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  1. Darth Canary1

    Match Night Thread -

    Definite seeds of recovery here, starting to find the verve of last season.
  2. Darth Canary1

    Today's Match Thread

    Scoring goals is one thing I didn't think we would struggle with, but I just think the confidence has gone
  3. Darth Canary1

    Today's Match Thread

    Total garbage, too lightweight, no confidence. Only one way we are going.
  4. Darth Canary1

    If Man United lose today...

    Blades have been very good, wont be troubling the rele spots unfortunately
  5. Darth Canary1

    Ricardo's report v Villa

    Nice report Ricardo as always on what was a truly truly awful day football wise
  6. Darth Canary1

    VAR not being used correctly

    It was a penalty against us, Amadou doesn't get the ball. It was a correct decision
  7. Darth Canary1

    Lawro ( Berk )

    Yup, in his table we have played 5 and lost 5 with a GD of -7
  8. Darth Canary1

    Webber’s new contract official

    Great news
  9. Darth Canary1

    Crystal Palace Tickets

    I shall be there
  10. Darth Canary1

    Points Target for Next 4 Games

    6 would be good, anything more would be excellent
  11. Darth Canary1

    Mings again

    West Ham down to 10
  12. Darth Canary1

    Mings again

    Wouldn't see that here these days. It's a good game though
  13. Darth Canary1

    Where do we go from here?

    Zimbo is out until Jan and klose is out for the season.
  14. Darth Canary1

    Now do you understand??

    The force is strong with this team
  15. Darth Canary1

    Match Thread V ManC

    I'm in ****ing tears, wow just ****ing wow