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  1. daisy

    The Centre Back conundrum

    Hanley and Amadou will both start Saturday. Amadou in midfield and Hanley at the back. Hanley will have had an extra weeks training to get match fit and a specialised centre back is what we need to accompany Godfrey, he may not be everyone`s favourite but he`s our captain and a decent centre half who deserves a little bit more support and respect from a few people on here. Don`t forget his first game back from a very long layoff, which led to some criticism, was against the European champions. Let`s give him a chance.
  2. daisy

    London Stadium

    If this is the future God help us, poor view, poor atmosphere, poor access, bus seemed like it was parked about a mile away, no segregation outside the ground, if they draw millwal in the cup I bet the coaches will be allowed to park closer. Feel sorry for West ham fans having to go there every other week.
  3. daisy

    Mr Farke

    Is Mr Farke quickly becoming one of our most successful/ popular managers of all time? I`m impressed with every interview he does, speaks so highly of our club and fans. I for one am thankful for such a nice guy leading our great club, we`re playing the best football i`ve seen home and away for many years, long may it continue.
  4. daisy

    Luton v Middlesbrough

    Play Tuesday, looking forwards to a Luton victory!!
  5. daisy

    Luton v Middlesbrough

    Was impressed by Luton, played well, never gave up. Should give the scum a run for their money!!
  6. daisy


    Sawyers looked a class act to me, dont know much about him though.
  7. daisy

    Changes for next game?

    Quite simple really, Leitner needs to start Wednesday for McLean. We had no creativity against Swansea, harsh on McLean but we need our best players playing so big decisions have to be made. Both Stiepermann and Pukki need that creative player behind them. Quite simple really.
  8. Just seen Leeds "winning" goal, does he dislike us that much!!!
  9. daisy

    So, Leitner

    Spot on.
  10. Doesn`t help Forest though, a couple of minutes away from a good win and you`re cheated. I know if it had been against us, as a fan I would want more than that as some sort of "compensation". If Forest miss out on a play off spot by two points then Mr Gayle should hang his head in shame!!
  11. daisy

    Concerned for the Sheff Utd game

    Some footballers can`t think 30 seconds ahead!
  12. daisy

    Danny Mills

    Lucky to get as far as he did in his career, average player who tried to be a hard man but didn`t quite get there. As a pundit he is poor, surely a good pundit should be someone thats proved themselves at being both a top quality player and has a respected opinion, he is neither.
  13. daisy


    Trybull was excellent last night and I have a theory as to why. This season has seen him play in cup games or coming on for a few minutes in games. He always knows that Tettey will start in the league games, now with Tettey out for the next few weeks I think Trybull sees this as an opportunity to stake a real claim for the DM position as he will be involved a run of games, so with the prospect of this, the guy now has an incentive to perform at a greater level. Basically he has something to gain for playing well instead of the thought of bench warming after one appearance.
  14. daisy


    Great ball for the winner.
  15. One defeat in 12 league games and you want to replace the keeper?? Whatever next..