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  1. Heard it might be white and purple, from a friend of a friend of a friend.
  2. Placheta shouldn't be anywhere near the first time, awful player. Onel is streets ahead of him but even he should only be a squad player.
  3. Me thinks you need some English lessons.
  4. I don't give a monkeys what hair style he has as long as he knuckles down and give us something to cheer about next season, the lad has talent and I for one still want him to succeed here.
  5. Our best keeper, got to stay for me.
  6. Bit harsh bringing Daryl Sutch into this, oh and he`s not a car salesman.
  7. I'm being realistic, Twine would cost too much for us!!
  8. Barry Bannon, experienced, good passer, can take a decent free kick, won't cost the earth. Driving force for Wednesday this season. You buy the players to suit the league you're going to play in, not the season after.
  9. Bit sad really that we have to have a right back playing there, shows the state we are in.
  10. The Man U defeat wasn`t due to the system, it was individual errors.
  11. Placheta shouldn`t be anywhere near the first team.
  12. We probably have to cough up some more cash if he makes another appearance.
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