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  1. They won't be too disappointed down the road, they're already talking about Klinsmann and Tierry Henry......
  2. Truth is, we have 'previous' being top, we've been Promoted 4 times in 11 years, we know how to cope with the pressure of being up there and pretenders chasing us. So when Brentford went top I was more interested to see if they could back it up with a run of wins...... they couldn't.
  3. Glad Fotheringham got a mention, I remember seeing him do the 'Malky' fist pump for the press after a 0-0 draw with Barnsley, Never forgave him for it!..... Credit to his agent, made him a career from very limited resources.
  4. No, that's Northampton, who managed a draw at everybody's 2nd favourite Team.....
  5. Beeeeeez...... Beeeeeez are falling apart again...
  6. There's no denying that I loved the Lambert years and was heartbroken when he left, then he wanted money as well, then he celebrated in front of us and the love evaporated. After several iffy spells around the Premiership he ended up down the road, a step too far. Watching him take them down to division 3 and failure to get Promoted was truly joyful and as already mentioned, the rivalry is all but dead as a contest for the foreseeable. What gives me the most pleasure, as someone who had to suffer their 'glory days' is a cheeky peek on TWTD to witness the delusional entitlement of their fans, many of whom weren't even born when they were relevant.
  7. Not sure I'd put it quite like that but it's true that they did nothing before 1960 and nothing after 1982, so a 22 year hiatus, yet they bang on about their history, using words like tradition, like it gives them the right to beat Swindon on a Saturday afternoon (it doesn't). Truth is, they've been left behind, returning to the footballing backwater that they were before Ramsey and Robson gave them some memories. It's sad really, that so many of them spend more time living in the late 70s than the reality of today. Still, even flares and mullets were popular, once.
  8. Yep, it's gonna be an aerial barrage, Championship football at its best.....
  9. ....that's not very friendly .....
  10. This, I wish the Teams around them would show some form and put them away. Then again, if they got all the way to Wembley and got tonked in an empty Stadium, that would be worth watching.
  11. What is concerning is how difficult it is to survive in the Premiership nowadays, we got buried last year and if we do go up we're likely to be installed as favourites to go back down. Even big spending Villa only just survived last season and Leeds, another supposedly big Club have had to spend big to keep above the red line, with no guarantee that will see them safe next year. Being a yo yo Club is our place, atm, it's going to be tough getting beyond that, we're going to need good management just to prevent things going the other way and ending up like that lot down the road.
  12. He was never more than a good Championship striker, he had several seasons in the Premiership with various Clubs and the goals evaporated. At his age League One is ideal, he's not as quick but his years at a higher level gives him the nous to prosper. Good luck to him, but not for us anymore.
  13. Our rivals at the top have tough games coming up this week, good chance to reinstate our margin, not concerned about QPR.
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