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  1. Why is Godfrey getting all this interest specifically from Italy? Is his style of play deemed to suit that league I wonder? I wouldn't want to sell him unless it was £20m + and that seems unlikely. His versatility is really useful.
  2. This is a very confusing post. Firstly, you consistently put faux-outrage in inverted commas, suggesting you're mocking the concept of faux-outrage? Or are you accusing others of faux-outrage? Secondly, in your final line you seem to mock people who accuse others of virtue signalling (again, in inverted commas)? Are you mocking virtue signallers, or the people who accuse others of virtue signalling? Either way, saying people are hypocrites for criticising the Saudi regime whilst also driving cars and using plastic is pretty daft. Sorry.
  3. No, that's fair enough. I'm not saying that I'm fundamentally opposed to the concept of new, wealthy owners, and I don't know/have a problem with the Man city owners particularly, my point was more that I'm not interested in being taken over by unethical owners just so we can become like Man City, because becoming like Man City isn't the be-all and end-all as far as I'm concerned. Also, that might apply to Man City, but does it apply to the majority of big owners? I honestly don't know, so this isn't a rhetorical question.
  4. We won a trophy last season - the league title. Just because I don't envy Man City fans doesn't mean I don't want us to achieve. Do you think Man City fans got any more enjoyment and satisfaction out of their last season than we did out of ours? (Almost) anything can happen with our club and that is what makes it so exciting. Yes it's s*** when we get relegated, or miss out on play-offs, but that is what makes it even more amazing when we go up, or when we stay up, or when we reach the FA cup QF etc. Like I said, it's Prem League, Champs League or failure for Man City, nothing in-between. An analogy - supporting us is a roller-coaster, supporting Man City is the 8:45 to London Waterloo. I know which I'd rather do for fun!
  5. So you want new, wealthy owners for us because you want them to rejuvenate the city?
  6. Aside from when they won the cup to force Man Utd to remove that banner, and then winning the league in 2012, I don't envy Man City fans at all. Being one of the top 4 clubs in England doesn't look any more fun/exciting as a supporter than it does to be Norwich fan, if anything it looks far less fun. For Man City anything less than a league title or winning the Champs League is now considered a failure. They go into every domestic match expecting to win which means it's probably not that exciting when it does happen (unless it's against one of their 3 or 4 main rivals). There's no risk of relegation which means there's no chance of the excitement/hope of playing in a new league every few years. New signings don't mean that much as their squad is permanently superstars anyway. I would 100% prefer to be a Canary than that. So I certainly can do without millions from some dodgy investor.
  7. I would be genuinely interested to see what he was like in the Champ. If you compare our performances this season to last season, the players look completely different, so maybe dropping down a league would see him find his level? That said, his wages make that quite a gamble.
  8. Imagine having a squad with a 2017-18 Maddison AND a 2018-19 Pukki!
  9. I quite like the aesthetics of a good sponsor. If you're lucky, the sponsor can greatly enhance the shirt design. There's lots of examples, but here's one.
  10. Speaking of which, when is our new shirt going to be revealed? I wasn't a big of fan of this season's. No more fades please.
  11. The thing is, if you look at all of our defenders since post COVID, who HAS been any good? How can Godfrey be predicted to be 20mill+ target for top Prem teams and Klose not even be good enough for us in the Champ? The whole team has been useless apart from Krul so how certain players can be singled out for particularly harsh criticism is beyond me. Plus Klose at least has the excuse of coming back early from injury.
  12. 1992-94 egg & cress home and the away from the same season - partly for personal reasons, partly for rarity (that away kit was possibly never worn, maybe once?) and partly just because the purple and white looks great. Also love the 96-97 green-sleeved one. However, the holy grail for my collection is the UEFA cup special shirt from our stint in Europe. Rare, classy and unusual for us (even if it is just a re-badged Wimbledon kit).
  13. I'm surprised by this thread. I always thought the BBC pundits, including Wright and Shearer were pretty positive towards us. Our style of football and the way the club is run is constantly getting praised. Danny Murphy coined the now famous 'best team to be bottom' line on BBC. Jonathan Pearce (a commentator rather than a pundit I suppose) spent a good few minutes praising us and was practically getting emotional about the prospect of us going down when he was introducing the Everton match! I live with a Villa fan and was thinking the other day how he must feel pretty sore about how much Norwich get bigged up compared to them. And we're bottom of the league! To be honest I'm not sure what the critics on here are hearing.
  14. This is all I’ll say on this topic as ideally I only really want to discuss NCFC on here, but I feel I have to say that equating violence last weekend with violence this weekend, and to imply that they are as bad as each other, is to massively (and I suspect intentionally) ignore scale and proportion. Last weekend saw tens of thousands of protestors marching against racism across the UK. Just in Bristol alone, where I live, there were maybe 10-20,000. The violence that then happened in one location near Downing Street, was as far as I know the only notable example of violence, and involved a hundred or so people. That would constitute far far less than 1% of protestors who were causing trouble that weekend. The ‘protests’ this weekend looked to have consisted almost entirely of people intent on violence, or at least physical confrontation. Closer to 75%+. The BLM protest even switched to Friday in order to avoid trouble. Compare the proportions and you see that the violence this weekend was a completely different kettle of fish. They didn’t have any meaningful aims or any injustice to protest, they just wanted a confrontation, and we all know it. And as a Bristolian I know how long people have peacefully tried to get that statue down, only to be thwarted by shady unelected powers like the Merchant Venturers. Pulling it down was not an act of thuggery or violence towards fellow human beings, it was an act of desperation which was subsequently celebrated by the majority. The only shame was that it was still standing in 2020.
  15. If Rupp starts, someone needs to make it clear to him that it's ok to have a shot when you're in a good position. I think this lineup works. If we're not in the lead already I'd like to see Drmic coming off the bench earlier than previous matches, and not necessarily in place of Pukki, but as well as.
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