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  1. Budapest Canary

    Been conned

    True, that's how I got my tickets for the "sold out" Wolves and Palace matches during the festive season...
  2. Budapest Canary

    The Great Escape mini-league

    Hope dies last...
  3. Budapest Canary

    Duda done deal according to father 🙏

    Duda could easily be a hit. I followed Hertha under manager Pál Dárdai, and Duda was one of his key players. AT the time Hertha was a similarly on a low budget like ours, and managed to punch above their weight for several seasons, following Dárdai's strict tactical instructions. So I expect to have a well drilled, fit and tactically alert player in Duda, hoping that he'd live up to my expectations.
  4. Budapest Canary

    VAR Table

    Maybe not, but VAR AND injuries together probably amount to a lot.
  5. Budapest Canary

    City v Spurs match thread

    7 minutes?
  6. Budapest Canary

    City v Spurs match thread

    He actually had a shot on goal today.
  7. Budapest Canary

    City v Spurs match thread

    The latest version is that Pukki's beard was offside.
  8. Budapest Canary

    City v Spurs match thread

  9. Budapest Canary

    City v Spurs match thread

    Yessss! Pukki!
  10. Budapest Canary

    City v Spurs match thread

    Super Mario!!!!
  11. Budapest Canary

    How many will Harry Kane score

    I've been there. (Sitting at he home end as no tickets were left for travelling fans). Was not a good game for Kane. He was almost better defensively than in attack. But then, the whole setup in Hughton's second season was uninspiring for attack. Btw. Kane is/was not any more of a lone striker than Wolfswinkel or Hooper was.
  12. Budapest Canary

    Leicester match day thread

    Can't be disappointed with the result, shame it get us only one point.
  13. Budapest Canary

    I think I've had enough.

    I fully understand your disillusionment. Btw. I will be in Norfolk for Christmas between 21 Dec and 3rd Jan. Could I use your tickets for the three home fixtures or any of them?
  14. Budapest Canary

    ****Official match thread vs The Blades****

  15. Budapest Canary

    Everton winning

    I watched Burnley against Man City on Tuesday. Unlike against us, they did not seem to 'do a job' on Man City, they hardly tried, rather watched City players passing them around and building up ridiculous amount possession (near 90%). And I wondered why. Two answers came to my mind: a) they know refs would not let them get away with all the fouling that doing a job involves, b) they are not that desperate as they pick up the points they need from elsewhere, like against us (see a).