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  1. Apparently the binmen want Eddie Howe to replace Cook.... in League One
  2. I think he had a hand in the first Cambridge goal as well....... legend.
  3. I'm sure they'd love a derby, they haven't won one in 12 years. I always looked forward to them back in the day but now they're a bit meh, I hardly see them as rivals anymore, apart from bragging rights, is there any value in beating 1p5wich? I mean they're beaten regularly in League One nowadays so unless we play our kids it's not really going to be a contest.
  4. I don't remember Roeder's time as Finland Manager..... I'll get my coat.....
  5. .... I said this when VAR was first mooted, it's just another way to ensure the big Clubs maintain their dominance. After a season or two, to allow things to settle down, we're now seeing blatant poor decisions at the expense of the smaller Clubs...... it's almost like the Premiership only want larger/well supported Clubs to occupy the Premiership...... they'd rather Sunderland, Wednesday and Stoke in exchange for us, so don't expect any favours.
  6. Oh dear, we'd better watch out, that lot down the Road will be storming back...... sometime around 2049!
  7. Was that the game where Peter Noble scored all four goals for Burnley and was moaning in the papers the following day, that despite scoring 4, he wouldn't be getting a 'win' bonus?..
  8. I won't be there,as from Auckland even a home game is an away game.... for those taking the plunge, I'm dead jealous, for those not taking the risk, I understand. However you deal with this, I'm sure you'll all be backing the boys, enjoy the day..... I want to hear about it from you all after the match ....OTBC
  9. I don't remember him ever saying anything complimentary about us, did we upset him in a previous life?
  10. Everton?.... or have I missed something they're looking for a wing back thingy, be much cheaper than Max with loads of experience in the Premiership......
  11. Can't argue with any of this, we lost 3 CBs at the start of our last Premiership tilt and it did for us..... Take Hanley, Gibson and Zimbo out right now and I'm sure the result would be the same...... still work to do imo.
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