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  1. I fancy a few surprises this round so all up for grabs!
  2. Surely even England can’t collapse in the second innings to end up with a result in this one. Pakistan 100 ahead at lunch on day 4 and England all out for 60 by close of play? Not a bad pitch if you want to go and watch two t20 sides smash humongous sixes all night long. Pointless for test cricket though.
  3. Pointless pitch. Did I hear there hadn’t been a test match wicket at this ground in 110 overs of play before our fist fell today? May as well try and see if we can beat Sri Lanka’s 952 and when we can’t, shake hands, call it a draw and have a few extra day’s rest.
  4. If you’d asked me to guess the two I thought most likely to be wrong, the Germany and Argentina ones would not have been them!
  5. Did he mention the monarchy going next?
  6. Late to the thread. Have you been to Vilnius yet TGS? I wasn’t blown away by the city but the Curonian spit was very nice and worth a trip if you’ve got a couple of days spare. (Although near the Russian exclave so not sure if it might currently be slightly more militarised than normal!)
  7. Read somewhere that she was now worth around £10m. It was something like 1.2m from prize money the year she won the us open and about 350k in prize money the following year/this year. The other c.8m was from sponsorship etc. So she’s earned over four times more from marketing and sponsorship than on court. most likely that sponsorship will probably become less valuable if she is less successful on the court, but not necessarily - in the UK at least just being number 1 female tennis player (and the best chance of any open wins in the foreseeable), she’s likely to get a lot of attention every year anyway. She’s young, a bit of a media darling etc. Seems to me that however hard she trains, she isn’t ever going to dominate like Serena. If she focuses she might win a few more open titles throughout her career but not a regular thing, she just doesn’t seem quite good enough. There’s luck and timing involved in winning opens as well, and in sport you’re only ever one injury away from the end of your career. She seems to be a bit injury prone, so there’s no guarantee she’s going to have a long extremely successful career. Cant say I blame her for making the most of whatever off court offers she gets tbh!
  8. Are we? I’m too young to remember us being in the prem in the early 90s, so in the first 15 years of my time supporting the club we had as many seasons in league 1 as we did in the prem. I can’t get too excited about how “bad” being 7th in the championship less than half way through the season, after having two of the last three years in the prem is. The recent results aren’t good enough and I never was a massive fan of Dean Smith’s appointment, but ‘bad and sad place as a club’ is overdoing it somewhat.
  9. Yes long covid is an interesting point. Quite strange really that so many people over the age of 50 were previously telling youngsters about the dangers of long covid. But now there are a lot of over 50s getting booster jabs and seemingly not concerned at all that the youngsters can’t get boosters but are still exposed to long covid. Does long covid in youngsters no longer exist, or were the over 50s not actually worried about the health of the youngsters all along?
  10. Slightly surprising lack of calls for a seasonal booster to be offered to everyone, not just the over 50s and vulnerable people.
  11. Blowing championship opposition away with nice football still resulted in relegation without much of a fight the last two times we went up. We’re currently second without really looking very good. Manager gets a few of ‘his’ players in January and the summer and we might stand more chance of finishing 17th in the prem by picking up these “unconvincing” scrappy results than we did with Farke. While we’re in and around the top two you can’t really grumble surely.
  12. Ibrahimovic’s career stats skewed by scoring a goal a game in America and for PSG (where I reckon I’d get about 1 in 2 playing for PSG in that division!). In more competitive leagues, Italy, Spain and England he has scored 188 in 341. That’s 1 every 1.8. Haaland’s record in Germany and England is 72 in 73. Obviously he’s got to do it for years in a row but if he stays fit he’s going to be miles ahead of Ibrahimovic.
  13. Yep still a bit of balance to be found in the batting, and the openers are still a concern (Crawley just doesn’t look good even when scoring imo) but can’t really grumble. The standard of test cricket though at the moment is poor across the board. South Africa look as poor a South African side as I can remember, and I can’t help but feel England’s approach won’t have much success against the Aussies and India.
  14. Yes it is bizarre that some people think we ought to have a political system where the head of state gets the job based on ability rather than because their great great great great great great grandad was good with a sword a thousand years ago. You do make a good point on money generation though. Take France - they haven’t had a tourist since the eighteenth century and all their old royal palaces are abandoned empty ruins.
  15. So the individual nhs trusts could have decided to do this previously, but didn’t (despite it apparently being obvious to all health professionals that it needed to be done), and are only now choosing to do it, while blaming the government for not forcing them to do it earlier? (and I’m by no stretch of the imagination a supporter of this government but I’m struggling a bit on this one!)
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