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  1. Drazen Muzinic

    The Title

    There’s more chance of peace in the Middle East in our lifetime.
  2. Drazen Muzinic


    Dereham’s a popular destination too when they play us but I suspect you’re right Pants. Avoid Lowie too.
  3. Drazen Muzinic


    Anyone with an account able to repost some of the bragging crap they were spouting in August? That should light a few touchpapers and start another torrent of *****, ***** and ****s!
  4. Drazen Muzinic

    We're Up!

    When it rains or a small child falls over.
  5. Drazen Muzinic

    We're Up!

    Seen that official Brentford FC tweet that just says...”You’re Welcome...” Pure class!
  6. Drazen Muzinic

    We're Up!

    Where is he tonight? Did he go to Stoke? Or is he typing a MASSIVE post on not counting chickens or something?
  7. Drazen Muzinic

    We're Up!

    Even the sofa no comfort today Ricky?! Nerves must’ve been totally shot!
  8. Drazen Muzinic

    We're Up!

    I noticed it ATGs. Posts got a bit spiky. I was getting jarred off with all the miserablists on here after another away point and an extension to a lengthy unbeaten run. Checked we were still top of the table, tried to say we are still going up with Blackburn coming up but realised I was being grumpy with the family so I stopped watching and posting. Played some video games with my son, had a bit of tea (well Easter Egg) then checked the Leeds score not expecting much. Now, I am on cloud nine and I’m sure a point will be gained on Saturday. As for the title? Who knows, there’s a lot of football to play. Anything is possible. Except a Binner win.
  9. Drazen Muzinic

    The form table

    That's the spirit.
  10. Drazen Muzinic


    Yep - the pantwetters are back.
  11. Drazen Muzinic

    Today’s games 🐥

    Thanks. We've played teams who have upped their game recently and have pulled wins and draws out of unexpected bags. Blackburn have won four in a row but lost the previous four - lets see what happens. I think we looked a bit tired today - maybe with 7 days to refresh we'll be in a more positive mood. Even more so if Brentford can take something from tonight's game.
  12. Drazen Muzinic

    Today’s games 🐥

    Surely we can get the points we need against Blackburn?
  13. Drazen Muzinic

    Today’s games 🐥

    Why not?
  14. Drazen Muzinic

    Today’s games 🐥

    Slip? or Sleep?