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  1. Two seans after Holt left,we signed Jerome, Grabban, and Lafferty, while we also had Hooper and Wolfsvinkel out on loan. That provided quite enough depth, although Grabban and Laffs were pretty unhappy because of the lack of playtime.
  2. Me. Anything else? It's supposed to be on Bein sports 5.
  3. Some source suggests Arsenal are primarily after Dominik Szoboszlai (Salzburg), who plays in the same position. It is going to be another long transfer window. No club wants to see key players leaving in the middle of a promotion campaign. https://paininthearsenal.com/2020/12/01/arsenal-make-offer-dominik-szoboszlai/
  4. In terms of frustration level, this game was 8 out of 10.
  5. By the way, Wycombe manager definitely reminds me of the lead singer of 1980s Hungarian rock band P. Mobil.
  6. We had good 10 minutes and noone can take it away from us!
  7. I doubt we'll ever follow the "Villa model". That said I'm not sure what model we are follling at the moment. A while ago, I remember, we were supposed to follow the Charlton model, then the Huddersfield model, although I'm not sure wherther we still follow it, or that it is a good idea to follow it. Perhaps we should take a look at City's "partner club" Ferencváros, who have made it to the CL's group phase with a squad valued at 23 m euros to face Barca (tomorrow), Juve and D. Kiev in group G.
  8. Am I the only one whose iFollow doesn't work? I have subscription, but the circle is just going round and round, no stream.
  9. If he's good enough, he's tall enough.
  10. The second half was basically a farce. Absolutely pointless. Had it been a friendly, coaches would not have allowed it to carry on like that (like vs. Rubin Kazan in Austria a couple of seasons ago) .
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