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  1. Budapest Canary

    FA Cup Qtr finals of yesteryear....

    Diving header in the six yard box?
  2. Budapest Canary

    Krul's bottle

    Did anyone see the Norwich episode in BBC's Football stars in ugly cars series? (Perhaps it's still available on Iplayer.) The episode features Tim, Todd and Kenny. Krul has some really funny moments and one-liners in it. Comes though as a top guy.
  3. Budapest Canary

    Not sexy eh?

    I take comfort from the fact that we have the toughest looking manager in the PL.
  4. Budapest Canary

    Today’s headlines.......all game nul and void

    If real games were to be cancelled, I propose the rest of the season should be played out on Playstation. Each club should sign either a top PS player (in which case big clubs would play astronomical sums to sign champions of virtual football) or the players should be picked from among regular team members. The lineup and tactics would be decided by the managers as they'd normally do. Games should be televised with panel discussions and interviews as normal, with perhaps even cuts to the manager in his area and (real) players on the subs' bench, only they'd take place in a safe, virus-free virtual environment. The points gained, however, would be real. Whadduya think?
  5. Budapest Canary

    Before anyone asks

    I'm on Firestick - Swift streamz
  6. Budapest Canary

    Norwich v Liverpool

  7. Budapest Canary

    Possible postponement

    I don't think you mean it, - my first thought when I saw this was thank heavens I wasn't on that one.
  8. Budapest Canary

    Possible postponement

    I don't see how wind could be a problem...
  9. Budapest Canary


    The stop-start nature is what I find most annoying too. (I watched the game on local catch-up tv fast forwarding big sections, until the really exciting last quarter...) By comparison, in rugby they do brain surgery on the pitch without stopping the game, in nfl every losing possession involves at least five minutes of stoppage.
  10. Budapest Canary

    We will beat Liverpool

    I can believe we can do it, but I can't believe it would make any difference.
  11. Budapest Canary

    I think we can now safely say

    Hughton managed to keep us up for a season, signing the wrong type of strikers for his second season was his biggest mistake.( Ironically, we signed three strikers who would have fitted a lot better in his system after he was sacked.) Nonetheless, even when he was sacked, we were four points clear of relegation.
  12. Budapest Canary

    Been conned

    True, that's how I got my tickets for the "sold out" Wolves and Palace matches during the festive season...
  13. Budapest Canary

    The Great Escape mini-league

    Hope dies last...
  14. Budapest Canary

    Duda done deal according to father 🙏

    Duda could easily be a hit. I followed Hertha under manager Pál Dárdai, and Duda was one of his key players. AT the time Hertha was a similarly on a low budget like ours, and managed to punch above their weight for several seasons, following Dárdai's strict tactical instructions. So I expect to have a well drilled, fit and tactically alert player in Duda, hoping that he'd live up to my expectations.
  15. Budapest Canary

    VAR Table

    Maybe not, but VAR AND injuries together probably amount to a lot.