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  1. Always good to have options. I'd like to see more games for McGovern on this basis. Short-arsed flapper at crosses.
  2. Lest we forget the Fozzy Flick... Now he was a total ****
  3. I'm gutted at this news - Drmic was the perfect player to test the Pinkun swear filter with. We need new scapegoats to come in - Kenny can't carry the can on his own.
  4. This is a positive post from Pig Mince. You should've seen the draft.
  5. This is the type of EDP sentence that pi55es me off - probably because it brings into focus what our biggest stumbling block apart from money actually is. "The defender has family in Norfolk and is thought to still have a house in the county." Therefore, he's a player who wouldn't need to be dragged kicking and screaming here so lets consider him.
  6. Ross County have got to work early on this. All of their goalkeepers are called...Ross.
  7. "Great service, great sets too, that's why people like you rent Granada!"
  8. 2020 Pukki in a nutshell right there. Poor sod - shot of any confidence after trying to carry a failing team for too long on his own. Begs the question, will this limit any possible moves before next season?
  9. Hernandez is a must keep for next season. In the shop window today though.
  10. At least Peter the Deleter is still allowing CUNTING through the swear filter.
  11. I cannot wait to get out of this CUNTING league with it's soul-sapping, fun-destroying, abortion of a refereeing system which is slowly bleeding the life out of the game I signed up for nearly 50 years ago. Roll on Wycombe and Luton and some fun.
  12. Desperately searching for a silver lining, there is an argument that we are now a better side without the pacy, skilful Swiss #20.
  13. She likes Elvis, wordsearches and menthol fags. Good luck.
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