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  1. We can certainly thank him for Wes Hoolahan.
  2. Could make arguments for either but I don't think it matters too much either way. 11 vs 11 on the day and all that.
  3. Only if the club start taking major risks. I might just be too optimistic about the club's current trajectory but I think they can do it wituout huge spending. Just have to keep producing top young players like we have been. Ez.
  4. Which is why we have to continue being smart. No way Webber is getting Premier League football next year and not continuing improve the structure, staff, reach and quality of scouting and all of that other stuff we've neglected in the past. Keep doing that and I don't see why we can't be more than just a yo yo club.
  5. Seem to be really growing as a club off the pitch right now. Need Premier League football to keep that going and that's what I want. We wouldn't be enjoying the Championship anyway near as much after a few years of stagnation.
  6. Couldn't care less about the timing of substitutes. We are going up,.
  7. The world is always against him, isn't it. Poor Todd.
  8. Regan Riley , that's a pornstar name if I've ever heard one.
  9. Really wish Norwich would put their u23s games on youtube. Would watch this over 99% of non Norwich games on TV,
  10. I think there's more than enough quality in this squad to adapt to playing without him but he's so important it would take a while. More than the 2 games here and there we play without him.
  11. Not being able to go to games has killed my interest in football somewhat. Wouldn't be surprised if that has lowered hits on the forum this year.
  12. Seem tired at the moment which is not surprising considering post project restart schedules on top of how injuries have affected us. Good job we can defend this season.
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