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  1. Don’t know what happened there Not a technology issue but due to the wrongful transfers of Tevez and Mascherano to West Ham (could the powers that be have actually checked all was above board and stopped the moves?), Sheff Utd were eventually awarded compensation following relegation...weren’t they?
  2. Sorry, didn’t see the others
  3. Was being described as essential in the modern game. VAR and GDS will make the game less controversial and ensure correct results. Well, it’s just relegated Bournemouth. Sums up the season. ‘Technology’
  4. That’s why I said ‘forget Hernandez’s goal’ Pukkis vs Spurs was anything but clear
  5. I’ll post this again. With this margin of error, how can there not be a ‘clear and obvious error’ clause added to offsides also. Pukkis goal vs Spurs should’ve stood
  6. He’s right though. Forget Hernandez’s goal as he was more than a bit offside but the principle is that VAR isn’t accurate enough. Offsides are supposedly clear cut, you’re either on or offside therefore there’s no ‘clear and obvious error’ bit when discussing offsides. Yet it is proven the technology isn’t good enough to be 100% definitive.
  7. “Things even themselves out over the season” b*****ks. Goodbye VAR
  8. Snodgrass, Johnson, Howson, Maddison....of recent times?
  9. This gets forgotten all too easily. He was a great all round player. Big but great with the ball at his feet, definitely not slow and read the game so well. Legend is used too often these days but he genuinely is one.
  10. It’s so difficult to choose a favourite ever city player, but to have 2 of my all time favourites in the same team and create such special memories was just magic. What a time to be a city fan watching Wes and Holty do their stuff. Holt definitely undervalued by the PL and by whoever the idiot England manager was at the time
  11. Henderson should be Man Utd and England no 1 De Gea has been poor for 2 seasons
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