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  1. daisy

    I have had a premonition

    Jonathan? At 1am I guess you were still a little tipsy..
  2. daisy

    Cantwell to Arsenal???

    Maybe he`s getting fed up with some people telling him how crap he is, (not my opinion) . Can`t blame him for biting back at some of his critics, the lad is young, talented and gives his all for the club, don`t blame him if this is aimed at them.
  3. So with the transfer window almost upon us and some fans thinking it`s going to be our saviour, realistically who would you bring in and who from the team that started yesterday would you drop. For me, yesterdays first half performance was the best I had seen for a long time, so I think it`s the bench we need to be looking at, for example a decent second striker and another out and out winger so we can change shape when we are chasing the game. The guys that started yesterday deserved a win, they just needed a little help a little earlier and that old fashioned piece of luck.
  4. So with 16 games played and 5 points from safety many fans are saying we are down. I see where they are all coming from but lets just fast forward a few months and what if we had now played 32 games and were still 5 points from safety, with 6 games left would all those fans still be thinking we were down or would the mindset change to an exciting possible `great escape` .
  5. He`s a young lad giving his all for City, played well today. The best players in the world make mistakes, Cantwell is a gifted young player and has probably received some unfair criticism. Yes sometimes he loses the ball, makes a bad pass etc but he has a certain quality about him. Some of our boys are very young and will only get better. We should support them not knock them.
  6. daisy

    Some hope in the aftermath

    Great post, my thoughts exactly. Lets try to be positive and hope we can turn things around. Up the Yellas!!
  7. Alex never looked comfortable yesterday, not a great header of the ball, didn`t look at ease with the short balls from Krul, wayward clearances, short of pace. For me it`s horses for courses, play people in their positions, Amadou came with experience of playing centre back so for me you play him there if fit enough, otherwise at least a recognised centre back from the U23`s. Again I`m not having a go at Alex, I think he`s a great pro for us and I know if you asked him to play left wing for us he would, but it doesn`t mean he will do a good job there. Oh, I forgot to mention nearly scoring an own goal, thanks for reminding me!!
  8. Alex struggled at centre half, not gonna knock him too much cos I like the guy but if you were there yesterday it was plain to see. Just think it`s poor that we are asking him to play that role when he is clearly better used elsewhere.
  9. Hardly, Tetty is not a centre half. Proved that yesterday, I like Tetty but he should not be asked to play that role. Would rather see a centre half from the U23`s come in. Lets hope Zimmerman is back soon, we need him so bad.
  10. daisy

    The Centre Back conundrum

    Hanley and Amadou will both start Saturday. Amadou in midfield and Hanley at the back. Hanley will have had an extra weeks training to get match fit and a specialised centre back is what we need to accompany Godfrey, he may not be everyone`s favourite but he`s our captain and a decent centre half who deserves a little bit more support and respect from a few people on here. Don`t forget his first game back from a very long layoff, which led to some criticism, was against the European champions. Let`s give him a chance.
  11. daisy

    London Stadium

    If this is the future God help us, poor view, poor atmosphere, poor access, bus seemed like it was parked about a mile away, no segregation outside the ground, if they draw millwal in the cup I bet the coaches will be allowed to park closer. Feel sorry for West ham fans having to go there every other week.
  12. daisy

    Mr Farke

    Is Mr Farke quickly becoming one of our most successful/ popular managers of all time? I`m impressed with every interview he does, speaks so highly of our club and fans. I for one am thankful for such a nice guy leading our great club, we`re playing the best football i`ve seen home and away for many years, long may it continue.
  13. daisy

    Luton v Middlesbrough

    Play Tuesday, looking forwards to a Luton victory!!
  14. daisy

    Luton v Middlesbrough

    Was impressed by Luton, played well, never gave up. Should give the scum a run for their money!!
  15. daisy


    Sawyers looked a class act to me, dont know much about him though.