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  1. The Mayor for me too. Held the fort as best he could during the injury hit weeks we had, was versatile, passionate and never went missing even when the season and certain futures were in the balance. As a side note, I've voted for Nathan West as the Michelle Dack Fan of the Season. Raised loads for charidee but also came out of the online trolling with lots of resilience.
  2. Live scenes following Big Vince and Big Keith Scott's 'listen along' party...
  3. No No No...you're doing this all wrong. It was a case of 'after the Lord Mayor's show' and we threw the whole season away away against the Owls; plus Wagner shouldn't be anywhere near this club today/tomorrow morning/by the end of the week/next season/ever* *delete as applicable dependant upon level of irrational incandescent rage and wetness of pants...
  4. I travel further than you. The rumours are you don't leave your Nan's basement.
  5. Good choice. Perfect block to witness how many of your superstar team Núñez's free-kick managed to avoid. You could count them on the fingers of your right hand...
  6. I repeat...weak ref. The signs were there from minute one. Bottled any tangible decision.
  7. It's nights like this that provide the best reason to dust this off again...
  8. I applaud Kenny for it tbh. One of our best players and deserves better recognition. The entitlement from those who think the game is just a matter of kicking the ball towards the goal need to give their heads a wobble. Sunderland frustrated us and we were nervous but that was not the way to show frustration. Totally unwarranted.
  9. Who are you, and what have you done with Big Keith Scott..?
  10. Standing on a ladder in the back garden of 20 Malvern Road was the 1920s equivalent of a cracked Firestick or a dodgy stream...
  11. Here's a 1920s map confirming you are pretty much spot on. The blokes on ladders were presumably on Malvern Road and the white building on the corner nearest Rosary Road is marked as the Pavilion - presumably where the dressing rooms were and pre-match Woodbines were puffed and horse liniment applied...
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