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  1. Fiery Zac

    Pukki starts for Finland

    Another assist for Teemu
  2. Fiery Zac

    Pukki starts for Finland

    If he’s fit and ready to play he needs to start vs Boro. Scored less lately but his contribution has still been vital in each game and we don’t want to be saying ‘what if Pukki had played against Boro’ at the end of the season.
  3. Exactly. Pukki has been poorer in his position than Krul in his recently, yet all some fans can moan about is Krul. Thats not to say Pukki hasn’t contributed as he has helped create some goals and been full of running. Similarly Krul has made some mistakes but made some key saves and kept us in games. I’ve no doubt Pukki will be banging in goals again very soon and Krul will continue to make some crucial saves whilst cutting out the amount of errors. Unfortunately as he’s the gk he gets and will get far too much unwarranted criticism. Pukki and Krul have been key parts of the team this season, just wish they would be treated equally by the fans.
  4. Fiery Zac

    McLean, Stiepermann and Buendia

    That was my opinion of his performance against Hull, it hasn’t changed. Its great he’s scored today, otbc!
  5. Fiery Zac

    Leeds v Sheff Utd

    But you’re assuming both Leeds and shef Utd are going to keep on winning. If they can, so can we
  6. Fiery Zac

    @ Cornish Sam

    I could watch that all day, and then all night
  7. Fiery Zac

    Leeds v Sheff Utd

    Shef Utd have had their chances on the break though. Have grown into the game and look dangerous. Leeds sloppy in defence
  8. Fiery Zac

    Team for Rotherham game

    Whilst being more attacking than Leitner, he’s still closer to it than McLean and much more suited to the deep playmaking role than McLean too. I know some disagree but I never thought Vrancic looked comfortable as an AM. He’s not someone to run and terrify defences and his key attributes are his eye for a pass. For that he needs the play in front of him and time to get his head up.
  9. Fiery Zac

    Team for Rotherham game

    Why would he change when we continue winning? Are you saying he’s found his strongest 11 (and dynamic) now and it’s nothing to do with keeping faith with players in a winning team? I think his man management is a key reason for our continued success and when players get their chance and we win he rewards them by starting again. I don’t think for one minute he prefers this dynamic to that of earlier in the season. With and without Leitner are fairly even stats. We score more but concede less and we’ve won about the same with or without him. However he played during our early games when finding a formation and integrating Stiepermann and Buendia and was key to getting us through so many games and periods early on. As you say Vrancic and now McLean are maintaining that success. For me, therefore it comes down to what I saw and see at games, and what I saw was Leitner always looking for the ball and setting the tempo for the team. He offered more protection than both Vrancic and McLean and eased the pressure on Krul by always being available (and very good with the ball) from goal kicks. The way we play has evolved and the changes in personnel have been fluid and they’ve integrated into the way Farke wants to play, not the way we play (or dynamic) altering because of the change in players. McLean, Imo, doesn’t fit perfectly into this way of playing but is being rewarded for some good displays and winning games by keeping his place. Imo our biggest problem would be an injury to Stiepermann as we don’t have anyone that could do the job he does. I think McLean would be more suited to the AM role but not offer the strength and skill Stiepermann shows when able to turn and run at the defence.
  10. Fiery Zac

    Team for Rotherham game

    That dynamic was the one that got us to the top of the league. Our position has been maintained fantastically well as we have a great depth in the squad but let’s not forget how we got here
  11. Fiery Zac

    McLean, Stiepermann and Buendia

    Yes, apologies, my reply was more thinking of a comment previously around needing a better tempo and control of the midfield which Leitner wouldn’t be able to create in the one minute he had been on the pitch. So it could be argued Leitner could’ve ‘busted a gut’ to get back, however he made less mistakes in the 10 mins he was on the pitch than McLean did in the first 10 mins of the match. No, ‘being noticed’ meant compared to Leitner and Vrancic, I don’t feel he sets the tempo and has control of the midfield in the same way. He also put more pressure on Trybull to work harder by not looking for the ball in the way Mo and Mario do. Mclean is a more attacking player and is therefore not a surprise he has more assists and goals, however that is more evidence he has less control of midfield and doesn’t do the work of Leitner. Different players but McLean is not playing the role Leitner or Vrancic were and I feel we were more effective with them in the team. Yes we are winning games and as I’ve said I respect Farkes policy of selection but I’d like to see more control, that control I felt we had earlier in the season. It’s nothing to do with favourite players, I wanted to see McLean in the team. I’m going on what I see.
  12. Fiery Zac

    Other Clubs Forums

    Liked the comment about our third goal being a series of lucky flicks and ricochets
  13. Fiery Zac

    McLean, Stiepermann and Buendia

    About a minute after yes. However any suggestion that was the reason we conceded is ridiculous. As I’ve said, I understand and respect Farkes policy with the starting line ups and he certainly has proven he knows what he’s doing! I just think Leitner is a better player and our midfield looked more in control when he was starting, though again that was not simply down to Leitner, Tettey played a big part in that. I may be being harsh on McLean as such high standards were set by Leitner and then sustained and even bettered in some ways by Vrancic, but our best deep lying playmakers are sitting on the bench and that bothers me enough to scrutinise the man stepping in for them. My biggest criticism is that Mcleans not been really noticed when I’m watching a game and that’s something I never said of Leitner or Vrancic when they were playing.
  14. Fiery Zac

    McLean, Stiepermann and Buendia

    Exactly. McLean wasn’t doing the Leitner role which put more pressure on Trybull who had to do it whilst also being the DM and whilst there were flashes of decent passing it was very rare and it just felt the game passed him by. If he’s not suited to the position, put in someone who is (Vrancic and Leitner would get into any championship team) and he’ll have to wait his turn for his favoured position to come up though the rest of the midfield (barring injuries) are nailed on to start every game to the end of the season.
  15. Fiery Zac

    McLean, Stiepermann and Buendia

    I didn’t have an issue with the announcement, it was predictable but exciting and got the crowd buzzing, plus it made zero difference to our performance and we scored a couple of early goals. I understand Farkes point but he was just being modest, Webber and the club obviously knew it would have a beneficial impact on the crowd without affecting the players and it was a nice touch. Farke not making a big deal of it either at the time or after the game just heightens the respect the fans and players have for him, the club made it about him and he made the game about the players whilst indulging the fans as he always does after the final whistle. Well played by all at the club.