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  1. I think he's been fantastic throughout this recent run of better form we've been on. If we end up in the playoffs it'll be in large part due to his steadying performances after some very sketchy defensive games last year. He dug us out of some dangers against Watford on Tuesday. Personally I'd have him slightly ahead of Duffy at the moment.
  2. I think he was probably being realistic. Not many managers would be jumping around when we'd just equalised mid-way through the first half of a game we were being dominated in. And of course he wasn't overly celebrating Sainz's consolation goal, because it was a consolation.
  3. I can't see him making anything like the sorts of contributions Onel has been making off the bench since Christmas, so there's no need to keep him as far as I can see.
  4. He literally didn't put a foot wrong. Why does he get such a hard time from people?
  5. Lots of people are saying we need to start our strongest lineup because of the potential revenue from playing Liverpool, but it is a valuable part of cup games to give second-string players game time. Literally every club plays weaker line-ups in the cup for that reason. I'm sure that won't stop people moaning when our line-up is changed though.
  6. You're acting as though talking positively about your own club is some sort of suspicious conspiracy, it's bizarre. Surely the people who devote almost all their energy to being negative and critical of their own club is more weird?
  7. There really is some excessively negative dross on this board sometimes. Some people are commenting on him like he stole all their Christmas presents or something. Let's be honest, how much are our midfielders offering our strikers at the moment? Who is realistically expecting Barnes to have banged in goal after goal since he came back from injury with this service? Give him a break. And people slagging him off for getting wound-up by a Millwall team literally elbowing him then persistently surrounding him like jackals. Which team do you actually support?
  8. Replacing Wagner right now would be daft, and sacking him because someone else 'better' suddenly became available would be totally classless.
  9. And the Wire's precursor, The Corner isn't bad either. Nor his recent show, We Own This City. Loads of the same actors.
  10. I would say that the standard of the Prem seems to keep getting better and better, faster than the Champ, and therefore the difference in quality between it and the Champ is also getting slightly bigger season on season, which sort of makes the Champ look a bit worse, even if it is still the more competitive league. Sometimes when I watch MOTD in the evening after watching Norwich, I do think 'Christ, this is different level'.
  11. Presumably SOME of that treatment was justified at points in the 80s?
  12. The sort of scenario refs probably have nightmares about. Attacking team could have intentionally missed the penalty if they were being really sporting, seeing as how there was literally no advantage gained by the opposition for that handball.
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