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  1. Exactly. We just don't know. But the fact that so many top players in Spain have been found guilty of tax evasion by investing millions in offshore accounts means that it's highly likely they all used financial advisors for their personal contracts and image rights who decided it was the best course of action. The chances that all these players somehow researched and taught themselves about these complicated loopholes independently of each other is slim to none.
  2. I agree completely with you there. However, for all we know, the players may have asked the accountants if everything was above board and the accountants said yes.
  3. I bet he would and I'm sure they would if the offer was right. Unlikely to happen, unless he's seen as the junior member of the defensive options behind Zimmermann, Hanley et al, but it would be enjoyable to see. Anyway, I think it's normal for fans of any club to rave about their youth prospects and build them up as future Premier League players. We're doing the same with Idah, Martin, McCallum, Thomas, Mumba etc. but usually only a small number make it, unless you have a rare 'golden generation' like we've just had.
  4. I agree that it's tough to strike the right balance. Finding someone who isn't 'too good' to settle for being a number two but is also a capable championship goalkeeper and a noticeable upgrade on McGovern isn't easy, but I doubt it's impossible. I doubt McGovern would be unhappy at being relegated to number three though, as he's very much in his twilight years, was already number three last year and is also coaching now as well, I believe. I also doubt it would be blocking the pathway of our youngsters as Mair and Oxborough have either been loaned out or are to be sent out soon, and the others will be playing for the Under-23s and/or Under-18s.
  5. Yes. In the past, the EFL have avoided local derbies in the EFL Trophy group stages. Whether or not this would continue behind closed doors, or whether Ipswich-Norwich would be high risk enough, remains to be seen.
  6. Correct. But would Messi or Neymar have enough knowledge of tax laws and finance to ask the question themselves? I doubt it. If you pay a professional to do a job for you, whether it be a financial advisor, a builder, a gasman or whoever else, there's a reasonable expectation that their work won't end up costing you a massive fine, a lengthy court case and a suspended prison sentence.
  7. As I and others have pointed out, there was no malice in his crime, and the same can be said of Ronaldo, Neymar, Mascherano, Costa etc. They probably asked their advisors if these schemes were above board, and were probably told yes. If you pay an expert to do something for you, it's unlikely you'd start disagreeing with their decisions or there'd be no point hiring them in the first place. I feel a bit sorry for these guys, really. They paid these experts to look after their finances and these experts ended up costing them millions extra in fines and with suspended prison sentences.
  8. The League Cup never has two legs in the earlier rounds. The semi-final is the only round that has two legs, but this season it's just one.
  9. Obviously, which is why they were all charged. But these players are all young men with a low level of education who ended up with tens of millions in their bank accounts aged in their 20s. I highly doubt any of them were able to manage their own accounts, comprising of several multi-million pound contacts, or file their own tax returns, and I doubt any of them researched obscure contract laws surrounding image rights and offshore tax havens themselves. They obviously trusted professional financial advisors to manage their finances and those advisors clearly pushed the boundaries too far and have left several top La Liga players with suspended prison sentences.
  10. In the grand scheme of things, that's actually pretty good going for an elite footballer. But like I said, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Javier Mascherano, Diego Costa, Jose Mourinho and others have all been done by the Spanish taxman over the past few years. Whilst obviously it is ultimately the player's responsibility, the fact that so many of these multi-millionaire footballers, who probably know little to nothing about taxes and financial regulations, have been charged with tax evasion means that the people who look after the finances have either been giving them poor advice or using loopholes that were deemed illegal. I doubt any of the players on that list evaded tax intentionally, it was probably just a case of their supposedly expert financial advisor telling them what was best to save money and they said, "yeah, OK".
  11. That's the only real stick you can beat him with, and considering that I doubt top players manage their own finances and that most of La Liga's top players over the last decade have fallen foul of this, I imagine it is the players' advisors who have been using loopholes for many years and it has now caught up with them.
  12. In that case, you might as well just use your Under-23 goalkeeper. I still think Krul, McGovern and then the kids leaves us a little bit short in the goalkeeping department. Of course, Krul could stay fit and in form all season and a second choice goalkeeper would then be a waste of money, but any mid-long term injury to Krul and we're in trouble.
  13. If that is the case, then the EFL haven't updated the rules on their website, because rule 57 states "all the professional goalkeepers". But my second point still stands. Premier League clubs can't send goalkeepers on emergency loans (unless that has been changed too) and EFL clubs would not give away one of their first two choices, so we'd just end up with someone worse than McGovern to sit on the bench. A club at Championship level relying on emergency seven-day loans, which will be a player not good enough to make the matchday squad for other EFL teams, as a transfer strategy is not only negligent, it's insane.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Hanley or Klose ever had any major injuries before we signed them. Other players have, such as Trybull, Rupp and Krul, but they've all been relatively injury-free since we've had them, although Trybull did miss a chunk of the 2017/18 season.
  15. I think this discussion is based around if Lewis leaves and who would be backup to McCallum.
  16. He doesn't. Also, relying on emergency loan cover would be incredibly ridiculous. Firstly, in order to sign an emergency loan goalkeeper, ALL senior goalkeepers must be unavailable, so if Krul gets injured and McGovern is fit then we can't get one. Secondly, emergency loan goalkeepers can only be signed for seven days at a time (which can be renewed if all contracted goalkeepers are still unavailable) and the Premier League does not allow its clubs to send goalkeepers on these emergency seven-day loans, so we'd be looking at a number three from an EFL club, who would no doubt be even worse than McGovern. I'd be extremely concerned if we went into the season with just Krul and McGovern as the only senior goalkeepers. Even if it takes decent money out of our budget, it's a very important area that cannot be left to chance for a club at our level.
  17. This probably is the case, however he was signed when we were in the Championship, he has spent most of his career playing in the German second tier and he's also an attacking full-back so I wouldn't rule it out completely.
  18. Exactly. I think Byram is probably going to be the starting right-back if/when Aarons leaves, but with Byram's injury record and Mumba having played next to no senior football, I think we'd need to bring in someone more reliable.
  19. What does Byram's injury have to do with Lewis? I know Byram did cover at left-back last season, but he's a right-back, and I'd be amazed if Farke was actually planning on using him on the left this season barring an emergency.
  20. At the risk of taking this even further off topic, there are lots of elite footballers you could've chosen instead of Messi, who is generally one of the more down-to-earth, humble ones all things considered.
  21. I'm assuming not, otherwise it defeats the purpose if all the 6,000 are crammed into Barclay.
  22. My god, you've been here less than a week and you've sussed him already. Colour me impressed.
  23. I think this is the case. It seems that whatever the EFL does, the masses will claim it's wrong. They just can't win whatever they do, and there will always be some sets of fans crying foul.
  24. Answers in bold, and you're a silly boy for not knowing the answer. You've been around here long enough to know exactly how it works by now. Bad decisions, performances and seasons: always Delia's fault. Good decisions, performances and seasons: always the result of the manager, chief executive, DoF, kitman or tea lady. But certainly not Delia.
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