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  1. Marshall couldn`t wait to leave before so no.
  2. Isn`t a holding midfielder the same as a DM, just asking!!
  3. Surely you have to retire it at the time someone leaves the club or before someone else takes it??
  4. I guess most people would view your comment as tongue n cheek but it`s a fair point. We started the season with four centre halves which for most clubs would have been sufficient, injuries killed us early on together with a poor January window to follow. Farke is an honest bloke doing his best with what he has.
  5. The word Legend is spoken all too often these days about some of our over paid footballers. Big Jack was a true Legend.
  6. Just checked out a highlights video and was impressed. Yes I know it`s a lower standard of football but a very positive player, will be interesting to watch. Check him out before writing him off!
  7. Championship club looking for a new leader. No real cash available for transfers, must develop the young players from within or purchase new for peanuts. Must clear out big earners first even if some are crowd favourites and generate cash to keep the club afloat. Play attractive attacking football and try to gain promotion to the best league in the world where you will be tested against some of the best clubs in the world and most certainly every other club will have more cash to spend than you. Also if you stick your neck out and push to bring in a few experienced and well paid players you must persevere with those as the board will get a little annoyed that you wanted them so bad but didn`t play them, think we all know who they are! Doesn`t sound too attractive does it? However Farke took on this challenge, did the clear out, did the promotion and now sadly is paying the price of no proper investment, that is the real problem here. No I didn`t expect to spend 100 million but surely 5 - 10 would have been a realistic figure for our club. I personally think Farke has worked his nuts off for our club, bearing in mind the players he has to work with. So do we get rid and expect the next candidate to take on the exact same challenge as him or do we back his judgement with the new players coming in and get behind the team and enjoy the championship once again. I`ve not enjoyed much of this season, over paid players, cheating players, biased pundits, VAR, most games on days other than Saturdays. Looking forward to getting back down to Carrow Rd on a Saturday afternoon and watching a young exciting team, roll on next season.
  8. What if none of the four teams above us win another game this season, two wins and a draw would see us safe, I`m still hoping for the miracle.
  9. Why do we need pundits? I can work out if we`ve played well or not, just show me the game and I`m happy.
  10. Sad how football is all about money these days. Heard Ray Parlour on Talksport during the week saying Man City needed to spend big next season to compete with Liverpool, as if they haven`t spent enough over the last few years. This is why football is not for the ordinary clubs/fans theses days!
  11. A great call into Radio Norfolk after the game, said it exactly how it is. He expressed more passion and heart with a three minute phone call than some of our players did over ninety minutes. Have a listen, it`s worth it, i`m not clever enough to do one of those link things so maybe someone could that for me. Thank you.
  12. I loved the championship, lets face it, we are a great championship side. I love my club and am desperate for them to be a success in the premier league but we`re just not good enough, next season we can get behind the team again, watch some great football and enjoy a great ride back to the promised land.
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