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  1. splendidrush

    Pukki Story 👍

    A bit early for Legend Zac, though a good season in the Premiership will go a long way to putting him up there IMO.
  2. splendidrush

    Your Easter score predictions...

    Could happen, you know that we don't do things the easy way, if we win tomorrow and draw with Stoke and Blades win both,they'll be 5 points behind with 2 to play. No need to panic, ideal for the party at CR and no need to fear the final game at Villa. Happy days.
  3. It's like King Canute trying to stop the tide, by discounting they might increase numbers (might) but it's unlikely to generate enough capital to make up the shortfall that relegation has impacted on them. So, no money for ground maintenance again, no money to upgrade that bog of a pitch, redundancies everywhere behind the scenes and most importantly no budget for players to even try to compete at the right end of the table. Despite all his bullshine, if Lambert can turn this sows ear into a silk purse, I'll actually have some respect for him. ....... not going to happen though is it?
  4. splendidrush

    A word for Curo

    Congratulations Jamie, massive achievement, one to be really proud of.
  5. splendidrush

    Ipswich first to L2?

    I still call it the Premiership, mainly because I can't be bothered typing it all the time.
  6. splendidrush

    Your Easter score predictions...

    Tbh I think we might have to wait until Blackburn, which would be nice as it's at home. The reality is that both Leeds and Blades are not chasing us, they're just trying to beat each other, likewise we're not looking at the gap to second but the gap to third. I prefer DFs approach, let's concern ourselves with what we can do, the rest takes care of itself.
  7. splendidrush

    Pukki Story 👍

    Calm, assured, yet confident and humble in equal measure, there's a lot to like about Pukki. It'll be interesting to see how he performs in the Premiership (if we get there). Thanks for that nn.
  8. splendidrush

    Ipswich first to L2?

    I don't think that they'll go down again next year, I also think it'll be much tougher than they think. Too many are of the opinion that they'll cruise League One..... Could be an interesting season.
  9. splendidrush

    Red cards

    This, once the incident is judged as dangerous play, it's 3 games, end of.
  10. splendidrush

    Friday Plans

    Good job our players are made of sterner stuff, get a grip.
  11. splendidrush

    Nightmare scenario

    Sorry German, I'm just a little tired of the 'what if it all goes wrong ' threads on here. We're going up, end of, full stop.
  12. He also said that they were 'not normal' something we've known for years.
  13. splendidrush

    Srbeny and Idah on the bench

    Is it because he's just 18 or so and needs a lot more development before he is ready for first Team football.
  14. splendidrush

    Nightmare scenario

    So this is your 5th attempt in 13 years? Keep up the day job.
  15. splendidrush

    Steven Fletcher Dangerman

    I live in NZ.... I'm missing something aren't I?