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  1. Drazen Muzinic

    Fish, Shellfish and Aquatics

    Best steer clear of naked flames for a day or two.
  2. Drazen Muzinic

    Raging perverts thread

    I've never heard it called that before! I can't keep up with these modern slang terms.
  3. Drazen Muzinic

    Raging perverts thread

    Did you moonlight for the Stasi, Til? Or has Bielsa shared a spying report on Hoggy with you?
  4. Drazen Muzinic

    Name these two..

    One of those has got to be Wes..?
  5. BREAKING...Sky Strikers reform for 2019 but acknowledge social and and cultural changes... "Anyone can follow their dreams in a post-modern society"
  6. Most of them made the Binners first team last season.
  7. Drazen Muzinic

    Official 2019/20 fixtures thread!

    But...but...they wouldn't swap the chance to thrash every other League One club while they romp home with another pot to sit and rust on a Bakelite plinth in their massive trophy room. Lambert told them.
  8. Drazen Muzinic

    Official 2019/20 fixtures thread!

    Actually, now it's become real...they all look hard!!! I've adjusted expectations from European qualification to 8th.
  9. Drazen Muzinic

    Benjamin Bloom

    Didn't he sing Montego Bay?
  10. Drazen Muzinic

    Guess Who?

    That's gotta be old bandy legs De Waard.
  11. Drazen Muzinic

    Guess Who?

    Lee Lee, Lee Pow-er!
  12. Drazen Muzinic

    Guess Who?

  13. Drazen Muzinic

    Guess Who?

    One for paul moy...
  14. Drazen Muzinic

    Guess Who?

  15. Drazen Muzinic

    Peter The Deleater...

    Loitering with intent to use a pedestrian crossing. Coughing without due care and attention. Wearing a loud shirt in a built-up area during the hours of darkness. Looking at me in a funny way Walking on the cracks in the pavement. Walking around with an offensive wife. (Big thanks to Not the Nine O'Clock News!)