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  1. He may have a point in there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CYlcyK3nOA
  2. I told ya he'd get a callup. The perspective of playing in the cup should give him extra motivation. Worldy appearances, more Chumps goals, and promotion will nicely boost his value so we can sell him for about 15 mil to Everton at the end of the season.
  3. Our rise to the top was meteoric and our demise inevitable. How the mighty has fallen.
  4. If I had a flat tire it would be Holt. Other than that Pukki and Ruddy.
  5. That price tag is a glimmer of hope that on City-money one day we can put together a Prem quality team.
  6. On the basis of the club's modus operandi, we MUST go up - to come down. Of course, I hope that next time we do it right and a) we manage to make Prem quality signings (i.e. our signings turn out to be Prem quality), and b) that Milwaukee lot or someone else chips in enough money to make said signings less of a gamble.
  7. Talking about USA. Any chance him getting involved in the USA squad in Katar? Is it possible that his newfound form/motivation is coming from that direction?
  8. I loved how we scored the second goal out of practically nothing. Maybe the slow start to the season is a pattern?
  9. I can confirm that. Last week I was in Norfolk and tried to watch Canaries TV first from a Norfolk address - it offered only the radio broadcast, then I switched VPN on, and hey presto, it offered video too.
  10. Basically agree, but picking up such a cheap second yellow early in the game remains a schoolboy error. It's probably not the silencing gesture itself, but taking the celebration to the opposition fans that warranted it.
  11. Some finish, but if we sign him our goal celebration coaches will have work to do.
  12. Today's result might be embarrassing, but England does not need to be in top form now, and NL means nothing in terms of the World Cup. I'd stick with Southgate at least for the remaining two NL games.
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