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    Much harder to achieve nowadays MY, there's a whole host of Teams better placed to make the top 5, with money being the overriding factor. As for 2 F.A Cup finals, I missed both of them.
  2. splendidrush

    Norwich Legend in Germany

    Let's keep it in house, Hall of Famer.
  3. splendidrush

    Truly tragic news

    I was at that game dj, I think it was a Seat or a Kia, or some cr@p like that. The competitors were either drunk or rubbish or both. Stevie Wonder would have got closer.
  4. splendidrush

    Truly tragic news

    Truly Tragic news?.... Christ, I thought someone had died.
  5. splendidrush

    Sheff U panic buy

    I've no idea how good he is but if he's been playing 2nd fiddle at Bournemouth, he's going to be expecting first Team action at Blades, or why bother moving. That said, if they pick up McBurnie or Maupay, where does that leave Sharp and McGoldrick, they can't play them all.
  6. splendidrush

    Ben Godfrey - phew

    He looks way taller than that, makes Max look like Jimmy Kranky.
  7. splendidrush

    Norwich Legend in Germany

    I first saw her, mid seventies, no idea who she was but as a kid going to all the London games she was always there with that huge scarf. Great to see her still out there following the Team long may it continue.
  8. splendidrush

    Krystian Bielek

    They've also sign a winger from Gillingham apparently.
  9. splendidrush

    The bun fight for tickets.....

    Er, is this a good time to suggest that we need a bigger stand?
  10. splendidrush


    I did say 'most of the fanbase' because there's somebody out there just itching to point out that he's not Premier League quality. Club's in crisis.....
  11. splendidrush

    Behind the Scenes

    Excuse me! That's VAR being installed.
  12. splendidrush

    Player diets

    I think we've gone off topic, well off.
  13. splendidrush

    Danny Mills

    ....is that even possible?
  14. splendidrush


    Pleased for Denis, works hard, is popular with most of the fanbase and it would seem that he has found a meaningful role in time for the Premier League Season.
  15. splendidrush

    Huddersfield new kit

    ....and if they tuck their shirt in their shorts (is there such a thing?) It becomes ADDY POWER or worse.
  16. splendidrush

    Sheffield United

  17. splendidrush

    Are we any stronger?

    Then we're screwed, apart from Klose and Hanley, we paid less than 5 million for all the others.
  18. splendidrush

    Are we any stronger?

    I guess the point you're making is that it's all about depth. Farhmann is better, Byram, difficult to measure as he's only just arrived and Passlack didn't get a chance. Webber is excited about Roberts but as a loan we need to get Todd gametime and Drmic has to get past Pukki to prove that he's a step up from Rhodes. There are a lot of 'wait and see's' in there.
  19. splendidrush

    We are picking up too many strains

    I'm not sure what your qualifications are, maybe you're right but I doubt Farke is going out of his way to sabotage our season. Then again, it could just be somebody trying to get the negative out there, before the season starts. and so it begins......
  20. splendidrush

    Sebastien Haller

    With the new Stadium that the taxpayers are subsidizing the 60,000 fans who've just turned up, not to mention the sale of Upton Park for redevelopment, I reckon that they should be pushing for top six. It won't happen of course, they've deserted the 'West Ham way' replacing it with the Villa/Newcastle model of spending a fortune for little return, any improvement on last season will be minimal.
  21. splendidrush

    Player diets

    It's difficult to know what you're eating nowadays, especially the processed foods. I'm sure everyone remembers mad cow disease, one of Her Majesty's members of Parliament shoving a burger down his childs throat to alleviate the panic. Then Edwina announcing that most of our eggs were contaminated became headline news. In New Zealand, we have a reputation for being clean and green, yet we have 5 million people and 25 million sheep. Apparently, the methane produced, (from the sheep, not the people) causes more environmental damage than cars. Meanwhile, the Silver Ferns (netball) and the All Blacks are on TV advising that we eat red meat 3 to 4 times a week. I'm sure that NZ sport is as clued in as everyone else when it comes to diet, so who's right? Mixed messages aplenty, as has been mentioned everybody's different, I eat a lot of chicken and fish and avoid red meat as I find it harder to digest, I've been to vegetarian restaurants and had a lovely meal so I don't have an issue either way. Ultimately, as ever, it's down to personal choice, that's why there are Companies delivering fast food to people who can't be bothered to get out of the chair to prepare good food because X factor is on. Who thought Uber Eats would ever become a thing?....
  22. splendidrush

    Things to do/places to stay in Norfolk

    4 kids under 7? No wonder your Wife wants a holiday
  23. splendidrush

    RB cover needed

    If Webber could get Phillips for 750k, I'd go and pick him up myself, and I'm in Auckland.
  24. splendidrush

    New signing photo leaked

    Looking at his record, he likes a winter break.
  25. splendidrush

    New signing photo leaked

    Was big news a couple of years ago, been injured and the talk stopped, a decent price for a back up to Max, whether this is the right move to get his career back on track only time will tell. I hope he's not another Matt Jarvis ....