody involved in the transfer. Messi would have struggled in a Hughton team but RVW couldn't score in a Guardiola team. They were perfectly suited. I disagree. Fer is a good player. He lacked heart and desire whilst here but he could play. He could, in different circumstances ended up a top player.
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    I might not be saying this in a few months time if we need to start scrapping for points, but I’d much rather us go to teams like Liverpool and get stuffed 4-0 trying to win and play our way, than go there and lose 1 or 2-0 trying to keep things tight.... We aren’t strong enough defensively to keep the likes of the top 6 out for 90 minutes. Games against those sides are “bonus” games. If we lose, we lose. Go and try and win it, and if we still lose then it’s only what was expected anyway.
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    As an exile his reports were a must watch and his easy nature with people and his passion for the club and it's fans shone through everything. Very human and poigniant too, with his family events interweaving with the football last season. Don't really understand what he's moved to, but for me his future is very bright as a TV reporter or sports presenter and will follow his career with interest.
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    Thanks everyone who sent a tenner this week. You're all stars
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    The sale of Liverpool away tickets was a shambles. The day Away Priority Members were supposed to be able to obtain them the phones appeared have no staff answering them. I phone at 09.00 and every minute for 14 minutes and got the ‘we are busy phone again later’. On this basis Away Priority Membership is a waste of money.
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    I’ve worked for American publications before and not found them much different to British ones to be honest. It’s an American company but the editor is British and they usually control the atmosphere of the news room, so think it will be fine. I think saying someone who is moving jobs is ‘selling their soul’ is pretty ludicrous to be honest and it isn’t like there is job security at any media company these days. Have you not ever changed job for a pay rise before? More and more people are paying subscriptions for news these days - whether the Atheltic’s move into football will pay off is to be seen but they are certainly getting the best writers around. The power of good sports writers has always been recognised by papers, the Times paid a lot of money to get Henry Winter out of his contract at the Telegraph knowing he’d bring a lot of readers with him.
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    Team for Liverpool would probably have more Liverpool players in it.
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    An extra inch would make most of us a bit happier though.
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    Fahrmann Aarons Godfrey Klose Lewis Trybull Leitner McLean Roberts Buendia Pukki
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    Well i for one am very glad that we are preparing for our return to the Championship. Previously we just left ourselves open as hostages to fortune. Good to see we have finally learnt that lesson so whatever happens we will still be in a good place.
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    Do you believe the club do not have more than 3m to spend on transfer fees? I haven't seen anyone demanding obscene signings - only some more signings to improve the first xi. Each club gets £80m minimum just for competing in the league. Yes you get it over time, you also pay for transfers over time. There is a balance to be struck, 90% of Norwich fans know we cannot afford to blow 50m this window and risk the club. But we can afford to invest realistcally in players that will give us a better chance of banking the 80m next year.
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    You should be worrying about losing Dozzell and Judge, Vince.
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    We should never play her as a DM or a CB.
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    Those who are about to die we salute you.
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    Exactly the same for me. I’ve targeted Oxford and Crawley though, no problem getting a ticket on general sale and two new grounds to tick off
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    I don't believe I ever personally said you were 'a racist', and I don't think that using one racist term means that you are a de facto racist. However, your refusal to accept that it was a racist term hasn't helped with the way you're perceived on here.
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    Complains about “snowflakes”. Thinks being called “stubborn” is abusive. Are you a parody account?
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    Excellent post Makham, unfortunately, Broado will most likely turn on you next. Decrying you for being an idiot , not understanding the nature of his higher intelligence based opinions on race( too complex for us mortals to understand) homosexuality ( again, we failed to grasp that although he can't stomach seeing two men kiss, he's not homophobic) and any other subject that ruffles his pink trouser wearing ( I'm guessing at the pink trousers)ruddy faced, apoplecticly indignant persona . I see he has already posted again I the time it's taken me to write this. I wonder if I am right that you are his next target. Let's see as I post this and read what's happened .