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  1. Today was the first time they have come up against a tough team, Leeds is always a tough game. I had no doubt that they would lose, the bubble has burst. They have had their fifteen minutes of fame.
  2. Boring second half. Championship is so much more exciting.
  3. Think he will start next Sunday, probably for Onel.
  4. I`m dim enough to believe he is going to Leeds.
  5. Doesn`t really matter how much this guy has been fined, the real punishment is the fact he will have to look over his shoulder every time he goes out for the next few years. Hope he gets what he deserves.
  6. So you're 2-0 down and down to ten men in a must win game. Do you 'A' take off a striker and bring on a defender or 'B' think, let's go for it and keep two strikers on the pitch ? And possibly bring on our most successful striker in the last five years.
  7. Are you the real Dean Coney cos if you are I don't think you will get any takers. !!
  8. Probably because McLean is playing quite well there at the moment.
  9. Anyone missing Dean Smith? No, me neither. I've not given him a second thought since Wagner came in, even more so after our great result last weekend. He was such a bad appointment from day one. Can anyone say they have thought about him since he left??
  10. Spoke to someone who works at the club last night and he's telling me it's going to be Wagner. Obviously not prepared to say who it was but just passing on the info.
  11. Thought Sara had his best game for us last night. Strange how we all see players performances differently.
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