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  1. Budapest Canary

    Steve Morison Retires.

    I remember an incident against Fulham at CR, when a "fan", while Steve was running near the sideline, yelled to to him "Steve, you're ****e!", to what he responded by looking back and making a "sod off" kind of gesture... I thought he did not deserve it. I remember him as a not particularly skilled but hard-working player. Best of luck to him.
  2. Budapest Canary

    Pukki game here

    "The man with ice in his veins...."
  3. Budapest Canary

    Casino Royale

    The dumbed-down style actually reminds me of Ladybirds books, or rather their grown-up versions.
  4. Budapest Canary

    Casino Royale

    Southgate does not seem to be too bothered though. “Well, once a player has been released from the squad, then it’s up to them how they spend their individual time,” the England boss said. “So, I guess what James has learned is that if you have an involvement with England, then there’s an increased spotlight on you and increased interest in your personal and private life as well. “So, that goes with the territory, it’s a high-profile position.” https://www.football365.com/news/southgate-maddison-will-have-to-learn-from-casino-pictures
  5. Budapest Canary

    Pukki for Finland

    It wasn't Finland's day. I'm rooting for Finland to qualify for the Euros for many reasons. A: I don't think they ever did, it would be great to watch Pukki at that level. B: If they qualify from their group, they won't need to play extra playoff matches, so Pukki won't need to leave for more international games C; If they qualify from their group, Hungary steps up one place in the playoff rankings...
  6. Budapest Canary

    Our summer business

    Talking about Nice. We have just missed out on another of their promising young players, Lamine Diaby Fadiga, whom we could have signed for free. Should have watched better. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/oct/01/nice-sack-striker-lamine-diaby-fadiga-stealing-kasper-dolbergs-watch
  7. Can't we use him as a ballboy, or something to that effect, to stand behind the goal and shout?
  8. Budapest Canary

    Bournmouth-what would you change

    The richest owners in the world could not bring a single new player in 'til January (other than 2 free agents).
  9. Budapest Canary

    Must go

    As others pointed it out, more than 20 teams in England have "rich owners", some richer than others, so unless our sugardaddy is a faritale prince from the Arabian Nights, we still might end up worse. Examples are aplenty for that. We have money to spend in January when we can bring in new players. If we stay up, further resources will be available, if not, we still can rely on the parachute moneys plus a strong Champs squad, with the possibility of adding players, so I'd rather be patient.
  10. Budapest Canary

    Match thread

    A home defeat like that is hard to take, the international break could not come at a better time. Not only the Man City game but the the respectful 0-2s, where we were still "in the game" in the middle of the second half seem to be a long time ago. Maybe we should set up as if all teams we were playing were Man City and play for the odd couterattack. We have an injury crisis, but we can't afford to wait with picking up points until all our wounded return. OTBC
  11. Budapest Canary

    *****Official match thread v C. Palace*****

    WE can get something out of this. Our passig improved, we are more capable of scoring than Palace...
  12. Budapest Canary

    *****Official match thread v C. Palace*****

  13. Budapest Canary

    I'm a Norwich fan

    Most English speakers will know all the words to OTBC, putting them in the right order is the tricky bit. (I take my hat...)
  14. Moaners want their moanie back?
  15. Budapest Canary

    Premiere league thread

    My wrong. I meant Benteke. That said, Lukaku wasn't much threat on the Wolves' goal, was he?