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    Saw an illuminating comment that goes to the quick of the argument elsewhere. "When the discussion turns to fishing I always know we are talking about ideology not practical pragmatic economic benefits." Sums up nicely the view of some.
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    Good post. Also, fans wanting to be 'an established Premier League outfit' are setting unrealistic expectations. There are only 6, 7, at a real push 8 clubs in the entire country who can be classed as 'established' Premier League clubs. Every other club is one bad season away from a relegation scrap. I get to some fans just existing in the PL is the be all and end all - but I support Norwich, not the prem, not the big clubs. The reason why i'm so defensive of the club at the moment is they just delivered one of the best footballing seasons of my lifetime last season. I enjoyed it thouroughly. It's why I go to watch football. I guess some don't really have any emotional attachment and the only objective is spending as much money as possible.
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    I'm surprised by this thread. I always thought the BBC pundits, including Wright and Shearer were pretty positive towards us. Our style of football and the way the club is run is constantly getting praised. Danny Murphy coined the now famous 'best team to be bottom' line on BBC. Jonathan Pearce (a commentator rather than a pundit I suppose) spent a good few minutes praising us and was practically getting emotional about the prospect of us going down when he was introducing the Everton match! I live with a Villa fan and was thinking the other day how he must feel pretty sore about how much Norwich get bigged up compared to them. And we're bottom of the league! To be honest I'm not sure what the critics on here are hearing.
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    Four or five times a year this Dutch boat or her sister ship comes into local waters and trawl up between one hundred and one hundred and sixty tonnes of seed mussels. They then take them back home and seed their beds for future stocks. They can do it because we sold them our quotas. It will not change. I have said it before on here that british fishermen are their own worst enemies. How do I know? My family sold ours and most of the smacks were broken up never to return.
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    WBB I can only say what I know, as said have a brother in law who’s an independent toxicologist who works with lots of companies, I’ve been told by a mutual friend who does the same line of work that the vaccine might need two shots of vaccine, then topped up each year. But they are working on dose size and frequency testing. That’s all I know, but sounds about in line with what you’ve posted.
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    Glad we have this thread about Bali Mumba to discuss the minutiae of Cantwell's ability
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    I'm happy to substitute deliberate collision for challenge but it was clearly deliberate and violent given the speed they were both travelling at and with the ball yards away. I agree it would normally be a yellow rather than a red as McTominay's (I think?) elbow appeared to hit Cantwell just below his throat rather than a few inches higher which would have made it an automatic red. But I don't think he could have had too many complaints if the ref had decided that it was still dangerous play and produced a red.
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    If only. A better board with him than without.
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    ......but Premier League referees are under strict instructions to always give such decisions in favour of any top 6 club
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    We did last time, and it near took us to bankruptcy' The PL is made up of around eight 'certainties; and a dozen or so hopefuls. Hopeful that they can stay up. Where I differ with many on here is that I don't judge our success by how many years we can stay as one of those hopefuls,but on how we fare when we do get relegated. Too many who were once considered clubs who had 'consolidated; have come down, and down to earth. Stoke, Swansea, Bolton, Blackburn, Sunderland, Boro, Hull etc etc It is not simply a case of 'more effort' as so many would not be failing like this. It is the harsh reality that you will be up against clubs foolish enough to blow everything on staying up.... until it is no longer feasible And so down they come - unable to do more than wheeze out an existence in the CH or lower. We will not come down with players/contracts that we cannot shift - not a debt we cannot pay Far more preferable to the former, and put bluntly clubs are unable to afford too many seasons in the PL without wrecking themselves financially.
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    I think that people do it just so they can walk into school/work on Monday morning and say that 'we' won at the weekend to make them feel better about themselves. 'We'- the team from a city on the other side of the country that I've visited a couple times and play in a stadium I've never been to. They just want to tag along with the most powerful, successful group and hope that they'll be seen as part of it, but they never will be. In reality, most people just roll their eyes and think they're a bit of a ****. In Italy, more than 70% of the country identify as a fan of one of the big three, so not a huge amount follow their local team. In the province of Lecce where I live, there are tons of Juventus fans, despite the fact that Turin is actually closer to London than it is to Lecce. On Friday, I watched the Juventus-Lecce match at the bar and there were some locals who were actually speaking in Leccese dialect and referring to Juventus as 'we'. How can they not see the hypocrisy and ridiculousness in that?
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    We fought tooth and nail to get here, and I think you’re doing our players a massive disservice there, CW. I feel from your post that you are saying every other club that ever gets promoted does everything it can to stay in the Premier League but we don’t. That’s your insinuation. Truth is, most of those teams get relegated first time of asking whether they want to stay there or not. And they’ll have spent a bit too. Wasted cash. Even though it’s been said time and time again on here the last few days, I’ll say it again that we’re openly taking a unique approach in building our club these days i.e the self sustaining model. It’s no secret to any of you. So that means we’d have a cautious go financially upon the last promotion and try and box clever with clever scouting and signings. Unfortunately most of the signings haven’t done what people wanted them to do, despite most looking like shrewd additions at the time. Hindsight is an amazing thing though. However... This may not be what people want to hear, but by taking that approach meant if the worst comes to the worst, then we could go down having shrewdly banked as much PL cash as possible, putting us in an amazing position next season. Not only have we built our register up (not to mention parachute payments), but should we be one of the 3 to go up next season then we’ll find ourselves with a bit more to play with whilst the club remains in fantastic financial shape (and I would expect us to spend a little more with each attempt, of course). I love a challenge rather than the ‘easy way’ (hello Russia and the Middle East), it’s obviously not to everyone’s taste, particularly the impatient or those that will never be happy unless we’re an established season in season out Champions League outfit, but it’ll be far more satisfying as we see the fruits of our labour in the coming seasons.
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    As I say, each to his own. Supporting , and following a team all over the place makes sense. I also get the bit about mums dads , family history , Uncle Frank played for them and all of that. It’s the bit about picking a side because they won the league in your formative years and not going to see them that I simply don’t see any point in? You may as well take up fishing or stamp collecting . I
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    Ricardo wins the “restart is never going to happen” award . Oh hang on .....
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    Oh dear Jools. We have been over this before and provided the documentation that proves it .... to recap: The UK is a net importer of fish as most of the fish we prefer to eat are not caught in our waters. And British companies who obtained large quotas sold a significant portion of their quota to European based ones. Then Scotland and Northern Ireland and (Welsh speaking areas of) Wales are the three primary areas of the UK that voted to remain.... along with Londoners who may enjoy a wider palette.
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    Yes, I remember that ubiquitous Brexit poster: 'Let's take the £350m we lyingly claim we send the EU every week and pretend we will put it aside to part-fund the billions UK consumers are going to pay in extra tariffs imposed by the EU when even we have to admit publicly that everything we said about how Brexit would pan out to the total advantage of the UK was a fantasy that only the eye-wateringly stupid would have believed in the first place.'
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    Let’s not forget, Gary Lineker has a special affinity with the FA Cup because it looks like stainless steel tribute to his head.
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    There’s one guy doing tracing who has had 15 referrals so far, he’s convinced they’re all the same person
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    I’ve just had a chat with a contact from GSK, who is linked with a toxicologist in the vaccine team, it’s likely that vulnerable, will have vaccines first and the double dose is certainly the way forward. It’s this part of the trial which may delay the vaccine in September, but he thinks there might well be vaccines to those most at risk by end of September with mass immunisation by end of October. They are trying to ensure there’s no second winter spike leading to winter restrictions which as we can see during Christmas holidays would be mass family gatherings. Just a snippet of info for you.
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    Maybe they will run a coach or two out of the city This is "Colin" of Schipol Airport fame.....I'm pretty sure it's a parody account
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    Yes it would have been easy to achieve if we had taken our chances. The fact it went to extra time supports this. It's not that a team are easy to beat, but on the day it was close and we could've won. https://www.lexico.com/definition/for_the_taking
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    Hi Indy can you comment on my last post ? Do you reckon I have read between the lines correctly ?
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    ****ety Mc****stick?
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    We all know lots of people like this . Absolutely their right to do what they like . It all just seems such a terrible waste of time. I can’t see passed the Fast Show Arsenal supporter . SOCCER!
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    On a serious note I nominate @Well b back for his consistently excellent postings with news about vaccine/treatment developments, where he frequently finds things ahead of the professional journalists in the mainstream media.
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    In the most amiable way possible, I will disagree 100%. I think now, and have thought for several years, that Todd will be the finest player the club has ever produced. Seriously. His brain works quicker that most players, thought and play are simultaneous, he sees things out there that only the top players see, and his attitude and work ethic is extraordinary. His first season in EPL has surprised many people, but not the many good judges in the club. Those who know, know. All that can hold him back is bad injury or some other unforeseeable mishap. He missed a whole year of his development, and possible he is a little behind where he should be at 22, but frankly that's incidental. Argue by all means, but come back to this topic in 5 years and we will see. He will have to move away to achieve his full potential, which is depressing, but so be it. There will be good judges watching him who can visualise him in a team of amazing talents, which is where he will end up by the time he is 25 or 26. I would put my house on it. He's still learning, of course he is.
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    At least you can eat cauliflower cheese
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    Nah that was the 'what did Wattling wallet?' debate that seems to have lasted around 25 years between two or three posters.
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    I get that impression too, Hoggy, and I think there’s two types of football supporter or fan. The worst thing is that when people feel like what you’ve highlighted, they’re never truly satisfied. Their team will win the Premier League and it still won’t be enough, I guarantee you they’ll still be grumbling or unhappy about something. Which is a shame. As Eddie once said, the thrill is in the glory of a successful season and winning promotion, not necessarily what it brings next (or words similar to that effect)
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    No there shouldn't.
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    Swindon, even you must grasp that this is not going the way you were led to believe in June 2016 The view that leaving the EU was going to be no more trouble than changing broadband, and once 'free of the EU clutches', the UK would bound forward into a brighter and more prosperous future was never the truth. And that this hasn't happened is now down to some connivance on the part of the EU, was never anything more than a lie - and at some point you will have to come to terms with that. Posting up silly and misleading stuff to counter that reality might make you feel better about this, but it won't change how things are Far better for you to pay heed to the numerous posters who have put you right on this, than spend more time banging your head on the wall in futile denial The UK is embracing the future, not clinging to some mythical past You've the choice to be part of that future or be left behind like some relic of the past...... as a stuffed animals head in a fusty old library.
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    It's like having a conversation with a plate of cauliflower cheese.
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    I think Gary upset some City fans last time we were in the Prem. He had the nerve to have a go at them for their endless whining. I'm not sure how he got to that point.
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    what part of the last fours years have given you reason to doubt that
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    Swindon you cannot be this stupid!!!!! They have already paid to fish over 50% of the UK quota - that is what I said in the post you replied to, so there is no need for them to pay again. Whatever the size of the overall quotas (which vary from year to year based on the estimed health of the fishing stocks) and which hopefully will be reduced for the next few years to improve the numbers, EU vessels will still be entitled to fish over 50% of the UK quota because they have already bought the rights to do so. This is not a tricky thing to understand.
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    I only support Norwich because my cousin moved to Hundon for a while in the early 70s and started supporting them. I’m very lucky as Ipswich is nearer so he could have chosen them instead
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    Should be Poster Most Likely to Start An Argument in an Empty Room category
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    Can we have most repeated post of the year? My vote goes to 'why isn't this is the non-football section?'
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    You are full of insightful football knowledge aren't you? Regardless - Mclean, Trybull, Leitner and Klose have all been good enough in the championship before so I'm not sure why they're suddenly a write-off now - especially Leitner who hasn't even played to prove you right / wrong.
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    @Flying DutchmanSorry if my post came across as bitter, that was not the intention. You are right, and I'm proud that we made it to the QF and gave such a good account of ourselves. The OP is not about Norwich, it's about the fact that there are no 'lesser' teams in the SF. Personally I would always support an underdog, that's the magic. But there are no underdogs now.
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    Overall poster of the year is Ricardo again for his beautifully observed match reports and his memories of days gone by
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    Why do we need pundits? I can work out if we`ve played well or not, just show me the game and I`m happy.
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    f** kin* 'ell?! Some of you lot (OP and most after) have got a serious chip on your shoulders. Absolutely hilarious that you think Lineker and the rest have got a problem with Norwich. Small minded fans like this make it seem like we deserve the 2nd flight we're destined to go to. Grow up lads, get over it.
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    Yeah I still dont understand how Farke could have looked at Dudas performace against Everton, which I woud argue was one of the worst player performances I have seen this season, and then decided to sub him on when he could have stuck vrancic in
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    We did put Tottenham out maybe that's it.
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    I particularly liked how the commentators tied themselves in knots trying to make it sound like Igahlo and Maguire's 2 yard shinned finishes were somehow better than Cantwell's 20 yarder (keeper could have done better, & 'really difficult to get yourself in the position to finish like that (re: igahol) ps - no it's not). Do they have zero awareness of themselves?
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    The BBC can’t be defunded fast enough to get this smug idiot off the public purse.
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    The OP posted some incredibly racist views in a thread that later went on to be deleted. People like him are not welcome here.
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    Play like that in the Premier League and we might not get relegated
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    "...and the thread of the year award goes to....certainly not this f*cking one." OTBC
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