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  1. KeiranShikari


    Nelson took his shirt off doo doo dooooo. Talented but stupid. clearly.
  2. KeiranShikari

    Newcastle v west ham

    Thought the game had a decent enough tempo, obviously had drinks breaks but wasn't bad at all bad.
  3. KeiranShikari

    Newcastle v west ham

    Reckon we'd be able to cope with him better if we signed a new defensive midfielder?
  4. KeiranShikari

    Atalanta or Toulouse

    Atlanta are the better team and it's an evening game. Tolouse is the final game before the season starts. Would probably pick Atlanta.
  5. KeiranShikari

    Newcastle v west ham

    I'm watching Man City at the moment. They'll possibly give us a decent game.
  6. KeiranShikari

    Away Kit Surfaces Early

    Wouldn't be surprised if they announce and play in the 3rd kit on the day of the last friendly game.
  7. KeiranShikari


    take your pick
  8. KeiranShikari


    http://vipboxing.top/soccer/watch-3733e4-fc-schalke-04-norwich-city?l=1545492150 Not great but it works. For those that couldn't get into their site.
  9. KeiranShikari


  10. KeiranShikari


    Anyone else think we need a new DM?
  11. KeiranShikari

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Possibly because of the comparison that would inevitably get made to the Jarvis transfer.
  12. KeiranShikari

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Can Srbeny play DM?
  13. KeiranShikari

    Pre-season friendlies

    Only watched the second half but it looked like standard pre season fare. Rusty, disjointed and a bit tired. Hopefully the injuries aren't too bad.
  14. KeiranShikari

    RB cover needed

    Farke will probably take a look at him over the German tour but I would not be surprised if he was loaned out this season. Would be a massive bonus if he was considered fit enough for the squad though.