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  1. Drazen Muzinic

    Small Claim To Fame.

    Judging from some recent pictures, she's had some more 'work' done and is becoming a modern day Ship of Theseus. (Or Trigger's Broom in the new money)
  2. Drazen Muzinic

    Small Claim To Fame.

    Apparently he was a great admirer of puppies.
  3. Drazen Muzinic

    Small Claim To Fame.

    My mother-in-law once stalked 'Diddy' David Hamilton around Norwich Market in the 1970s.
  4. Drazen Muzinic

    Small Claim To Fame.

    Me and my mate once took the pi55 out of rotund arrow-chucker Leighton Rees at services just outside Brum in 1990. He was tucking into two portions of fish and chips. We were on our way back from the 3-3 draw at Villa where Derek Mountfield scored a cracking og.
  5. Drazen Muzinic

    Olympics postponed for one year

    A hammer blow for some.
  6. Contagion 28 Days Later The Andromeda Strain Outbreak Twelve Monkeys The Host Quarantine
  7. Double recommend this. I'm a BA Film Student and Kurasawa is an unsung genius in much of the West. Check out The Seven Samurai too - turned into The Magnificent Seven.
  8. Drazen Muzinic

    What’s your favourite animal?

    Trevor Hockey. PS - Would love one of those training tops!
  9. Drazen Muzinic

    Is it really possible

    Now then, VAR - that's an even better reason to write off this bloody season and give them a chance to fix it!
  10. Drazen Muzinic

    Premier League meeting 10.00am today

    They've got several of those already.
  11. Drazen Muzinic

    Premier League meeting 10.00am today

    And take out the credit too...with no intention of paying it back.
  12. Corrected it for you in line with their arrogant predictions earlier this season.
  13. Drazen Muzinic

    match thread

    On this evidence, McGovern would still be an upgrade.
  14. Drazen Muzinic

    match thread

    This has been so much better. Kudos to Farke for earlier changes. Would love a point right now.
  15. Drazen Muzinic

    match thread