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  1. Fair enough, agree to disagree. Though I didn’t actually accuse you of booing - just saying I didn’t as this is the topic of the thread! No deflection at all as I fully answered all your points
  2. Haven’t ignored anything from the PL last time and was very vocal about it. Yesterday was unacceptable and my dissatisfaction shown but not by childish, cowardly booing. Very few had the disrupted pre season we had. In PL round ups it was us and Newcastle that were mentioned as being the worst affected, not quite every other club. The improvement in defence and philosophy was clearly there to see throughout the whole of last season. Even if you weren’t watching, have a look at the stats. Buendia is a massive loss obviously but wanted to leave over a year ago. No blame on the club for getting him to stay to get us promoted and then using his sale to fund the numerous signings we now have. Skipp isn’t pulling up any trees at Spurs and the pundits/fans of theirs aren’t expecting him to remain in the team. He had an excellent season in the championship - the very league you tell me to ignore and isn’t important! It was the model that was set up that allowed the Maddison sale to happen. Invest in young talent, be self funded. Yes, again mistakes were made but they brought in the right people to get us to where we are - living as well as possible within our means. This 15 games stuff is getting boring. Different, unprepared team then as has been acknowledged. Judge on this team that we’re told is ready to establish itself. If it fails and continues to be as inept as yesterday, I’ll be criticising as loudly as anybody. Good ol hindsight. Kabak wasn’t ‘clearly not fit’ and that’s purely a reaction to the loss talking. He looked good at bringing the ball out of defence and is a strong presence. Costly mistake but when exactly should be be brought into the team? Obviously seen as potential first choice and with PL experience, wasn’t at all a suspect call.
  3. Yeh, ignore the championship season, that doesn’t matter. Ignore the disrupted pre season and numerous new signings that need time (as well as the opposition that we’ve faced), that’s not at all important. Ignore the fact both Webber in his role 2 years ago and Farkes in his were new to it and learning on the job, and who have admitted the mistakes and already shown improvement (albeit in the championship). Ignore the fact the new signings (that as you say are not suggesting it’ll be any better this time) have played less than a handful of games, and 2 made debuts yesterday. Ignore the fact we still have a club to support because of the owners, and that we have a club to support that will continue to exist and at the top levels of the English league because of them. You can ignore all that, overreact and be inpatient if you want. I don’t consider any of the team, coach’s, staff or owners to be consistently failing.
  4. We needed a goal and were lacking creativity, and people think Rupp would’ve been the answer!?! He’s also not a physical replacement for Normann so fails on both counts. Idah earlier would’ve been better but again, we needed creativity. Pukki proved he would put chances away, we just weren’t getting the right pass to him. Bringing on Tzolis and Todd were absolutely the right moves. And Tzolis is not powder puff
  5. Thank god all the booers were there to remind Webber and Farke we didn’t play well today and to ‘buck their ideas up’
  6. Who’s continually failed? Kabak at fault for first goal - it’s his first game Normann at fault for the second - it’s his first game Mclean makes a mistake, they happen - could well be dropped The team for losing to Watford - continually failing is just 450 minutes as a team is it? It’s not even that as we haven’t had a settled side yet this season Farke as he’s the coach - won the championship twice so by your definition isn’t continually failing. I get the frustrations, Im f***ing livid we lost to that carp team, but some people really are taking it too far
  7. Too harsh. You’re basing this on one game and Skipps performances in the championship. Overall a decent showing from Normann and the understanding of the league and team around him will be much better for it. Looks strong, not afraid to get stuck in and good on the ball. The second goal was really poor and blindingly obvious before the ball was passed that he was about 10 yards away from where he should be but I’m sure he doesn’t need to be told and hopefully, as Farke said it was down to tiring to an extent. Has a better passing game than Skipp, just needs that awareness defensively. But far far too early to judge and the positives outweigh the negatives. On Skipp, I realise some fans will simply make him a messiah the more we struggle and he is yet another example of a player being portrayed as better than they are the longer they’re not in the team. But he’s not overly rated by the Spurs fans I listen to (though partially due to being in the wrong position) and they wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t in the team much longer. He’s one of theirs though so isn’t being too heavily criticised as yet. He was fantastic…in the championship. The arguments for us missing him (and comparisons with Normann) should be based on his performances in the PL, which so far have been ok to meh. Time will tell.
  8. Jones’ arrival as coach and their subsequent tactical changes and more attacking play (complete opposite to Bruce football) had a pretty big part to play. If he hadn’t joined, Bruce wouldn’t still be manager - and Newcastle likely relegated
  9. Someone just asked ‘was gourn on in trainnin’ on canary call. Most entertainment I’ve had for 90mins
  10. You must not be a member of one of the ‘fan’ groups on Facebook. It’s vile on there, I quit all I was a member of this week.
  11. I agree but there was ZERO chance of Schmeichel getting to McLeans header, the Leeds defender could conceivably have blocked the shot had he seen the ball leave Fabinhos foot.
  12. Remind anyone of anything? Mane in a offside position in the line of sight of the defender - apparently not interfering with play so not offside. Cantwell in the line of sight of the keeper - apparently interfering with play so offside. hmm
  13. You’re writing this season off without seeing Kabak or Normann play a single minute and without seeing our best 11 play together??
  14. Brentford - Kristoffer Ajer - 13.5m Norwich - Ozan Kabak - Loan with option to buy for 11m 2 clubs who will (in all probability) be fighting for survival this season. Which signing is more impressive? Ajer will more than likely have a wage reduction if they are relegated and a decent resale value, or could be a key part of an immediate return to the PL. A 5 year deal also guarantees a good fee if he has a strong season in a team that will have plenty of defending to do. No PL experience but comes with a good reputation. Keep them up and obviously the fee justifies itself and his value increases. Kabak has PL experience at the top end and generally a good reputation from Liverpool fans. If we are relegated we won’t be stuck with his PL (or lowered championship) wages. If we stay up we have a strong, pacy CB who can continue to impress with us (assuming he does this season, and keeping us up would be impressive enough) and young enough to develop and command a decent transfer fee should clubs come knocking in the future. Will he have the desire to prove himself and give his all at a loan club? After playing for Liverpool, will he feel above playing for lil ol Norwich? And most importantly, will he be good enough to keep us up? A genuine question and only a slight dig at those that thought we should just pay the extra for Ajer.
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