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  1. Got to love the moving goalposts for wee Billy. He's bad at Norwich because they're a bad team. He's not getting a look at Brighton because they're a good team. He needs to go to spain because they'll press him less and he'll get more time on the ball. Wonder what's next? How far can his social media hype squad take him?
  2. I'm not saying CC is racist but black former pros going into coaching do get talked about like that more than white former pros going into coaching.
  3. We should decide results of games on XG honestly. It's a fairer way of doing things.
  4. Certainly one of the very few players out of contract in the summer that I would have renewed.
  5. >we'll take him on a free, maybe a small fee to get him 6 months early. >we're extending his deal, give us a million or two >no
  6. It's safe to say there are certainly some Chris Hughton fingerprints on this Ghana team.
  7. The yanks don't like their coach because of his defensive nature. Can imagine how frustrated they are watching that Canada team go out and attack.
  8. Are they actually offended by it? I'd assumed most don't agree with what it represents thus don't want their next generation seeing it. I can't see wearing a rainbow shirt to a game knowing he'll not get in so going to make waves in Qatar but good for him if that's what he was going for.
  9. I think the extra teams from Africa, Europe and South America more than make up for the extra Asian and North American/Caribbean sides that will go. It's absolutely a cash grab but there are also a lot more countries in the world now than there were when the World Cup was formed so I actually think it's the right move from FIFA.
  10. Highly doubt he'll end up in the Premier League. Man United made sense (to an extent) but I'd imagine there'd be too much ego to go to a club further down the league. USA or somewhere in the middle east would be my bet.
  11. Iran and Qatar are similar to Saudi Arabia in terms of skill level. They just crumbled under the pressure.
  12. Would rather an hour of preaching from Doha than an hour of listening to Micah Richards talk about football to be fair.
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