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  1. Fulham have stopped Brentford from playing their A game and they no plan B. They've been premier leagued by Fulham
  2. Both of them were and are decent players we did mug Newcastle though
  3. Fulham in total control since the equaliser. Forgot murphy was at Cardiff
  4. We probably could do with Fulham going up but I'd like to see Brentford do it
  5. That doesn't count hoggy, last year was pure luck.
  6. Don't fall for the troll bethnal.
  7. Should still be down because of the hawkeye error though. Fair play they've had a go and we didn't.
  8. Bethnal always says ignore anything coming out of Turkey, likewise Portugal. That's good enough for me to assume this has no legs.
  9. Fair play to villa if we were in their position with Arsenal on the beach, we'd probably still lose.
  10. I do agree Till but I really do want Villa to come down with us for absolutely no rational reason
  11. I'm terrified about our game against them, we've broken enough records dont want the record defeat added to it.
  12. 4 now and can see Villa beating Arsenal, which should be enough regardless of the West Ham game.
  13. In this day an age, that was the correct decision. Stupid from emi.
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