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  1. Alex Moss

    Team for Tottenham

    From the Spurs message board... ’This is the perfect opportunity to blow away a hapless bunch of bottom dwellers, and give Tottenham Hotspur Football Club the shot in the arm it so desperately needs. 5-0.‘ Arrogant tw@. I hope we batter them
  2. Alex Moss

    Ben Marshall

    People aren’t taking this seriously, surely?
  3. Alex Moss

    Buendia for POTS

    Great read, Duncs - a very good analysis of our Emi! Will Spurs away finally be the game that Emi gets on the scoresheet? Surely this can last only so long?!
  4. Alex Moss

    Somebody thinks we can do it!

    Will you please stop talking sense, Bob!
  5. Alex Moss

    Oliviera to Wolves

    Excellent technical ability, I can see him being a hit at Wolves.
  6. Alex Moss


    Have we won many games with Godfrey starting then? We look more solid at the back with Zimbo and Hanley, just my opinion but from what I’ve seen the at 6’s and 7’s and nervous play around the box had largely disappeared since Hanley came back in. It may have been the occasion but I felt that was back on show again yesterday at times. I don’t think that’s coincidence, and I mean that with the greatest of respect to Ben, because as I say, I think he’ll go on to be one of the Prem’s best central defenders in time.
  7. Alex Moss

    Why was the performance so bad??

    Hopefully we will be too!
  8. Alex Moss


    Good point, Eddie! I’d forgotten about Amadou! Still wonder what he’d be like starting in his preferred position, but we may well find out against Spurs on Wednesday as Tetts pulled up a bit sharp right at the death against the Cherries.
  9. Alex Moss

    Jamal Lewis

    Think he’s already done enough to attract some attention from other clubs. Been a rumour for a while that Klopp is a big fan, and I could totally see him as at least back up to Robertson, think he’d suit them like a dream unfortunately. Palace linked today, they always want top dollar for their players (Wan-Bissaka and Zaha), but I bet they make a paltry offer just because he’s not been starting of late. Really hope we keep him. Will be a top top player.
  10. Alex Moss


    Exactly what I’m saying, Hoola - I think we look more solid with a Zimbo/Hanley pairing. With Ben’s suspension and Famewo out on loan, I’m concerned we’ll have no choice but to play both Zimbo/Hanley in the cup at Burnley.
  11. Alex Moss

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    It will be interesting to see, should Duda make the difference, we pull ourselves out of this and stay up, if we are prepared to loosen the purse strings this summer and break our previous transfer record to sign him?
  12. Alex Moss

    Why was the performance so bad??

    And if that happens I will laugh, Indy. People like Lakey getting torn apart over their positivity, for not being ‘realistic’ (as if that matters when following your team!), as if he should have no right to feel that way towards the team he backs to the hilt, despite only being 8 points from safety when others are falling apart and have to come to Carrow Rd too. A win at Spurs and other results going our way will make them start to question their ‘realism’, just you wait...
  13. Alex Moss


    Totally agree. Ben is a real talent for sure and will be a top CB in time, but there was a return of some flapping at the back yesterday, Krul coming under unnecessary pressure, in a way that we’d not seen since Ben and Christoph last partnered there. At the start of the season, BG and CZ looked like the first choice pairing (bearing in mind Klose was out). Hanley looked to be turned too easily imho. But we now know that Grant was carrying a groin strain throughout those games, and of course that compromised his freedom of movement. Since recovering from injury, Grant has looked pretty decent, and bar Man Utd we’ve not been smashed since his arrival back in the team. And we’ve not looked risky, at 6’s and 7’s, at the back either, something that only appeared to return to a degree in a couple of incidents yesterday.
  14. Alex Moss


    Eh, that’s assuming, without VAR, we didn’t make changes and go on to win the game too?! I disagree about our squad, and I won’t be changing my tune later on should we be relegated. I think we’d be doing far better points wise had we had Klose and Zimbo for most of the season, plus other key players. We have a good squad of players, and in several positions amongst some of the hottest young talents in the English game.
  15. Alex Moss


    Actually, the league table without VAR decisions for all teams showed we’d be 4th from bottom, so you might be wrong.
  16. Alex Moss


    Thank you for putting this picture up, Wilson - this was exactly what I was getting at. This member of the Bournemouth backroom staff was right next to the ref and had far too much to say. Edit - he could actually watch the monitor as well, it should be pointed out (Jason Statham wannabe, not the ref)
  17. Alex Moss


    Did he repeat this sentiment after the Godfrey dismissal? Ben’s only out for 2 league games, and Farke is privy to knowledge that we aren’t regarding Klose - he could well be back sooner than we think. I am very much of the opinion that Timm is the best CB we have, and crucially, offers something our CB’s are not renowned for this season - the aerial ability to defend a set piece whilst also offering a goal threat at the other end. Have always thought that, weirdly, he is far more suited to Premier League football than Championship. As it happens, the dismissal might not be a bad thing. This maybe controversial, but in all honesty, as good as Ben is (and what a prospect he is, no doubt), I thought we actually looked slightly shakier at the back again with Hanley benched. Bar the Man Utd game, we’ve not been battered for a long time since Hanley and Zimbo started playing together. Maybe that’s no coincidence?
  18. Alex Moss


    I think what was pleasing the most about his excellent debut performance was that he arguably wasn’t even at 100%. Imagine what he’ll be like once he’s up to speed... scary!
  19. Alex Moss

    The Great Escape mini-league

    I think the other results went about as well as could be expected today, those teams drawing means our win has seen us claw 3 and 2 points back effectively on the clubs nearest us. If Burnley lose to Leicester tomorrow then that will be perfect. Can’t say Spurs have been particularly good of late, so let’s hope, god willing, that we get 3 points there. If that were the case and other results in midweek go our way in the main, then things could get very interesting indeed.
  20. Alex Moss


    I hear you, Wacky, but I just find it utterly stupid that the ref makes a decision on some things but is overruled on others. It’s meant to be an assistant, nothing more. As for the pitchside monitor exclusion zone, you could see the backroom Bournemouth staff member watching the monitor whilst pulling a grimacing face and clearly voicing his displeasure to the ref. Godfrey’s was a sending off, no complaints there, but that interference on a tighter decision could have a bearing, and it needs to be a punishable offence.
  21. Alex Moss


    The big question for me is why isn’t every (major) decision that VAR flags up checked on the pitchside monitor? Now that does seem quite suspicious... Also, obviously the Godfrey incident was a definite sending off, don’t disagree with that, but I do take umbrage with the fact that at least one of the Bournemouth backroom staff was talking to the ref constantly and voicing his displeasure whilst the pitchside monitor was being reviewed for the Godfrey incident. From what I saw the ref tried to blank him in fairness but people on either bench should not be allowed to do this. It really needs to be outlawed very very quickly for obvious reasons.
  22. Lawro and his guest have both gone for the same scoreline... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51135214 What do we all think will happen? I’m going 3-0. Feeling confident, and surely this will finally be the day where we see Buendia get off the mark!
  23. Alex Moss

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    For Duda to come straight in, I’m guessing he must have looked very impressive in training this week, fingers crossed!
  24. Alex Moss

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    Fair play to Farke, Duda straight in and destroys the myth that he always bides his time with new signings. Strange Mario has been completely omitted, hopefully he’s just got a weekend bug or something.
  25. Alex Moss

    Press Conference

    Because DF and SW are realists and have accepted our fate weeks ago like many other realists on the forum, no? I think anybody who’s recently said ‘we’re down’ cannot really be disappointed if we don’t get any extra bodies in this window. What are they disappointed about? Otherwise their recent words about realism knowing full well that we had this transfer window upcoming hold little water with me. I’m not sure Drmic will stay fit admittedly, but I’m sure looking forward to the return of arguably our best CB who’s not played a minute this season, Timm Klose. And yes, I firmly believe he’s PL quality, I would even suggest he’s more suited to the PL than the Championship.