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  1. Aggy

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    Can’t really see Spurs (or Jose anyway) being that interested. Mourinho likes defenders who can defend. I’ve not seen anything from Godfrey this season that suggests he’s anywhere near good enough defensively to be at a top 14ish prem club, never mind one of the “big 6”. Yes he’s good with the ball, and he’s young, but I’m just not sure he’ll ever defensively be good enough to be anything more than a centre back at a struggling prem/top championship club. He just lacks the natural defensive instincts, positioning etc. That a top top centre half should have. That said, if Spurs make an offer we like, he’d be mad to stay.
  2. Aggy


    If Bournemouth losing to Palace makes our loss to Palace less of a disaster than some made out, presumably Bournemouth beating Villa makes our loss to Villa more of a disaster than some made out? How about their draw with West Ham and win over Man Utd? Were we more disastrous against those two than everyone thought??
  3. I thought the interesting bit was about their pressing (Ie; why it went wrong for them) and the article didn’t really go into great detail on that. Interesting that we only had 0.9 xgoals though (understat.com says 0.81) - back to how we were last season, scoring from half chances. Not sure that has anything to do with a fully fit centre back...
  4. Aggy

    Shouldn't be surprised I suppose....

    I thought the analysis of Arsenal’s defending was quite decent. A lot of talk about how and when to press, when players closed but should have dropped off, or dropped off when they should have closed. If I was a young kid watching that, I’d have probably tried to take a lot of what Keown said on board (bit late for me now!) Agreed, but it’s not just about interest or supporter levels. As “average” as Arsenal may have been for years, and as bad as they have been by their standards this season, if Arsenal turn up and put in a performance they’d beat us regardless of how well we played. So the analysis being along the lines of ‘Arsenal had a bad day, this is why’ is accurate and reflective of the game. If we beat Palace or Brighton, the analysis would be that we were the better side. This has to be correct - a keeper can stand on the line with the ball in his hands and it isn’t handball.
  5. Aggy


    Agreed - last season, once you were in the shirt was yours and it was up to others to get it off you. For me, it probably is Amadou anyway, if only for the fact I don’t think Tettey will be able to do it for 38 games in the prem. Amadou is younger and probably a bit more dynamic. Tettey is better kept relatively fresh and used to sure things up when hanging on or as a more solid option when needed (and as injury cover).
  6. Aggy


    Can’t see both playing other than through injury or if we are going extremely defensive (away at a top six club perhaps). Trybull I think gets a bit of unfair stick, or at least gets less credit than he perhaps deserves. I think he does a lot off the ball, keeps it tidy and simple - doesn’t always get the plaudits, but if you’re in the right place you usually don’t have to make the big thunderous tackle etc...
  7. Aggy

    Ratings v Arsenal

    Probably about right as usual Wacky, although I think a few are half or point or so lower than they ought to be this week. Godfrey probably a 7, Trybull 6 or 6.5, Hernandez 6.5.
  8. Aggy

    Killers tickets

    Saw them live at Leeds festival probably ten years ago now. Really good live as KC says, although I haven’t really got into their last couple of albums. Sure it’ll be a good evening though Captain Pants!
  9. Aggy

    Fun quiz

    Hard in the time limit. Think I’d have got them all with an extra five minutes, but only 16...
  10. Beat me to it. We haven’t seen him get a decent go in his natural position, so I’d like to see him in there. In terms of January, probably a loanee winger and not a lot else. Not sure we’ll go for a centre back - who do we bring in? Likely to be a loanee if anyone and then who is available who is definitely going to better than Hanley or Amadou? If we can get someone a bit like Byram (decent prem squad player not getting game time) then we might splash out and bring them in permanently (also with an eye to Godfrey perhaps leaving if we go down or being a long term squad player if we stay up). Zimmerman fit is basically a new signing and might (Might!) be more important than any other January transfer business.
  11. Southampton have had a couple of decent results (Man Utd draw, beat Brighton and Shef Utd) but they’re still down there. I’ll be shocked if they don’t go down this year. Watford I keep thinking will pull out of it, but the longer they stay down there I’m not sure. I can’t see West Ham, Palace or Everton getting seriously dragged into it. Brighton look alright too, Newcastle seem to have turned it around a little bit but are they ever more than a couple of weeks from implosion? Watford, Southampton and one of us, Villa and Newcastle for me.
  12. Aggy

    Villa interested in Emi

    Exactly this - he hasn’t shown anything to suggest he is anything more than a decent lower half of the prem player (and probably a squad player at anyone above 14thish). If we go down, then even if his form doesn’t improve that much, he’d be a player the likes of West Ham, Newcastle, Palace, Everton perhaps might take a punt on if they can get him for fairly cheap. If we stay up though, I’m not sure any of those would be willing to pay the amounts we’d want for him.
  13. You can always look back over a season and say what if one specific thing happened differently, but that’s football. It usually balances out over the season, depending on how good you are. Im more interested in the teams above us anyway. Finishing 18th but eight points of clear of Watford is less important than finishing 17th regardless of how many points Watford have got. The Boxing Day Villa game and the game against Southampton are huge games. I quite fancy us to nick a point or three from Arsenal as well.
  14. Aggy

    Everton fans not happy

    Do any fans really “fume” over a certain ref being appointed to their games? I give the ref a cursory glance, sometimes think “oh dear” but usually don’t react at all, and really don’t see why anyone would get wound up by it. During the game maybe, but that’s as much about trying to influence the ref to assist your side as it is anything else. But before the game has kicked off I really don’t understand it.
  15. Aggy


    They’ve been poor in the league for a long time now and, to be honest, after that first couple of seasons where they challenged for the title, they’ve stagnated really. He hasn’t looked overly interested either for a little while. To Man Utd or Real Madrid in the summer would be my guess for him. Mourinho and Howe mentioned as favourites - Mourinho doesn’t really fit their way of playing. Howe, I’d like to see given a crack at it, but not sure he’ll get the chance.