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  1. KeiranShikari

    Where do we go from here?

  2. KeiranShikari

    Season hinges on Amadou?

    He isn't very good.
  3. KeiranShikari

    Team for Man City (h)

    Whoops, I should have cloned Godfrey instead.
  4. KeiranShikari

    Team for Man City (h)

    Krul Byram - Amadou - Lewis - Heise Tettey - Mclean Buendia - Steipermann - Buendia Pukki Godfrey to CB if he's fit with Lewis moving back to LB obviously.
  5. KeiranShikari

    Norwich City - FIFA 20 Ratings

    For me it's Norwich YG. https://www.pesmaster.com/norwich-yg/pes-2020/team/388/
  6. KeiranShikari

    Godfrey u21 captain?

    Didn't even kick him once.
  7. KeiranShikari

    Godfrey u21 captain?

    Wrong wing, it'll be Byram.
  8. KeiranShikari

    Godfrey u21 captain?

    KDB has scored and made 3 assists tonight.
  9. KeiranShikari

    £906 million

    More surprised that Sheffield United's squad cost twice as much as ours to assemble.
  10. KeiranShikari

    England U21 game on TV?

    Max doing a good job of winding up the locals.
  11. KeiranShikari

    England U21 game on TV?

  12. KeiranShikari

    England U21 game on TV?

    Based on their starts to the season it's pretty hard to see how they haven't gotten in this side. Perhaps if they learned to dab or did some secret handshakes they'd get in.
  13. KeiranShikari

    Finland v Greece

  14. KeiranShikari

    Last Nights Shirts

    Logo is massive. Quite liked the Langley School academy kits a season or two ago though.
  15. KeiranShikari

    Lack of defenders

    Just checked, he's started 1 league game for the team sitting in 17th in league 1 this season.