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  1. KeiranShikari

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    He's not better than Hanley, let alone Klose. Seems a fun character but thinking he would got for anywhere near £10m is silly. Wouldn't sign even though the reaction on waccoe would be monumental.
  2. KeiranShikari


    I liked that one. Knowing this show that probably means I'm gay now.
  3. KeiranShikari

    F A Cup final

    Yeah, those are the 'Club Wembley' seats. It's alright for some.
  4. KeiranShikari

    Next Season

    I'm sure we'd take players good enough to walk straight in if we could. At least we haven't seen the word 'upgrade' mentioned too often this summer.
  5. KeiranShikari

    £13m for a 20 yr old Championship Defender

    £13m is the new £3m
  6. KeiranShikari

    Important Announcement from Sky...

    this thread didn't go down well.
  7. KeiranShikari

    Another gem from Paul Lambert

    Relegated teams are always predicted to do well and vice versa. Often doesn't go that way.
  8. KeiranShikari

    Nelson Oliveira

    If you'd watched any matches over the last two seasons then you'd already know the answer.
  9. KeiranShikari

    Perfect Season?

    The fact we have a 'perfect season' thread on this forum at the end of it.
  10. I'm expecting European football after that season to be honest. Probably through a cup win but would take 4th.
  11. KeiranShikari

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    I'm up for work in 5 and a half hours. Not thankful for this even though it's great.
  12. KeiranShikari

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    So even if they aren't particularly interested in the player they'll still be able to push his price up. Nice. Can't think of many players that would improve us and be affordable. Only realistic thing would be one of the players currently on loan at a Championship club.
  13. KeiranShikari

    Does anyone have old recordings of "On the Ball, City"?

    I remember hearing some old audio of Carrow Road SINGING the anthem on a Snorfolk piece a couple of seasons ago. Something else.
  14. KeiranShikari

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    If it was for just that then it would have been harsh but he has a couple of other nearly moments. Stupid really.
  15. KeiranShikari

    Tyrone Mings. Yes or No

    He's a good footballer and I'd love us to sign a proper aggressive CB. Not sure he'd be cheap though.