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  1. Fiery Zac

    As i've said for the last 20 years

    In your opinion. My opinion (and I don’t give a **** who the poster is) is he’s talking ********
  2. Firstly, I’m not one of those currently overreacting, “Farke out”, “Delia out”, “we should have spent enough to stay up but not too much to cripple ourselves financially like last time when we got relegated anyway” But... What was going on with our starting formation?? I sit on the halfway line and every time I looked out at a goal kick, we had Aarons, Lewis, Godfrey, Tettey and Trybull in our half and every other play about 30 yards further up field offering absolutely no support whatsoever. So when the ball did come out wide to Aarons or Lewis they had little option but to go back to a CB, inside to Trybull (more often than not marked out of the game by their high press) or play a longish ambitious ball forward to Buendia/Stiepermann/Onel. I know we are an attacking team, especially at home but this was simply not working and nothing changed. I have rarely doubted or questioned Farke but why are we not playing with 2 sitting in midfield?? It was the basis for our success last season, a season in which we conceded a lot of goals yet for some reason we now think we can do away with one and just play Trybull as the only protection to an already fractious defence. For the first half in particular this was the reason for both looking poor at the back and ineffective going forward. One mistake, not enough protection and bang, goal. Watford continued a high press and we couldn’t get through without a worldly of a pass or a bit of luck, not enough options. I don’t question the commitment or desire of the players, that was there. I think Farke simply got the formation and team selection wrong and the PL has figured us out. Teams press us high and panic us into mistakes they know will happen and all too often have then resulted in goals. Because of this our passing has looked very average at times and players are making more mistakes than last season. Watford are a poor side and we made some good chances, chances we must take if we’re going to pull ourselves out of this slide back to the championship. Hope isn’t lost but we have to learn from mistakes, have an effective plan B if we’re being pressed out of the game and play a formation suited to our style of play and the players we have.
  3. Who knows how we’d have got on but the difference in having an actual CB playing at CB and some consistency, is huge. The difference when Krul was out was massive imo, no leadership behind the makeshift back 4 and no ability or confidence to play our way, out from the back. Extrapolate that into a defence missing Zimmerman and/or Klose (and even Hanley who is actually a CB unlike Amadou/Tettey) and it becomes not just a defender we’re missing, it’s a leader, it’s consistency and it’s something that then effects the rest of the makeup of the team. We need a DM next to a ball playing creator. So Amadou/Tettey next to Leitner/McLean/Vrancic. Against the majority of sides, it’ll be a tough battle in midfield and we simply haven’t had the personnel consistently so far to compete there. Yes goals have become a problem, but do we not think that’s another result of the back 4 and midfield 2 basically just being whoever’s fit that week? Aarons and Lewis have become deeper which in turn leads to Cantwell and Buendia dropping back and leaving Pukki an isolated figure, occasionally being involved in a break but more often than not, chasing long balls. Leitner isn’t a number 10 and I’m baffled as to why he has been tried there a few times when he’s failed every game. So whilst it’s not all down to injuries, I believe we’d be a few more points better off had we had a consistent, balanced side. Krul Aarons Zimmerman Godfrey/Klose Lewis Amadou McLean Buendia Stiepermann Hernandez Pukki I hope we see some resemblance of this team before the end of the season, and some consistency in selection with competition for places. Luck will change, players will return and we will sort ourselves out.
  4. Fiery Zac

    Lakey please cheer us all up .

    This is nonsense. Also you don’t speak for me when saying we’d mock them lot down the road. Having worked with numerous 1p5wich fans, alongside the banter and mocking, there’s always been respect and honesty. I’ve openly admitted that League 1 was one of my favourite seasons as a city fan and have had many conversations with ‘that lot’ fans looking forward to enjoying this season down there. I would and have proudly stated that last season is my favourite season ever watching city (to binners and anyone who’ll listen), something I didn’t expect to be saying after Lamberts championship season. I don’t equate ‘best’ to mean the highest we’ve finished in the footballing pyramid, best is what I’ve witnessed my team produce, how they’ve gone about it, moments of magic and electric atmospheres. Last season had everything.
  5. Fiery Zac


    Unfortunately the first 2 sentences could be describing a few players so far this season. Buendia hasn’t stepped up either. The effort is there but when it goes wrong, and in the PL it has done a lot, he quickly becomes the petulant childish sulky Emi.
  6. Fiery Zac

    VAR - F*ck off

    It feels we’ve gone from “don’t overturn any decisions, we don’t want to undermine the referee, he’s doing a very difficult job and isn’t perfect” to... ”oops, we’ve got a few wrong, the press are going on about it, overturn as many as you like to make it look like VAR has a purpose”
  7. Fiery Zac

    We do this every time

    It’s not all about spending. Sheff Utd played a lot of their game yesterday with all 11 on the pitch having played last season. They’ve added well but they also have a core that knows each other really well
  8. Fiery Zac

    VAR - F*ck off

    What was so f***ing frustrating was that at the ground, we had no idea what was going on. There was a huge pause, eventually the announcer told us what the check was for and then another huge pause waiting for a decision. Once the decision was made, absolutely no explanation or replay to show us how they’d come to this conclusion. Am eager to get home and see the highlights as heard on the radio that the first pen shouldn’t have been given. If it’s not a clear and obvious error why didn’t they stick with the on field decision of no pen? And what the f*** is the point of the monitor at the side of the pitch? All we’re getting is the referees initial decision and then someone else’s opinion based on replays but on a subjective topic. Farcical
  9. Fiery Zac

    Team V Man U

    No return for Stiepermann. Assuming it will be Leitner in the advanced role? McLean certainly the most effective at interceptions and in the air
  10. Fiery Zac

    Score vs Man Utd

    Norwich 2 Man U 1 Pukki and Buendia
  11. Fiery Zac

    Is the game not televised?

    I meant not televised as in not on Sky/BT. Every PL game is on somewhere or other if you’ve got the means and integrity to find it
  12. Fiery Zac

    Is the game not televised?

    No it’s not. No idea why it’s half 4 but Sunday because of Man U in the Europa League
  13. Fiery Zac

    Premier Watch

    47 with the bonus points. Could’ve been 67 if I’d captained Vardy (could still be if De Bruyne doesn’t play tomorrow ). Sets it up nicely for the weekend though. I was 2nd in my work league going into this week.
  14. Fiery Zac

    Premier Watch

    And he’s the 3rd Leicester player in my team
  15. Fiery Zac

    Premier Watch

    A Maddison beauty