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  1. oh dear it is about who Cummings is answerable to so irrelevant ;whataboutery' is of no validity here
  2. err, voters were not asked, not did, use that to make a decision to go to war so it has no relevance to this
  3. It is NOT Cummings wrong doings It is one of the government being caught in a cover up - note the gormless cabinet members and the usual rag bag of righties trying to spin the government line on Sat - all now distancing themselves from this. This is building towards a constitutional crisis as it seems to be one of who is running the government. Never mind that Cummings tells Johnson what to do. Anyone with half a brain would already know that. The real question this has thrown up is who is 'running' Cummings. Who is he answerable to ? Into the realms of what the Welsh would have as cui bono
  4. I was referencing you, as I was nit aware of that fact one that now underlines point I made that it was a visit planned in advance - more, so we now know it was 2 B'days so not questioning, more crediting you with source
  5. Not sure what the relevance is of picking over his 'story' It is clear that this visit to his parents was planned in advance his mums b'day and then his wife's B'Day (Aggy). Lockdown then hits, and they decide to 'chance it'....whoopee do. There then follows a cobbled together cover up, which is similarly torn apart. A child of three (or four in this case) could see through this - so why the fuss. He's been caught lying as have Np.10 So move on. Why has he not been sacked ? Why is his whole demeanour one of knowing he won't, or more likely can't be sacked. Because that takes us to why he felt he could replace Javids staff. Why he attends meetings that he is not supposed to be at Start to ask those questions and you might begin to recognise where the REAL problem lies. Who is running the government ?
  6. Nope. It's a case of what Johnson is told to do, Johnson does. As there is clearly no good reason for Cummings to stay so the decision is certainly out of his hands. Which to me is off far greater concern than when, where, why he was at any place. So who is Cummings really accountable to, and who is running the country as it is DEFINITELY not Johnson ?
  7. ask Ricardo... as this 'foot stamping' rolls into yet another day where the question still goes unanswered - why has Cummings not been sacked, as dragging this out merely damages further what is left of Johnson as I have said ...own up, apologise and resign and it will be tomorrows chip paper because him still being there suggests Johnson is not in control, and is little more that a 'lovable' front man for those really running things - who require someone (Cummings) with a bit of strength and certainty to push through their agenda, something the hapless and inadequate Johnson isn't so for all the silly bleats on Saturday this is heading towards one of those defining and remembered moments in politics - and probably the country's post war history this is not about sleaze or financial mismanagement, this about about 50,000 deaths, about millions being separated from their families and being unable to properly pay their respects to their departed family and friends but above all what will stick is the various attempts to cover this up, and Johnson's weasel words because he either has not the guts or the authority to remove Cummings if, as I suspect, it is the latter then he is no more than a unprincipled and gutless charlatan willing to be politically cuckolded, for the trappings of office even John Major stood his ground when he called a vote of 'back me or sack me', Javid walked when Cummings sought to take over the Treasury ... yet Johnson hangs on, deluding himself that folk still think he is in control he is not, and his actions over this weekend clearly demonstrate that
  8. Wiffle **** together waffle Jeffrey Barnard, Barbara Castle, piffle bluebells over the white thing to do at Dover, keep them out paffle.................errr whiffle (have I mentioned that) ...stay at second homes wiffle... piffle looking after your child...wiffle, not me guv paffle fight them over claims of breaches...finest hour waffle, Matt Hancock's half hour...umm yes ...more testing, one two three.... car owners virus...waffle hoarding pasta, Durham wheat, yes Durham wheat... food piffle Silly Con Party, ........
  9. So we have Cummings mother Date of birth April 1949 https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/officers/0FzzyO7Qou37JTo89Pr9D8Ros-g/appointments certainly not a reason to travel up there, or have arrangements made ahead of the lockdown then blocked....of course not and his wife's side of the family (in London) could not help, could they ? if nothing wrong then why the cover up ? did Johnson know that someone from No.10 was lying, by claiming what the police stated was not true ? seems to have turned into an awful lot of foot stamping ...what say you, Ricardo ?
  10. or "Anybody snitched on their neighbours this morning?" ''should have realised there is always someone watching'' ''and from what Ive seen most have bent the rules to their own advantage regardless of what side of the political divide they are on'' ''The foot stampers are out in force.'' Which clearly shows that your intent was to dismiss this as a minor misdemeanour - whereby the fault was actually with those raising this. This was about snitching, a child's temper tantrum - that's how you wanted it seen Whereas this was a major breach of the rules Cummings was at the heart of drafting. It was obvious to those not relying upon their knee to jerk, that there was an attempt at a cover up going (possibly) right to the top. By the time you were posting it was known that his wife had lied about this in the Spectator, and NO.10 had lied about the Cummings contact with the police. So why ? Would you have replied the same had it have been Dianne Abbott ? We both know the answer to either question - and I suspect others on here do as well.
  11. That counts for diddley squat as the real point is both of you tried to dismiss this..... minutiae was the word you used, I believe. And other might wonder if this now is a resignable offence, then why not when the press challenged him about this weeks ago ? Could it be that Johnson knew, or should have known what Cummings was doing ? Remember that shortly after Johnson was in hospital with there being talk of his possible demise. Surely it would have been an absolute necessity for someone at No. 10 to know where Cummings was at that time ? Because there is the real concern. Who have been involved in the attempted cover up ....and therefore who is protecting Cummings ? I think we know why, but maybe it would help voters to have a clearer idea of who is running the country - and that certainly is not Johnson.
  12. Conservative MP Robert Halfon has apologised for tweeting his support of Dominic Cummings on Saturday and said the PM’s aide should “face the consequences of breaking the law”. In a statement on his Facebook page, the MP for Harlow said :I would first like to make it clear to residents that I regret writing the tweet yesterday in the way I did about the Number 10 political adviser and his movements. I am really sorry for it. I do not support or condone anyone who has broken the law or regulations. Anyone who has done so should face the consequences." I expect Ricardo and hand crank will be adding their agreement to that thought
  13. Those 'activists' being all the major media outlets, all the major political parties and more specifically Tory MPs Those similarly as active as Cummings but have been fined, unlike him I expect it also matters to that group of non activists.... those who have stayed at home and observed the lock down And the idea this will soon be forgotten is just more idiotic wishful thinking - just as the furore over the Libdems failed promise to remove student fees. 'Forgotten' until the next election where they were hammered. And the real question remains - what is so important that clinging on to Cummings is so vital ? Why does he have to be working INSIDE No 10 ?
  14. The point I made yesterday in that regard was why was Cummings being kept on, as electronic communication would allow what you state. That is where the real concern should be Why is it so important that those running Johnson want him in the 'thick of things'. Because as the above he would have not ability to attend meetings and so put over their view - which is pretty much what the number crunchers tell him. Just as with Johnson Advocate a policy on the basis that a greater percentage will support than oppose. Cummings is there to ensure those numbers are used. Johnson has not the ability, as like Trump, he wilts at the first sig of a reasoned question. So I expect it maybe case of 'lets' see how thus is playing'.
  15. in an uncertain world you can always rely on hand crank (whichever name he is using) to talk bollox in this case we now have to believe that the Express, Telegraph and Mail are part of the left
  16. and the poor righties (which ever name they post under) have allowed their stupidity to miss one of the most obvious points, which is if this was ok why did No. 10 and Cummings not reply to the repeated questions put to them by the Guardian and Mirror weeks back when asked ? why not put out a statement explaining what happened and how it was not breaking the rules.... instead of having Cummings wife writing up a story in the Spectator that was clearly a lie, and having No. 10 deny police contact ? ie ' it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on" So why the attempt at a cover up, if there was nothing to cover up, as the lick spittles on here claim ?
  17. no and tomorrows papers don't think so either, HC https://news.sky.com/story/sundays-national-newspaper-front-pages-11993631
  18. odd how that sudden discovered care for a child has not been extended to properly funding nursery schools, or state schools in general for the past decade and what other laws is it permissible to break under the guise of caring for your child ? shoplifting, benefit fraud, not paying your TV licence.... and where now the validity of the fines imposed on others who did what Cummings did
  19. I'm not sure how trying to cover up 'minutia' (as you described earlier) could lead something 'that does for them' still, if hand crank can perform yet another about turn, why not you ? hand crank sticking to his 'principles' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzkV15rf2ak
  20. Make a mistake, own up and resign and it is 'yesterdays chip paper'. Try to deny it, attempt a cover up and the harm is multiplied....if only that you come under closer scrutiny, as with Profumo. That lesson should be well-known to Johnson ..... having been sacked very quickly when previously caught out lying. If Johnson is not able to sack Cummings, then the question remains Who really is in charge at number 10 ? otherwise another bad day for the righties Prtti useless idea of 14 day quarantine could be blown out of the water by simply landing passengers at Dublin the flying them into the UK The buffoon has been made to perform another u-turn.... "Boris Johnson has been forced to cave into to Conservative backbench rebels opposed to the presence of Huawei in 5G networks ....and "A new Brexit border in the Irish Sea will not be ready by Boris Johnson’s end-of-year deadline, according to a new analysis that warns more than 60 administrations, government departments and public bodies will be involved in overseeing the new system." - a border we were originally told would not happen plus... "Thousands of coronavirus home testing kits have not been sent back, the Government’s testing coordinator has admitted." with only just over half returned by the last count on Friday and as the Cummings story rumbles on the rats appear to be leaving the sinking ship, as another hole has been blown in that ship with two independent witnesses claiming to have seen **** 30 mile away over Easter - which once more begs the question of why did his wife claim he was lying on the bed for 10 days, and was Johnson aware that this was a lie, if so how complicit was he in this attempt at a deception ? and the longer this drags out - the more Johnson's lack of authority is shown
  21. so, after all that, who thought it a good idea to appoint him, or pay heed to his words ?
  22. I havant the slightest idea what the West Runton connection is, other than hand crank is supposed to visit the beach there as to your neck of the woods I played Havant Tarts Centre a number if times.... when it used to have the Comedy Club (Fri night) in the foyer...even Pompey (Fri) when there used to be a disco afterwards.... happy days and like others on here I did have a stage name back a bit earlier than I thought as I had gone out to see if I could photo some unusually face masks,more chance of seeing someone in a father xmas outfit.... or even Johnson, who seems to have gone into hiding, yet again so could everyone on here check their fridge otherwise, toodle pip old bigots do keep ranting and tugging at that forelock....you will get rewarded for your toadying... I'm sure
  23. bank holiday weekend and plod will have the unenviable task of telling to 'lower orders' to observe the lock down rules - against the background of this hypocrisy (and cover up) Good luck boys (and girls)in blue. Who knows , you might even have one of your lot even condemning the actions of the man who has made your job that much harder this weekend . but I wouldn't hold your breath on that one ,..........................tugging your forelock to your betters can handicap typing anyway off out, as with this cough a stroll along the quay should do wonders - and do stay save, remember 'master knows best'
  24. I hardly think my pointing out Tories (and you righties) lying amounts to outrage
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