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  1. If he's good enough, he's tall enough.
  2. The second half was basically a farce. Absolutely pointless. Had it been a friendly, coaches would not have allowed it to carry on like that (like vs. Rubin Kazan in Austria a couple of seasons ago) .
  3. As the two reds had nothing to do with him, I'd vote for the latter.
  4. This completely fits all the ****e VAR decisions that went against us this season. It could have been an entertaining match, we looked bright and positive until Emi's red. Bearing in mind that this is a game is between two sides that have little to play for, I see the two sending offs even more pointless. Is this fun for anyone? If we'd send out the U23s for the next match, I couln't care less.
  5. Do clubs really need a new kit every season?
  6. Has anyone suggested top and bottom teams to decide promotion/relegation by playoffs against each other (instead of auto promotion/relegation)? It would make sense (at least to me).
  7. We just can't defend against crosses. When will we learn?
  8. This was Dean Ashton's home debut match after we bought him for a record fee of 3 million pounds from Crewe Alexandra. Sadly, he had a short spell with us, and his career ended at the age of 26 due to an injury during atraining session with England.
  9. What a silly goal to concede. Come on guys, dig in!
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