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  1. Well put. Farke can assemble teams that outplay the opposition, but winning ugly or by negative football is something he apparently cannot do. Sadly, it's a skill, by the look of it, he can't get away without at this level, or at least not with the squad he has.
  2. If memory serves, the first time a mini league was circulated in this forum was under Lambert's Prem season, when we stayed up. Who knows, maybe that's the trick. Hexes, anyone?
  3. Something's gotta change. Sad to say, but we need to replace nice, soft-spoken Daniel Farke with someone dirty and mean like Faniel Darke.
  4. Talk about Emi and his replacement/s always reminds me of the 'He gets on base' scene in Moneyball ( the best film on sports management ever). The question is if we cannot find a one-to-one replacement can/could we replace him on aggregate?
  5. Houghton? Available and knows how to keep teams up.
  6. In the same breath, we could call our players' tunnel The Catwalk.
  7. I watched the first season. In a way it is a spinoff of the Mike Bassett: England Manager movie, or at least the Lasso character is firmly based on Bassett's. Funny at times, but feeble compared to the film.
  8. What is the evidence of for racist here? A racist cup throwing? If Kane went there to provoke the crowd he would have received the same. Mind you, if any visiting players carefully picked the Snakepit for goal celebration, I'm pretty sure, he would get some objects flying towards him. Although I graduated from the UEA and read English reasonably well, I would have little chance to spell out a bouncing message on a shirt from a distance, even if I sat nearer.
  9. So why was booing listed then specifically for a Hungarian stadium ban, and why is being entirely overlooked now. It's moving the goalposts. Abuses in most cases could be attached to a handful of individuals (who are being currently investigated and prosecuted by the Hungarian FA in terms of yesterday's match) not to whole groups, let alone the 60,000 fans). After the Euros the bans were dished out, again, not so much based on UEFA's own report, but by camera footage made by an association called FARE, who filmed and lip-read individuals' "f-offs", or a small no-LMBTQ-board, while German activists were sharing out tens of thousands of rainbow flags outside the stadium, and multis were flashing eye-straining rainbow adverts via "perimeter advertising" throughout the match. Does the FA investigate the "rent boy" chant of Liverpool fans?
  10. Some fans get away with more than others. At the Euros, German home fans booed our national anthem, while a fan of theirs ran into the pitch carrying some political message, France fans were throwing objects (plastic cups) to the pitch in Budapest, (but other than that the two sets of fans got along peacefully throughout the city), and also at the Euros I heard many instances of booing anthems through the telly (something Hungary fans didn't do at this time, but got a stadium ban three years ago for booing the Slovak anthem) and I could carry on. I question consistency here.
  11. A sweeping generalisation. Although the EU-ideal itself is quite questionable.
  12. A couple of thoughts after the game: England put out a very strong starting eleven, and won deservedly, as we gradually fell apart in the second half. A bit disappointed as secretly I was hoping for a point, but bearing in mind that England's squad value was over 1bn euros vs 100 thousand, that's reality. Gulácsi may have the reputation of a solid keeper in the Bundesliga, he makes blunders regularly when playing for Hungary, I'm happier when Dibusz or Bogdan stands in goal. As to the crowd reactions: while I do hate taking the knee , as it is 100% political and has no merits beyond provocation, I find booing it dumb for the very same reason. I never did it myself, but it's not a crime. Where I sat I heard no racist abuses, there may have been a couple of individual ones, but certainly not at mass level. Sterling or any other player may have been booed in the context of the game, for perceived playacting, or his goal celebration, but for not other reasons. Taking goal celebration to the home ultras is never a good idea, but then I distinctly remember France fans throwing cups at Hungary players at the Euros, while I cannot recall UEFA taking any issues about it. Rest assured, we'll get a 25 match stadium ban in addition to the ones we picked up during the Euros, and I bet England will get a warning, and some symbolic fine. You can rely on UEFA/FIFA double standards.
  13. Idah's situation reminds me of Lafferty's during his time with us. A fringe player for us, while being a key player for ROI/NI. It might play out similarly.
  14. As a ticket holder, I anticipate this match eagerly. The Magical Magyars may not be the favourites, but with 60,000 fans cheering them on, they may ask the same questions from England as they did at the Euros from France and Germany. (Especially as our young talisman Dominik Szoboszlai (RB Leipzig) is back from injury!) While I expect England to win the group, top teams after big tournaments often not on top of their form, so maybe we could pick up a precious point (points?) that could go a long way towards the playoffs. Hoping for an entertaining match, I'll wear red tomorrow. Hajrá magyarok!
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