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  1. Darth Canary1

    Mings again

    West Ham down to 10
  2. Darth Canary1

    Mings again

    Wouldn't see that here these days. It's a good game though
  3. Darth Canary1

    Where do we go from here?

    Zimbo is out until Jan and klose is out for the season.
  4. Darth Canary1

    Now do you understand??

    The force is strong with this team
  5. Darth Canary1

    Match Thread V ManC

    I'm in ****ing tears, wow just ****ing wow
  6. Darth Canary1

    Match Thread V ManC

    Good half lads.
  7. Darth Canary1

    How many will man city get

    The game as a contest will be over inside 10 minutes. They will score at least 8
  8. Darth Canary1

    Feeling even more positive now

    As others have said, get through this with the Ipswich record loss intact and I'll be happy.
  9. Darth Canary1

    A year since I made a fool of myself

    I also had doubts and did air them on here. My concern was I thought the players were better than the results we were getting so I wasn't sure Farke was the man to get the best out of them. How wrong I was!
  10. Darth Canary1

    Crystal Palace Tickets

    The restricted view at palace is the low gantry which means you can't see the screens. It's an awful stadium but the view of the pitch wasn't bad last time I was there.
  11. Darth Canary1

    Crystal Palace Tickets

    I've got one now!
  12. Darth Canary1

    Crystal Palace Tickets

    Wow, good job king, I should of stayed logged in! Never mind, not too disappointed as I got one for West Ham.
  13. Darth Canary1

    Crystal Palace Tickets

    I just got in and it's sold out King
  14. Darth Canary1


    Krul was our best player by a country mile. Lewis was good as well