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  1. isn't Krul home grown ?
  2. shh, don't tell the nutjobs as they still think Bertie can deliver brexit
  3. Bill


    so if I stop my part, will they stop being stupid ?
  4. Bill


    you, as pointed out previously " yes I'm sure in some cases there will be situations where the club has to honour a contract but some on here have previously stated that this is the case whenever a player leaves us for a new club, which simply isn't the case otherwise Norwich and every other club would be forever paying players when they leave unless their contract has expired. " I think you will find it is in ALL cases, there is no 'option'
  5. Bill


    nope one one side are those of us who state that contracts are binding on the other are 'those' who state that there are in some way 'voluntary'
  6. it is more a case of 'handing over control' as the UK will have to use EU schedules to trade via the WTO, but will have no say in forming or changing those schedules as a smaller economy against India, China, US, Brazil it will pretty much have to accept their terms whem it finally gets round to negotiating deals brexit - don't be a ST at Carrow Road, don't be a member of the club - but stand outside on the street so you will not be told where you have to sit or what price you pay either, then you can negotiate better ticket deals and sit where you want
  7. oh dear poor Doris if he becomes PM he will see a number of current ministers resigning from the cabinet - thus freeing them from the collective responsibility of cabinet (peeing in rather than out) the working majority he will have in the Common is currently 3, which will change after the Brecon by election and to compound that problem there is a thought that a number of Tory MPs will defect to the Libdems, rather in the way you might get out of a car when you learn that Stevie Wonder is going to be your driver so closing Parliament now looks to be out, though I'm sure his grasp of detail and informed approach will soon have the EU changing their minds
  8. don't worry him or fen canary etc etc will post up his evidence of this "Hello, hello, what do we have here, City 1st backtracking on his claim that we will not leave the EU" he might even appear as Jools or Joanna Grey, Nightfly... or lord knows who he did find a long lost log in Fen Canary so maybe Len wil re-appear wit an explanation of his 'campsite motion' ps I expect he hordes them all like mouse brain did with my quotes, the ones saying the UK will not leave the Eu on 29th March - only thing is mouse brain seems to have lost his lot
  9. Bill


    dear me, it gets worse knowing very basic contract law does not equate to knowing NCFC players contract to claim that a contract is non binding and is dependent upon the whim of one party is absurd the words ' breach of contract' should tell you all you need to know or maybe you could tell us why the club had the problem with player contracts when parachute payments lessened.... why did the club simply not sell that player to another club for a lesser wage ?
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    You will not equal this for entertainment 21m 10secs, or the mass 'puch up at the end https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pz-qYwJUGPo&list=PL6CLpPD39PUkdhSOS3HJRWgMXhWcEYCaM&index=2
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    " yes I'm sure in some cases there will be situations where the club has to honour a contract " which suggests there are situations where a club does not have to honour a contract do tell
  12. I think the word brexiteer is more appropriate
  13. Bill

    Away Kit Surfaces Early

    really ? peanuts compared to other incomes it is just a matter of coming up with new sh.it every season that is more of a financial strain on fans than ever it is a financial gain for the club
  14. " that he was a conduit for the leak. He had obtained the material, he said, while talking to civil servants " so we are to believe that some spotty herbert was given this information by some relatively senior civil servant ............in the course of said SH interviewing him I doubt even the much ridiculed Lord Nuttall of Porkies would try and pass that off as truth What is it with the ring wing and lies ?
  15. nope, I've been on it and had my question on telly so I am well aware of the procedure
  16. which didn't cover 20th century history it would seem as it was those who I stand in total opposition to who burnt down the Reichstag do keep up
  17. maybe that is because the studio audience is made up of those committed to one side or the other - that's why they are selected
  18. Bill


    thank you
  19. or Fen Canary, RTB, Nightfly etc either ps any chance "Hello, hello, what do we have here, City 1st backtracking on his claim that we will not leave the EU" about the sixth time you have ducked out of backing this, so £25 to pups if you can quote where I said that
  20. history isn't really your thing is it ?
  21. In response to hand crank's game of Haven't a Cluedo we have today Master Bigot, in the office with a keyboard "A 19-year-old freelance journalist has claimed in the Mail on Sunday, the newspaper which published Sir Kim’s emails, that he was a conduit for the leak. He had obtained the material, he said, while talking to civil servants for a research project. Steven Edginton works as a “digital strategist” in Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party, and is also “chief digital strategist” at “Leave Means Leave”. He has contributed to Brexit Central’s website and worked for pro-leave website Westmonster, and the right-wing Taxpayers’ Alliance pressure group. " there's a surprise for us all
  22. Bill


    however that is how biscuit keeps claiming it is neither is any 'settlement' down to it being 'may' either, as it is a contract the usual term is of 'buying out a contract the original 'argument was one of some claiming that a player could be sold into a lower contract with no regard to the current contract that was, and still is, patent nonsense, if only that being shown by the problems caused by players we were stuck with after being relegated if Biscuit and the others thoughts were correct we could have simply sold them without any recourse to their standing contract absolutely absurd
  23. and proud of it from my earliest days fighting the BNP to refusing to doff my cap to my 'betters' 'master knows best' may be the motto of your lot it isn't mine
  24. Bill


    oh dear oh dearie, dear me it should beggar belief that someone could post up such absurd nonsense ie it is at the whim of a club if they honour a player's contract what on earth would be the point of a contract if it was not binding on both parties ?