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  1. KeiranShikari


    Only spent 1.5m is sexier though innit.
  2. KeiranShikari


    Honestly thought he was done a few seasons back but has once again proven me wrong. Still one of our better players and obvuiously a brilliant character to have about Coleny.
  3. KeiranShikari

    I have had a premonition

    I thought we were singing 'Leitner, Buendia and Krul' this season tbh.
  4. KeiranShikari

    Patrick Roberts

    Sadly I don't think it works like that.
  5. KeiranShikari

    What’s the problem?

    So both of our physical defensive midfielders having to play CB hasn't caused us to be less combative in midfield? I'd also argue that with a more solid back line we'd be able to play out from the back more successful which was of course our big strength last season.
  6. KeiranShikari

    What’s the problem?

    Zim, Klose and Hernandez - arguably 3 of our most important players were injured going into the season. Not laying our current position all on this but I doubt our own momentum would have been killed so badly if this hadn't been the case.
  7. KeiranShikari

    What’s the problem?

    It's almost as if we were on our 6th choice central defender today.
  8. KeiranShikari

    Patrick Roberts

    Maybe he's just ****.
  9. KeiranShikari

    Premier Watch

    Bloody hell.
  10. KeiranShikari


    Assuming the op goes well I would think he'd be back for Bournemouth. Certainly United. Suppose he'll be taking pain killer injections to get through tomorrow.
  11. KeiranShikari


    Pretty sure he's been playing with a 'niggle', club have probably stopped him going so he can fully recover from that.
  12. Physicality again. Imagine it would be different with Zim in defence and Amadou/Hernandez in midfield but obviously that can't be the case. As Norwich are sticking to their own blueprint we won't be signing a bunch of 6 foot 3 cloggers in January, thankfully. Hopefully the Carrow Road crowd picks up from where it left off last time. Treat the Villa game like it's an end of season 6 pointer.
  13. About as good a lineup as we could have hoped for today. Come on City.
  14. KeiranShikari

    and there’s more ....... injuries

    Wonder where this leaves us then. Hanley back in with Amadou moving into midfield?