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  1. Fiery Zac

    New signing photo leaked

    They’re not bothered over there, surprise a PL team has taken him on with his injury record, not surprised he’s with us and they realise he’s just cover for Aarons. Good to keep the Norwich Leeds relationship going though, been a bit quiet recently.
  2. Fiery Zac

    Cricket World Cup

    Don’t understand the comments that we almost don’t deserve it. We’ve been the best one day side for 4 years, the best in the tournament and rightly won the final. We were rightly classed as favourites and this time, the end result was correct. Yes I’m biased but we’ve consistently been the best, most entertaining, most effective one day side. Worthy World Cup winners in every way.
  3. Fiery Zac

    Cricket World Cup

    What a moment for those guys. To win the World Cup in the most incredible way, at the home of cricket. The greatest game of cricket ever
  4. Fiery Zac

    End of season DVD

    Agreed. Feels like they missed an opportunity for a great dvd. Though the fact it’s probably the best selling season review dvd ever, at £12 and £5 postage I doubt they care too much! Always a great watch just a shame there was nothing more than what’s on the YouTube highlights. Some games were very rushed and didn’t build up any of the excitement the games deserved.
  5. Fiery Zac


    No he wasn’t. under valued here and whilst I didn’t expect him to become a mainstay in a decent PL side (will be interesting to see what happens this season), he always looked like a good player that never got the chances here he deserved
  6. Fiery Zac

    Is VAR such a good idea?

    As she was about to shoot, her leg is clipped by the defender meaning she then missed the ball. Clear penalty. Overall for decisions like this and offsides, VAR will be a good thing as it will eradicate the obvious errors that are all too frequent, however there will still be debate and the fact VAR doesn’t clear up every decision will cause more controversy.
  7. Fiery Zac

    Is VAR such a good idea?

    Which is why I think a review system such as cricket should be brought in. The referee/linesman makes their decision on the pitch and only if the opposing team thinks there’s been an error should it be reviewed. If inconclusive or a very tight offside call, the initial referee/linesman decision should stand. 2 reviews like cricket, retained if the review is successful. At the moment the expectation is that VAR will clear up all errors and there’ll be a perfectly officiated game. That’s never going to be the case with so many subjective decisions to make. Add to that the closeness of some offside calls and VAR could just add to the controversy. At least with a certain amount of reviews, it keeps the referees in control but gives teams the opportunity to review a decision if they feel it’s clearly wrong.
  8. Fiery Zac

    OT - Murray Comeback

    Our very own Darren Eadie is an example of what can happen when the job you love doing is taken away from you by injury. Murray wants to finish his career on his own terms, good for him.
  9. Fiery Zac

    Courtesy of twitter

    thats where Noo noo went
  10. Fiery Zac

    Lank Frampard's Chelsea

    True. But he may see it as no better time to go to such a big club. As I said, expectations will be low and he can continue to find his feet as a manager. It’s up to Chelsea whether they want the risk of taking on a manager who didn’t set the championship on fire, was very tactically naive, certainly pre Christmas, has no experience of managing top level players and will be using the club to learn as he goes. Both Chelsea and Man U are in for tough seasons and both managed by club legends. Yet Lampards position imo looks far more promising for him and his career than the poisoned chalice facing Solskjaer. Man U need to start well, Lampard will be given time. The vast changes in the Man U squad will be expected to gel quickly whilst Chelsea will see it as a transition and patience will be shown. Expensive signings will be scrutinised and need to show immediate value, the youngsters and returning loan players will be applauded. Solskjaer has few excuses with money and time on his side, Lampard is inexperienced and in an impossible situation. I like Lampard and think he’s made a good move. I hope it works out for him. He showed improvement as the season went on with Derby, however he’ll need that experience and knowledge to continue to gather momentum if he’s to succeed at Chelsea as fans patience will only go so far.
  11. Fiery Zac

    Lank Frampard's Chelsea

    Good move by Chelsea. A club legend that the fans will support, even more so because he’s working under a transfer embargo. Still a good enough squad to challenge for top 4. Keeps the fans on side for a season at least. A good move from Lampard as expectation is relatively low and he’ll be able to bring youngsters through and experiment with his managerial style (didn’t work early at Derby but more down to the squad he had available and the nature of the championship)
  12. Fiery Zac

    Leo Vegas......now dafabet

    I assume you’ve had no experience of it then.
  13. Fiery Zac

    Leo Vegas......now dafabet

    So nothing should be done because ruining people’s lives financially isnt important? Having seen the effects of both, gambling is in some ways scarier as there is more denial involved and help harder to be given and accepted. I am not talking about health issues as a consequence of smoking but purely the addiction. Smokers are well aware of what can happen, gamblers are all too often oblivious to what is happening to them.
  14. Fiery Zac

    Leo Vegas......now dafabet

    How is it a poor comparison?? Theyre both addictions. They’re both done for pleasure (other than for making money for bookies). They have both ruined lives. No comparison is perfect but as addictions go, they bear a lot of similarities. The main point of my post was to show the impact of regulation. Whilst never eradicating these issues completely, there’s clear evidence that a lot of help can be given to reduce those that are and will become affected.