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  1. Wonder who it will be ? Be interesting if Cantwell, Godfrey, Lewis or Aarons appear.
  2. There used to be a Doctor Badcock in Stowmarket
  3. Harrogate 2 Ipswich Town 0 has a nice ring to it, season after next !
  4. A friends father died within two days of going into JPH. Another friend had all the symptoms, tested negative BUT is still not 100% after two months.
  5. Sarah is on tv Monday Channel 4 at nine pm “ The race against the virus : the hunt for a vaccine “
  6. Sorry if the numbers are limited you should be banned from giving your ticket away. Firstly there will be thousands behind you in the queue and secondly the trace system will be ****ed
  7. Miserable git, just because you are old ( ish ) you can’t attend ?
  8. Been wondering where you’ve been, crawl back from where ........
  9. ........ someone I’ve heard off. All these unknowns coming in surely there has to be some out goings soon.
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