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  1. Budapest Canary

    *****Official match thread v Saints*****

    Pukki! C'mon let's get back into this!
  2. Budapest Canary

    Half & half scarfs

    I bought my only half and half scarf when a few years ago me and my 12 year old son watched City vs West Ham in Boleyn Ground in the home end, as our allocation was sold out for the new Year's Day fixture. (City lost 2-1). Since we were sitting among WH fans "incognito", the only legit way we could wear green and yellow was in the form of a half/half scarf. It also came handy for presenting ourselves as dumb football tourists , who displayed limited enthusiasm when WH scored. Perhaps some others buy them for similar reasons.
  3. Budapest Canary

    Ricardo's report v Arsenal

    Great review. I think Hernandez had an excellent game today. He made many tackles, held the ball well, gave key passes, besides his goal line clearance early on. His decision making improved spectacularly, instead of trying one-on-ones, he began to hold onto balls, looking for better options. My MOM goes to him.
  4. Budapest Canary

    Emery sacked

    In the meantime Ljungberg tweeted: " I will give everything I have to put smiles on faces again." Let's hope he keeps his word, and when the final whistle goes on Sunday, he'll see a stadium full of smilig faces.
  5. Budapest Canary

    FARKE !

  6. Budapest Canary

    *****Official match thread v Everton*****

    An away win with clean sheet and two goals scored - a great confidence builder. Cantwell started extremely nervously, I doubt he had an accurate pass in the first 25 minutes, but after making that brilliant tackle, he was superb. Changes were spot on. We looked great in red, perhaps we should stick with that shirt, seems to bring us luck. More of the same, please!
  7. Budapest Canary

    *****Official match thread v Everton*****

  8. Budapest Canary

    Coldplay at Carrow Rd.

    In an ideal world they should be playing sometime in July about 7 am. Btw. they'll stop in Budapest, and I seriously consider going. (Don't laugh!) They used to among my favs in the 70s. What's the worst that can happen? Rock bands, football clubs have massive ecological footprints, but I guess we like them too much to do much about it (as the song goes "that's the way I like it baby I don't want to live forever...").
  9. Budapest Canary

    Today in Helsinki

    What it needs is a "Follow the Canaries" sticker, one I still got, to make it perfect.
  10. Budapest Canary

    Today in Helsinki

    This year in Finland the presents will not be bought by Joulupukki (Santa) but Teemupukki. He should bring us some too.
  11. Budapest Canary


    Would be a royal signing. (If my limited knowledge of Czechish serves me right, Kral means "king". )
  12. A couple of years ago we had a similar poster (not portman king) claiming to be a something fan, kept smart alecking until he got banned. Everybody hated him. A forgot his name do you remember him?
  13. Until January we cannot bring new players in. Fact. By that time, we may be adrift at the bottom of the table, or perhaps, as a best case scenario, we'll still be fighting relegation. In either situation, the players we should sensibly buy are ones who are willing to play in the Champs if it comes to that. That sees to be in line with our Bundesliga 2 targets. Hopefully, they will include some options that can beef our midfield up to make it more bully proof and make some improvement for the rest of the season, whatever it may bring. In 2017/18 it was clear by December that promotion was not on the cards, but we still played some good matches, to move further next season. My point is that relegation - sad it may be - will/should not be a disaster or the end of the world.
  14. Budapest Canary

    11 out of 27

    You're good!