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  1. But it's this point that is a positive for Smith... we've got to 2nd in the league without having our strongest 11 on the field at any point. Do a poll on our best midfield 3 or 4 and no one would pick any of the combinations that have played so far this season. I also think there would be a variation of opinions but undoubtedly they would all include Hayden and/or Gibbs. Get an actual DM in (and I agree, play 4-2-3-1) and then he can truly be judged.
  2. Win win win win win win - but we're playing crap and don't deserve to be winning, booooo Draw or lose - its a results business, booooo After 10 games in 2018, we had 17 points and had produced some very poor performances including the battle at the bottom vs the binners, which was as bad as today. Ive never understood the inpatient ramblings over the years. In 18/19 there were positives to see (and in the season before) as there are now (being 2nd in the league for one.) Frustration at the game, yes. Satisfied with the result, yes. Happy with our league position, absolutely.
  3. 2nd in the league, unbeaten in 7 without yet fielding our strongest 11. I'll take that.
  4. Haha, yes exactly. I know it's not the narrative you and many want, but you have to face facts. He did act and it did change the game. That being said, we simply weren't creative enough today. WBA did what most (and the opposite of what Bristol did) teams will do at CR and frustrated and played on the break. They gained confidence from our comical passing at the back and were more the likely to score a winner.
  5. And South Stand too Must just be the river end then. Weird
  6. You obviously havent read my post as * I said the performance was far from perfect, so no we don't deny those moments happened * I never said its like a well oiled machine or in any way inferred that. In fact, I explicitly stated the opposite. My response to the OP was simply that the arguments for the negatives don't make sense, and going to the extremes of comparing Smith to Lambert (inaccurately) just compounded the issue with it. Had it just been a report of the failings last night, sloppy errors, loss of control in midfield then fair enough but it was made very much about Smith. Unfair in my opinion. The sloppy errors are not his doing and subbing a player for some in the first half when 2-0 up is crazy. When we consistently lost control in midfield and were only a goal up, he changed it. Not sure what else he should have done. He deserves credit for last night and much much more for the season so far. Not as much humble pie around here as there should be. I agree with your last paragraph bar the final sentence. Previous managers would have, rightly, been lauded for the changes Smith made had they done them, as it resulted in a goal and winning the game. I simply cannot find a reason for the negativity other than the dislike for Smith. So not complaining people are negative, just sharing my opinion that Smith is unjustly, overly criticised for winning football matches, in much the same (and often much cleverer) way than the much mentioned and loved Farke and Lambert.
  7. Now you've done it... someone will be along in a minute and claim had Farke had 5 subs a game, he'd have changed formations, tactics etc too But yes, it's a strength of Smiths, or simply just good, clever coaching and managing to have more than 1 plan, and change it if things aren't working. It's what changes games. If he hadn't changed it last night, we may have drawn or lost. He deserves more credit than he's getting. Bringing through youth, implementing a new style and philosophy, integrating new signings when ready, having more than 1 plan, clear respect of the squad, speaks well and intelligently, admits concerns and demands improvement, key players to return, and, erm, winning games. Seriously don't know what's not to like at the moment.
  8. This. The no 10 is important for Pukki, to make sure he's not isolated. Now imagining a midfield 2 of Hayden and Gibbs/Sara with Nunez further forward. Nice.
  9. Absobloodylutely I'm happy for us to win a game of football, have a clear plan to do so, not overreact to a period of pressure that happens in every match, make changes when said pressure intensifies and remains constant, score another goal after the changes, and see out the match (only made uncomfortable by refereeing incompetence) to make it 6 wins in a row. At no point have I said Smith won't be continually learning and looking for ways for us to improve. But your post is just over the top negative about him, and doesn't add up when scrutinised. Special mention goes to when you use Lambert as a stick to beat him with (subs), realising the usual Farke stick can't be used as he was far far worse than Smith has ever been whilst in charge. Its also wrong as Smith makes timely changes and has affected games by doing so (another gripe and damning statistic about the messiah Farke.) Last night was far from perfect, but the vast majority of Lamberts and Farkes promotion seasons were the same as the mixture of performances weve seen at the beginning of this season. I see it as a massive positive we are where we are right now as we have players to return and some consistent good form to come into, to come. Happy days. We will play well in games and lose, play well and win, play well and lose etc etc. Winning the majority will see us promoted, so erm, what's not to like? I didnt enjoy a lot of the Millwall game a few years back, it had errors galore, poor, slow tactical decisions and some rotten individual performances, but it's one game I love going back to and watching and talking about. Guaranteed the extent to which you found a negative in last night's performance, you didn't find in the aforementioned seasons. Smith is changing tactics and formations IN GAME. It's what we're cried out for for the last few years, how is he not getting credit for it? Seriously, the critisism for simply being Dean Smith (as I just can't find another justifiable reason for the uneducated and inconsistent analysis) is just sad.
  10. Yup, I bet he's furious with himself he's stood on the sidelines watching us win 6 games in a row, without playing particularly well. It could be argued a change was needed at half time but I think it should have been a formation change from 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-3. Ramsey, and then Sara too often were just lost in no man's land, not linking an attack effectively and not being any kind of shield to the final 3rd. Credit to Smith (no idea why he gets none from the OP, what exactly does he have to do???) for setting us up as such and knowing with Bristols high press (and very high wing backs) we would get chances on the break, and the types of chances that Pukki thrives on, but I feel the final 15mins of the first half and beginning of the 2nd showed we needed control of the ball more in the middle and we weren't getting that with a no 10 on the pitch. Maybe if we had been 2 up more of a change would've happened whereas with just a goal lead, we were right to continue to look for another. That no 10 does make a difference for Pukki. We also played a very narrow 4-2-3-1 which gave Bristol a lot of space and time out wide and Cantwells attack was restricted as a result. This was addressed with the introduction of Onel (again, no credit to Smith for that...really?) which pushed us wider and with Sara, gave us a bit more bite and solidity in midfield, though he still played as a 10 when I thought he'd drop in deeper. These were timely subs imo as we had started to go long too often (after numerous passes around the back 4 ending up at Kruls feet) and Onel gave us an outlet on the ground. So my overall thoughts are that while not playing particularly well, the game played out pretty much exactly as Smith thought it would. They'd get chances higher up the pitch and we'd break on them with our championship cheat code in Pukki. Albeit a little late, he addressed the midfield issue in the 2nd half and we got a 3rd. An awful, absolutely f***ing awful piece of officiating resulted in them getting back in the game and unjustly giving us a nervy final 10 mins or so, but we did what we needed to do to win the game. It was a performance that felt like if we needed to, we could've stepped it up and got another goal. As will be the case in many matches, we are the better 11, its how we're set up and how few errors we make that will decide if we win the game. Exciting times ahead when/if we can get some players fit. A proper holding mid will make us more solid and give us more freedom in attack. It could also release Nunez to play slightly higher up on the right (like a certain Mr Buendia) and give Pukki even more service, like yesterday, that he has already shown he loves. So, much credit to Smith, and he still isn't getting enough. 6 wins in a row. Promotion seasons under Farke and Lambert were far far from a walk in the park and we rarely put together a complete 90mins (it's why Leeds away is so well and fondly remembered, it's a rare example of a complete perfect performance) but we got the job done and kept getting the wins, exactly like we are doing now. Here's to you Deano! OTBC
  11. Pukki's first reminded me of Holts vs Wolves (?) Not the best angle of it but in this clip at about 1:42. Any excuse to watch the old and compare with the new goat.
  12. I had a 5 a side match at FDC booked for tomorrow. That's now been cancelled so seems everything sport-wise is off, professionally and recreationally
  13. More contentious in the man u arsenal game with the 'foul' on Eriksen. Again, it's NOT a clear and obvious error so why did the on field decisions get overturned. They want more contact, they want continuous play and less stoppages. So why have they made this decision that is the exact opposite of all that??
  14. As has been said, it's not VAR that's the problem, its the muppets using it and those that are determining the laws and what strength of the laws to implement, that are the problem. Supposedly it was decided pre season to allow more contact, keep the game flowing and penalise time wasting. The intentions are always all well and good but the application here has been pathetic. One area that sums up the major catastrophic decisions yesterday is the ludicrous protection goalkeepers get. The West Ham and Newcastle decisions are just plain ******* stupid. Some ridiculous decision has been made and communicated to referees in pre season around gks, as I've never seen such a bad decision TWICE in two different games on the same day before. Bowen does not foul Mendy, fact. Willock does not foul Guaita, fact. Nobody believes they were fouls, except the referees. So what was said to them pre season?? But my main complaint with yesterday's decisions and how VAR has evolved and is now implemented, is, why did VAR get involved in the first place? CLEAR AND OBVIOUS error, is what they're supposed to get involved with. It was never put in to review every single decision to the minutest detail. Unless its an obvious clanger from the on field referee (he's unsighted etc) then stick with the decision he's made. Neither ref blew the whistle on field so the goals should, rightly, have stood as no obvious error in decision making was made. I think another problem is referees not making on field decisions because they know VAR is there. Stop relying on VAR and just get on with the game! We want free flowing football, not stop start b****** looking at the screen and waiting 2 or 3 minutes for a decision. I will also never forgive VAR for taking away the joyous moment of celebration when a goal is scored, only for my doubt to immediately kick in that maybe Pukkis beard was offside and it'll get chalked off. VAR should, as was sold to us all on its introduction, be running in the background and only interrupt the game when a clear and obvious error has been made on field. But what's actually happened is, it's become the centre piece for our sport and becomes the main talking point post match, one way or another. VAR has helped referees make numerous correct decisions and, applied correctly would be great for the game. But what we're seeing at the moment is a bunch of incompetent fools who don't understand VAR, don't understand the fans and don't understand football.
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