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  1. Johnson talking out of his ample backside. He has trouble stringing a sentence together.
  2. It may seem strange, but I never though about her race, until it was brought up by the media.
  3. To be fair it could be any of them. Foreigners not keen on foreigners- shock, horror.
  4. If we are concerned about school test results, perhaps we could bring in Gavin Williamson, he has great experience in this field.
  5. Aberdeen to beat Hamilton. For Norwich, I suggest BTTS - No. For A draw I suggest Torquay vs Hartlepool. Top vs 3rd. A very sad passing. and my thoughts go to his family and friends.
  6. Is that a re hash of 'They need us, more than we need them', because that does not seem to be going well.
  7. This might help, it's open to all 60 and over. A couple of friends booked it today. https://www.nhs.uk/book-a-coronavirus-vaccination/do-you-have-an-nhs-number
  8. Is that a bit like alternative facts? Or should that be on the Trump thread?
  9. I have written to the speaker ( Lindsay Hoyle ), on 2 occasions complaining at Johnson not answering the question, or telling lies. I was told to take it up with Johnson!! As far as I am concerned Hoyle is complicit with the Tories, and his independence, is a joke. Hansard should also be a fact checker, and should not only highlight the lies, but the liars should be held to account in the chamber.
  10. You don’t need a vaccine to block Swindon Canary.
  11. Is there something about having come through the youth ranks, a club have to pay a fee, even if he is out of contract. This may just be lockdown hallucinations of course!!
  12. Thank you Nutty, I really look forward to doing the picks on 13/3. Wierzburger vs Hamburger SV. Away win on Sunday. As LDC tends to be a glass overflowing type of guy, I suggest a Pukki hat trick. As ever, very best of luck
  13. Did someone post a link to a charity on here to contribute to vaccines world wide. Having had my jab, I thought it would be a good thing to participate.
  14. And please leave your credit card details.
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