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  1. TWTD is fun tonight. They want yet another new manager as the latest Messiah apparently isn't cutting it.
  2. I have no interest in the media. It now has so many column inches, hours of airtime and precious clicks to fill or hit, they now spend more time making up the news and willing for stories to happen. It even pervades shows like Look East who spent nearly 10 minutes 'reporting' on whether we should have a lockdown for Christmas by asking voxpops what they thought. That's not news - that's guesswork and wishing for something more to happen. I detest things like the transfer rumour threads - 85% BS by the end of the window and a waste of time reading them. I am quite happy that I have a well-run, community-minded club whom I can loyally support wherever we are in the league. I am old enough to not knee-jerk when we lose a game because I can remember a better time when newspapers weren't hounding out managers after non-winning period to agitate a situation. So there.
  3. We can't do anything in six minutes...prove me wrong please
  4. Time is running out. We have to pump this into the box now. Hard and fast.
  5. Can we change Keith Scott for Lakey? He is doing my t1ts in
  6. Right - lots of getting the big ugly whip on it and chucking it in the mixer for the big lad now. It needs some Big Fat Ron management now before the clock ticks down
  7. Nothing incisive here tonight. Disappointing. Pi55ed off with Shearer's biased commentary too - he is thicker than a Boxing Day turd
  8. This is a pet hate of mine. Like not taking free kicks from the right spot too. Wolves yesterday had a throw right in the Community Stand corner (the ball actually came off the corner flag) but Semedo was halfway to Gas Hill by the time he threw it in.
  9. As soon as Rose kicked the ball out, Sarr got up gingerly and started jogging towards the play.
  10. My favourite memory is Norfolk playing Leicestershire in the Nat West trophy in 1985. Anticipating watching England captain David Gower, Peter Willey, Jonathan Agnew et al up against a very good Norfolk team including Parvez Mir and Quorn Handley was exciting. Until they battered us with bat and ball...
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