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  1. If we are still owed money (no idea if we are or not), then I don’t see why we should. A small goodwill gesture isn’t going to sort anything out for them.
  2. Aggy

    Away Kit Surfaces Early

    Or yellow... This looks like it should be a Watford away kit. If we were going for red, I’d have liked something like the Colman’s goalkeeper top which was red with black shoulders/arms if I remember correctly, quite liked that.
  3. Aggy

    Sheffield United

    Ours certainly looks the most stable for the long term. If all three of us come down, then I’d guess we’ll finish highest the first season down and be the first of the three to go back up. Which of the strategies actually works, who knows. All transfers are, to an extent, a gamble, so I’d rather be taking our approach Then either of the others. Even if we go down and Villa stay up, I wouldn’t change how we have gone about things this summer.
  4. Aggy

    Player diets

    I doubt many footballers eat red meat very often. I read an article somewhere (maybe 442 magazine) about Diego Forlan’s diet and it was commented on by a sports nutritionist - this was ages ago, I’m sure Forman was stil last Man Utd, so what, ten years ago plus? He ate a lot of white fish if I remember correctly and chicken, but not a lot of red meat. I don’t particularly enjoy red meat (but willing eat it if to avoid being rude when a guest etc.) and I could take or leave chicken. I would say at least four or five days a week I don’t eat meat - but that’s more my tastes than any moral or fitness reasons. Footballers run a lot most days during training (so need fuel) and they need to be lean (not much muscle). I’d guess there’s a lot of white meat, fish, brown rice, vegetables and protein shakes/dairy.
  5. Aggy

    Wimbledon prize money

    Shouldn’t be anything to do with the number of sets imo. The main argument that gets used in football to support the reason men get paid significantly more is that men’s football generates more money. The same should be said for tennis. I have absolutely no idea how much men’s tennis generates vs women’s tennis, but I’d imagine the gap between the two in tennis is a lot smaller than it is in football. It can’t be both ways. You can’t say women don’t deserve the same prize money in tennis because they only play 3 sets, but then use some different argument in football where everyone plays 90 minutes.
  6. Aggy

    Non-Football threads

    So basically you’re saying the brexit thread is too popular to be moved to the non-football area. Only the less popular ones are to be moved. That already suggests to me the non-football area will either not be “policed” properly or it will never get posted in. If the latter happens (but threads are still being moved from the football forum) I imagine you’ll lose a lot of visitors (and clicks on adverts).
  7. Aggy

    Cricket World Cup

    Not very happy with Federer throwing away the two championship points - if he’d have won it then, I could have switched over to the last five overs of the cricket in peace instead of the stress of having to try and time my channel hopping tactically to avoid missing anything important in either! To go to a super over in the World Cup final and to be three yards from either winning or losing on the last ball is about as tense as it gets. You literally couldn’t have scripted it any better.
  8. Aggy

    Will Villa be the new Fulham?

    Agreed. With Fulham it was almost like they were bringing in players purely because they were more expensive than what they already had. Villa seem to have a bit more of a plan - making some deals permanent, like for like replacements for loaners they couldn’t keep, a couple of additions.
  9. I thought the Genoa row 2 no 2 one was good as well. Like you say, could easily be a badge
  10. Aggy

    New home kit...

    I liked the Flybe one in 06/07, last home shirt I bought. Have to say that I did really like the home kit based on the official photos. The slightly lighter “reality” I’m not quite so keen about, although still looks decent.
  11. Aggy

    New home kit...

    I like it. Maybe the green fade comes up slightly too high (a bit lower with more yellow perhaps) but overall one of the best in a while.
  12. Aggy

    Adam Webster

    Hard to put a figure on their value right now. If we go straight back down and they don’t have great seasons, they’ll probably still be worth c.£15-£20mil next summer. If we stay up and/or they have good seasons, they could be worth £35million plus. In this window, you’d think we would hold out for the top figure but unlikely teams would be willing to pay that much for players without Prem experience - so it’s hard to put a value on them really. All irrelevant though as I’m sure they’ll all stay with us and be the spine of our Champions league squad in 2025....
  13. Aggy

    Frank Lampard

    I don’t agree with this at all. A young British manager who started in a lower league, had a decent (if not particularly special) season and is being given a shot at a bigger club. A club which he also happens to know extremely well, a chairman he knows well, a youth set up he and his assistant know extremely well. A club which, with a potential transfer embargo might need to rely on that youth academy. I’d rather they gave Lampard a go than just bring in another tired old name.
  14. Aggy

    Josip Drmic signs

    Decent signing if on a free. Seems like a very similar signing to Rhodes in many ways - a lot of potential when younger, couple of bad injuries, got him in fairly cheap (or in Rhodes’ case a loan). From the clip Bill put up, he looks to be fairly pacey (hopefully injuries haven’t taken the edge of his pace) and with a good eye for goal. Hasn’t played a huge amount of football for the last three years and hardly any at all last year. If he can stay fit and get sharp though, I’d say he’ll be a decent back up option with potential to be more than that.
  15. The problem with that is that, other than a handful of the top clubs who will attract “glory supporters”, the majority of the teams in England (and everywhere else) have a fairly limited target market. If an up and coming tech company splashes millions to keep progressing, chances are there are a few million potential customers it could “poach” from competitors. If we built a sixty thousand seater on the outskirts of the city, it would be half empty the majority of the time and be a massive waste of money (which could have been invested in players). C.5000 extra seats seems sensible, 10k at a push. The City stand needs revamping, whether that’s adding an extra tier somehow or more of a complete overhaul. I’d rather us knock the City stand down and build a new one than completely relocate.