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  1. Those 3 were obviously one their way, surprised we're not hearing about Vrancic and Stiepermann.
  2. I like him but I'm glad we've gotten a more standardf physical player in the DM position. Reed was decent here but his best games were at right back.
  3. If this is the best of the rest then it'll be easy for us next season. 100 points and 100 goals incoming.
  4. Our wage bill is dramatically smaller this season after the relegation clauses. We're not paying for training ground this season. We're not paying for the promotion bonuses this season. It really isn't Bizarre. Also if we were to sign Bennett (I'm doubtful) it's not like we'd automatically be paying him the same as Wolves are now.
  5. The team and Bassong were good that year, certainly wasn't a Lee Croft/Tim Krull season for the BB.
  6. It's true, Derby haven't had the attack we've had. Mostly because we've had Pukki up top and not Chris Martin.
  7. He's available on a free and a good championship level ball playing defender, experienced but not over the hill, can see why he's being linked. He also spent a good chunk of last season injured so he'd fit in well. That being said I can see him being in demand, I doubt we'd want to spend that big on his contract.
  8. Nah, Amadu would have been a Norwich option. Doubt Seville would have taken him back otherwise.
  9. Kyle Lafferty will probably be available in January.
  10. Kyle Lafferty is probably available.
  11. Don't think this is the death of Vrancic, surely that would have been one of the many deeper players we've already signed. I reckon he'll be a replacement for either Cantwell or Buendia. Or I suppose Stieperman if we're lucky enought to hold onto the other two.
  12. As much as I'd like us to replace Klose I think our 4 cbs are sorted, bar Godfrey getting a move. People seem to forget about the two new defensive midfielders which should hopefully make us a lot more solid.
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