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  1. looks to be the same one to me full of gullible idiots https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-9335235/Thousands-fans-left-furious-share-prices-gambling-platform-Football-Index-CRASHED.html
  2. now in sync with radio norfolk
  3. or maybe, coincidentally, it is the same Self Righteous Sisters every time out of all the hundreds on here it is always you few
  4. I know that watching from 20 mins before the kick off, NO skysports league table came up now we are looking at the grab you put up where is the ifollow logo ps off how it is just the same logins get excited about this
  5. good to see the game is so enthralling that you are posting on here during the game ****
  6. if you were a season ticket holder you would be watching this on ifollow that you posted a screen grab from sky tells us all what we need to know caught out bang to rights - whatever name you post under
  7. ha ha ha you don't realise how stupid you are
  8. what did the address system just say - it's only comment so far
  9. go on hand crank as an S/T ho;der you will certainly be watching.....or not
  10. I am now logged on = perhaps you could tell us all what is on your screen hand crank
  11. yes, you certainly sound calm and relaxed that's why you thought you needed to post on this thread
  12. my my, you are upset not sure whether to feel flattered that you took such trouble on a match night but then hand crank does have a habit of having a hissy fit when he is shown to be a liar
  13. ..............and one that puts a stop to those booze cruise trips as mouse brain says, it is a bonus that the limit has been reduced considerably perhaps money saved that could not be used to pay for health insurance
  14. so we can now safely agree that you are clueless about watching City game via the TV - glad we got that cleared up but we still have the no small matter of you still lying I have not watched a game via a stream this season - end off I simply sign into ifollow and go to the match - if not I have access to sky now stop digging further, lest others might wonder why you get this and other City matters wrong so regularly
  15. Harry Redknapp to look after the accounts
  16. poor hand crank, he still hasn't grasped that you do not need to use a VPN to watch games if you have a none UK subscription.... ..... mind you, he still thinks that you can get a UK ifollow subscription so let me explain you could sign up and pay for a non UK subscription - as long as ifollow thought you were not in the UK.... hence the one off use of a VPN at that point only perhaps hand cranks ignorance might explain why he was posting on the non football thread during a recent game however that is for others to decide - my suggestion is that hand crank should grasp that, like a heckle, the idea is to make the other person look stupid... not himself
  17. no one ever said it would - but good to see you acknowledge its loss meanwhile here's a song for all those watching the game tonight - courtesy of hand crank
  18. he's going nowhere just as B'mouth were never going to appoint John Terry Henry
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