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  1. Maybe we won't need a replacement for Skipp. Don't think he'll be a starter for Spurs so sitting on their bench is pointless, a season or even till January in the prem with us would give him experience, time for Spurs to see what he can do in the top league. Can only benefit all parties.
  2. Gibson has been a fantastic addition, class defender that has made all the difference.
  3. Thought Rupp was excellent yesterday, written off by some when he first joined but now showing his worth. Another good pice of work by the recruitment team.
  4. Thank you for the kind words.
  5. Stop wetting your pants, oh and Maradona was a cheat, do you struggle with the truth ?
  6. Simply answering to the above, before today most of you couldn`t care less about the guy, now all of a sudden many of you respect him. Be honest with yourselves.
  7. Sorry, can't remember anything good about his time here.
  8. He would have been in the squad this weekend if he wasn't injured. So pointless post.
  9. Nice negative post, why not just enjoy this season and worry about the next one after we get promoted.
  10. Thought it said Bobby Ball for a moment. Rock on Tommy.
  11. Headline is fine, why try making something of it. We all know what he means!!
  12. Baseball ground was always a challenge.
  13. Easy for me, Danny "I think I`m so great" Mills. Knocks us at every opportunity even though we gave him his big break. See the Bianca Westwood post. A poor example of a lucky boy that squirmed his way through football by being a dirty useless player and now can`t bring himself to acknowledge the club in a respectful manner that set him on his way. Wants to be recognised as a Leeds legend, that in it`s self say`s so much. T**t.
  14. Proves what a complete bell end he is. Forgets that we gave him his big break even though he was such a crap footballer. Got lucky with his moves and now thinks he`s a top pundit. Embarrassing fool.
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