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  1. The lads probably thought they’d just been to a wedding at the Phoenix Club
  2. All I can say is there’s some bloody good goals on here, surprising how many are not at the forefront of the memory when you see them again! Cheers for sharing the vids folks
  3. A draw would be a VERY good result for us? Hahahaha, brilliant. A draw for us would be a massive disappointment, some of us expect way better than a plucky draw against the mighty Brentford. Has this goon not seen the table, the points difference, and who’s hot on their heels? There is only one team that has to go for it, and if any of you remember a certain game on the last day of the season away at Fulham some years back, then that’s EXACTLY why I’m super confident we’re going to put a bunch past them. There is absolutely zero reason why it will be a tight cagey 1-1. It’s them that need to open up and attack, and you don’t do that against the leagues most in form striker and attacking mid without retribution.
  4. I just hope we’re still in contention after the first 4 or 5 minutes, Duncs, if we can steady the ship and play with Norfolk burning heart and fire and soul I see no reason why we can’t be in it right until the very end, and with some good fortune and the footballing gods on our side, finish the game with a very respectable, tight 6-1 loss.
  5. Well, I have to say credit where credits due, Ekoku, at least Brentford supporters have actually got the balls to back their team. Their defence is nothing special at all whereas ours is very decent, and I have 110% faith Teemu, Emi, and hopefully Todd, are about to expose it on Wednesday night.
  6. Every chance that brain tumour and subsequent medication could well have affected his moods etc at the time, so I certainly wouldn’t hold that against him. And I’m a firm believer that employees of NCFC should be able to retort in a such a manner if it’s called for - if you’re of such a sensitive nature don’t ask a question that could provoke such a reaction and get all butt hurt over it. No one likes an a55 licker towing a company line, which is probably why I really like Neil Warnock ha ha. Anyway, regardless, the man brought Wes to Carrow Rd and that will always be my abiding memory of him. Thank you, Glenn!
  7. Actually Thirsty, I realised the very second I hit ‘post’ and changed it on the spot! I will forever get those 2 sides mixed up and I have no idea why!
  8. Goss against Bayern Munich (away). In more recent times, Tett’s thunderous volley against Sunderland in the Premier League was truly something to behold!
  9. Yep agreed Petriix, thinking back this was probably the worst/strangest refereeing performance that we faced this season? Hopefully the man in the middle on Wednesday doesn’t have any ties to West London... unless it’s QPR or Fulham of course, and then that’ll be just fine!
  10. Sad to hear this news yesterday, losing a former City manager is not something we read about every day. I always think that whether a manager works out brilliant or not so brilliant for us, you can actually nearly always find a decision made by them during their time here that would go on to benefit the club in time. And Glenn certainly really did that. Signing Wes Hoolahan was one of the best moves, in fact you could argue THE best move, that a Norwich City manager made in the last 25 years. To fight a brain tumour for near on 2 decades is quite incredible, and so for that reason it’s still a shock to hear. RIP Glenn - you played a more significant positive part in our history than perhaps you will ever know.
  11. 13 points out of 15 for me, I have to have faith in the boys, the only dropped points I think will be against Luton because they play a style we seem to have difficulties with - their sh1thousery is on another level, I mean celebrating with the ref over winning a penalty was actually something else! Has anyone worked out how many more wins we need to seal promotion?
  12. Out of reactions but agreed Broady, If he doesn’t play I won’t be unduly concerned because I trust in our excellent squad, but of course if we do get a huge boost on the team sheet come 4:30pm on Wednesday then it’ll certainly be a massive relief. These are exactly the kind of games that Todd absolutely revels in - it was simply no fluke that he scored against so many of the top 6 last season. Anyway, I need him for the 4-1 prediction ha ha
  13. Yep, terribly scrappy these last 5 - scored 12, conceded 2!
  14. Thankfully, 2 years ago, Daniel Farke and the lads rocked up at Elland Rd ready to prove a point that they were the best team in the Championship. There was absolutely no way they were going to be accepting of a point before kick off, and we weren’t coming out of that game with anything less than a convincing 3 points. 90 minutes later, mission accomplished. For all the excitement of say the Forest and Millwall games that season, I think it was that game at Elland Rd that was my favourite for so many reasons. Am so looking forward to this game on Wednesday, I have complete faith the lads at least won’t be going into this thinking ‘well, you never know, I hope we can get a point!’. We’re way better than that
  15. Yep, have a sneaking suspicion Todd will be available Wednesday evening too, GA47. I mean how many days does it take exactly for a young fit athlete to recover from birthday drinks round The Mayor’s house anyway?
  16. I agree with a lot you say here, Crafty, but it’s not for you to tell me whether my prediction is unrealistic or not. In my opinion, a 4-1 outcome would not surprise me at all and that’s what I think it will be, especially if Cantwell is back. Brentford are getting hunted down, and anyone who thinks they will park the bus I feel might be in for a surprise. A draw would not hurt us at all, but 3 points to them is vital, and for that reason, the onus will be on them to open up. And opening up against a team with our quality up front is why I think there’s every chance we will knock several past them, as opposed to your 11 men behind the ball teams which naturally makes for games with less chances.
  17. I’d have the same admiration for them that you do, Wolfie, if we as a club had any reason to admire them. Thanks to Stuart Webber etc, we don’t.
  18. Ha ha I’m going to whack a fiver or tenner on it, and if it comes in, I’ll split it with PUP’s
  19. I honestly think we’re going to batter them. 4-1 to us. Pukki x 2, Buendia, and Giannoulis.
  20. I love it when you see opposition supporters compare losing 3 in a row to our wobble of 3 where we still actually kept 2 clean sheets ha ha. It’ll be 6 in a row Wednesday, Brentford ain’t getting nothing at the fortress, wait and see
  21. Called it 2-0 also so let’s hope you and Paddy fancy a 4-1 win Wednesday too, think we’d all be happy with that
  22. That’s the important thing Midlands! Didn’t think we had to get out of third gear today, though granted, Wycombe made it tricky at times as was suspected with a team scrapping down the bottom. I honestly think we’ll rattle in a few against Brentford. I’m going 4-1. Play off misery will beckon, it’s what they do ha ha.
  23. That remains to be seen, Midland : ). The facts are that Brentford’s defence aren’t as strong as ours, and whilst some are focused on Ivan Toney, who of course is undoubtedly a good striker at this level, it’s more likely we’ll shut them out than they will us.
  24. In all fairness, apart from a few fleeting moments, Lungi has not played his normal role for us yet. So I really don’t think any of us can say for sure what are and aren’t his attributes yet as a CDM. Skipp himself has got better and better this season by playing games, I see no reason why they wouldn’t apply to JS as well. But I have a sneaking suspicion he’ll prove to be very good in his natural position. As for Skipp, I guess the chances of him coming back on loan next season hinge on several factors such as our league status next season, and probably critically, who’s actually in charge at Spurs next season - no guarantees it’ll be Mourinho at the moment. But I think we’d have a pretty decent chance getting him back on loan as things stand.
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