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  1. A clean sheet, even against ten men, gives me some encouragement. Ive been moaning all season that we can’t grind out a dirty win, so won’t moan when we do that, albeit could have made it easier on ourselves.
  2. Intent is irrelevant for dangerous play.
  3. Agreed. 90th min to try and save a point, fair enough. Halfway through first half, even if it stays 0-0 you’ve got an hour to play with ten men. Crazy.
  4. Aggy

    Too much loyalty, too much hype?

    Why would it? As soon as we approach a club about a centre back, they’ll know we’re after a centre back. They’re not then going to let that player go cheap just because we haven’t told anyone else we need a centre back. I’d expect the club to stay quiet because (a) if they say we need a player in a certain position and don’t get one, it looks bad on the scouts and board etc. and (b) it disrupts the current players - especially when it’s no longer the case that they’re all injured.
  5. If everyone draws every game except those they play against us, and we win every game from here on in, I think we’d finish third...
  6. Aggy


    Wouldn’t be shocked. Frankly, we aren’t going to stay up playing safe, so if risking a young lad/McGovern as back up means we can loan in an outfield player who might just make a difference then all for it.
  7. Aggy

    Max Aarons

    Interesting now with Mourinho instead of Pochettino. You’d think a defender with a bit of size is likely to be slightly higher up Mourinho’s list than a smaller player of similar ability. I suppose it depends how Mourinho rates the lads he’s already got, but I’m not entirely convinced about the Aarons to Spurs rumours.
  8. Aggy

    *IF* we go down...

    To be fair LDC, by the time they play us their record could be 33 wins and 1 draw in their last 34 prem games. If we manage to beat them, it might well give us the confidence to stay up... chances of it happening are pretty slim though!
  9. Aggy

    VAR Table

    I think they won their last 9 last season (drew before that 0-0 vs Everton), so I think it must be 88 from 90. Crazy.
  10. Aggy

    *IF* we go down...

    Agree that Bournemouth might struggle if they come down. I wonder if Howe would have the motivation for a campaign or two in the championship. Must be disheartening to spend years trying to establish in the prem, think you’re in a place where you can hopefully build to maybe even European places or a cup win in a season or two, and then go down. If he leaves, really depends on who they bring in, but I think the disruption would put them back a couple of years.
  11. Aggy

    VAR Table

    So.. you mean like what I said in the rest of my post then?
  12. Aggy

    VAR Table

    Sorry Nutty, not picking on you per se, just two posts in a row.... I agree with you here, I’m not sure that’s all VAR’s fault though (I know you’re not saying it is). For years, I’ve thought grassroots/lower league games are better live than bigger games. Fifty years ago I imagine you knew half the players, probably saw them in the pub after (before?!) the game, they were just like everyone else, you’d stand at the ground with your mates, good atmosphere etc.. That’s what you get at lower league games now. The top divisions are more and more about money - it’s a totally different game.
  13. Aggy

    VAR Table

    VAR isn’t the reason Pukki’s goal got ruled out against Spurs. According to the current rules and the technology available, he was offside. The rules of the game are the reason it was offside. Now the rules might be stupid, the whole arm pit thing is a joke, especially when the technology isn’t quite there. But that’s not VAR generally being a problem - that’s just that it hasn’t been implemented well and the laws of the game haven’t been suitably adapted to suit what we’ve got. If there was a rule like there needs to be clear day light between the striker and the defender, then it would be much easier to tell if he’s offside or not - nothing to do with body shapes, there”d be more leeway on the shots per second of the camera etc. Penalty saves - players know not to go in the box. Quite easy not to. Then there won’t be a retake. It’s not VAR that’s the problem there either. Agreed currently it’s being overused, not just for clear mistakes. But again, that’s how it’s being implemented, not the idea of VAR itself. The World Cup really seemed to have got the balance right - I thought it was done well there. Encouragingly, it seems to have been panned for a year or two most places that already use it, before finally getting it right. Hopefully next season it’ll be much better.
  14. Aggy

    VAR Table

    Don’t disagree with any of that. Not being a massive follower of European football I hadn’t really realised it has been used on the continent for a couple of seasons already - I wonder if we had been speaking to people over there to see what works. interesting quote in the below article: “The key turning point was that once the referees started using the monitors, the players could see the incidents and started accepting the decisions. “ https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50392207
  15. Aggy

    VAR Table

    Err, no. Without VAR we would be (according to Indy’s table above) six points better off. So if the decision VAR made was right, then we were never entitled to those six points anyway and we aren’t “worse off”. Yep, but some VAR decisions have been correct (I’d say a lot actually, other than the offside decisions where I don’t think the technology is good enough to tell) . So that shows refs make mistakes. So is this season any different to others? If we don’t have VAR, refs get things wrong and teams suffer. The offside technology in particular I don’t think works well enough to rely on to the degree we currently do. And we need to look at how VAR is used - apparently the first season in the bundesliga was much the same as how it’s been for us this season but had since been changed so refs go to a monitor much more often. It sounds like everywhere it has been implemented had similar issues to us in the first season. But I’m not sure it makes any difference really to our league position - the “best” of these VAR table still has us in the relegation zone, the “worst” has us virtually the same points clear of safety as well.