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  1. Two questions: 1, what’s happened to seasonal flu, no mentions nowadays? 2, in a “ normal “ winter, how many people die of flu ?
  2. Mason looks totally unfit to ref a game, just watch him trying to keep up with play
  3. Cardiff up to 6th, binners will love this
  4. Simon Hooper the VAR official, nuff said. Absolute joke.
  5. £17 million up front then £6 million a year just to survive, I hope the pension contributions can afford this.
  6. Good start with Watford losing and Brentford behind in the first minute
  7. Chaos at the end, Watford now have two suspensions
  8. I’ve had Bad Request for over a day, suddenly started to work again
  9. Still a shortage around, no jabs at Reydon till Thursday
  10. Seems wrong you can go into an enclosed supermarket but can not sit out side, spaced apart in a stadium. Plus why just one stand, surely the two lower ends could be used too.
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