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  1. Interesting take, the rules are being bent to help the bigger Clubs..... until they've positioned themselves to maximize profits, Clubs like Sunderland, Derby and Sheffield Wednesday would generate greater profits for the Premiership than Bournemouth, Watford or ourselves, it's all about population density. The Premiership has to keep the top six happy, they've tried to jump ship once, they'll try it again, count on it. If the Premiership 'threw them out' Sky and all the other major sponsors would be gone too, the money would leave the Premiership overnight and the mercenaries currently making a living at all the remaining Clubs would leave like rats from a sinking ship, so many Clubs could go to the wall financially it's hard to see how it would make for a 'healthier game'..... like I said, conspiracy theorist.
  2. ..... conspiracy theorist here, the Premiership and their backers do not want small Clubs, with no money in their League. Rule changes over the years have only served the biggest Clubs, VAR and refereeing decisions have reinforced that agenda, we've been victim to that on numerous occasions. Everton have been 'bailed out' often from seemingly impossible positions, Sheffield Utd were relegated despite their protests over West Ham's 'acquisition' of Tevez and Macherano mid season..... I wonder if it would have happened the other way around? I'm convinced that, eventually, the Premiership will shut the door on promotion and relegation, once they've 'acquired' the bigger Clubs to maximize sponsorship deals........ we are not invited to that party......
  3. .... always good to hold your hands up when beaten by a better side, Burnley are clearly the best in this League and are running away with it, good for them. Meanwhile, the most expensively assembled side,with the highest wage bill in League One, think that they have a devine right to win, notwithstanding their history..... You've got to earn the right to be top, create momentum, desire, work rate all the ingredients that Burnley have put together, we're not there yet but today might nudge us in the right direction....
  4. ...... I'll have whatever it is you've been having
  5. ..... more incentive to put Burnley away
  6. ....as Sweary says, it's all about momentum, considering we've underperformed points wise, the Teams currently in the play off places are easily within reach. Put a decent run together, even finish a strong 3rd and the momentum created could see another day out at Wembley.... never, ever, give up......
  7. Maybe I'm being a tad over optimistic but my hope is that, someone, sooner or later, may come over from the other side and have an honest discussion, without instantly resorting to the history books for a defence...... I know they're out there somewhere..... Benjamin Bloom being an example
  8. .... true,but if we lose, the binboys will be claiming some sort of moral victory.....
  9. I may be in a minority of one but I welcome Bluehope to the 'board. Nothing better than some rivalry, friendly or not, it would be nice if it wasn't just about history. Also, as has been said, it's a pity that we're not allowed on the other side, banning those with an alternative opinion just creates an echo chamber that does nothing to put an honest spin on where both Clubs are. FWIW, we are better than them, have been for a dozen years or so, who was it who said 'the table doesn't lie '..... .... and who's going to finish higher again this Season?
  10. They've just drawn with 1p5wich for Christ sake.... nothing to fear here ....
  11. Get him in....leave him at Derby for the rest of the Season to stop 1p5wich getting promoted... instant legend
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