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  1. .... There's no such thing as a friendly against 1p5wich.
  2. I don't understand the first bit and is Pukki's record since the formation of the Premier League? I've been a supporter since the early seventies and, on average, we've been a top end Championship/bottom end Premiership side..... I don't see that changing anytime soon.
  3. Unfortunately, you missed our Promotion in '86. After winning the League Cup we collapsed to relegation, the following Season we were far too good and with Watson and Bruce at the back and Drinkell up front we went straight back up.
  4. Not sure about that....... The Doc was always at least 2 metres away from the player he was supposed to be marking. I wish people would stop with the 'Ben in midfield' line. It ain't gonna happen.
  5. You're new here, not the best way to make friends.....
  6. Reports, south of the border are that the paupers are investing in cleaning the roof of the Sir Bobby Robson Stand. Some would say "not a moment too soon" however it should be pointed out that the tree is on the roof of the Churchmans and will remain for the foreseeable...... Still, with promotion looking unlikely, I'm sure a clean roof will dazzle the already delusional to turn up in ever increasing numbers when we do finally get back to football.
  7. What were 1p5wich called before some sports hack called them the Tractor Boys?
  8. So many examples that contradict that statement, from Van Wolf to Maddison, that the truth is more the opposite.
  9. I still have'nt forgiven him for missing 'that' penalty........ Probably never will.
  10. ...... and the 'boy Krul' is a liability, we've no chance, give McGovern the shirt. I am not Big Vince........
  11. There seems to be no fear on TWTD, they're busy re-living the glory days, while there's no football. Truth is they're always busy re-living the glory days, proving there's been no football in Suffolk for a very long time.
  12. I know the money would come in handy but I hope he doesn't go there.
  13. 4000 days lol........ Those were the days!
  14. Comedy statement of the year.....
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