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  1. Too right. No prior sightings in ASDA? Pff. Quagiarella was the real deal.
  2. Maybe he felt outshined. Woke up one morning looking California and feeling Minnesota, then called his agent.
  3. Furthermore, his situation in Leeds would be more like when he took us back for the second time freshly after relegation, and not when he did it for the first time, when he had to build the team almost from scratch.
  4. Sorry for responding so slowly, I haven't been around for a while. Shafer is an exciting young player, who has been injured a lot lately. He picked up three injuries since November, and has been mostly out for the rest of the season. Although his latest injury seems to be a light one, and will probably be fit by the start of the season I don't see why would ha want to play Championship football instead of Champions League with Union Berlin. I'd rather recommend another Hungary international, Callum Styles (who is actually English with a Hungarian granny ), who plays in the same positions, but a bit more versatile, plus with some 130 Chumps games under his belt he know this league in-and out. He spent the last season on loan with Millwall from Barnsley, who are willing to sell (around 3m) or loan him out again. On basis of the Hungary internationals I saw involving one or the other player I think Styles is as good as or better than Shafer and a more realistic target for us.
  5. OK, thanks, I missed that. I thought he'd focus on the national team and stuff. Happy that at 33 he feels he has left enough in the tank for that.
  6. You've beaten mne to posting this. Apparently Todd's working hard to maintain his contoversial image up North.
  7. Phone QPR for special late collection, perhaps in home box office? They may have a protocol for that.
  8. That. At 33 he'd probably be happy with less pressure at club level, while still wanting to keep fit and eligible for his Finland duties. With HJK he could press for the title again and also look forward to playing European football. (Last season HJK's EL group included Roma and Betis). I don't how that would work out for him financially, but professionally and in terms of extending his career it seems to be the best option.
  9. I've just read that they consider a 25 yo. Moroccan international striker (Ryan Mmaee) from Ferencváros.
  10. Farke's first season was about rebuilding, this one is about falling apart. In that respect it rather reminds me of Worthington's post-relegation season of 2006/7. Our next season might easily become something like Farke's first.
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