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  1. Had this all weekend , just me ?
  2. An unwelcome return, missed you, where have you been ?
  3. See canaries.co uk for checks to be held on Saturday, a number options available, probably need to get there a bit earlier.
  4. Plus feeding from player’s score to FF teams
  5. Quite a few - additions up and down
  6. I have a Fantasy Football spreadsheet for me and 25 friends, lately it’s been taking over an hour to lead, any ideas ?
  7. Discovered I had Liverpool tickets in my basket, unfortunately can’t make the game, now deleted the purchase, what would have happened if I had left it alone
  8. When you need a covid passport what happens if the name on the vaccine certificate is different to the season ticket ?
  9. Just had another e mail asking me to reset my password, now done it twice in three days
  10. Bit confused, once I’ve changed my password do I have to do anything else ?
  11. Although I have personally not had any problems surely the issues with the ticket office must be a high priority
  12. Is it just me or are we beginning to lose control of this, when should crowds returning kick in on the numbers ?
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