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......and Smith must score.

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  1. ......and Smith must score.

    How to listen live on bbc radio?

    No idea how old you are WWIAFTM but there are many elderly people who would be very lonely without one.
  2. ......and Smith must score.

    Ratings v Bournemouth

    Yes, he certainly livened up our play. Makes you wonder if he'd been brought on a bit earlier we might have nicked it. That said we'd all have settled for this point at KO.
  3. ......and Smith must score.

    That's An Absolutely Superb Point

    A very useful point today and of course with hindsight slightly disappointed it wasn't three. Most of us must have thought we were goners when Godfrey limped off but for some reason we played better after he was subbed. Hernandez looked as though he'll skin a few players this season. Let's hope he doesn't make too much of a habit of falling down stairs.
  4. ......and Smith must score.

    *****Official match thread v Bournemouth*****

    Delighted with a point after Godfrey had to go off. Fingers crossed he's back soon
  5. ......and Smith must score.

    *****Official match thread v Bournemouth*****

    Could've been off there
  6. ......and Smith must score.

    *****Official match thread v Bournemouth*****

    Can't believe this injury curse Bite your hand off for a point now
  7. ......and Smith must score.

    Still waiting for Dec/Jan fixture dates to be confirmed

    The away game at Spurs is not live just KO's 15 mins earlier. My bad
  8. ......and Smith must score.

    Still waiting for Dec/Jan fixture dates to be confirmed

    Why was the Sheff Utd fixture pushed back to the Sunday ? All festive fixtures will now be on TV and both Spurs matches will now be live
  9. ......and Smith must score.

    Bournemouth Tickets

    Yes, I've been to the Vitality before and it's a very modern ground. I'm pretty sure there are no pillars in the away stand
  10. ......and Smith must score.

    Bournemouth Tickets

    I think the tickets now available are restricted view which might be a good idea if our current away form is anything to go by A friend of mine got an unrestricted view seat this week so I guess it must have been a return
  11. ......and Smith must score.

    What Joy

    This is really good news especially after that Villa clobbering. Can only increase confidence in the whole team.
  12. ......and Smith must score.

    Brighton Tickets

    Still on sale now. A little surprised but I suppose a long trip to see a side decimated by injuries and with four consecutive away defeats and only one consolation goal under it’s belt does take it’s toll. It will sell out. Brighton is a great away day.
  13. ......and Smith must score.


    If you include our injury situation in pre-season predictions surely the sensible money would be on relegation. We've seen teams survive when in far worse early positions so I think we've got a chance providing we can get some of our injured players back and we can hang on the coat tails of the team in 16th spot until the long-termers are back. We'll be doing really well if we can get out of this one though and the odds must be heavily against it. It's unrealistic to assume that we won't have at least one or two injuries to contend with at any one time but this season it's been unbelievably bad.
  14. ......and Smith must score.

    ZZ Top at Carrow Road

    Doubt they'd go for the Donald Trump-type goon entourage more the Hackney hipster look I'd say. Wonder if he had a weapon hidden in his bush ?
  15. ......and Smith must score.

    ZZ Top at Carrow Road

    Didn't fancy getting maimed by their security detail Nutty. Besides they were in the posh seats way behind lording it over us forelock-tugging serfs in the cheap seats.
  16. ......and Smith must score.

    Bournmouth-what would you change

    Put an ' e ' in there..... The team ? Need to see who's still standing after the international break.
  17. ......and Smith must score.

    ZZ Top at Carrow Road

    Yeah, away fans in home areas should only be tolerated if they keep a low profile. Pretty tricky for Royals so even our dozy stewards should have had them on the radar and hooked the three of them out when young George in his colours started leaping up and down. Followed by words of advice suggesting they try supporting the local team at The Walks next time they’re down Grandma’s way.....
  18. ......and Smith must score.

    Stadium Expansion Latest.

    Sounds good on paper but I wonder if the lower tier can be altered to fit the expanding population without losing too many seats. There were a lot less Mr Creosotes back in the 80’s.......
  19. ......and Smith must score.

    Bus replacement

    Same for anyone travelling from Peterborough to Norwich via Ely and Thetford. Buses will be rammed with Villa fans so that’ll be cosy.....
  20. ......and Smith must score.


    Needs must but there can be unwanted payback in terms of more serious injuries when playing pumped up with drugs.Fingers crossed.
  21. ......and Smith must score.

    Stadium Expansion Latest.

    I'm sure it could but as previously discussed many times on here and it might be cheaper but would it be the best long term option ? If the green light was given immediately by the time another modern second tier is added the original City Stand would be nigh on 40 years old having opened in 1986. It's looking it's age and modern stadia have far more legroom and circulation space. Compared to the South Stand it feels cramped. With lower attendances there wasn't much of a problem accommodating supporters who were turfed out of their seats when that was rebuilt but it would be a nightmare now trying to shoehorn City Stand dwellers in to other parts of the ground. There's no easy solution.
  22. ......and Smith must score.

    Club Hands Out Three year Bans.

    What's with all the ties ? Back then it must have been formal dress code for adults at FA Cup ties
  23. ......and Smith must score.

    An evening with Sam Allardyce

    I reckon the bean counters know the answer to that one
  24. ......and Smith must score.

    Next Event - Meet our NCFC Staff - Oct 3rd

    Be OK if it's only raining hard then ?
  25. ......and Smith must score.

    Membership Meeting At Carrow Road Last Night.

    While I agree that it's a crazy scheme but I'm not sure that this happens much in practice. I'm totally against the idea that tickets are sold for more than face value and I think most people would only buy a ticket to help out a mate who didn't have ten away games in the bank. It happened under the old scheme and it'll happen under any future scheme. Don't forget that everyone in the ' 750 ' club have shelled out £50 the same as everyone else. It's not touting.