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  1. From being poor first half we should’ve easily put this game to bed in the second
  2. Against the run of play but great finish, that’s the difference in quality we have
  3. Alderweireld was pretty close to signing wasn’t he? Quagliarella?
  4. We’re not giving the opposition a goal head start or sloppily letting teams back into games this season. It’s less exciting but clearly a targeted area for improvement that will hopefully make a big difference next season should we go up. As has been said, the creativity is still there. Emi a constant threat and always anticipation when he receives the ball, Todd with flashes of brilliance and really exciting attacking full backs (Aaron’s we know can do it but Giannoulis looks like a very good prospect for the PL already). Individually as good (with youngsters potential to be even better than 2 years ago) but better as a team and as a managed/coached squad.
  5. Apologies. My glasses not performing to the correct standard, will substitute them immediately
  6. Good post and a good point that I don’t think is mentioned enough is how much better defensively we are this season compared to 2 years ago. Its tempered the attack slightly but we’re still winning games and clear top of the league. Arguably the team is much better balanced this time out. Less entertaining maybe, but equally if not more effective. Good preparation if we are to get promoted
  7. Farke made game changing substitutions earlier in the season...though they were largely described as lucky! He knows what he’s doing
  8. Strange comment because they didn’t and imo never looked like doing so. Their best chance...the one that Aarons blocked? I didn’t think Vrancic was too bad today, especially compared to other recent games (when he has been taken off early) and at 1-0 his creativity was needed and potentially more so had Rotherham somehow have scored. My honest opinion as the game was going on..I couldn’t think of an obvious change to make. I disagreed with those saying we looked knackered, didn’t see that from anyone. Also at only 1-0 it was right to keep our best, most creative players on the pitch, and if they all felt ok then why not? Rotherham didn’t look like scoring so we were managing the game perfectly and therefore why risk a change to disrupt the flow? Dowell for Vrancic could have been made but wasn’t essential for our control on the game and we didn’t need to go chasing a second goal.
  9. Watch my team deservedly win and stretch the lead at the top of the table vs reply to some consistently repeated nonsense about Farkes poor game management Hmm..? I agree this is a forum for discussion and Farke is not perfect and has made mistakes. But I can’t understand the continued surprise and critisism at how he manages games. Even more surprising as we are streets ahead in terms of quality and actual position in the league. He wants to keep a team that is performing on the pitch for as long as possible to get the result. With our often reported on training methods, why shouldn’t everyone play the full 90? It’s about getting the game won and our results are there to see. Even more confusing is the lack of appreciation for Farke when he has made game changing substitutions. He knows what he’s doing in game. He’s proven in on numerous occasions.
  10. Wow. On Canary call we now have Pukki was lucky to score...and Butler is joining in. Im out. I’m going to enjoy the fact we won a game of football we deserved to win, that we’re 7 points clear at the top of the championship and more than likely getting promoted.
  11. yep absolutely mental isn’t it? Ill take Farkes commensense over anyone on here thanks
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