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  1. I'm struggling to formulate a sensible or coherent response to either today or the progress so far this season so I will leave this here in lieu of me calming down a bit...
  2. This was exactly how I saw it. Got done twice in injury time and the second time they scored. He had put in a helluva shift.
  3. Stoke fans are sensing something here. Plenty of noise and they seem to be raising the team as their players are mixing it more
  4. Is the hoof upfield from from a goal kick into the hands of Bursic one of the tactics that got Smith headhunted?
  5. Wow...cheers and jeers for Dowell as he goes off. Or were they for Sara? Or Smith?
  6. This thread is starting to give off "Beating West Ham could relegate us" vibes One for the oldies there.
  7. I am at the Beer Festival...are we really as sh1te as these stats suggest? Even the xG will suffer.
  8. Loosing discipline is a red flag too. Stroppy after the final whistle is not a good look. what are we angry with? Being sh1te?
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