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  1. In an effort to get back on a winner, and it’s only week 2!!, I will go for Man City home win. For the Norwich bet Nunez to score or get a yellow card, or even both. Very best of luck.
  2. Good to be back. Driving up early to buy Cromer crabs to take back to London and to soak up the atmosphere. My pick is MLS on Sunday and Austin FC (3rd) to beat San Jose Earthquakes (26th). For the game I suggest Norwich win both halves and most corners in each half at 8/1 with William Hill. As ever, the very best of luck.
  3. There was an older gentleman behind me in hospital last week and he was discussing the queues at Dover with his son. He blamed the French and said they have never forgiven us for Agincourt, Waterloo and Trafalgar. Sometimes I feel like giving up!!!
  4. £1 for every Pukki goal. £2 for every Hayden booking £50 if we get promoted and an extra tenner if we go up as champions £20 if Ipswich don’t have the same manager at the end of their season
  5. Are you comparing apples with pears?
  6. Hi Nutty. £20 sent. Now looking forward to the new season, it seems to have crept up on me.
  7. I find much of the language used around asylum seekers very depressing. Have we forgotten they are human beings and the same species as ourselves?
  8. I am very much against the class system in this country, and the only way it can change, in my mind, is when the royal family are removed from their current position. I appreciate that I am probably in a minority, but I would hope the younger generation have an informed opinion of its worth.
  9. It’s £20 for the goal scorers and £8 for 4 clean sheets. I can’t go through the extra pain of reading more stats to work out the penalties, so I will just round it up to £60.
  10. @nutty nigel We had a thread for predictions, and I pledged some money, but cannot remember the details. Could you find it and let me know how much I owe please? Thanks
  11. I was at the Sydney ODI in 2007 when he tore his bicep, and England registered a rare victory. I boarded a flight to Melbourne the next day and the whole Australian team boarded, including a heavily strapped Andrew Symonds. They were in economy, probably as a punishment for losing the previous day.
  12. Auxerre(fighting for automatic promotion)to beat Amiens. For the Norwich game, I fear we will be overrun, so a Neto assist in each half at 40/1. Very best of luck.
  13. Leicester to win to nil, Norwich most cards and Leicester most corners @ 6/1 Very best of luck
  14. Bayern Munich to beat Stuttgart. For the Norwich game, over 3.5 goals. Very best of luck.
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